Which hypnotherapy course is right for you?

Hypnotherapy training and courses

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What to look for with good hypnotherapy ?

You should mostly ensure that the course you take is accredited by a worthwhile body. There are a few main bodies to consider such as http://ripley-hypnotherapy.co.uk CNHC, the UKCHO – there may be others but these are the most likely to have some real credibility. To be a member of these organisations, you will be required to have completed training to a minimum standard, be insured and supervised according to the necessary criteria for that organisation. Course can be local or you may have to travel a little, this isnt a problem these days as one can get from Nottingham to say London in around 2+ hours. just because a course may be lcoal doesnt mean its the best- there are many other factors to consider before you make a investment into your own future.

Be Careful!

There is no regulation to actually stop anyone calling themselves a hypnotherapist at present so there is even less to stop someone setting up a so called school of training. There is no sign of anything to stop this anytime soon so wherever you do decide to train make sure they are affiliated to someone at least like one of the many governing bodies that you can find anywhere on a quick Google search. God only knows how many rogue operators there are out there, teaching people all kinds of things that a decent hypnotherapist would never dream of going near.


Like any job there are bad apples, but that doesnt mean that the rest of us should be tarnished with the same brush. The hypnotherapy profession as a whole deserves some credit for trying to ensure that these bad apples face both consequences form doing things that might bring our profession into disrepute but preferably stopping them getting anywhere near the job in the 1st place. Im not trying to worry anyone who is considering a career in hypnotherapy but this job needs good thorough regulation the same as a GP or a dentist might have. I see some hypnotherapy training and i might have met the owner/trainer and think to myself- should this person really be teaching others his methods??I am sure that certain branches of the UKCP or other similar bodies would have these people hung drawn and quartered for this IF they got half a chance. And on that subject im not that into the politics of it all really, i see them all as mini politicians myself. A lot of them do care but a lot more only care about furthering their own careers as it were. They swag around with an air of grandeur and see that they are the ones who are on the pedestal that thy firmly placed themselves upon!What we need is that there WILL be ONE governing body and that it should be run democratically, and not autocratically. We need the profession to be decided by the majority not the few, and though this might never happen one can certainly dream about such a fantasy!!I know of some courses that barely touch on the forefathers of the profession, can you believe that?? Many clients need to know at least a little about the background of how hypnosis works and where it came from, so to not teach this stuff as standard is quite ridiculous. That in effect is a little like erecting a building without any ground work. Such a building would never last long and i dont think that a student trained like that would last too long either.

I ll ad more here when i get chance but i have clients to attend to

Brian AKA hypnoman