Why do black men date white women? – Montgomery Dating Advice

Ever pondered on the question: Why do black men date or marry white women? Statistics show that black men are twice as likely to date and marry outside their race as any other racial or ethnic group. Does this fact have psychological undertones?

During most of America’s https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chinese-Women-Dating/1539378639610183 history, black men have been prohibited to fraternize with white women. Even as late as the 20th Century, black men could not almost look at white women. Remember the circumstances surrounding Emmett Till’s abduction and murder? Black men were punished both by law officials and vigilantes for any type of encounter with white women. On the contrary, white men have raped black women and have fathered many of their children, which created the mulatto race, without any punishment.

Is the black man’s decision to date interracially a subconscious revenge of the white man’s miscegenation laws? Consider the depth of this question. By nature, many people usually crave things that they cannot have. A diabetic always wants a slice of double chocolate ice cream cake and knows that it is not feasible. When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge, this is another example of the natural desire to seek the forbidden.

Do black men date white women to seek revenge or enjoy https://www.facebook.com/datingasianwomen the once forbidden? It depends on who is seeking an answer. If one considers history, one might agree that black men are subconsciously avenging laws prohibiting him from mingling with white women. It is sort of a “look at me now” affirmation. If one considers human nature, one might contend that black men are merely seeking something once forbidden. Again, it is a “look at me now” statement.

Why do black men date white women?

Some stereotypical reasons that black men date and marry white women are as follows: white women are easier to control, are less confrontational, are not gold diggers, and treat him like a king. From a black woman’s point of view: There are submissive and confrontational women of all races. There is “no gold [in the hood]” to dig. A woman should only treat deserving men like a king.

There may be several factors why black men date and marry white women. These factors may or may not include psychological or stereotypical reasons on the surface. When one seeks a keen understanding of the factors, it might unravel the complexities as to why black men date white women.

Montgomery Dating Advice Examiner

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Bob Guccione: Penthouse Founder dies at age of 79

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Republican Huckabee Back’s Nathan Deal In Georgia

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Penthouse founder Bob Guccione dead at 79

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Network marketing is as easy as making a referral

Skin booster via protein – amino acids building blocks

Fabulous collaborations and more Huntsville fashion news

Woman Missing In Austell, Georgia Says Cobb Police

Gamers Raise Money for Pakistan Flood Relief

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert looks ahead to fatherhood

Hi-Res Metal Gear Solid 3D trailer for Nintendo 3DS

Bob Guccione, publisher of OMNI (and yes, Penthouse) passes away

Civil War Artifacts found by Magnolia Springs Park on display at Ga Southern

Pink Tie Gala to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Nintendo announces new bundles and Wii Remote Plus Controller

Sweet – NYC’s best desserts all under one roof

Blu-ray Review: SPLICE

Hot paint colors for 2011 are driven by budget savvy decorating

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 6 recap: Lines have been drawn

Cleveland & Akron area teams advance in opening round of OHSAA Girls Soccer State Tournament

Harvard Club says no to Spitzer

Movie Review – “Jackass 3D” = a brutal test of courage and humor

Best Atlanta blues events this weekend: October 22-24, 2010

Bank of America continues to change its model and ends free checking

Pumpkins and turkeys and snow…oh my!

Drunk driving father injures young son

Pick 2 for $4.99 at Wendy’s may be a tasty, healthy choice for lunch

Entrepreneurs needed to be the new leaders

Deleissegues SU’s Featured Student-Athlete of the Week

Are You True to Your Faction? A Case for Single Faction Play

Schools testing iPads to deliver more effective teaching and learning

30th Anniversary Punk Rock Party for Frontier Records

EA Mobile acquiring Angry Birds publisher Chillingo

California to hold largest earthquake drill in the country – October 21, 2010

White calls out AKA/Greg Jackson

Frights and fear at Historic Fort Frederick this weekend

Md. and schools from 4 other states compete in Rubik’s Cube Tournament

Orionid Meteor Shower peaks tonight!

Obama’s Oregon visit satisfying for Democrats, say those in Eugene

Commissioner Kevin Kenerly Is Expected To Surrender To Authorities In Gwinnett

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Beyonce pregnant: mom tells Ellen DeGeneres not yet

New excuse for buying a Corvette convertible

Buy a 7 night cruise, Get a 7 night cruise free

Japanese style barbecue at Gyu-Kaku

Google logo celebrates Dizzy Gillespie

Tropical Storm Richard forms in Caribbean could enter Gulf of Mexico (Video)

Menopause: Changes to your body and spirit

JK Rowling wins literature award in Denmark

Kim Kardashian celebrating 30th birthday with $1 million cake and John Mayer?

Highwood to attempt carved pumpkin record

US DOT awards $585 million in TIGER II grants, Atlanta Streetcar is big winner

Cooking Gluten-Free 101 and SOS

NOVA HS football: Game preview – Fairfax (4-3, 2-2) @ McLean (7-0, 4-0)

‘Jersey Shore’ preview: frog legs lead to Pauly D vs. J-Woww (video)

Linda’s law paving the future for domestic violence legislation

VBSPCA Walk for the Animals & Redskins Raffle this Sunday 10.24.2010

St. Marks Church: Sylphides

The Arc of Baltimore celebrates the 9th ‘Annual Art in the Round’

3 Hot spots for germs and how to avoid getting sick

‘Twilight’ themed ‘Simpsons’ episode with Daniel Radcliffe packs jokes for fans

Former horse trainer to be arraigned for violating probation

‘Ugly Meter’ iPhone app may prove perfect tool for bullies

Is your small business content marketing relationships or sales?

Interview with Zynga.org

Key Largo Pirate Fest kicks off Thursday, Oct. 21

Host a Howl-o-ween Party

Global human trafficking roundup (October 21, 2010)

World War I-Era ‘Mary’s Wedding’ is IRT’s Second Production of Season

Poll: 71% view Obama’s “change” negatively or as a wash

Unemployment improving for some, but who’s hiring in Eugene?

How would you rate the top Big Bands?

Midtown Arrest Nets Three

Burial Chamber, one of the best in the Midwest

Joe Biden to visit New Hampshire on Monday for Kuster

Obamacare will clog waiting rooms and create pointless busywork for doctors

Safety Matters – on the college campus

This New Movie is Sure to Inspire You. Now Who Can You Inspire Today?

Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles denies pregnancy rumors on ‘Ellen’

What Schools can Learn From Money Managers

How you can have a smart home just like Microsoft’s Bill Gates

Utah Ski Resorts to Open in mid November 2010

October 20, 2010 – Marvel comics on-sale

The little black dress is back

Considering private school? Open Houses help narrow down the choices

Thursday Tastings: Schlafly Dry-Hopped APA

Preview: Wild at Edmonton

There are only two ways to get to Heaven.

No on 23 is winning in California

Harvest Festival is here in Norcross Saturday

NPR fires Juan Williams over PC

Glee GQ Photos: Is Raunchy The Right Message For Teens?

Foam on the Range

Reaching the finishline with eRacer X

A week in the 2011 Honda CR-Z: Introduction

James Hamel hates the Hyundai Equus

Cal put in North Division of Pac-12, but will play UCLA and USC every year

Gym Review: Lifestyle Family Fitness – Hyde Park

Cool Science Events for DC Tweens This Weekend

Beyonce’s mom: she’s not pregnant yet – video

Zellwood’s Fall Classic – Scott’s Corn Maze Adventure

Even Lady Gaga cancels trip to France, as strikes paralyze the country

Dizzy Gillespie’s 93rd: Google Doodles up a salute

Gwinnett Vehicle Arson leads To Arrest Of A Hispanic Man

The Case for Biodiversity and the 10th Convention in Nagoya, Japan

Stock market rally continued on earnings and then pulled back

Disastrous Floods in Benin, an urgent request from Prince Randy Alam-Sogan

Drool Worthy Splurges

Step into Bourgeoisie Shoes and B Chic Shoes in a new virtual mall

Are You Paying a “Jerk Tax” for Your Bad Manners at Work?

The Chronicles of Narnia Live presented by CharACTers

SU women’s soccer gives Cali another shot

Manatee sighted in the waters near Baltimore

Parents Group Outraged Over “Pedophile” “Glee” Shots

Beyonce’s mom Tina slams pregnancy talk: ‘She’s not pregnant now’

Jockey’s next stop in Chicago

Daytona Beach Boo Bash

‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron apologizes for GQ photos, ‘I didn’t walk away’

Utah health insurance companies drop coverage for healthy kids

Celebrate Oyster New Year at Elliot’s

Going green never looked so beautiful: Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte

Take the Woody Herman quiz

WEEDS Re-Watch 6×09: “To Moscow, and Quickly”

Naperville’ s WOW Halloween happening October 24

Selena Gomez covers Cheryl Cole’s ‘Parachute’ in London (video)

Bicycle commuters beware: Spruce and Pine Streets

PC specs for Call of Duty: Black Ops revealed

Potential Tropical Storm Richard is dumping heavy rains in Jamaica; Central America at greatest risk

Prevent Sexting with Mobile Media Guard

Restaurants Bring Out Fall Dishes that will Warm You

Beauty professionals and lovers flock to the Black Beauty Expo

Some video clips about Willamette Valley Vineyards in Oregon

Medicinal herb of the week: Ginger root

Pac-12 will have 18-game basketball schedule, it was announced Thursday

Go deep for big trout — learn how at North Georgia Trout Online’s Fall Fling!

Alpharetta Man Indicted For Groping Woman On A Plane

Numbers Don’t Lie: The November 2nd Edition Mixtape

Jesus the anti-christ

Zynga.org 4-part interview series

Chicago Fashion Designer, Valerie Wilson Reed of Valcooks, LLC

Expect Kaepernick to get Pack back on track

Lazyday Raleigh’s Next Bar Crawl Scheduled for Halloween Night

OU-Mizzou not the only game that matters in this week’s Big 12 gridiron slate

Social media is not always the best judge of character

Don’t wait for the economy to turnaround: Seven steps to reinvent yourself now

Game eight preview: Ohio State vs. Purdue

Business Tools

Tyler Perry shares intimate details of sexual molestation on ‘Oprah’ (Video)

Soros money gets Juan Williams fired from NPR

The best gelato in the city

To ride or not to ride at Halloween Horror Nights-What’s open & should you do it

Miami to get tracks to port

Is your Child a Picky Eater?

AccuWeather releases official 2010-2011 winter forecast

Full video of the candidates for NY 22nd Congressional district at Chamber of Commerce

Haddonfield Girls Tennis capture Championship

Jersey Shore Season 3 premiere date, details (finally) confirmed!

‘Desperate Housewives’: Eva Longoria in minor car accident

Cape Town 2010 examines the great issues of the world

A Barrow County School Bus Collide With A Jeep

Ten beautiful piano ballads

New and improved Pay-As-You-Go international data packages from AT&T

Fox-Cablevision dispute reaches fifth day

Indiana Ghost Trackers event at Barnes and Noble October 21st, 2010

Laura Hull stars in ‘Marquee Melodies’ at the Bickford

DIFFA Fall Fashions for the Home Online Auction

Lady Gaga postpones Paris concerts due to French strikes

Country ham month: Bean soup with country ham and bacon recipe

Putnam gets $1.6 million for terminal repairs

Steven Slater sentenced, robbed all in the same week

Wings Over Houston Airshow this weekend

Arrest report for Cedartown, Rockmart and Aragon, Georgia (October 20, 2010)

MFA launches Chicago Vegan Week

Where no cartoon has gone before?

Google Docs fine tunes Photo sharing options

Film Picks this week

Mighty Horrors: Chicago’s 3 Best Weekend Fright Events

iPhone Horn speaker amplifier

Leaked memo shows union plan to hijack elections

Kim Kardashian’s million dollar 30th birthday October 21st 2010

Lady Gaga cancels concerts in Paris as violence increases over retirement age

An interview with an Orienteer who Geocaches

Air show flies tomorrow, Saturday

Recommended reading: The New Job Security, Revised

Music Festival Saturday in Fort Worth benefits rescue group and spay/neuter

Calfornia 2010 Election Guide – San Diego County

Early voting totals for October 20, 2010 in Hillsborough County, Florida

Spike Mendelsohn, Restaurant Eve, & more unveil free salad bars at DC schools

Focusing on how far you’ve come toward your personal goals

Nora Roberts included on Entertainment Weekly list of ’10 Power Authors’

Jamaica Branch NAACP -October 2010 Update

Billy Idol and his new band coming to town for 2 shows!

Does ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ candidate Jimmy McMillan pay rent or not?

SU volleyball hopes to heat up in Florida

Tiger Woods paid out hush money to Dad’s mistress

Stanford still waiting on Chasson Randle decision

John Common, Wendy Woo & more: Denver live music weekend picks Oct. 22-24

Pumpkin cupcakes celebrate Halloween

Miley Cyrus booked for MTV EMAs November 7

After school child care at the YMCA

Afterthoughts: Reaching Around Halo

Embracing teachable moments

(Fall) Festivals this weekend

Fall festivals and the glorious foods you will find

Shopping for a special dress

Danny Pudi and Alison Brie tease this year in Greendale Community College’s Halloween

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue — a LEAF?

Seabourn is in a small class ship of its own

Hard to believe but Baylor is more than just Robert Griffin

Homemade Hostess cupcake recipe: The fluffy center, the fudge icing – yum

Glenn Beck takes credit for Soros $1M donation to Media Matters

Juan Williams fired after comments made on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor

Facebook edits “Photo Memories” to help users get over Exes

Tails & Trails 5K Run and 1K Walk Saturday benefit Denton Shelter Foundation

Is Microsoft Game Room dead?

Did NPR do the right thing in firing Juan Williams?

A clear-cut case of the DOMS blues, thanks to CrossFit

Mayor Gavin Newsom announces City of San Francisco awarded EPA 2010 Green Power Leadership Award

X1FM CMJ Kickoff show goes off with a bang!

Fantasy football dad.


Mental illness in Politicians; should Miami voters be concerned?


How to manage your Microsoft Points online

7 year-old Sinatra tribute singer wins UK contest!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam priced, new explosive trailer

News in the Brief 10/21/10

California has worst outbreak of whooping cough in 60 years; 10 infants dead

Spalding Firefighter Suspended Over Making Video Of Dead Victim

YouTube Spotlight: Plesiops corallicola

Spooky Halloween treats for kids

Fall programs at the Volo Bog State Natural Area Leaves No Child Inside

Juan Williams fired from NPR over Muslim comments; Sarah Palin to the rescue

How do we get cleaner in Energy and the Environment

Save the Date: Indian Cookbook Author Madhur Jaffrey in Santa Cruz October 25

Big Ten previews and predictions for week eight

Pet friendly Sun Valley, A winter wonderland for Floridians and their dogs

Butterflies in flight – Have you seen them?

More Fall Restaurant Comfort Foods

2010 Fall Wedding Shows in the Twin Cities

Finding Tampa Bay jobs on Tampa Bay.com, St. Petersburg Times

Online shopping on trendy websites

Whooping Cough claims another life

FYI WIRZ: Daytona closes Velocitorium; expands speedway tour

Preparing Pets for Halloween Scariness – Boca Raton Pet Care Examiner

Fall’s Must Have A-Z: Edgy and Fur

Writers tricks of the trade – Don’t get stuck in a rut

Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth, A Review

Customize your resume for each job application

Apple butter

Portable oxygen tanks give freedom a whole new meaning

‘The View’: Florence Henderson thought Palin, Massey, Warner might go home

Cardinals look to continue strong performances against NFC West rival Seahawks

Scars of Mirrodin: Slice in Twain

Coalition forces make gains in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province

Avoiding overscheduling your tween

College football midseason grades:UH, Rice, A&M, UT, Tech, Baylor, OU, OSU, LSU

Republicans cheer Scott at gubernatorial debate watch party

Join the fun at Barktoberfest in Frisco on Saturday

Ingmar Bergman: The Woody Allen Angle Part 2

Tony Hawk knows safety

Artisan’s Spa in Emmaus offering hot deals for Spa Week

Your health care wishes do not trump common Sense

Five Heart Healthy Tips

Visit the Arizona State Fair

Union Pacific reports record 3rd Quarter growth

Hear son of ‘Defiance’ hero speak in St. Louis

What Not to Spend Your Time On

Nashville makes The Root 100 with T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting

Chicago Police arrest north-side arsonist

Emmis set to sell?

At Home Tummy Tuck – Flatten your stomach with reverse crunches

Hosting your first Thanksgiving: Turkey 101

Day of the dead: El dia de los muertos

Pictures: Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan continue to impress in sparring

NASCAR’s Kyle Busch attracts boo-birds: How would you change ‘Rowdy’?

Was channel 6 telling the truth about prearranged burials? Part 1

Ten questions to consider ‘before’ signing up for online courses

Anna Little cites health spending decline ahead of doctors’ forum

Updated information about “Signature Toledo: A Poetic Medley Show”

Disney Most Wanted Holiday Toys List 2010

‘True Blood’: could we see an extension of the Sam – Bill ‘dream?’

Why do the media hate Palin and O’Donnell?

An Obvious Choice for Secretary of State

Understanding Speech Difficulty for Down Syndrome


Take a fall driving tour!

Constellation Theatre Offers 30% Off Tickets to Women Beware Women–This Weekend Only

Congress looking at new tax bills to pay off debt as it introduces HR 4646

2010 Rockies post mortem: Part 10: Hammel and Olivo second half


Attending the University of God Almighty

Scientists discover genetic link to alcoholism

Pete Correale to perform live at the Arlington Drafthouse this weekend

Holiday gift giving at the office

Listen to Gospel song He Wants It All by forever Jones

Toyota recall of Avalon and Lexus models

Human rights official appalled by death of Angolan migrant

Finding Tampa Bay jobs on Craigslist

Walking Dead exclusive varient cover available only at Long Beach Comic Con

Who will be the first guests on ‘Conan’? The names are in!

Onurmark Productions announces 2011 Houston TX3 Race Series

East Stroudsburg University men’s basketball season outlook

Legislative candidate forum to be held in Mankato

Running – Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running

Scars of Mirrodin: Relic Putrescence

Do our men really need to ‘man up?’

Maddow issues apology for false claim

Get fit green series with World of Green

The Twelfth Imam

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to attend Austin Film Festival 2010, receive award

Apple releases next generation MacBook Air laptops

The Flint Children’s Museum is Having a Family Friendly Halloween Event

Another New England golf course bites the dust as Wentworth Hills GC closes

Buying your first house: structural concerns

DC Department of Housing and Community Development wins Sustainable Communities Challenge Grant

Kim Kardashian launches new projects!

Retro eating events on the horizon

Exclusive: The Movie Examiner visits Troublemaker Studios to talk ‘Predators’

Toyota recalls 1.53 million vehicles: Lexus, Avalon, and other models

Quick sandwich, fast service: guaranteed

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Coldplay added to American Music Awards

Toyota Recall Targets 1.5M Potentially Bad Brakes

Typhoon Megi (Juan) moves toward China and Hong Kong; kills 27 in Philippines

Brett Favre scandal – Deanna Favre leans on a meaningful message

Seahurst chef Mike Vujovich kicks and cooks

Fall Cocktails: Cherry Apple Orchard

Belcourt Screenings – Friday, October 22

2010 Golden Goggle Awards

Bring your pets in costume for the 1st Annual Harvest Festival in Ossining

Leah Crocetto sings her favorites

Over a million Toyota and Lexus recall announced!

Eddie Alvarez: the most underrated lightweight in MMA

Morning Mayhem

Jersey Shore Season 2 Finale: Cast split over antics in Miami (VIDEO)

November outlook just issued

Holiday gift ideas for your child’s teacher

Dorchester Publishing whines “But Google got away with it!”


2010 NFL week seven power rankings: A little normalcy? Nah.

Parenting: My child is gay

Treyarch details some of the multiplayer tweaks in Call of Duty: Black Ops

October is…

Melissa Rycroft Tweets thanks after revealing the sex of her baby on ‘The Talk!’

Still time to join the Light the Night Walk against leukemia & lymphoma

To do list for healthy eating

Charter Schools

Zhu Zhu Pets Invades Console; Feigns Iconic Status

John Edwards in sex tape battle, loving father image tarnished

The Angels speak: the Soul’s journey to the Light. . . .

Charice and Cristian Imparato: the 2 singing phenomena out to capture the world

7 Deadly Halloween Horror movie reviews: Zombie Girl: The Movie (2009)

Jim White, A Fight to the Death at The EARL this Saturday

Halloween Costumes for your Pup

Hank Williams and the American Freedom Festival

Sony releasing God of War collection on PSN

Tropical Storm Richard takes shape in the Caribbean; 2010 hurricane season 6th most active on record

Kings of Leon release “Come Around Sundown”

Lucasi Hybrid Southwest 10-Ball Tour event on October 23rd and 24th in Missouri

Modern Family: Unplugged

Free samples: First aid kit, coffee, Halo cat food, Emergen-C, Shout

Movie Review: Like Dandelion Dust

Asana of the Week: Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose)

Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Cute and colorful silly bandz holder

Downtown Library Youth Art Exhibit

Chicago Police solve two stabbing homicides

Thursday Wichita Weather

Dancing with the… Asthma?

Edmonton Eskimos 1970′s retro uniform online auction for ovarian cancer research

Oprah.com videos: Tyler Perry on Oprah from Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Star Wars exhibit brings imagination and fanboy excitement to Lafayette

Where to find the best prices on Halloween items

A Special Place

Plan backwards

Fun at the Phoenix Zoo

2 Parties- 1 Result

Multiculturalism versus E Pluribus Unum

King Arthur flour baking demos coming to Fort Worth

Dressing sexy for Halloween: Yay or nay?

Boiler Room Theatre comes up a bit short on RENT; musical runs through Oct. 31

Do you really use coupons?

Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg launches home textile line

Mixing Friends and Roommates

StarCityGames.com Open comes to Boston November 6th and 7th 2010

NAACP reports the Tea Parties are racist: a desperate phony Hail Mary pass

Movie Review: Nowhere Boy

Nashville’s Halloween Viewing Guide, Part 1

Los Angeles Dodgers resign pitcher Ted Lilly to three year deal, will be active

Photographs in the UNR Special Collections Department

Four Restaurant: Dine in Portsmouth’s Historical District!

Writer’s Digest is calling all poets in their 6th annual competition

Michigan Mom 2 Mom sales scheduled for October 23-24, 2010

Roller Derby 101

Tyler Perry claims suicide attempt, childhood ‘living hell’ on Oprah

Hang out at the Garage in Marion, Indiana for weekly pool tournaments

The good, bad and ugly of round-robin play

Film Festival Guide 2010: New York United Film Festival

Republicans Attempt To Discourage Latino Vote With Don’t Vote Ads

First Look: Rob & Hermione’s Kiss in “Deathly Hallows”

NFL talk giving fans headaches

Hazon food conference comes to Connecticut!

Crazed Cornfield Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Ecotourism Certification Standards: South Africa’s Fair Trade in Tourism (FTTSA)

Works on Paper at the Chicago Artist Coalition Gallery

Wine is getting greener in California

Man wanted in rape, strangling of Cumming mom

Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Breast Cancer Awareness and your child

First Lady Michelle Obama helps economy through fashion

Radiation from thyroid cancer patients raises concerns

Boca Raton man charged in death of his own dog

Pasta month: Southwest style pasta recipe

Trick or Treat on Telegraph Ave!

Spreading Awareness

US senate candidate Linda McMahon knows little about autism

‘Glee’ cast members, GQ editor respond to sexy photo shoot controversy

Picture if you will…a new Twilight Zone movie

Android 2.2 upgrade announced for Samsung Galaxy S

Love What You Do

Finding Tampa Bay jobs on Indeed.com

Jersey Shore: The Situation, Angelina at war off the tube, too

Art and politics interact in the work of Mark Moleski

Colt to Winchester, 1,750 firearms collectibles to cross auction block

Preventing horror stories for first time home buyers

NOAA releases 2010-2011 winter outlook

The Dakota in NY: Why Yoko Ono remained a resident after John Lennon’s murder

Successfully starting your own online business

Secular college: a bar to heavy to press?

Exciting new trends at local indianapolis store

Latest recall from Toyota

Audition Dates Set

Monmouth Men’s Basketball releases 2010-11 schedule

The Bloody Mary

Roy Barnes Move to Statewide Bus Tour

Mozzarella caprese skewers recipe: hip appetizer is a fast fix

1968 ‘Playboy Playmate of the Year’ charged with attempted murder

Tyler Perry on Oprah VIDEOS: Spammers flood YouTube with links

Of Missoula’s grave tales!

Norman Rockwell Family Day at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington,DC

B’nai Israel hosts Andy Muchin

The conservative Christian and the neglect of emotion (part 1)

Weapons seized at Laredo

‘The Office’ won’t just be known for kick-ass Christmas holiday parties anymore!

Tigers gain big from Los Angeles Angels scouting purge

Marina: one of the best kept secrets for Maryland Libraries

The Roman Empire’s pasta schism

Art & Walking Tours of Grand Rapids

Support domestic violence awareness month

Ferrari 458 Italia street races Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Marriage vs. dating

Do you think Rosie O’ Donnell would have walked off The View?

Chris Brown premieres video for ‘Yeah 3 X’ (see video here)

Voice of Experience: Camille Mirshokrai (Accenture)

Decrease your cable bill by 67 percent!

National Urban League & Atlanta Urban League Hosting Free Housing Rescue & Career Fair


Green crafting: Five ways to go green and save money on craft supplies

NPR analyst Williams fired for Muslim comments

Chris Brown back to flips, footwork in Yeah 3X premiere

Daniel Radcliffe Wears A Bra In “Harry Potter” Clip

Cameron and the Majors are integral part for junior hockey

Berkely County Solid Waste Authority announces 2010 America Recycles Day Events

Reading it right: Dyslexia Awareness Month

Berkely County Solid Waste Authority announces 2010 America Recycles Day Events

Bishop Eddie Long’s church members petition asking for Long to step down!

‘Jersey Shore’: Ronnie, Vinny, and Pauly D talk regrets (video)

IRS warns taxpayers about new EFTPS email scam

Budget dining can save your local community

The conservative Christian and the neglect of emotion (part 2)

“The Bachelor” 2011 news – more Brad Womack contestants named

Choosing a smart phone: the final factor for consideration

Live music: Vancouver-based Scythia – double up on shows this weekend

Wahine Forum – Moving Inspiration into Action

Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee’s annual Buddy Walk

What were the Greek Revival and Italianate architectural styles?

Keeping the dreaded holiday pounds in check

Winter hours at Petrified Forest

Free Things to do in San Diego Today, October 22

Failing the First Amendment

Urban forestry council to take public input

Often overlooked negative habits that can hurt your career

Planting a Tree

A visual bedtime routine chart: a Positive Discipline parenting tool

Best grocery deals this week: CVS ad 10/24 – 10/30

Loads of cocaine seized at Mexico border

Juan Williams fired by NPR for Muslim garb comments

Thousands expected at Paulding Trick or Treat Village

Sounders host Street Soccer Seattle at Saprissa match

Lake Tahoe resorts – Northstar, Sierra – offering double whammy season pass

NPR prides itself on having values such as belief in civil discourse

Separation distress in rescue dogs

Statement jewelry

Cameron unveils new ‘Avatar’ opening to reporters

Nashville’s Halloween Viewing Guide, Part 2

2010 Hottest MC in the Game #7 – Lil’ Wayne

Whooping cough deaths: what you need to know

Alabama Voter Registration deadline Friday, October 22nd

NPR’s Juan Williams fired following Muslim comments to Bill O’Reilly

Personal Brands: Time to LICK Q

The Feng Shui Flower Power of Plants

Founder of Penthouse Magazine, Bob Guccione, Dead At 79

Michigan’s Unemployment Rate Dips Slightly to 13 percent; Job Openings Available

Train with the Washington Shotokan Karate Club

Super Mario Edition Wii coming to North America!

Dr. Temple Grandin encourages individuals with ASD to use experience to find strengths.

Pritchard, Barnhart, and Herrera rake in LSC honors

Final debate by Florida senate candidates in US senate race

Movie Review: The Lost Tribe

Hound Around for the weekend

Book Review: Pelota By Sarah Black

Looking for Romance? Then the Alderbrook Resort & Spa on the Hood Canal is the place for you

Lake Tahoe’s Diamond Peak ski resort offering great ‘holiday’ ski package

Dracula slips onto your iPad

Justin Bieber, Usher pair up for 2010 American Music Awards performances

Assistive technology app – iTunes selling “Skill Tracker Pro”

Conan O’Brien announces guests for first week of TBS show

See Theatre-Hikes’ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this weekend

Sunny skies continue, unsettled conditions Sunday for Clarksville

To experience heaven on earth simply walk through the Golden Door, pt.1

Parenting tips for ADHD kids: on-line ADHD seminar

NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards to be face of new Avon fragrance Turn 4XT

What is a MUD? Part 1

All exercise not the same for reducing body fat

Opening this week in Tampa: ‘The Tillman Story’ and ‘Meet a Tall Dark Stranger’

Dave Brubeck ‘Definitive’ Collection Coming from Concord Music November 16

The Feng Shui Flower Power of Plants

Shop Swag Fashion Night Out

Live music preview: The Soldier Thread set to play free show to limited audience

88 Kitchen: You can eat healthy

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert holds on Billboard chart, awaiting new single

Glee and GQ: What a boy wants? (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera’s divorce due to domestic violence and open marriage?

Baltimore Sports Examiner: Find me on Twitter

Second autopsy on Macomb banker shows he was shot

Wars Don’t End They Just Change Venue

New Talisman Expansion set due to hit stores Nov 14th

The People’s Food Co-op Farmers’ Market is open all year

Brazil: Manaus gateway to the Amazon

Your Feng Shui Face – Earth

Applications accepted for artist program at Rocky Mountain National Park

Biggest Loser Rick Deroque: ‘I was definitely blindsided’ by elimination

Doodlin’ with Dizzy: Google celebrates Gillespie’s 93rd

Menopausal Drug Prempro Increases Breast Cancer Risk

“Paranormal Activity 2″ Review: creepiness of paranormal proportions

Why some people just can’t let go and how to avoid it

Honey roasted peanut butter cookies for National Nut Day

Line Play Keeps Green Wave Rolling

Comedy fans, rejoice: Patton Oswalt developing a show for FOX

A travesty of justice? Failed Dallas terrorist may only serve 19 years

Birthday Bear

Tom Donilan and Thomas R Niles: Two more lobbyists head for the Obama administration

Healthcare law unconstitutional but no problem in new york

Festival of Reading

Haneda Airport reopens as an international hub into Tokyo, Japan

Gym Edict

Nintendo releases holiday bundles

NBA Jam on PS3/360 November 17th!

Thea Vidale is a jack of all trades

Lake Tahoe’s SIerra-at-Tahoe offering development lessons for skiers, riders

USAC announces RPM limits for midget motors in 2011

TV ratings: ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Criminal Minds’ Wednesday winners

Tinie Tempah, JLS, Eminem take home MOBO Awards

To experience heaven on earth simply walk through the Golden Door, pt.2

Pagan shops in Sayville

Watch The United Monster Talent Agency – short film you will not forget (video)

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month

Cougar Town: Keeping Me Alive

David Hasselhoff, family A&E reality series premiere set

Take advantage of Sweetest Day to visit one of these recommended Lincoln Park Restaurants

Men rob Buckhead CVS of syrup use to make popular drug “purple drank”

Dunwoody Music Festival offers car show to Atlanta collectors on Sunday

Rock of Ages salutes those who rocked the Sunset Strip

Squaw Valley’s volunteer ski patrol wins national award

New Zealand in danger of losing the Hobbit

A belief in beauty for the sake of beauty

Who are we waiting for?

Portland’s Powell’s Books wins store visit from Suzanne Collins


Low carb cheesecake party is a fun party favor

Life Saving Procedures by Kids Attributed to Spongebob Squarepants


Susan Boyle striking fear into the hearts of Kings of Leon

Warning: Lottery mail scam – Arizona residents warned to be cautious

Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update won’t hit U.S. until late November

Wine Country dining: Sissy’s Uptown Cafe in Lompoc

Psych Stars Go Back To College…

California helmet law for skiers, snowboarders receives Schwarzenegger veto

Lessons learned from the ancient OPYOW Indian tribe

Beyonce’s mother squashes pregnancy rumor

Intruder shot by an armed homeowner

7 things you can do to prevent breast cancer

Which side of 60, 61 and 101 are you on?

Video of crazy high school play reminiscent of Cal’s 5-lateral play in 1982

The Sugar Witch follows a dark, but entertaining trail through the swamp

Dining at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District

Haunted Halloween in Miami for the family

Metroid: Other M Review

Clive Jaycees Run, Punt, & Pass competition

“The Weekend” 10/22-10/24

Trey Songz claims second Hot 100 top 10, dominates R&B charts

The Drums play their brand of Brit at The Mod Club

Lake Tahoe ski resorts Squaw Valley, Northstar play role in Amgen race

Movie review: Hereafter

Two must do hip flexor stretches

Backstage Video of Phantom of the Opera’s Paloma Garcia Lee

Business Insurance Basics

Use targeted lists to increase the keyword density of your resume to improve searchability

Juan Williams NPR journalist fired.

Part I Quality of Life, Rather than Quantity of Possessions!

Football: Analysis of Cheyney game and preview of Bloomsburg

Google self driving cars are here

More stimulus money wasted; Economists criticize stimulus package

Conan O’Brien annoucnes full first week of guests – includes Tom Hanks, Jon Hamm

Personal Training with Larry Cole

The Time Traveler’s Wife part 22: the truth will out

First-time unemployment claims drop 23,000

Open Mic Night in Grand Rapids

From The Anita Hill File……

Squaw Valley takes a look at snow science

Harlem Wizards come to Bristol’s Viking Hall: 2010 Video

Mark Twain’s fame stretches world wide and so did his wit

Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah: Compares Michael Jackson and Elvis’ deaths

NPR censorship: Juan Williams asks ‘What crossed line’ justified termination

Night At the Museums to Offer Free Saturday “Date Night” Fun

What’s up at the ASU Art Museum

Sports Authority Friends & Family 25% off one item online & printable coupon

Catholic Middle School Athletic Association Alumni Race Veterans Day 2011

Penn volleyball team goes on its first Ivy League road trip of the season

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour next stop – 2nd Ave Corner Pocket 8-ball Open

Dakota Fanning, Summit in talks for ‘If I Stay’ movie of Gayle Forman novel

UFC 121: Martin Kampmann vs. Jake Shields preview/prediction

Decorating with big/flat screen TVs

Coral reef mass deaths caused by ‘human-induced global warming’

Rick Scott still the best choice over Alex Sink

JLS, Eminem win big at 2010 MOBO Awards

Severe thunderstorms to hit the plains on Friday

FDA approves Pradaxa to help prevent stroke in people with atrial fibrillation

Kanye West tells ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about ‘Runaway’ film (photos)

How to Grow Your Business – Part 2, Market and Product Strategy

Denver’s Five Points to get facelift thanks to fed funds, Ritter

Neighbor Island Hikes: Hiilawe Falls (Video)

Encouragement:a relationship skill that controllers lack

Salt Lake Jewish Center Annual Meeting

Kill the Witch

Finding Tampa Bay jobs in The Flyer

Lake Tahoe’s Rahlves, Plake, McConkey new inductees into ski Hall of Fame

Manga Review: “Hetalia Axis Powers” volume 1

Chip Coffey helping Kids; Coming to Toronto

Reptile Awareness Day

Rotterdam report: Chinese golden in men’s final, Japan second, Germany third

Xbox 360 Kinect and Pillow Pets top the Toys R Us ’2010 Hot Holiday Toy List’

New Smashburger opens in Clifton, NJ on October 27

Dogs trash family van while trying to catch raccoon

Meet the Toronto city council candidates: Mohamed Dhanani

Tyler Perry Speaks Out About Child Abuse

Vintage Theatre announces benefit performance to support GLBT youth

Bridal Boot Camp

San Francisco Ski & Board Fest Nov. 6-7, sponsored by Snowbomb.com

Atlanta’s Nail Salon/Spa critic

Gorgeous new Bioshock Infinite screenshots

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ TONIGHT ONLY in La Mirada

The Importance of Girlfriend Getaways & “Man”cations

Career advice for conference attendees

INTERVIEW: Apple Records A&R head Peter Asher remembers those days

Listeria outbreak shuts down San Antonio food processing plant

Do you grind your teeth?


Discover you inner vampire with Two Faced Drop Dead Red lips

Learn the Nuts and Bolts of Employment Law: Southwestern Law School

Tips for convincing your tween to craft part I: Choosing the project

CB Follett: Marin’s poet laureate with a ROAR

Please don’t call my child autistic!

West Palm Beach pays citizens to help catch drunk drivers

Dessert day: Chocolate Oreo ice cream cake recipe

Kyle’s Corner (FYI) Winnebago: On the road again

Time and distance in relationships

2010 NPC Utah Bikini Overall Winner

The Tasting Room’s 5th Annual “Houston Cellar Classic”

‘Glee’: John Stamos meant to be original Dr. Frank-N-Furter in ‘Rocky Horror’

How to get smokey eyes

Learning to let go…and yes, I know it’s hard!

Any Los Angeles area home chefs out there want to cook for Gordon Ramsay? Here’s your chance!

Hauntings in Leesburg

Larceny Suspects Caught In Buckhead After a Short Foot Chase

Bark Avenue’s Annual Howl-o-ween Costume Contest

National Weather Highlight for 10 / 19 / 10: Record rainfall drenches Long Beach, CA

A dog crate that does its job and adds a decorative element to your home as well

New Orleans VooDoo to hold open tryouts this weekend – Oct 23 and 24

NPR fires analyst after remarks he made about Muslims.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki no to Poughkeepsie spin off, joins Cyrus for 2010 MTV EMAs

DeLuna rocks Pensacola Beach, Final Day

Halloween Yankee Candle $10 off $25 online and printable coupon

Preaching salvation from debt

Second Annual Harvest Challenge: 28 days of yoga and Thanksgiving

17th annual statewide conference on homelessness

Million Dollar Writing Contest from independent publishers!

A Good Faith Effort Could House 100K Homeless People

Fiorina In Bed With Kochs

Recovering after a chaotic, tragic day

Americans view transit as better option than driving

Kim Kardashian finding John Mayer a ‘really cool guy’ — and that’s it

FREE breast health workshop in Cooper City on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010

Family-friendly Halloween fun at Lifechurch Canton

College Advice blog provides tips to students and parents

Tyler Perry heals childhood abuses on Oprah Show

Let your passions guide you. Just beware of the potential dead-end.

Weekend Movie Preview (10/22)

FaceTime for Mac beta puts your Apple ID at risk

A Backstage Peek

Three charged in armed robbery outside Flying Biscuit

Three charged in armed robbery outside Flying Biscuit

Reminder: 29th annual Norfolk SPCA Dog Walk on Saturday, October 23rd

5 ASU players named to Midseason All Pac-10 team

Juan Williams fired for being politically incorrect

Chicken Braised with Yams, Fennel and Leeks

Finding Tampa Bay jobs on TBO.com through Yahoo Hot Jobs

BP vs Transocean which is the true villian ?

Founder of Second life steps down

Fitness festival in Lakewood on Saturday

EXCLUSIVE list of Los Angeles Haunted Houses: LA Halloween Guide 2010

What draws people

Team Fortress 2 community content creators get paid a very manly sum

Upcoming: ‘Broken Pencil’ hosts Toronto zine fair

The Immeasurable Love of the Father’s Divine Heart

Folin Cellars: unique offering of an Oregon Syrah

Horrible rumor alert: Christina Aguilera spousal abuse edition

Foster Parents; foster child injured. Part 1 of 2

Modus Union Salon Party 2010 “Labels for Love”

DV-2012 green card lottery registration period ends November 3

Bioshock Infinite New Screenshots

Jealousy in relationships.

Mystery might be over in Upper Deck’s delayed Cuts delivery

Paper or Plastic

Sick of political ads yet? Money has a much better use….

Simple computer, text message votes help get money for fly fishing, breast cancer victims

Secondary brush fire season for Coastal Carolina underway

Hooters brings heaving boobs to land of the rising sun

A bass pros first time on the Delta pre fishing for WON Bass Gran Finale

Forsyth Park, a place for history buffs and all visitors

Salman Rushdie to release memoir in 2012

CDC: contradictions on the association between Lyme disease & the lone star tick

Independence Brewing 6th Anniversary Party 10/23/10 4:00 P.M.

Leggings and jeggings

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos developing ABC show — with hints of ’30 Rock’

Is Adam Lambert being intentionally snubbed by the US music industry?

U2 has new studio album on the horizon

Movie review: Saturn 3 aka. Saturn City

Halloween events and fun for all

Section23 Films/Sentai Filmworks January slate of releases revealed

Hudson holiday writer’s fair

Dobermans recommend fido fleece coats for cold fall and winter weather

Toyota recalls 1.53 million cars around the world (Associated Press Reports)

New Reiner Knizia Hobbit board game coming in December from Fantasy Flight Games

Tea Party – moral failure, intellectual incompetence

Blackberry Playbook battles Apple’s iPad

Galveston’s Oktoberfest is here to serve you

Omaha hiking trio stranded on Mount Whitney

Choosing our judges this November (Supreme Court Justices)

More photos released from GQ’s ‘Glee Gone Wild’ issue (PHOTOS)

‘American Idol’: Lee DeWyze announces full ‘Live It Up’ track list

CMT’s on Tour – Miranda Lambert “Revolution”, Beaumont – Josh Kelley (Part III)

Raisin Hell Ranch for a Fresno Halloween Fright Night

NPR fires Juan Williams for anti-Muslim remarks on O’Reilly

Should we fear or support fetishes?

National Weather Highlight for 10 / 20 / 10: 65mph non-thunderstorm wind gusts whip Michigan

Ice Cube declares beef with new West Coast MCs dead

Girling Home Health Care

Cubanos Cigar Lounge hosts a La Flor Dominicana event tonight

Card-making inspiration from Tanisha Long

Freedom Works: thinking beyond Election Day

Glamour’s Sexiest Men: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ian Somerhalder

Land transaction completed for River Raisin National Battlefield Park

Nevada Style Mashed Pumpkin

Five Halloween tricks for a child with special needs in Chicago

Severe WeatherThreat: Fort Worth under the gun on Friday/Saturday October 22-23, 2010

Terrordrome – The Game: The ultimate horror slasher combat game

Youth Of Today goes international (again)


Modern Family cast starts campaign for creating safe schools for LGBT youth

Ireland’s castles are always alluring

Eric LeGrand and spinal cord treatment

An NHL eatery with zero health violations

Wichita Falls Broomball League opens new season

More drama for “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood

Cubanos Cigar Lounge hosts a La Flor Dominicana event tonight

Fable 3′s A Call to Action trailers depicts an epic adventure

Taylor Swift to perform live at New York’s JFK airport

Zoolie Ghoulie at the Henson Robinson Zoo

A Bed Bug Registry for Hotels

Silent Movie Mondays a glimpse of the golden age of cinema

National Weather Highlight for 10 / 21 / 10: Sleet pings Allendale, MI

‘Saturday Night Live’: Emma Stone previews — plus a ghost chicken (video)

The Balboa Bay Club Oktoberfest Celebration now happening

Who are you? A lifestyle assessment tool for Baby Boomers

Viral Video: Philly sports fans are over the top!

The First in Flight Festival takes off Saturday Oct. 30th in Elizabeth City

Total Physical Response Method

Giving and Accepting Compliments

Political correctness run amok

Ego trips to the museum

Home selling advice: Bed, bath and beyond decor and staging

Pet Depot Ewa Beach Annual Howl-o-Ween costume contest

KFC YUM! Center computer simulated fly over

Florida Football Alliance Releases 2011 Schedule

Prince Harry Kidnapped: New documentary on how it might happen is nasty (Video)

GOP candidate has advantage in Egg Harbor Township Committee race

Local Power Squadron chapters hosting boating safety classes

Who needs a financial plan?

I quit my day job to pursue my creativity, and I’m so glad I did

Bouchercon 2010: Crimespree and Derringer Awards issued

Sarah Palin on “Juan Williams: Going Rogue”

Could the actions of the Fed start a civil war immediately after the elections?

NCSoft partners with PlaySpan to expand its market

National Weather Highlight for 10 / 22 / 10: Frost Advisory effective for most of Ohio

No Kill Houston’s Trivia Contest – Question #21

‘GQ’ not backing down in wake of sexy ‘Glee’ photos

Apple Cookies

Fun and Free: Haile Village Oktoberfest 2010

Remember the 80′s

Toomey looks to bring Corporatism to Senate floor

TV Highlights for Thursday, October 21, 2010

‘Jersey Shore’: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ approached J-Woww for cast

Ohio Aging Summit speaks to elder abuse advocate’s call for new protocol

Prevent the common cold – naturally.

How to be faithful in marriage (part 1)

Proposed citizenship oath defies Zionism & undermines Israel’s democracy

Tailgate Tavern hosting a Halloween costume contest

Tyler Perry overcame sexuality confusion, anger through forgiveness

Rachel Corrie’s parents hear testimony from soldier responsible for her death

Hawaii Island Humane Society Pet Walk

Movie review: Sanctuary: Season 2

Study finds the upper body and lower body respond differently to weight gain

How to shrink the muffin top

Essentials for adopting a dog, part 2

‘Jersey Shore’ Season Two Finale: Cast gives hints on ‘Early Show (Video)

Toshi Reagon and BIGLovely: Tuning in on unity

What’s the point in setting goals?

Safety Tips for Social Media

Allen Iverson considering overseas offer

Millionaires Hold Defensive Meetings at USF Sarasota Campus

Battle looms over Christian flag at public memorial in King, N.C.

Work off your pre-Thanksgiving calories at the 2nd Annual Green Lake Gobble

Recess or the Gym – An Easy Decision

Mass Effect 2: Jacobs story

First look: a (very NSFW) trailer for Jim Carrey’s ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’

Imperial Palace Divas Celebrates 1yr Anniversary

Mixed-age homeschool program in Seattle run by former unschooler

Decorating with big/flat screen TVs

No confidence in Chief say Galveston Police Officers – WATCH IT

Question 744; Making a Choice for the Future

Think pink

Guggenheim Museum opens to the public

Racist tweet against Lebron suggests blacks should move on

True stories of a haunted university–Part 2: Thunder & wind rushed down the hall

Private plane travel intro

Walk with the stars to cure children’s Cancer this Sunday in LA

CFA Halloween Cat Show

South Carolina State Museum gets ready for Civil War Sesquicentennial

Survive the Law: Find a Mentor

An Arts & Culture Lovers Guide to L.A. Halloween Events: Part 2

Oksana Grigorieva’s ex-bodyguard reveals secret relationship

PDX Cocktail Week 2010 begins at Spints Alehouse cocktail and food pairing

Halloween Happenings: Anoka Parades and Boo Bash

Halloween cocktail recipes

AMTRAK Multi-ride tickets and other promotionals for Philadelphians

Monster Mash Bash at The Children’s Museum

Want to meet your future spouse this Halloween? Try a french maid costume

T-Mobile myTouch 4G shows up in colorful new photos

Hot Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Second City, second to none!: Celebrating Chicago Roller Derby

Calvados-spiked apple galette: rustic yet impressive fall dessert (with video)

Elections 2010 and the Party Seats

Christina Aguilera to perform at The 38th Annual American Music Awards

New Mental Health Outpatient Facility To Be Built in Glendive

Duty Navigation for greenies: Stay on target to improve your dnav score

Foster Parents; Foster Child is injured. Part 2 of 2

Scrapbooking news – October 21st, 2010

Children of Violence – Part 2

Oyamel’s Specials, Mexican Celebration: Dia de los Muertos

From Dar to Dylan – this week in Chicagoland

1102 Grand: a Kansas City data center hub expands itself and KC startups

N.J.’s unemployment rate falls, but more than 20K lose jobs

Back to basics: Starbucks redesign including beer and wine

Harford Community College play is great affordable Halloween fun for the family

Halloween comes to Charlestown

Top Ten Residential Sales in Denver County for Week Ending October 17, 2010

WorldStar hates positivity and has a secret agenda

Fierce Job-Hunting DIY Workshop – Oct 25 Tacoma free

New NBA Jam screenshots released

Some good advice: Aim for perfection

Top Ten Residential Sales in Denver County for Week Ending October 17, 2010

Investing 101: Who are you and why are you doing this?

Miley Cyrus’ dad upset with Parents Television Council over recent comments

Wexner’s ‘Map of the New Lands’ to survey the fringes of reality

FUMC Trunk or Treat and Haunted House

RIP Ari Up

Kim Kardashian turns 30, celebrates with million dollar cake (PHOTO)

Fox News analyst is fired after Muslim remark (Defends Remark)

Urgent: home needed for dalmatian mix

Campground Massacre Haunted House

Sugarloaf Craft Festival is coming to town

In the news: Margarito’s millions, De La Hoya chides Arum, Green vs. Johnson

How to be faithful in marriage (part 2)

ACLU backs pro-life group in free speech case

A bizarre interview with the stars of ‘Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job’

Florida HOAs now have a new weapon; a terminator!

A spoonful of sugar… makes the pain go away?

Halloween gluten free caramel apples

Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe hosts a Camacho Cigars event on Friday, October 22

Madden returns to the Markeim Arts Center as Executive Director

Spiced oil recipe

Adriana Lima wears 2 million-dollar Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra

Berks County Wine Trail

Guide to NY Elections 2010 – House of Representatives

Reality TV stars battle it out for charity at the New York City Marathon

The Guardian awakens in Runes of Magic with Update 3.0.5

Trick or Treat with NCsoft this Halloween!

Product-n-Press holiday preview bonanza

Award-winning Breakfast with Mugabe opens at The Centenary Stage

Bias–news outlet smears Republican, gives Democrat a pass

Politicos give jobs lip service

Friends of the Katy Trail Safety Awareness Drive

Safety with costumes at work

“Property Virgins”: Melanie searches for a condo

Watch Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace LIVE, Oct 21, 2010

Opera Vivente kicks off thirteenth season with ‘Lucy of Lammermoor’

Ingmar Bergman: The Woody Allen Angle Part 3

History of fashion photography

Malloween at Gurnee Mills Mall October 28

Selling sterling silver: That tricky 40% commission

Wounded Warrior Homes is CLASSY Award finalist

Upcoming Events: Mark Curry, Bob DiBuono, and Mike Eagan

Take A Ghost Tour In Nashville This Halloween!

1996 Mercury Sable GS

Jesse James’ ex, Janine Lindemulder, assaults paparazzo

Why was Juan Williams fired from NPR? – video

Juan Williams fired: politically incorrect or expressing views of many Americans

How to be faithful in marriage (conclusion)

How to Register to Vote in San Diego County

Man vs. Machine: An Outsider Running for Mayor of Jersey City in 2013

Restaurant Bricco’s fallen chocolate soufflé cake

Set List for Phish in Augusta, ME (10/19/10)

Challenges for the educated and/or experienced welfare recipient

Juan Williams: Just a ‘Liar, Liar’ lapse?

Livingston police: Oct. 20, 2010

Penthouse founder and ‘skin’ magnate, Bob Guccione dies

Cookie month: Double chocolate and peanut butter cookies recipe

United to serve Dallas Love Field in 2011

Wandy has leverage for contract extension

Christina Aguilera to perform, bring Burlesque to 2010 American Music Awards

Judge with the CFTC never once in 20 years ruled in favor of complainants

The perfect wedding…Or is it?

Pac-12 alignment and conference title game announced

Home entertainment meets the Internet with Sony and Google TV

Exploding pens, exploding bottles, and pranksters – beware of Halloween ‘Tricks’

The Madison Food and Wine Show 2010 October 22-24

The Walkmen prolong European tour

Mama Doni Band Chanukah show at the Bergen Performing Arts Center

LOCAL: The Unique Bride Liquidation Sale

Helmet-to-helmet hits not a concern for Cal U coach

Glenn Beck doesn’t believe in evolution. Well, duh…

History the perfect hobby for children of all ages

Muslim pressure group rules U.S. airwaves

NBA Jam Screenshots

NW Portland Brewery Triangle: Laurelwood, New Old Lompoc and Lucky Labrador

Kinect, Playstation Move make the Toys R Us ‘Hot Holiday Toy List’

Video: Bystander jumps electric rail in D-C Metro subway rescue

Carly Fiorina accepts $220,000 from organization that preaches hate

Local Pagan Events 101: Gnostic Mass with Horus Oasis

Travel begets travel (Part 16): Sagaing Hill, Mandalay, Myanmar

Obama’s Marxist-socialist economy makes business planning useless

Set List for Phish in Utica, NY (10/20/10)

Paranormal Activity: A Recap

Kelly Ripa & Husband Developing New ABC Comedy Series

A Prop. 19 undecided tries to cut through the smoke

Great running movies while you’re off your feet

Expand investment in federal government, says Moran

Kennedy Center President shares artful advice on great association leadership

Glee Rocky Horror: Amber Riley took role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter from John Stamos

City of Wolf Point Passes Strict Medical Marijuana Moratorium

What’s flax seed’s purpose?

Tips for a stress-free Halloween Horror Nights or Howl-O-Scream visit

Google, Stanford University, reach deal on 1Gbps fiber-optic broadband network


“Sinatra Dance With Me” Live at Wynn Las Vegas

Roseville Galleria Mall evacuated: SWAT at scene gunman sets fire inside mall

The Norfolk Admirals declare “It’s Time” with 4-0 game success

Springfield citizens appreciation day horseman’s showcase

Medication news: epilepsy drug treatment options for children and adults

Fall season’s silhouette: slouchy sweaters

Playoff projections for week 8

The useful idiots are in charge

Sam Stout and Patrick Cote get ready for UFC 121

Tropical Storm Richard could become a hurricane and hit Mexico

Secretary of War highlights key to peace

T.G.I. Fridays free appetizer, free meal for costumed diners 10/29-31

GQ Features Glee Stars Gone Wild On Their Cover

NPR’s Juan Williams canned for Muslim comments on O’Reilly Factor

One good reason for not voting is the length of the ballot!

JD Malone brings a little Americana to Bean and Burlap

Good venue in Los Angeles for interracial couples

Think California Propositions are confusing

Concert Alert: The Eagle’s Freaker’s Ball at Verizon

Homemade vegetable beef soup : A cozy Fall supper

New Energy Park Proposed for Southeastern Montana

How do I forgive myself?

Obama’s Marxist-socialism results in theft of more and more of your assets

No surprise: teen plans to sue Jodie Foster over “assault”

Boat trailers are often overlooked when stowing for winter

Is teleworking a viable strategy for Atlanta small businesses?

2010 free, safe places to trick-or-treat in Kansas City: Malls, local events

Book review: Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation

Regardless of generation, everyone wants flexibility

B2K member Raz B claims set up, paid to retract molestation allegations

French pension plan causes national turmoil: Is Social Security next?

Tightening race into tonight’s debate

THE WACKY WORLD OF DOCTOR MORGUS to Screen at Chalmette Movies

Emily Dickinson Museum presents ‘A Prickly Art’: Homemaking in the 19th century

Christina Aguilera’s alleged hospital trip for face injuries due to ‘fall’

Jonathan Ogden Foundation hosts 5th annual charity boxing event

Get affordable designer looks from M by Marc Bouwer at QVC

Album Review: Kings of Leon, ‘Come Around Sundown’

“Bats” Friday Fun at Madrona Marsh: Friday, October 22, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada coming to Texas

Who are the Texas Candidates Part 1 – Democratic Candidate for Govenor White

More okra recipes for fall

Love at First Bite, Red Velvet Cupcake, excerpt from Twilight Cookbook

Success right now!

NY Giants QB Eli Manning not taking Dallas Cowboys lightly

Oyamel’s Specials, Mexican Celebration: Dia de los Muertos

If you loved ‘The Dick Cavett Show,’ you’ll love this new Cavett interview

Angle’s platform: I give you nothing, you get nothing, I have NOTHING to say!

Norah Jones is performing with the “Roots on “Late night with Jimmy Fallon” mon Oct 25th Prnewswire

Movie review: Red

Halloween parties for dogs

2010-2011 Texas A&M men’s basketball preview

US applauded for efforts to fight foreign corruption

Beer on tap at Caffè Sole via new bar expansion

Radical Muslim who threatened South Park creators pleads guilty

FYI WIRZ: Michael Waltrip to step from booth to Talladega track

Save on gym membership fees with part-time work for an economic fitness plan

Beige Book reports modest growth

The historic 1819 Jailer’s Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky

Baking vs Cooking

Outsourcing jobs the result of democrat tax Policies

Gwyneth Paltrow makes live-country music debut Nov. 10 on 44th CMA Awards

Eating XXX hot Bhut can win you $1000 at Jake Melnick’s Chicago

The fallacy of obesity as a causative factor in breast cancer

Vital Nuclear Code: Lost by Bill Clinton – cleaned by Jimmy Carter Video

Pacquiao looking better than ever says sparring partner Khan

Sewing project: Tiny Totes for Terrific Treats

Halloween Magic Show

Stiletto by Nicole Amy launch

Daft Punk ‘Tron: Legacy’ poster is finally revealed

Newport/Mesa and Huntington Beach Children’s Halloween Events 2010

Stanford to play in North division of New Pac-12

Kathy Garver is Cooking up a Family Affair

Army Ten Miler Expo October 22-23

Three perspectives on the manager as orchestra conductor

Who are the Texas Candidates Part 2-Republican Candidate Govenor Perry

Free samples Men’s Fitness Mag, P&G samples & coupons, Radio Shack flashlight

Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic: Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Patch out for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas

Record wireless sales help drive AT&T’s third quarter success

Enjoy the outdoors and see manatee at Blue Spring State Park

Sewing project: Ruffle Butt Onesie

Benefits of tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts are often overlooked

Wines under $15: Castel Mont’ Arquato

Commentary: Celebrities, compassion, and the “It Gets Better” project

A world of choices for San Francisco jazz lovers

Juan Williams fired: Whoopi Goldberg defends FOX News statements

From foliage to fires to photos: Updates for fall hiking near Birmingham

See ’90210′s’ Shenae Grimes in ‘Scream 4′ trailer

Texas Stars host “Hockey ‘n Heels” event

Fine Dining with your family ‘Halloween Style’ at the Seaport Hotel

The Office takes time for Michael

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder: ‘I’m proud that Alan Grayson is my congressman’

How to propagate woody plants from cuttings in Lake County

7 Essentials for a Sustainable Fall Season

Juan Williams, NPR analyst fired for comments on O’Reilly Factor

Get a Mammoth Lift Ticket at The Ski Channel’s THE STORY this Sunday

When relationships go sour – is the break up inevitable?

Gucci baby..with Jennifer Lopez

Gold Street Caffe at the Top of Their Game

All in the name of politics

Urban Decay Vegan Palette

A New Cardinal

Weekend Events October 22, 23 & 24, 2010

Christina Aguilera struggling to function, defends Bratman post split ?

Learn how to cook with desert plants

Winamp jumps from your desktop to Android

Halloween and phobias part two

Hypnosis amnesia

Barkitecture dog houses to benefit Pup Squad rescue group

High school football preview – Calloway County at Hopkins Central

GM losses hidden by massive deferral of UAW pension obligations

Breaking News: Oral arguments for Prop 8 appeal set for Dec 6 in San Francisco

Elizabeth D. Kennedy & Co. to take over Garden Café operations at McKee

In with the good, out with the bad

Waiting in Argentina Part II

Snow in the U.P., and widespread frost and freezing conditions for West Michigan

Film Festival Guide 2010: New York United Film Festival (Weekday Screenings)

Sewing project: Baby Sunsuit

5 Crowns Halloween Murder Mystery Night

H&M soho re-opening

New Bioshock Infinite screens are crow-tastic

Tony Hicks is special guest on radio show

‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ interview: Yve Rojas explains alliances, strategy

Have fun and raise money for the ELC at annual charity golf tournament

Bigpoint calls for beta applications for Battlestar Galactica Online

Living a Moral Life- family, society, religion and reason. part 3

Time to stretch

NPR cans leftist newsman at behest of CAIR

Video: Juan Williams responds to his firing from NPR

Mentor me, I will follow

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ synched to D-Box theater seat effects

Sewing project: Washcloth Puppets

Customize your smart fortwo TOAD with a Hello Kitty car wrap

Militia Muster at Fort Osage Oct 23 & Oct 24

TaskRabbit helps folks get the job done thanks to one visionary entrepreneur

Halter evening dress

Breaking News: 6.9 earthquake hits Gulf of California

Plenty of time left to enjoy the ELC before it starts charging admission in 2011

Jackson Park Golf Course’s, first hole

Dad’s high-fat diet prior to conception could predispose daughters to diabetes

Paladino campaign calls for lieutenant governor debate

Riccis Recipe prototype makes a splash pre fishing for WON Bass Gran Finale

Juan Williams fired: Sarah Palin recommends ‘defunding’ NPR

Atlanta’s Nail Salon/Spa critic

Sam Raimi to produce remake of ‘The Day of the Triffids’

Frequent flier beauty products for the woman on the go.

Greenwood Police Department host Community Shred-It Day on October 23

A review of Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

Knitting blogosphere

Dolphins first-rounder Odrick out for season

New York fashion : designed & made in NYC….BOOTZWALLA by Lori Seliger

City of San Francisco awarded EPA 2010 Green Power Leadership Award

Lady Antebellum say sorry their way

Teens love to have fun at Halloween

How to find your polling place in San Diego County

Elizabeth House food pantry needs volunteers

College students receive sales training

86 Take out: Chicken quesadillas and homemade guac

History Center Opens Friday in New http://www.glassdoor.com/Interview/FDA-Interview-Questions-E40366.htm Bern

Russell Simmons comes to Macy’s at Galleria of South Dekalb

Bikram Yoga at Litcrawl + a closing word from your assistant blogger

When the workplace gossip is about you

Spirits of the Past: Halloween at Missouri Town

Poetry News October 25, 2010

Charter school closes abruptly

U of I researchers examine internet student grief after campus shootings

God’s grace is available to help

Two-party Friday!

In Looking For a Primary Care Physician

Bottomless draft beer Thursdays at Papalinos NY Pizzeria

Treating sensitive skin

Meditation for mind control

The autumn beauty of the Miami Valley

A cartoon history: Popeye the Sailor

Two shot at Glatz Jewerly store during robbery

CAGW Rolling out New Ad on the National Debt

General Motors announces $37 million investment in Lansing Delta Township

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her 30th With FusionBeauty and Fans at Shoppers Drug M

More great beer events flood the Bay!

Popcorn Balls

Better odds for sequel of Wolverine film

Bees are disappearing because of pesticides–or not?

Conan announces first weeks of guests: Ends Live Coco Cam

Unlawful high school graduation diplomas sold for $225 gets court orders

Conservation and history of the American Grizzly bear: Part 2

86 Take out: Mexican rice

City Filmmaker Debuts Movie This Weekend

SideDoor’s Halloween Party and Costume Contest, Corona del Mar

Let’s Go Party With Cosimo Spera’s New Social Network App

oiupo oup

Cardio exercise for those over 50

The beginning of the end for TTXGP; end of the 2010 season, that is

Facebook memories can be printed for posterity at Target

Can your marriage survive raising teenagers Part 3

Community grew into consistent funny

Is grizzly committee committed to reducing bear conflicts with livestock

Get a hands on experience with the Touch Tank Encounter at the ELC

Celiac disease

Let the games begin!

Christina Aguilera will perform at the 38th Annual American Music Awards

Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos To Host 2500th Marathon Anniversary Event In Greece!

David J. Stern management shake-up

‘Brothers and Sisters’ the Walkers jump in, hold on, and let go of love

Best sandwich on the beach

Fall in love

William Shatner recording a new album

Best of the Week: Gary Bahadur, CEO, KRAA Security is Miami’s goldmine

The Miracle of Human Resilience

Alone again

Brunello Cucinelli to make a personal appearance at Mario’s on October 30

Sewing project: Pillowcase Shirt

Warner Bros. releases two concept images from ‘The Green Lantern’

Chilean miners give praise to God for rescue

‘Breads from Anna’ Q&A: The company, the purpose and the gluten-free mixes

Founder of Penthouse magazine dead at 79

City contour lines for biking and walking in 2050

Meg Whitman playing both sides of illegal immigration issue (w/video)

BOOK REVIEW: “Royal Harlot” by Susan Holloway Scott

George Lopez & Dog the Bounty Hunter on Conan’s Cam: Funny Raid (Video)

Swing with the Big Bands in England this weekend

Terrorists, insurgents killed, captured in Afghanistan

‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron apologizes for GQ photoshoot, sort of

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert continues ‘tongue-diving’ trend in Sydney

Should you eat rice bran oil, grain or bran to lower your ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol?

The ‘everything-in-moderation’ Pumpkin Cake

The Gabose authentic Korean and Japanese Food

Tim Gunn on ‘Gossip Girl’ – preview clip released

Dallas/Ft Worth trip: Billy Bob’s largest honky tonk, stockyards, old west fun

Halloween bullies: All tricks, no treats

Mini Review – Def Jam Rapstar

What is eco-chic fashion?

Glee co-star slams critics of sexy GQ photos: ‘Not a big deal’

Another Beyonce pregnancy rumor put to rest – by Mom

Meet Blues player David Backes and adopt a dog

Yumbii Food Truck

Cornfield mazes, an authentic Fall tradition

Ballot Measure 75 – Authorizing non-tribal casino at Multnomah Greyhound Track

French protests drive out Lady Gaga

UMUC to offer 3 new online cybersecurity graduate certificate programs

Rick Remender talks Uncanny X-Force, favorite artists (Part 1 of 3)

Chiefs have a good chance the next 3 weeks to solidify hold on top spot

Keith Richards calls his ‘Life’ memoir ‘the most difficult thing I’ve ever done’

Operation Narnia: fans to transform shoe boxes into gifts of hope

Reading Eggs: Where Children Learn to Read!

Types of Brokerage Accounts: Margin Accounts

Arizona high school football–week 9 preview

Free samples: Bass Pro Halloween, address labels, photo book, Taco Bell, recipes

Southwest Airlines to add Charleston and Spartanburg service

Earthquake hits Gulf of California

Prayer, praise, proclamation and worship rally at the Florida state capitol

Rick Remender talks Uncanny X-Force, favorite artists (Part 2 of 3)

Toyota recalls over 10 million cars

Utah football: Utes move to PAC-12 South now official

Get free taco coupons at Taco Cabana through Tac-O-Treat program

Conan Live Cam ‘The Dancing Taco’ has the Mexican fiesta moves (Video)

Tucson Halloween happenings – Buckelew Farms

The truth about break up advice…and why you should keep reading it

Rick Remender talks Uncanny X-Force, favorite artists (Part 3 of 3)

Events at the beaches and boards of South Jersey

‘Cougar Town’ star calls Jennifer Aniston rumors ‘hurtful’

National Crime Prevention Month reminds seniors to reassess safety

‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ is worth a re-read

Newscast observations and Comcast begins carrying WFGX-TV programming

Property Virgins are not always calm

New Orleans Saints injury report for Thursday 10/21/10 – starters sidelined

Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Dejuan Miller out for season

A review of Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

The best deals in San Diego

Ford announces management changes as some retire, some receive promotions

Mediate. Don’t let your troubles be Tweeted and downloaded.

SB 1070 is “sloppy law”: Arizona Governor Candidate Forum at ASU

Coming soon – Lone Star Cowboy Church’s annual West Fest 10/29/2010

The difference between Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs

T-Mobile tiered data plans leak out

Avenged Sevenfold rocks mainstage at Uproar Fest

Get into hot water and get fit

Blessings Removed

DM Advice: Internet Tools

Defending the Constitution, unless you’re gutting it

Silent film celebrated in Shasta County

Ethiopian-Jewish “Beta Dance Troupe” performs in Los Angeles

Still grieving Michael Katsidis ready for Juan Manuel Marquez on November 27th

Top Gear USA to debut November 21st (New Trailers)

Whalers bring in Belleville during $5 Fridays

Not Here, Not Now

The Market Place – Art & Antique Mall

Revolution Cycles of Columbus Review

Because he breathed upon that life!

ABC 30 brings music to local TV around the clock

Mid-autumn in west Michigan

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Taylor Kinney talks about playing Mason Lockwood

Let’s take the “C” out of BCS for good

Tropical Storm Richard forms (video): Expected to be a major hurricane

Too old for acne

New BioShock Infinite screenshots

A Pit Bull named Phoenix

Puppets reveal ‘Conan’ guest list: Conan O’Brien will be there too (Video)

The sociology of Meet Ups in Columbus, Ohio

“Detroit-187″ struggles to build audience in changing market

Fatal Teen Car Crashes On The Decline

Can you name every Nintendo game ever made?

Does your dog always have loose stool?

LinkedIn changes detrimental to job seekers

Beyond the Bricks Project :: A New Era of Education

Don’t search jobs Sunday — Join McCrabby for free, family Halloween fun

Well known Fox News contributor, Juan Williams, fired by NPR for statement

No sew rag doll toy

Suko, the chimp, to be housed at Kansas City Zoo

How to make simple bracelets using stretchy string

Movie Screening For The Whole Family; “Monster House” – Oct. 22nd

Stem cell research lab in Michigan begins construction

The Happiest Hour: This week’s Fort Worth events on budget

New York Film Academy – the TOPGUN of film schools.

Penn faces Yale Saturday in an Ivy League college football clash

Hammjerack to Defend Southern Championship Friday Night

FUNimation launching new anime line and packaging

Caption this photo

Top 9 recalled – Is your Toyota there?

Olympic Park tragedy underscores guns in parks issue

Pumpkin carving in Eugene roars with the trusty chainsaw

Dating an older man: What’s in it for you?

How to keep your Corgi’s coat healthy and fluffy

Slaughterhouse, Tucson Haunted House

Selena Gomez receives Justin Bieber ‘prank calls’ (video)

Kim Kardashian famous buttocks product of butt implants?

Gear Review: Thule Crossover 40 L duffel pack

Pretty or effective?

Bishop Ward Baseball Coach Dennis Hurla Awarded Coach of the Year

How to use life stories for holistic family health

Juan Williams fired from NPR: Says he was fired ‘for telling the truth’ -details

Physics saves a mans life

Finance companies are the vehicle making Energy Efficient Retro-fits happen

Review: British Steel shook the walls at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot (4 stars)

Fabulous Halloween costumes on a budget

Top 5 Reasons to Gain Skills from Alcohol Awareness Class

Brooklyn does CMJ: Thursday

Big Food slammed for ignoring obesity threat

“We are the revolution!”

How to Tell If Someone Is Lying, Part III: Establishing a Baseline

The Culture Brush

South Bay Halloween haunts

Getaway for cocktails at The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain

Experience the stars through Operation Constellation at the ELC on Nov. 13, 2010

Do Elway’s appearances on radio show reveal personal finance troubles?

Personal Hygiene – Oh Yeah, It’s Bad

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater will be held in Paulding’s Dallas

Misconceptions about CMS’s proposed plans

GQ Glee photos: bordering on pedophilia? (video, photos)

Navy Faces Notre Dame at New Meadowlands Stadium

Japanese Fall Festival: Breathtaking views, serenty & culture in Fort Worth

Brooklyn’s finest

KDOT gathers input on transportation spending

Rules for being a ‘heroic’ leader

Barney’s Co-Op: Brooklyn’s new fashion obsession

Celiac disease part 2

Market wrap-up for Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Delegate and Destress

Lisa Marie Presley talks Michael Jackson to Oprah Winfrey

Benson the best choice for secretary of state

Democratic Party campaign events in Los Angeles this weekend

Wine and food tasting at Akron Art Museum

Halloween haunts in Palm Springs

Juan Williams fired from NPR: Hired full time at FOX News – details

UIL vs. TASO: how real is the threat to playoff games?

First women of the stock exchange: Part 1

Should the candidates for lieutenant governor debate?

The Cove and the perfect fish taco

Upcoming weekend runs

Socialism is not Communism

Bonus: the 5 essential shoes for men

2010 SEMA preview: the DropTop Customs 2011 Chevrolet Camaro T-Top

Jazzercise offers fitness and career opportunities

Simple ways to cut back on saturated fat

Communication of intent due to the emotional need

Listening to our children

NOAA Winter outlook for Texas

New allegations of corruption surround Galveston’s county judge

Ex-Ducks, Pronger & O’Donnell can lead Flyers tonight

Radio appearance tomorrow discussing ASU football

Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta

The Top 5 Worst Woody Allen Films

The Walking Dead pilot episode leaked

Coby Snapp CAM3001 Digital Camcorder: “Shoot it, Share it, Snapp it”

Happy Tales Humane; creating a ‘happy tale’ one canine or feline at a time

Boo! at Banana’s Fun Park on Sunday, Oct. 31st

Blood Monkey: You know urine trouble when…

Friends and Family sale at Sephora.com: 20% less to fake a goodnight’s sleep!

“The Ruby Notebook” holds the key to many secrets

Tara Catalano takes ‘artistic enlightenment’ to a whole new level

Crime alert: Altadena Sheriff’s Station Lt. Dempsey warns of spate of burglaries

Fall time change: daylight saving time ends November 3, 2013

Fusion of the Senses: Art | Drinks | Fun

Public safety budget cuts lead to increase in neighborhood watch programs to combat crime

Baylor hopes to end UConn women’s basketball winning streak

NASA finds important findings after moon mission

Controlling bed time – part two

Kaufman’s rich metaphor blossoms in Theatre Three’s 33 Variations

Work Your Strengths: A book review by Bob Morris

Sea vegetables, rich in phytochemicals, have many health benefits

‘Dancing with the Stars’: is Bristol Palin staying thanks to the Tea Party?

Baltimore chosen for new national pit bull project

Don’t date your phone

Recipe: Cornbread casserole

Hiking for soldiers

Weleda natural beauty tour stopping in San Francisco

Utah Jazz: Cut day sees team slash four players including Sundiata Gaines

Lord of the Rings Online Initial Impressions – A Pre-Review

Pippi Lives! Book Review of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson

Do something beautiful: Join the 13th Annual L.A. Cancer Challenge in fighting pancreatic cancer.

Parenting Challenges: When Children Lie

CBS announces L.A. casting call for Paula Abdul’s ‘Live To Dance’

UFC in movie theaters

New Black Eyed Peas Track Released by will.i.am

Halloween’s Lucky 13 Hints for Keeping Safe

List contact info for emergencies on your cell phone as ICE

Halloween Music Guide: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Featured adoptable dog: Gus is back at Pet Helpers in Charleston, S.C.

Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky defends former Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg

The new fashion craze-Rebecca Bon Bon

Political News: 2010 radio interview-AZ Attorney General candidates

Jailbreaking the iPad

‘Glee’ Boycott? Parents are miffed at GQ Glee photos & considering options

Slideshow: GQ ‘Glee’ photos cause controversy, Diana Agron apologizes (photos)

Trio of actors are frontrunners for the lead in Total Recall remake

Yoga for busy moms

Rock ‘n’ Roll LA 1/2 Marathon finishing at L.A. LIVE-FREE CONCERT

Don’t be fooled by Gerry Connolly, vote him out

Jessica Pearce, 33, falls in love with NJ teen on ‘World of Warcraft’; arrested

Grand Prairie linear parks good for hiking and biking


David Adickes Showcases his works at the elite Sculptures By Design

Three Phases of Production

Race tracks, perfect place for new sports car

Post run energy snack: Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

INTERVIEW: Procol Harum’s Gary Brooker on the band and its latest remasters

DKNY Fragrances and SHFT open New York pop-up allery of sustainable artwork

CC volleyball: the best Springs team you don’t know about

Don’t wait to see the heartbreaking new documentary ‘Waiting for Superman’

Volunteering at the Marian House Soup Kitchen

Sabres to host Hockey Fights Cancer Night this Friday

Governor Schwarzenegger wants to hear your questions now on twitter, live reply

Raising happy children in an angry world

Columbus’ Ohio Village has old-fashioned Halloween fun for the whole family

Colin Farrell, Tom Hardy, and Michael Fassbender for lead role in ‘Total Recall’

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” Movie Review

Impression: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction on DS

Juan Williams scores $2 million FOX News deal after Muslim comments

Kim Kardashian silences birthday rumors

Michael Symon’s Food Feuds pits local restaurants against each other

Lakers waive Trey Johnson and Andrew Naymick

The Pro’s Like to Pose

Angelo Moore Interview, Fishbone doc tonight at San Fran Doc Fest, CMJ on Friday

U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness presents five year plan

Serving up style

Pregame notes: Bruins vs. Caps | Oct. 21, 2010

Roth IRA or traditional IRA?

Dubinsky appointed director of Wayne Law LL.M. program

Star Gazing Party with Tween/Teen Astronomer

Gear review: The TrekSta Evolution GTX

Guild Wars 2 awaiting launch to determine what else players want

Nintendo celebrates Mario’s 25th in style

New EP from TweakerRay

Oregon Ducks vs. UCLA Bruins prediction

Tiny Gallon might get chance to play for Celtics development team

Parents must be part of the education equation

Go north to go green: Renewable energy seminar in Kittson County next week

Kim Kardashian out with two big names this week, which one will she pick?

Richard Greene Linear Park features trees, wildlife, and art

Matt Damon faces death in new film

New Jersey’s economy features rising unemployment and higher property taxes

Cloud computing

The cost to a city run a high presidential representative comes stumping for the

The Rocket City Short Film Festival

Presley blames Michael Jackson divorce on drugs, parallel with Elvis

Motorcyling-a healthy addiction!

Bodybuilding diet

Should you be friends with an ex?

Birth control pills may affect muscle development

Watch NPR host wish AIDS on grandchildren of Sen. Jessie Helms (she was not fired)

Local bride appears on “Four Weddings” tv show this Friday.

Foundation to create 59-chapter digital biology textbook available for free

Austin Film Festival schedule: October 23

Weekend craft events in Tucson October 22-24, 2010

The primary reason Mark Dayton will be our next governor

Really? This is how you act?

Roasted garlic

Sustainability class projects and lesson plans

Gwyneth Paltrow brings ‘Country Strong’ back to Nashville

3 Don’ts for visiting the library

Verizon 4G LTE gets compared to Sprint WiMax

Winchester Orchestra of San Jose Concerts October 23and 24.

Hand-signs for deaf dogs

Koji rolls out sushi and noodles in downtown Northville

Nintendo reveals multiple new products launching Nov. 7

Meet one of the toughest women in Detroit: Kym Worthy

Falling off the wagon

New York courts to now hold lawyers accountable for clients on foreclosures

Hit the Road Jack: A tribute to Ray Charles

Waterford attorney shot dead in Novi apartment

Don’t call Jim Graham a politician – Interview part 1

Halloween events this week at the Mesa County Library

Miami Dolphins linebacker Cameron Wake is the Unsung Hero for Week 6

The word “depression” is enough to make you feel depressed

Alternate Lifestyles-The Commune

Ghost hunters on hand at John James Audubon

Sega to release major Dreamcast titles to PSN and Xbox-Live

Assessing the Pac 12′s decisions

Beers for Breasts at Monk’s Cafe on October 25

What to pack (and not to pack) for the hospital 101: Tips from a Comfort Keeper

Sex offender notification in the Twin Cities

How to read a wine label: vintage

Senate Republicans Outline Plan To Support Colorado Families

Voting along party lines – not always appropriate


10 facts about modern slavery

Toyota recalling another 1.53 million vehicles around the world

Katy Perry and Russell Brand to marry in India this weekend

Austin Film Festival schedule: October 23 (page 2)

Merced bank robbed

Poor children and antipsychotic drugs

Glee GQ photos: Dianna Agron apologizes, Mark Salling defends

Ames fires sizzling 66 in first round of Timberlake tourney

Drew Doughty out for at least a week

Bullying is a ‘human race issue’

NOAA winter outlook: More extremes thanks to La Nina

Glee photo shoot on GQ creates controversy – Photos

Breaking the metabolic code through exercise

Austin Film Festival schedule: October 23 (page 3)

Classic movies at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library

Exclusive: Behind the scenes of NYC’s Blood Manor haunted house

A new strain of H1N1 emerging?

Matchmaker ruffles feathers on the radio

The Reminiscence of Haruhi Suzumiya set for 2011

Olive Oil and Wine tasting with Iron Chef

Walgreens DIY manicure for under 25 dollars

Boston Halloween Hot Spots

Local Reformers To Gather At ‘Waiting For Superman’ Premier At The Little

Election officials respond to intimidation of Tea Party voters

Only in Florida: One-man crime wave linked to stolen golf cart (video)

Classic Garage – Lisbon by The Walkmen – Album Review

Top secret: How a cook makes bread

Stunning Seahorse Villa in rocky Cape Town

Tom Green’s World Stand-up Comedy Tour comes to Comix

Suttle Recall effort begins its 30 day countdown.

Christine O’Donnell does not agree

Go nuts for National Nut Day

Vincent Jackson to report to Chargers on Oct. 29

Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe joins the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program

Budget-friendly fall activities for couples

Cigar review – E.P. Carrillo Core Line

Scary reasons to vote in Election 2010: A prayer for our leaders

Free Halloween show at Pinnacle Peak

Special events at Build-A-Bear Workshop in Gurnee Mills Mall

Chef Mavro: quite possibly our best dining experience ever

Canadian Olympic Great honoured by Canada’s Walk of Fame

Pacquiao back in Manila

When diagnosed: seek others with same symptoms.

CMA Folk Showcase @ Pucketts Nov 4th

Mafia II review

Roy Barnes latest campaign ad draws fire

Free quilt patterns inspire last minute Halloween gifts

Martial arts events in Atlanta on halloween weekend

Week 9 brings plenty of “win or go home” playoff scenarios

Checking in with Stanford coach Greg Roman

Prayer reduces unfaithfulness

Frost Advisory issued for the Chicago area

Brief interview with UFC’s Martin Kampmann

Pasta with Pecorino cheese and pepper

Fathom Events presents ‘Prairie Home Companion’ Live in a theater near you

St. Petersburg businesses can get higher sales with persona creativity (Part 2)

National Korean War Museum in Springfield enlightens visitors of the Forgotten War

How to be a Movie Star (at least on your wedding day)

Poe pourri, ‘Woman in Black’ at Fullerton’s Stages

Pit Bull Awareness Day

VH1 Picks Up Queen Latifah’s Scripted Soap Opera

Janet Jackson and For Colored Girls cast set for The View, GMA, more

Leviathan Chronicles Chapter 20: The Starstone

Haunted Attractions for the spook of your life

Stopping Drug Use is the Only Way to Prevent Illegal Immigration

Review: Don’t Blame the Devil, by Pat G’Orge-Walker

State wide pertussis epidemic: Whooping cough claims 10th life in California

SEC football TV schedule – Week 8 (Oct. 23)

NHL on TV: October 22nd thru 28th

Trick or Treat in Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Killeen, and Fort Hood

Baltimore photographer reflects upon 65 years of lens-capturing beauty

World Cup Champion coach Tony DiCicco rips U.S. soccer development

CSUN men’s soccer

Arizona neighbors are sometimes too close pradaxa lawsuit for comfort

Great food and wine, with a conscience

Review: Dead Rising 2′s story

Frost warning in the Philadelphia Region: Gardening chores to do now!

St. Petersburg Times & Bay News 9 skew Hillsborough tax poll

What r u doing New Years Eve? Bill Maher may be the answer

Scary Stories and Red Wine

PayPal is hiring for East Valley location

Safety Matters: Tips for Halloween

A tale of two campaigns

UAW campaigns to keep unemployment benefits

Diddy to host at Pure this weekend

UBCP Member Joy Coghill Recepiant – Gemini Humanitarian Award 2010

Reports emerge of intimidating Tea Party poll watchers in Texas

Sounders news: Expansion draft rules, Zakuani’s shoes, back-up goalkeeper

Autumn Hauntings 2010 wrap-up, part two

Candidate profile – Bob Terry, Washington County Commissioner, District 4

Arlington neighborhood park: Gateway Park

Complex scheme saves Google a billion a year in corporate taxes

Cal would not have approved Pac-12 alignment without guarantee to play UCLA, USC

Woe is me

CBS goes five for five and orders full seasons for all new fall shows

Train to win with Primordial Strength Systems

Colorado Council of Churches more than Easter at Red Rocks

Playground bullying decreases while cyber-bullying increases

Baltimore author uses literary art form to heighten awareness

Kittens love story time in Las Vegas

FIFA suspends six in bribery probe

Salt Lake County Proposition 1: Museum of Natural History

Joe Bologna and Renee Taylor star in Sort of a Love Story

EP review: Cloudeater’s ‘Greatest Tragedy’ is a tragedy worth repeating

Coach new Madison clutch with leather flower applique

Get your spook on: Halloween races

ACL injury and implications

Top 2010 fall food trends that are fun and funky

Live Results from Bellator 33

Steam’s Weekend Deal: Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition

Lady Gaga and Elton John team up for Disney flick

20th EMA Award Gala says loud and clear that GREEN is beyond COOL; it’s simply RIGHT!

Manchego Cheese Ham Croquetas Recipe

Blood Drive for 9/11 responder

Mel Gibson’s ex, Oksana, could be facing prosecution for extortion, sheriff says

Muddy Soccer Game Turned Into An Exciting 2-1 Victory For The Cougars

40 years for Joliet man who stabbed wife to death while child watched

Protests by Tibetan students over Chinese language in curriculum spreading

First Drive: The 2011 Ford Explorer gets muddy, dirty, and domesticated

UCI Law School Announces One-Third Tuition Scholarship to Class of 2014

Lisa Marie Presley felt ‘disposable’ with Michael Jackson

New Emergen-C coupon released just in time for flu season

CIA has uneasy alliance with Pakistan’s ISI

Woods N Water TV: A Conversation with John Gillespie

Hereafter: Eastwood’s approach undermines its beautiful tale

Addictive Caffeinated Biofuel popcorn might just be too delicious

Practice safety when serving picnic food outdoors

South Beach Weekend Outlook

Sony sold a million Moves!

Mobile Events Sisters of Mercy at Saint Mary Parish Charity

Upcoming ‘Fathom Events’ UFC plus more

Got you? Jump-start your career with branding mojo.

Ferrari F430 crash!

Simple wine

When food is more than food…

A look at Spring Farm CARES TNVR clinic

NFL notifies teams of new illegal hit discipline with letter and video

Free class: Sugar Free Desserts with Chef Susan Teton Campbell

Altitude Chophouse and Brewery serves great food, too

Lil’ Wayne fails to impress on the Billboard 100

‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ and all other new CBS shows get full seasons

The Adobe Wall at Santa Clara University: Not just another hole in the wall

Green Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio (Bio)

Bass playing basics for beginners

Is CAIR behind NPR firing of Juan Williams?

Bill Clinton lends his rockstar power to Senate hopeful Kendrick Meek

Lauren Conrad visits Scottsdale

ZenKitchen Part of Ottawa’s Fine-Dining and Organic Explosion

Lord, make me an instrument of your destruction

Easy homemade applesauce

Nissan LEAF teams with Microsoft

Shawne Merriman in a 49ers uniform? It’s an idea still floating around team headquarters

Viper signs with Dodgers

Putting on the pressure: Antiserum at the Mockbee this Friday 10/22/10

Chicago man sentenced in sex attack on Kane County child

Survey confirms LDS study the Bible

‘The Big Bang Theory’ nabs ‘Dollhouse’ star Eliza Dushku for guest spot

64 Vassals, oops, Mayors bow to The Pork King

The person behind Rummy’s Beach Club

Whom should they trust?

Major Nelson to Appear at Kinect Event in New York

Janet Jackson engaged to new beau, Wissam ?

Connect with Japanese Anime People of Chicago

Sticks and stones may break my bones but edification will surely heal me

NBA Opening Week on TV: October 26th thru October 31st

Couple’s battle over child’s religion

All hail the queens: Breaking it down with Lady Bunny

Bare Naked Bakery to hold GF “Chinese Style” price fixe menu this weekend

Tucson Neighborhood Associations are hard at work for who

Halloween Alternatives

Pssst want a Brazilian Blowout for $150, who doesn’t, check it out

Listeria in San Antonio

Covering the cold in Austin


Halloween Hootenanny Tour blows the roof off Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Use What You Have When Packaging

Atlus expects strong sales for Catherine

Having an intimate affair with chocolates…

Loneliness will cause your cat to behave badly get your cat a friend

Canadian high school students encouraged to learn more about their country

When Twitter and Super Mario collide

Massey brags about safety record at Empire Surface Mine in Kanawha County

Do you believe in second chances?

Curious coincidence or deliberate decision on ‘Supernatural’?

Ghost walk at historic White Hall

Los Angeles gardeners take note: DWP announces new water restrictions

Interview with artist, speaker and healer Brenda MacIntyre – part 3

Colorado Springs Moms – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Energize your water

‘The Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky defends Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Week 8 High School Football Predictions

Seeing The Bigger Picture

GQ’s “Glee Gone Wild” photo shoot draws fire – PHOTOS

Prescriptioon drugs surfacing in our waterways, affecting aquatic creatures

Chris Tavarez: Atlanta Teen Actor Stars in Disney Original Movie Avalon High

Homemade mulled cider will take the chill off tonight

The Foreign Exchange: Dissecting Authenticity

Thousands line up to be the first to see ‘Paranormal Activity 2′

Medford police officer dead in shooting, girlfriend charged with crime

Chris Christie: Potential 2012 Republican Nominee on children and family issues

Upcoming San Diego Tweetups for October/beginning of November

Welcome to the National Homebrewing Examiner page

Graco stroller recall alert: Important poetic news spin on children’s safety!

Snacks: Chocolate coconut bars

How can we defend our airplanes from missiles?

Tonight on Bravo: DC Reunion Part 2 9PM, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 10 PM

The Fourth Kind

Silhouette artist at USS Constitution Museum

Abstract Art in Chelsea

Bar Association ethics opinion released concerning Oldham County Attorney scandal

Riots raging in France cause Lady Gaga to reschedule Paris tour dates (Video)

Cleveland, Ohio: This city rocks

Sycamore Pumpkin Festival kicks off October 27th

E commerce job opening

Rattlesnake Tequila

Conflict Resolution Skills for Aging and Community Workshop October 29 and 30

Lisa Marie Presley: divorce was last stand

Steamy Kitchen’s Korean Beef Bowl

Short Stack Reviews: Power Girl, Walking Dead, Batman & Robin

Biggest Halloween events in Scottsdale (part 2)

‘Jersey Shore’: Snooki and Pauly D both heading to MTV EMAs

Hey, Baltimore: Halloween party this Sunday at Roy’s

First place Bulls set to battle South division rival Wichita Falls

Lalo Rodriguez performing tonight at The Conga Room

Valley special church events for Oct. 29

Thomas Stacy retires from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Self-identity is a must before intimacy

Are you a disadvantaged online dater?


Quincy Miller picks Baylor over Kentucky and Louisville

The life and death of Anne Frank: Conclusion

Banfield the pet hospital open house

Beggars of Life screens again in Los Angeles

Whoopi Goldberg: I could have been fired for The View Bill O’Reilly incident (video)

Star Wars: Red Harvest

Gluten-Free macrobiotic cooking class with Chef Leslie Ashburn – tomorrow

Seasonal Pumpkin Stir-Fry

United Coal announces it is reopening the Affinity underground mine in Raliegh County

The poetry of three arrows: Revisiting Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Ran’

Springboro looking to finish season strong

Halloween punch recipe: Quick and easy, perfect for a scary party

The moon has frustrated geologists for decades

The Six-Word Memoir

Porn Nation

Witches’ Ball and Dumsupper in Haverhill MA on Friday October 29

Rattlesnakes and Sun Chips

Neighbor Ride fund raiser

Opening in Fargo this weekend: October 22nd, 2010

Els wins with new Callaway Diablo Octane driver; PGA prez Remy in denial of business reality

Are you approachable? Part 1

The New York Botanical Garden is a wealth of Feng Shui

Mr. Polar, aka Eric Larsen, ticks the world’s three poles

‘American Idol’: Kris Allen and the naked hotel adventure (video)

Palm Beach County woman sentenced for forced labor and alien smuggling

People are talking. Are you listening?

French lentil salad: worthy of a meal

Trade Winds: Is it time for the Mets to deal David Wright?

Bulls deserve more respect than Amarillo gives

Dont forget about Belle Isle

Halloween apple: Dip in caramels,quick and simple recipe

Change Hearts, Not Laws: The Battle to Overturn Roe v. Wade has Hurt Religion

Celebrity Bio: Who is Leonardo DiCaprio?

MyTalk on Brett Favre’s sexting, Juan Williams’ firing, and Paranormal 2

Get Your Own


Term limits is the answer for Illinois and for the US

Magnificat celebrates Charpentier (again)

Poll: Joe Sestak takes lead in Pennsylvania Senate race

Pumpkin Pinkberry makes its debut

2010 top costumes are Hollywood inspired

Tuxedo trends in Louisville: Your Local Guide for Men’s Suits!

Flirting with danger

Hoda Kotb releases memoir, becomes New York Times bestseller

Author of “Web 2.0 for Nonprofit Organizations” to speak in Marquette

Include all the elements for a balanced approach to fitness

Halloween on the Treasure Coast

Our Daily Vitamin

Library research: Give it a try.

Pitt Rutgers Preview

America’s ten worse foods part 5: The Cheesecake Factory

MonaVie’s (M)mun for daily immune defense

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland: Japanese pop culture cute meets retro whimsy

A woman of few words, but her work says it all

WHO/SWTOR: In Case You Hadn’t Heard

Kanye West calls out Taylor Swift (and others) to ‘Access Hollywood’

Australian Shepherds they never stop amazing us

An intimate moment with Fujanera

SEC Charges Office Depot and Company Executives With Improper Disclosures

There is water on the moon

Camera exposure rates.

Guilty plea in double-shooting during Glen Ellyn home invasion

Georgia State football’s eighth gameday – Old Dominion

Baronial Explosion

Mel Gibson voted off the island, loses role in The Hangover 2.

TV worth watching Thursday October 21

How to have a Victoria Park Fort Lauderdale garden part II

Auburn Hills’ Riverwalk receives Planning Excellence Award 2010

Barks & Bordeaux Saturday at Veritas Wine Room benefits EARS

Fable III “A Call to Action” trailer released

Things you need to get started with P90X

Red band trailer for I Love You Phillip Morris with Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey

The Real Ted L. Nancy’s in your neighborhood

Bishop Eddie Long step down and leave millions in salary and benefits?

Colorado Springs Dog Parks – Great for your Great Pyrenees!

Tips for first time home buyers

October 24: The Fusion Factory Welcomes Her Demise My Rise and Others

Bikers become issue in Florida congressional race

Calif stages earthquake drill just 30 minutes before 6.9 real one hits N. Mexico

Me Time is Necessary Time

Megyn Kelly & CAIR: NPR fired Juan Williams to stifle free speech Video

Libertarian Party launches Operation Elect-Us

Facebook and Twitter Glitches today: A conspiracy?

Wake up with Women: Thursday, October 21, 2010


A cartoon history: Quick Draw McGraw

MWDR to raffle adorable dachshund-themed holiday wreath

Pitt to host basketball scrimmage Friday night

Connect with your customers

Win a copy of Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate

Atlanta Press Club hosting Fulton County Commission Chair debate

Copper Coin, Empty Keg and Boro Bar are on the Edinboro Bar Tour

Ladylike in lace

The Jersey lightning helps your Halloween party celebrate nat’l. applejack month

Photo contest with Friends of the Centennial Trail

Experience Celtic worship services in Richmond

Montreal police request public’s help in investigation of SAQ shooting

Earthwise 100-Mile Harvest Banquet gains momentum

Social media author helps area nonprofit find volunteers and raise awareness

US senate candidate Linda McMahon knows little about autism

The Doctor Is In, and His Name is Who

California Proposition 23

Sydney Allard’s J2X Part 1 of the British Sports Car Series

Pinups and pit bulls in Philly this weekend

Susan Lucci teams up with HSN

John Sims has idea to improve local government

New BioShock: Infinite screens

Celebrity Homes: Where does Leonardo DiCaprio live?

Come Celebrate Natural Food Pantry’s Westboro Location Grand Opening

Rochester Sci-Fi Friday: “Paranormal activity” in “Hereafter” disappoints

Alzheimers :seach for the cause of alzheimer’s disease

Halloween scavenger hunt for you and your dog, October 23

Monster Dash & Bash this weekend

Easy dinner: creamy green chili chicken enchiladas, salsa rice & cilantro slaw

34 Days until Thanksgiving: Soup, glorious soup

A commentary on the ‘Stand Up for WWE’ campaign

2010 Elections: It’s the economy stupid

Yankees’ greatest failure must become rallying cry in ALCS

Visiting Portuguese wine country: What exactly is Port wine?

Love, Faith, Politics, and the heart of Utah’s Angels at Salt Lake Acting Compan

What is Freethought?

Implications of magnetic free decay on the moon

ROVERlution promotes ‘bully breeds,’ protests BSL

Is Christianity flagging in North Carolina?

Lady Julia Grey Improves Upon Closer Acquaintance

Purdue women ready to move on from last year’s rare losing season

Head of the Charles Regatta this weekend

Shop tour: Foose design

Dammenberg ~ Superior Chocolates of Finland

Healthcare is bound to be sick if we do not define good heatlh and preventive medicine

Do not be played for a fool

The Talk gets political on day three of premiere week

Move of the week: Crab walk

Whew, what is that smell?

Banks Are Overlooking Small Companies That Want Credit, Fed Report Says

Dead Sea Scrolls online, farthest, non-genetic inheritance, skywatch

Making joint custody work: Part 5

Magic Johnson wants a share of a NFL team

Episode Review: The Event s01e05 “Casualties of War”

Clint Eastwood – ‘a living legend’

MiniMAX X: LA Adobe User Group community celebrates MAX conference Oct. 27th

Boat trailer tires

Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers selling Dallas area home

Book review: ‘The Kulak’s Daughter’ by Gabriele Goldstone

Baltimore general election ballot questions

Indian wedding and fashions for Katy Perry

Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park: Music, Fun, Camping and Fishing

MichelleMINUTES 158: One FREE Retouch & Airbrushed Portrait

Tropical Storm Richard becomes the 17th named storm of the season

Thursday’s sewing and crafts corner for October 22

Two featured high school football games could help decide Tri Nine conference title

Getting a tummy tuck? Follow a healthy diet and exercise routinely to maintain your renewed figure!

President Obama signs order renewing commitment to Hispanic education

Who’s racist now? Not the Tea Party or Republicans

Over-the-top candidates rake in cash

Wasted Talent, Sprained Ankles, PA’s Lounge on Friday 10/22

Candidate profile – Chuck Riley, State Senate 15th District

Low Cost Vaccine and Microchip Clinic to be held Saturday October 23rd

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 system requirements out

Fashion in Detroit is here

Tips for turning temporary seasonal jobs into permanent positions

Wilford Woodruff’s 1835 reflections

Treasure Coast Events for October 23rd!

Halloween comes to City of Heroes

Apple Event

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; upcoming Christmasy book releases

Texas killer executed tonight

The origins and traditions of Halloween

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin teaches there are strengths in differences

9th Annual Fiestalorico Dance Festival

10 signs that your child is being bullied in school

MichelleMINUTES 158: One FREE Retouch & Airbrushed Portrait

Florida Amendment 4 gives power to the people on land development

Rumor Mill: New Nook coming, in color, with Android OS

Windborne’s music of The Eagles

Adam Lambert, Susan Boyle leading the way in People’s Choice write-ins — so far

Parents sent firefighter’s cell phone video of dead daughter’s crash scene

1st Annual Purses with a Purpose Fundraiser for CCCS

Parents must follow school’s precdures

RBC supports Montreal super-hospital projects with $4-million

A look at medical astrology: Taurus Health

Duck ‘n’ Cover: Fun Eugene bars to watch the UCLA game

Missouri Tigers midseason football report

There’s a disturbance in the Force: Star Wars Ambassador Steve Sansweet announces leaving Lucasfilm

Monkey Island

Steve Burton interview

FDA Warning DIET Drug Withdrawn from Market Risk of Death

Ironbound bakery has your breakfast on a budget

City of Heroes Origins Pack debuts in November

Top college hockey roundup: UNO renews CCHA rivalry with Wolverines

Jeanne D’Arc (PSP)

Katy Perry’s wears nose ring for wedding

What to watch for in the Pac-10

Updated weather forecast for Cincinnati (Oct 22nd)

Buying the Cow in the age of free milk

New Pet Store Ready to be UNLEASHED on Olney

Reading of bills shows Vet Affairs grades of U.S. Reps unfair & misleading

Lisa Marie Presley discusses Michael Jackson: ‘He was like a drug to me’

Sasha Vujacic will be a bust

Buckingham Fountain – Closing soon

Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson to reunite in Arizona?

Trying to keep teens from cell phones is like trying to keep a pig from dirt

Riding an open railway maintenance car in Fredericksburg, Virginia

National Pit Bull Awareness Day – Saturday, October 23, 2010

Southwest expanding to South Carolina; MSP to Charleston becomes affordable

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will attend Women’s Conference 2010

Is it holiday time already?

‘Glee’ photos for ‘GQ’: Dianna Agron apologizes, Mark Salling approves

Carribean Martini Cocktail

ThinkProgress smears Keith Rothfus with inaccurate quote – Rothfus camp responds

Carleton Fiorina boasts of CIA ties in official voter guide

The City of Alpharetta seeks citizen input on economic development

Weekend Weather Forecast For Houston And Vicinity, Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday has morning and evening political events in Palm Beach County

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

Roseville Galleria on fire – Who is in custody?

Sulfites gave me that headache…or did they?

Yoga and evolution

New Holland’s Ichabod

Fresno Finds – Author Event: Linda Watanabe McFerrin’s Signing of Dead Love

Adobe System’s legendary Russell Brown to present in Downtown LA Oct. 26th

Columbus Job of the Day: Financial Analyst

DC Universe Online character reveal: Circe

Episode Review: Hawaii Five-0 s01e05 “Nalowale”

Domestic violence in teen relationships

Midterms 2010: The latest analysis of the GOP chances of taking back the House

Oktoberfest: German sweet-sour green beans

HP finally shows off Slate tablet

Free Children’s Storytelling Festival at Mable House Saturday

‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Damon is bad, and good, and really bad

Target makes fun of moms who make their kids’ Halloween costumes

First Friday at Club Firestone crammed VIP scene

Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo faces additional charges

Spencer Pratt attacks Lauren Conrad again via tweets

That same old haunting question

Rape – Real Life Stories, Part 3

Motor City Denim unveiled at Fashion in Detroit

HIM meeting for business people features Dr. Robert Schuller, November 4, 11:30 a.m.

How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get A Life (and a Dog) by Art Corrieau

The Healing Waters Pub is located inside the haunted Riverside Inn

The Healing Waters Pub is located inside the haunted Riverside Inn

Single Parent – Let Go

Holistic wellness from the Far East – boost your energy

Wings Over Houston Airshow

Shopping for the perfect red lip

Look of the day- Oversized blazers

Misbehavin’ in Stillwater

When the barn needs painting

Springfield’s safe family Halloween activities

The official Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers Week 7 preview

Greenville Drive continue strong catching tradition in 2010

Miracle Limbs’ catch-and-release tournament invites anglers to fish for a cause

‘Glee’: new video features Matthew Morrison, Jayma Mays, and the ‘Time Warp’

Boehner to be with Fincher in Jackson

Midterm Elections 2010: Analyzing NJ’s 4th District

Parking Lot Puppies

Bull Shot

Mysterious lights over El Paso Texas

Social Networking…………your guide to your next gig

Preparing for Holidays

Top gifts for Toddlers for Christmas and Birthdays

How to end modern slavery by 2035

Macy’s in Tampa Bay hiring seasonal workers for temporary jobs, apply now

Imagyro, start transmission…

Athens Music Weekend Roundup

The Power and Fury Festival Presents: Metal ‘Cuse

HBO 24-7 ‘Pacquiao v Margarito’ preview shows angry Margarito, relaxed Manny 2

Venue reviews: Orpheum Theater

A Silent Film-The City That Sleeps (album)

Allergies and intimacy

Jackass 3-D: A Deserving Box-Office Champ or The Decline of Civillization

Purdue’s Robbie Hummel out for the season

100% of Florida voters can vote for a Libertarian this general election

Messages To Micah: How Do I Process Everything I’m Feeling?

HBO 24-7 ‘Pacquiao v Margarito’ preview shows angry Margarito, relaxed Manny

Nasty Propaganda Radio: Tax-funded, Soros-supported, totalitarian-oriente

VA tops $1B mark in Recovery Act distributions, Upgrades include Energy Projects

Info 101: at the movies 34: heights; riverview; first runs; Army of Darkness

It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

Serene rest in God

Catch the leaves before they blow away

Doors news October 21, 2010

Nasty Propaganda Radio

LEGO Bricktober 500 event at Toysrus

Lisa Marie Presley’s only interview about marriage to Michael Jackson with Oprah

Bill Ingram appears with Chris Danou on WPR forum

Justin Bieber — potential ‘X Factor’ judge?

Increasing business by knowing where to have a strong presence online

Pumpkin make overs in Alpharetta

Chicago Wolves fall to Heat, 3-0

This is Our Youth: Interview with 15 year old photographer Tess Mayer

Part 1: Make time for this modern retelling of ‘Sleeping Beauty’

‘Last Train Home’ review: Chinese migrant workers and the long journey home

Errnie Young to manage West Michigan

Boston Pizzeria supports Dine Out for Mom fundraiser

Tibetan Culture At Crossroads: A Report

Location, Location, Location

Losing weight and keeping it off

DawgHugger’s Friday find a friend: Adopt a dog at the Humane Society

Brandon Inge signs for two more years

Episode Review: Castle s03e05 “Anatomy of a Murder”

The Early Signs of Autism

Should we be worried about a strong Iran/Venezuela alliance?

Sunday’s Bucs Game Against Rams Blacked Out; WTSP To Air Dolphins/Steelers At 1

BJ Pak. David Casas and Valerie Clark – Best Choices for State House Districts 102, 103 & 104

The worst horror sequels of all time

Two backpackers overdue in Sequoia National Park

First Sundays: Free family crafts on the first Sunday of each month

Traveling to St. Cloud, Gophers looking to get back on track

Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2010

Kara Goucher post-partum already running 50 miles a week

How would employees prioritize programs

Attracting Wealth and Abundance into Your Life

Sonata Hybrid among finalists for 2011 Green Car of the Year

What is Chef Annmarie Langton’s sign?

Interested in ghosts? Travel to a haunted hospital for Halloween

Who has the best burger in Lexington?

FancySexyMe is luxury with attitude

Upcoming Imagicopter events…

The Bloody Bull

The Honorable Judge Paul Stewart Hickman passes away in Reno

Did you know part 5: Random facts about wine

Designer handbag Showcase

Find a friend at the SJACS annual Adopt-A-Thon, Saturday, October 23

Owner of Hidden Meadow Equine Rescue pleads guilty to animal cruelty

How to rehome your dog

Major networks blocking Google TV from accessing on-site videos

Ultimate eye care

50 Cent tells E! all about Chelsea Handler dating rumors (video)

Top ten reasons you won’t get hired

La Herencia De Cuba

Tim Ryan is still lying about Obamacare

Part 1: Classic monsters, Hugh Jackman, and a Gypsy princess in high heels

The Proposal movie review – good for most any situation

Fire destroys home, leaves one dead

Get your car ready for winter: 10 easy steps that anyone can do

Chinese medicine and stress relief

Ga. launches Civil War site

FFA Adds Palm Beach Makos for 2011 Season; Nassau County, St. Pete Out

Fall Home Improvement Show recap; slide show included

Appaloosa horse sale October 27 2010 -Fort Worth

Are you afraid of Muslims? (poll, photos)

Fall activities for stay-at-home moms

The living dead to walk the streets of Portland, OR this weekend.

Court date set for arguements in Prop 8 case

Costume fun

The wrestling background of UFC 121 heavyweight challenger Cain Velasquez

Texas executes convicted killer of elderly couple Larry Wooten

October 22nd: Let the Symphony begin

‘Slow’ vintage clothing store on Melorse, everything you need and more

7/Eleven in Tampa Bay hiring, apply now

Ever wonder what an allergist does?

Craig Mendez, freelance photographer, captures the blues.

Review: Splatterhouse (mobile phone)

Juan Williams, Islam, NPR and the PC Movement

Geeks vs. Nerds

Rochester Hills staffing firm acquires British market research company

“Glees” Cast Blows Sainthood over GQ.

Attorney General Holder is Wrong to Oppose California’s Marijuana Initiative

The Office episode review: ‘The Sting’

A craft for the pre-preschool set: Blackboard Pumpkins

Houston’s Beer Can House

Fincher camp acknowledges, downplays FEC contact

Engineering services DGE and pump manufacturer SLW announce strategic alliance

Officers wear pink in Milton

Delta’s Q3 reflects half billion dollar turnaround

2010/2011 Seminole Basketball Preview

Operation Christmas Child: How Topekans can help

What is Atheism?

Restructuring of the Rackets Bureau

Don Chargin: No Mercy Mercito Gesta must prove his mettle against Mexican vet

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: the search for a cure — and money

Project Runway pictures of fashions by Mondo Guerra

Austin Film Festival 2010 profile: “Blue Valentine”

Bobcat Boys’ Cross Country Team Repeats as ECC Medium Champs

Titone to promote book on John Wilkes Booth at Springfield’s Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Long Beach Marathon launches healthy trend

Live Events for the weekend of October 23 and October 24

Grand Prix preview – They’re still here – Part 2: The Men

How to meet someone on a college campus

Pumpkin butter -recipe

Bob Dylan set list – St. Louis, October 21, plus Cambodian show in March?

Governor Brewer talks about the importance of jobs

Fiorina flip-flops on cap and trade, in desperate attempt at GOP votes

Rutgers winter sports news

Local church protests Howl-O- Scream at Busch Gardens in Tampa

Rescue a pit bull, or at least meet one, on National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Columbus Crew 4 – Joe Public 1: game in brief

KCRW’s “Masquerade” party 10.30.10

Bluegrass and Brews at The Nashoba Valley Winery

Pay less for Ray Bans and other Designer sunglasses

Just what is Fibromyalgia?

Greek yogurt…and more

Getting a costume just in time for halloween

Rewards for good report cards in the Evansville area

Weather History: October 22: Tropics, Record Temps, Storms, Snow & Floods

NOBU – small name big flavors

TRON: Evolution and TRON: Evolution – Battle Grids trailers

Weather History: October 22: Tropics, Record Temps, Storms, Snow & Flooding

Horse Rescue network in New England expands facilities

Safety via technology this Halloween

Married but living single: you are one not two.

How the Days of Our Lives actors are like their characters (VIDEO)

Apply for jobs with Sears, Kmart, The Great Indoors, MyGolfer and Orchard Supply

Who hired Juan Williams after his honest remarks?

Spiritual Poetry – Creating a Positive Self-Image

Safety matters

Eat your harvest: cooking kale

North Carolina pork products recalled due to possible salmonella contamination

Papa Roach joins Freakers Ball

Colorado resorts near opening as winter storm prepares to hit the San Juans

Fun fall activities to do with your kids

Going out to dinner without blowing your diet!

Ever Wonder Where Zombies Shop? Why, SEARS Of Course

Right or left, is it right or wrong

Moab Ho-Down for Halloween

Veronica of Malibu – Blemish Drying Lotion for clear and radiant skin

ZhuZhu Pets Featuring the Wild Bunch and Kung Zhu now available

How to make a buyer mad in three seconds on eBay…

DIY Design ideas for a pop-up retail shoe store

How keywords and SEO can help you make money online with your own website

Atlantic City bar and club events for Friday, October 22nd

Sauca drives delicious, innovative global cuisine into, around Washington D.C.

2010 SEMA preview: Chevrolet offers a video of what to expect

NCAA Top 25 Rankings: Week 7

Endurance Supplement – Real Advantage or Just Another Advertisement?

Republican congressional candidate believes that there shouldn’t be interracial marriage

Home of ex-flight attendant broken into.

Year end tax cuts-part 2

Vegetable Recall from San Antonio Plant

Today’s Subject: Kimberlee Shull, single mom and Adventurer

The wrestling background of UFC 121 heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar

Throwback the Ronin Warriors

Arsonist Starts Fire in GameStop at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, California.

Kahne, RPM split was inevitable

Parenting 101: What has the most germs in your purse?

NY’s OLTL Wednesday recap

For the wool lover in you!

‘Aqua Buddha’ politics: Rand Paul calls ‘scurrilous’ attacks issue dodgers

Giving a hoot: Movie Review of ‘Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’

Kids, allergies and asthma

Chicago Philharmonic Presents Mozart and Schubert Masterworks

Large portions and a large patio, Bossa Nova delivers a pet friendly Brazilian experience.

Election year political ads do they really help the candidates

Nate the Great; book review 15 of 365 children’s books in 365 days

Public schools or education? Choose one.

Holland and others pledge not to cut more funding from public schools

WSU Football | Coach Wulff calls Thursday a great day for Washington State

new archery range now open at flat creek public fishing area

Get intimate! – Initiate a ‘do over’

Adopt-A-Thon this weekend, check out other Kansas Humane Society services

World champions headline this week’s NHK Trophy – Men and pairs

It is time for cool season annuals even in the mild climates of Los Angeles.

The “Colored” Consumers Calamity: A response to CNN

Nashville AlAnon hosts Fall Supportive Event & fellowship

Blizzcon 2010 can be enjoyed from home

The Event to Plan

Report: Immolation and Vader conquer Austin

Confirmed: Mel Gibson will not be in ‘The Hangover 2′

Play-by-post RPing: Character profiles – strengths and weaknesses

Actor Profile Series – RICHARD PHILLIS

Nat’l. pretzel month: salty-sweet peanut butter cup & ice cream dessert

No justice for starved horses at Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue in West Virginia

Bellator 33 Alvarez vs Huerta results and thoughts

Cool season annuals replace warm season annuals this time of year

1st Annual “Walk a Mile in My Heelz” Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Sue Devitt Fall 2010 Golden Triangle Collection: Tranquil, exotic and earthy

Pageantry and modeling – part three

Engineers to show off musical talent and sound software

Style trumps function in new bike helmet

Parsley, celery, green onions, and thyme

Centene looking for Vendor Contract Analyst in St. Louis

Top 6 iPod Touch apps for your k-8 learner

Baking Basics: Baking Secrets

‘The Mermaid’s Pendant’ a modern fairy tale filled with magic, romance and adventure

Learn to make your own localvore food: seafood classes at Phillips (Harborplace)

Deciding to enter a beauty pageant

‘The Hobbit’ casts its Bilbo Baggins

Seeing Eye to Eye

Athletic Training, Cormax Fitness Center

‘The Apprentice’ recap: your chariot awaits!

Allen Americans remain undefeated, down Mudbugs 6-4

Buffalo Wild Wings Supports The Animals

How to struggle with a Breast cancer diagnosis.

Christie expanding truth on extra cost for ARC Tunnel?

Capital gains tax relief for timely investments in new start-up companies

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Trailer Unveiled

Apple, Google, Motorola, China and Germany head tech news list

Live music: HateSphere, Warbringer and Nevermore in Toronto

Week 9 Central Illinois high school football preview

Choosing a pageant

World champions headline this week’s NHK Trophy – Ladies and dance

Behind the Scenes: Brooklyn Museum of Art

Halloween in Atlanta: Chattahoochee Nature Center, Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium

Apply for jobs with JoAnn Fabrics, extensive benefits package (apply now online)

Juan Williams Fired by NPR for Bigoted Remarks

Create a new fitness vision

Halloween costumes in the workplace

Emilio Renteria leads the Columbus Crew into the Champions League quarterfinals

Deadliest Warrior: The Game Review

SXSOCIAL: SXSW’s social media portal

Bell X1, James Vincent McMorrow at Jammin Java, 10-17-10

Running with dogs

McGill boys best St. Paul’s, UMS-Wright’s girls squeak by McGill-Toolen in county CC meet

Books and events to share with your children

Get simple before you get old

The great Bob Dylan ‘Mono’ box inner sleeve controversy

Bryant and Stratton Unveils New Scholarship

Does growing up with many sisters make a man less sexy?

Making my brown eyes gorgeous with New Jane Iredale Eye Steppes

Tennessee’s link to Mark Twain

‘Night of Too Many Stars’ was all for Autism: Red Carpet Slide show (Photos)

SAG lifts no-work order for ‘The Hobbit: Part 1′ and ‘The Hobbit: Part 2′

Peter Jackson announces the cast of ‘The Hobbit’

Intel Capital invests in OpenFeint

Holidays are right around the corner

When is food more than food

Take Five: An Interview with Carlsbad’s Ibleedblood

Becoming an . . . American Assassin

Chilly weather predicted for Friday

Free Theater Weekend in Seattle

Beer caps and marriage

Walter Mondale’s book signing at the University of Minnesota

Approximately $360,000 in Theft of Public Benefits

Mom brings 2-year-old daughter with her on alleged burglary

Interview 5.5.5.: Tom Piccirilli on the future

Missouri mat great Ben Askren wins Bellator welterweight title

UC Riverside Women’s Cross Country: Brit’s Blog: Thoughts From The Northridge Invitational

Scooter Safety Tips

You are comfortable with your new boyfriend or girlfriend, now it is time to meet the children

Top Chef contestant Zac Young in Maine for Harvest on the Harbor

Predictions and Projections for MWC Week 8

Lisa Marie Presley Talks to Oprah About Michael Jackson

UC Riverside Women’s Cross Country: Brit’s Blog: Thoughts From The Northridge Invitational

Forum on Columbus ballot Issues 4 and 12 held at First UU Church

Nelson Mandela’s:Conversations with Myself 2010

Tips on how Oakland, CA students can do research for assignments

Poor little no-name dachshund girl for adoption at Harbor Animal Shelter

UC Riverside Women’s Cross Country: Brit’s Blog: Thoughts From The Northridge Invitational

Man who stabbed and strangled young female neighbor gets 35 years

Funny Tina Fey Calendar: Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert (Video)

Entrelac: New book explains the mystery of entrelac knitting

New study shows most California community college students don’t complete program

Four New Metal Albums You Might Not Know About

Book sale and debate on sexual literature

Run He’s a Mamas’ Boy!

Montgomery Gentry Build Playground for Lexington School

Massive federal drug, weapons bust nets 61 gang members

Bring a bra to support breast cancer at ShopSwagg Fashion Night Out

Clean your styling tools

Help yourself and help kids-Making it in the movies, The reel deal

William Wilson talks wardrobes, relationships and “Cinderella moments”

Philly EMS partnership announced

Massive tax hike proposed for lame duck Congress’s Consideration

Discussing homosexuality, local pastors show lack of Bible knowledge

First-hand account of In Vitro Fertilization

Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association supports Mayor Carlos Alvarez

Steve Carell, Chris Rock Special Auction Items raise money for autism (Video)

WON Bass the Delta final battle of Folkestad & Bailey: Old school vs young gun

Sony Playstation Move in high demand

Ways to avoid getting too deep in a relationship

If all politics are local – why are Lexington politics not political?

Paulding Humane Society holds Rabies Clinic


Red-light running bicyclist ticketed.

Sarah Palin: ‘Time for National Public Radio to become National Private Radio’

Will Groupon, Living Social – faves in Balt.- go out of business soon? Possibly!

Free knitting pattern: Abbey Child’s Dress

Too Cool for School

Shrimp with carrots and potato over rice recipe here for you

The Worst 10 ‘when nature attacks’ horror films: #8 and #7

Celtics star Shaq comes through, acts as statue

Chowhound Cooks wine and food pairing class with Aptos Creek Vineyard

Learn Ghost Hunting Techniques via an online college course

Halloween 101: Scaring the yell out of you!

Ricky Gervais goat story on Comedy Central Night of Too Many Stars (Video)

Fragrances for fall and winter

Houses Demolished by Staged Hurricane

Restaurant News: Chef Charlie Parker leaving Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Cellar Door

Bacon Girls’ Cross Country Keeps Improving, Takes Second at ECC Meet

Clubbing like the stars in VIP Club Bliss

Praying dog

Combat boots and Cardigans.

Phillies and Yankees both win Game Five

One debate down, more to come?

Imagicopter attends GMX Nashville

For first-time homebuyers: Nine tech-savvy house hunting tips

Ruben Valencia’s Pair of Scores Gives UC Riverside Men’s Soccer 3-2 Win Over Titans

The Constellations shine @ Key Club tomorrow night

‘Computer’ is looking for people with influential ideas

Children and needle anxiety, the key solution

Reasons to avoid a Facebook-addicted chick

Apocalyptica bringing orchestral metal; strings attached for venue ticket buyers

Slideshow: Antinette Keller case: Investigation intensified for missing student

The new life of the party

Dallas bucket list #73: Cheer at a Texas Rangers game

Nudity: A natural choice

San Diego supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Free knitting pattern: Jelly Bean Sweater

Trainer Tony Morgan recalls Andre Berto’s past and looks to Mayweather’s future

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap opens at the Carroll Arts Center this weekend

Top five free websites for small business hard drive backup

The Key to Inner Peace

Pumpkin patches and mazes in and near Fort Collins

The politics of economics.

Fresh New Ideas Presented at St. Louis VMSInnovate Event

Free knitting pattern: Back to School Skirt

NFL enforcement of ‘illegal hits’ is a blow to the game

A Cloudy and Cold Weekend Ahead

Better effort but same result for Predators

Help Wichita Children’s Home fulfill its winter wish list

Free knitting pattern: Bethany Cardigan

Scary-awesome shows coming up around Halloween Previews!

Dramatic rescue of would-be suicide: Had rope around his neck

Angel Talk

Results from 10/21/10 PZ weeklies and the return of a classic

Five things to include in a resume

Austerity riots

Queen begins quick visit to Northern Ireland

Ravens Food Drive November 1st-24th

Free knitting pattern: Lacy Tank Top

Are you stressing over a problem? Take Action or Get Out

Misunderstood breed takes center stage for National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Is Netflix changing their tune?


Top five parts of a small business web article

Rene Menard: the priest who was left behind

An American Hero

Are “imaginary friends” imaginary?

Gay For Johnny Depp, Who isn’t?

The October 2010 ‘Not to Miss’ list of upcoming Toronto concerts

Finding a geocache on a Steamtown orphan

Eco-Sexuality and the Ecology of Love

In sign that Burmistrov may stay whole season, Thrashers place Dawes on waivers

Shake Out drill, San Diego style

Mobile Events Temple Veil coming to Mobile

Gorgeous black & tan doxie pup at Bakersfield Shelter

Former pilot of Queen Elizabeth gets 25 years for murder

Farmville Trick or Treating released

Oktoberfest Art Auction

‘Devilfish’ admits emailing death threats to Latino groups

Goose Island announces co-brewing deal, plans expansion

Things to do in Salt Lake City: October 2010 Part 2

Headcount & Rock the Vote make a difference at ACL

Dred and Harriet Scott: a love story and Supreme Court decision

Quick recap of the Oct 13th Colorado gubernatorial debate

J. Cole – “I’m On It”

YouTube Spotlight: Halloween Makeup – Mother Earth

Healthy lunch & snack photos and tips wanted by California raisins site

Terry Richardson’s sexed-up Glee photos for GQ magazine

Nelson Mandela’s memoir 2010

NPR, why Juan Williams but not Nina Totenburg?

Bret Hart talks Hogan and TNA during video game promo

Super Soaker inventor working on solar power

Naples International Film Festival beginning soon!

Project Runway fashion designs by Gretchen Jones – pictures

Eva Longoria Parker Involved In Hollywood Fender Bender

Judge who fought for domestic violence victims charged by CJP

MacBook Air – It’s what happens when an iPad and a MacBook hook up

Guns N’ Roses reunion at London’s O2 Arena

More Halloween items arrive in FarmVille

Planning ahead for a healthy quick meal

Antinette Keller latest: NIU asks community to keep missing student in thoughts

Halloween knitting project: Gruesome Eyeballs

What is your relationship goal?

Week 7 Scouting Report: ASU at Cal

IRS warns of phishing scam

Alternative micro needling for face and body

Local Halloween and Fall events in metro D.C.

Corpsewoods Manor

Tips to ensure a safe and relaxed vacation in Puerto Rico

Internet voting system easily hacked – giving ability to change votes

Halloween knitting project: Gothic Mitts

Former Marine found guilty of murdering neighbor over dog urine

Prestige Fights 1:Bayou Brawl fight brings professional MMA to the Alario Center

Vicente Fernandez Tops The Latin Album Charts!

College football picks – Week 8: Will another #1 go down?

Fall style: studded shoes and jeweled bags

Free knitting pattern: Halloween Witch Doll

What do you know about Celiac Disease

Vikings sweep Alaska Anchorage

Los Angeles Lakers beat Golden State Warriors 120-99 in San Diego

Festival du Nouveau Cinema wraps up!

Three subjects from a Libertarians point of view

Photos: Night of Too Many Stars red carpet features Colbert, Stewart, Carell, more

Facebook: No more ‘ex’-es’ photos

Free knitting pattern: Halloween Wig

Boo at the Zoo means family fun at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Free knitting pattern: Halloween Finger Puppets

Daily KARMA – satellite internet providers

Former Marine found guilty of murdering neighbor over dog urine

L.A. street closures Friday, October 22, 2010 due to President Obama’s visit

Sofia Vergara Shows Off Her Son In New ‘Got Milk’ Ads

Ghoul Strike hits the mark just in time for Halloween


Mind mapping for a start-up

Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) result 2010 announced

Who’s playing where in Tampa Bay this weekend October 22nd – 24th

St. John Indiana host Boo Bash event October 2010 for resident children

OC fashionista: 9-1-1 Style support

UC application filing period opens November 1st

HeXxt returns with the Halloween Spooktacular at the Shelter

Zynga brings FarmVille to iPad

“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” hasn’t found its own groove

American Airlines to Add Capacity at LAX by 28%

Vampire characteristics – What exactly sucks us in?

KC Chiefs fantasy football focus for Week 7: Jacksonville at Chiefs

HUDA Bahadurgarh draw results

2010 Wayne County Elections Examined

San Jose Bay Area pet events weekend calendar: October 22-25, 2010

2010 elections: Wayne County U.S. Representatives

Bob Dylan

2010 Elections: Wayne County State Representatives

Reconcile God’s word and sexual choices carefully, your eternal destiny is at stake

Attention it’s red ribbon week October 23 thru 31st we need your participation in this yearly event

Dr. Dog concert live at The Vic Theatre in Chicago, October 21, 2010

2010 Elections: Wayne County Sheriff

Special offers through NIFF

Alleged similarities between ‘The Opening’ of the Qur’an and the Lord’s Prayer o

Mexico City Cooks Up The World’s Biggest Enchilada!

Residents and Merchants evacuate the Castro after a PG&E gas pipe is broken by workers (video)

When is it right to shoot a kidnapper?

The official Dolphins and Steelers fantasy football preview

TNA finally explains the plan behind ‘They’ and the takeover of TNA

NBC Nightly News: Toyota recall, Juan Williams firing, moon water (full video)

Salmon Kings blank Steelheads

2010 Elections: U.S. House 13th District

2010 Elections: U.S. House 11th District

Falcons Thursday tussle: The calm before the TO/Ochocinco show comes to Atlanta

White Rabbits play the Greek with Interpol Sat

2010 Elections: U.S. House 14th District

Your Dentist is a Metal fan! He puts Amalgam in your teeth and pulls coin out of your pocket!

2010 Elections: U.S. House 15th District

2010 Elections: State Senate 1st District

Burr and Marshall: “testy” in the final televised Senate debate Thursday

2010 Elections: State Senate 2nd District

2010 Elections: State Senate 3rd District

Kris Allen reflects on Long Island, New York City visit

Why isn’t Alexander the Great mentioned in the King James Bible

2010 Elections: State Senate 4th District

2010 Elections: State Senate 5th District

Magic: the Gathering 2011 Grand Prix schedule announced

2010 Elections: State Senate 6th District

2010 Elections: State Senate 7th District

Monica Cruz Helps Pregnant Penelope With ‘Pirates 4′

Allegation that both the Qur’an and the Holy Bible tell the story of Cain and Ab

2010 Elections: State Senate 8th District

2010 Elections: State House 1st District

2010 Elections: State House 2nd District

2010 Elections: State House 3rd District

2010 Elections: State House 4th District

Nudist reality show coming your way

2010 Elections: State House 5th District

Terry County, Texas large hail video.

2010 Elections: State House 7th District

2010 Elections: State House 6th District

CBS Evening News: Colon cancer and aspirin, Juan Williams, Toyota (full video)

Get Pinked and join the ACS Strides Walk

2010 Elections: State House 8th District

Lynda Bishop goes to Sias International University in People’s Republic of China

2010 Elections: State House 9th District

Tim Richmond never got a second chance

Art Theatre Long Beach to Feature Ginsberg Film “Howl”

2010 Elections: State House 11th District

2010 Elections: State House 10th District

2010 Elections: State House 12th District

Business course: Bridges to Employment: Computer Skills for the Workplace

Twitter provides shortcuts to use with new User Interface

2010 Elections: State House 13th District

The lost world of Mr. Lobo!

From Nowhere

Boo at the Zoo means a great time for animal lovers at the Columbus Zoo

How to date in Los Angeles and not get hurt…

Demers, Mullin lead Fargo past Youngstown

Griffith Indiana Halloween free events October 2010

Business workshop: Marketing on a Shoestring

Jeff Hardy as a ‘heel’ has potential for success in TNA

Coal India IPO retail subscription is now open

Renown chef Barry S. Dakake celebrates his birthday at The Palms

Former Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller is fighting back against the NCAA

Joey Angelo: More than just a fighter

Govindarajan Committee fee structure now available

Business course: Introduction to Microsoft Access

Play Logan Square toy store review

Orange County high school football “Games to Watch”

The Driftwood Room: a step back in time

Suma Veggie Cafe, the restaurant of peace in the Dallas area

New Autumn Collection available in FarmVille (Gifting links included)

Business course: Create, Design and Publish with Impact

Tea Party’s growing pains in this area

US Headline News: Glee GQ pics, 6.9 California earthquake, Antinette Keller case

On the alleged perversions of the NIV, part 15ai, “The NIV TAKETH AWAY” 64,576 w

Business workshop: Marketing Your Small Business

Pascal biting off more than he can chew by facing Hopkins

Nissan’s Sentra is a smart step up from the standard commuter

Midterm Elections 2010: Analyzing NJ’s 5th District

Baby monkey rides wild boar at zoo near Kyoto, Japan

SF Giants lose to Phillies, head to Philadelphia to finish NLCS

Make A Difference Day: Dine out to stamp out hunger in SF

The good news about sin.

Broncos set to battle Raiders: Q & A with Raiders Examiner

Yerba Buena Perry: The Buena Place

‘Tryst with Destiny’ Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech

ESPN’s 30 for 30 film Fernando Nation premiered at Dodger Stadium

Make a Difference Day

Center for Education Reform sets up web site to inform voters

Hillary Clinton adds anti-bullying video to ‘It Gets Better’

The Miami Heat’s LeBron James reveals racial tweets.

Craft beer news and notes: New on shelves, and Divine news from Saint Arnold

The Biggest Loser week 3 recap and full video

On the alleged perversions of the NIV, part 15aj, “The NIV TAKETH AWAY” 64,576 w

IIT Gate 2011 Online application form available

Single mothers can be complete

2010 St. Louis Elections Update: 10/22/2010

Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata Dutt deliveres twins


Articles and Reviews for December 3, 2009

Articles and Reviews for December 3, 2009 | Examiner.com


Preparing tender morsels: Dry Rubs 101

Weather History: December 3: Record Heat, Blizzard, Storms, Tornadoes & Flooding

Ketamine identified as popular date rape drug

Adopting a senior dog

Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis reveals tight glutes from horseback riding

Orlando Bloom & Rosario Dawson at opening of Vdara Hotel & Spa in the new City Center

Days of the living dread: Girls love ‘Vampire Academy’ and its powerful teen heroine

‘The Gift Shop’ reaches out to community in need with Christmas spirit and help

Artichoke Tarts

All Wrapped Up-Adventure In Toyland

Students from Catholic schools more likely to go on to university or college

Arthur holds the crown

Rachel Uchitel decides to tell all about her Tiger Woods trysts

What is truth?

The public apology: Tiger Woods, repentance, and forgiveness

Report: Tiger Woods sexting Jaimee Grubbs text messages revealed, new sex tape?

Sarah Sadler offers free downloads for Christmas with the 12 Days of Christmas promotion

Tiger Woods admits affair

Grammy Nominations 2010 announced – Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa most nominations

New Advent and Christmas website!

To the Third Armageddon

Fastest Cadillac CTS-V in the country

Inspirational speaker Dr. Robert Schuller addresses San Antonio Get Motivated crowd

You…can’t…make me! Nuh!

Country’s contemporary set and a few traditionalists net 52nd Annual Grammy Awards nominations

How employees and employers can make the recession work for them

The Swell Season, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, among concerts to catch

Vegan mushroom gravy recipe for a crowd

Sexting Tragedy Hope Witsell commits suicide after being bulled and called slut

The latest on health care reform: AARP steps in, women’s health a major issue

Balboa Park December Nights: Where to park the car

Witch-finder sues humanist for religious discrimination

Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander officially announced, The Ultimate Fighter Finale Predictions

Papaya, bell peppers and steamed broccoli: A dose of vitamin C in these great NYC dishes

17-game FBS college football schedule & picks including 3 upsets

Rachel Uchitel now admits she was Tiger Woods’ mistress with Jaimee Grubbs and Kalika Moquin

Guerilla Gay Bar this Friday

Jimmie Johnson showcases California style at ‘Breakfast with the Champion’ event

dvd and blu-ray new releases for the season

52nd Grammy Awards releases nominees list, including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga

Tulsa smacks Oklahoma State

Music video: Powerman 5000 – Super Villain

Presale password for Riverdance in NYC and other various locations

Matthew West garners first Grammy nod for Best Gospel Song

Michael Lohan says Jon Gosselin will never work in TV again

Bransons 61st Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony

Asian carp wars

Marketing during difficult economic times

Baby Ganics are safe and organic cleaning products developed by two compulsive dads

ACORN debits bank accounts of the poor

REVIEW: ‘Taming of the Shrew’ good for a few guffaws, through Jan. 3

I pray that this verse will enrich your spirit

Video: In absence of mainstream media coverage the skeptic voice dominates ‘climategate’ story

Light Up The Season with Brian McKnight at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica

Get toasty with bubbly and live jazz at Pops for Champagne

Reality bites – Flames still have work to do

Overwhelmed trying to stay on your weight loss program during the holidays?

Chicago Sun Times report: Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, in marriage counseling, new prenup agreement

Wedding crashed as mother-in-law and sister drag the groom away

Obama’s Afghanistan speech triggers bipolar global reaction

Olympics to honor legendary Canadian singer songwriter Neil Young

Victoria’s Secret fashion show and San Diego airport both use runways

University of Michigan presents holiday concerts on December 5 and 6

NCAA Basketball 10 review

10 gift ideas for college students

How to get your kids to eat vegetables

Traveling alone with kids for the holidays

Hope for Every Woman: How One Agency is Changing Women’s Lives in Western New York

Xian: the eternal city

2010 Grammy nominations list announced

Young blood taking over in professional wrestling

Pitt loses a legend as Foge Fazio passes away

UFC TUF 10: Roy Nelson to meet Brendan Schaub in Saturday’s finale

Seabird kicks off Rocks Into Rivers tour in Columbus on December 2

“Capitalism: A Love Story”: Michael Moore’s newest piece of trash

Metro PD Mounted Patrol toy drive & free zoo tickets

Another bread crumb from ABC’s LOST

U.S. will send additional troops to Afghanistan and work on ending the war

Mammograms cause cancer researchers reveal

Holiday pet portraits with Santa

Top 50 albums of the decade, part three

The vast wasteland

Justin Bieber headlines free holiday concert at Citadel Outlets on December 14th

Tiger Woods wild Cadillac ride revealed

U.S. Headlines: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 news

Names from kids’ movies week- baby name of the day: Penny

Do It All Mamas & Papas: Meet mom who founded Busy Breathers backpacks

Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik blasts Tiger Woods over affairs (video)

Hens, minus Delle Donne, drop second straight

Celebrate Prohibition Repeal Day at Caseys Irish Pub

An awkward getaway

What I’ve Ben Watching: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy releases track in support of MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Honda introduces personal size concept at L.A. Auto Show

Avatar Pets make their way to the Xbox 360 Marketplace, including a FREE pet from Final Fantasy

Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga top the most searched on German search engines

Phoenix Winter Festival of lights

Gospel reading for the first Sunday of Advent is end times prophecy

The ego masks we all wear will rip upon close enough inspection

Week 13 fantasy football picks

12 tips to a better Advent season

Pregnancy 101: Do you have to sleep on only your left side while pregnant?

Taylor Swift nets 8 Grammy nominations but plenty of nods left for other country stars

Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero

Women’s hoops roundup: Bethune-Cookman, Alabama State win

Mixed Media at Mariposa Gallery, and the 15th annual 1st-Thursday holiday event

La Mesa, CA – Standing With Israel, Thursday Dec. 3rd

‘Prom Night In Mississippi’ has a good heart but its not worth getting dressed up for

Aycan Medical Systems innovating Radiology technology

Toy of the Day: Handy Manny’s Fix It Motorcycle (plus the new Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure DVD)

Dollar Days at the Texas State Aquarium

TMZ: Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel’s texting caused fight with wife that preceded crash

Jay-Z and others file lawsuit against Alabama tea restaurant

World AIDS Day

“Red Cliff” Heralds the Return of Action Director John Woo

Kate Major says Jon Gosselin wanted to be a big bad biker boy

Press conference with Tiger Woods alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel canceled

Should I buy a Christmas gift for coworkers? (Gag gift slideshow included)

Monday Recap: The Big Bang Theory, Season 3, Episode 7

Is happiness contagious?

Twitter: the new retweet function has disappeared

Tiger Woods posts an apology on his Web site to ‘transgression’

Barack Obama jobs and economic growth forum

Matt Damon may not be the real identity of Jason Bourne in the next movie

Men’s hoops roundup: Prairie View no match for system rival Texas A&M

Billboard’s top 10 R&B albums of 2009

Message for Woods: Hello, Tiger? You’re so hosed

Video games for the holiday gift buyer on a budget

Magnificent Seven XVII (part two . . .)

The Simpsons meet the Wiccans

Dukes fall to Panthers in double overtime

Magnificent Seven XVII: A look at the “debate” over the Indianapolis Colts’ late-season approach

Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren seek professional help

Hometown receives soldier killed in Afghanistan

Phish warms up Madison Square Garden with greatest hits

Christmas benefit showing, Holiday Classic Film Festival to take place at Tivoli Theatre

Beavers, Ducks, and a prescription for Blazer fans

My Lonely Valentine : Theatre Three Stages Poignant, Startling Talley’s Folly

Laurie Moore booksigning Friday for TCU Extravaganza part 2

Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 includes Lady Gaga

Holiday gift idea for children – Pillow Pets

Jesper Parnevik to Tiger Woods – maybe not just do it, wih video

TUF 10 finale predictions

Chelsea Clinton wedding confirmation on CBS News at Gala event: Photo show of Clinton

Brendan Schaub vs. Roy Nelson in TUF 10 Finale this Saturday night on Spike TV – fight card complete

Holiday handmade ornaments

Notebook: Warriors’ Moore giving what he’s got

‘Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me’ Howie Mandel wears a surgical mask to book signing to meet fans

Happy Hanukkah

Texas Tech vs. Washington

Obama’s Afghanistan speech shows a president who lacks basic honesty

Anthony Madison back as Steelers special teams shakeup continues

Adam Lambert’s appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live & New Year’s Rockin’ Eve have been canceled

‘Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009′ includes Michael Jackson children

Nick Jonas and the Black Eyed Peas rock the Grammy Nominations Concert

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree highlighted in NYC’s 77th annual holiday tradition

Jazz GRAMMY nods — some surprises, some quibbles (what else is new?)

The strategic case against the surge in Afghanistan

The plural of anecdote is not data

Music Man at Kennedy Center was great fun but not a great show

Obama State Dinner crashers say no to Committee-Rep. Bennie G. Thompson says subpoena time

Tim Lincecum to star in ‘SportsCenter’ commercial

American Idol Adam Lambert wants ‘Twilight’ time: Singer hints he should be picked for next album

What Justin Bieber looks for in a girlfriend

Jeff Hardy court case postponed again

Adam Lambert still shunned by ABC; network can’t blame FCC

Green spotlight on the Frogs are Green blog

Shepherd to Tiger Woods: ‘You brought this on yourself’ (video)

Top Chef Las Vegas: Season Finale: Part 1, Washington DC area chef moves on to the final

Kate Gosselin picked as one of ‘Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009′

Alicia Keys at the Rockefeller 2009 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony: Performance photos

Rosemarie D’Alessandro finally exhales, as her daughter’s killer exhausts appeals

New mistress surfaces and says she and Tiger Woods had a ‘steamy 31-month fling’

Check out these Mario clones now before Nintendo shuts them down

Culture Shock – Underground Music and More

If I had a Hall of Fame vote

Grieving parents during the holiday season

Pleasure P, aka Marcus Cooper responds to allegations that he has molested a child

Tender documentary of mom with Multiple Sclerosis and coming home for Christmas

Another “sexting” suicide

Tiger Woods regrets ‘transgressions’ and is dealing with ‘behavior and personal failings’

The Strip (2009) – Filmed in Chicago – Directed by Jameel Khan

Taylor Swift, Beyonce dominate Grammy nominations

Tiger Woods photographed with unidentified brunette woman

Noelle and Nathan go home on SYTYCD, plus Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and Snoop Dogg

GPS tool to help border-crossers causes controversy

Downtown St. Louis has a new cafe and lounge: Something Tasty

A holiday tradition Christmas in Avondale

Tulsa TV Listing grid for December 3, 2009

Soviet General: U.S. doomed to repeat history in Afghanistan

Ayn Rand and the tea party movement

Regis Philbin is said to ‘be in better shape’ after hip replacement surgery

Opening day: December 6th

Mayor Jerry Sanders lights Balboa lights, preaches energy efficiency

Grammy Nominations Concert in Los Angeles brought the stars to the stage – Photo show

Bob Dylan’s Grammy nominations, plus vintage clips

Funeral for a friend – Guybrush Threepwood 1990-2009(?)

Holiday toys that teach – WriteOn! handwriting DVD tutor

Green Day kicks off their Australia and New Zealand tour on December 4th – Tickets still available

Alabama in the NFL update: 3 released, 2 sign with new teams

Crime Info 101: What is Sexting? (video)

Actress Natalie Portman talks booze and pot

‘Iron Man 2′ Unmasked: New poster image of Robert Downey, Jr. revealed

Harlem Globetrotters bounce into China

Ana Julaton: A glimpse of history and her-story

Pauline’s Brittle Platter satisfies holiday party sweet tooths

Tiger needs to be a little like Mike (Vick)

4th Annual 4th Street Retro Row Holiday Open House Event

Fresh bread tonight: as EZ as reading this column.

DJ Lickashot at Steve’s Bar Room Tonight for 95 Live

‘Angelina Jolie’ ~ becoming a celebrity artist takes more than just looks…

I want to break up during the holidays: Yay or nay?

Grammy Nominations Concert Photographs: Celebrities and singers enjoyed the music

Romantic gifts for her

Baby Beluga born at Vancouver Aquarium is named ‘Nala’ which means a ‘surprise gift’

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ kicks Adam Lambert to the curb: Lambert breaks news to fans on Twitter.com

Shawn Collins and Steven Calhoun will be arraigned for robbery, kidnapping and theft of a vehicle

Arraignments for Lisa McComas and Kamal Abboushi are scheduled for 8:30 am.

Former music teacher Patrick Janson will be arraigned for 16 counts of sexual battery

Robert Pattinson talks about life after Twilight New Moon (video)

Last Titanic survivor was planning on 100th anniversary cruise

Twilight receives two 2010 Grammy Award nominations

Bahama festival to honor ‘DEPP’

SYTYCD choreographer Dan Karaty is first contestant eliminated on Bravo’s Launch My Line

Cruising from Florida: Palm Beach casino ship crew on strike

‘Twilight’ soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie, Paramore, and Alexandre Desplat nominated for Grammys

Glee 1×12 ‘Mattress’ recap

Report: Rachel Uchitel trip to Australia paid for by Tiger Woods

Orange County school janitor convicted of molesting El Modena High special needs student

Best deal of the year on Wii gaming system

Holiday gift idea for toddlers -Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Grammy nominations 2010 announced: Award show on January 31, 2010

Grammy Nominations: Beyonce and Taylor Swift face off for Grammy Awards

Video: Tiger Woods affairs: Could Jaimee Grubbs been planning this all along?

Christmas Can Cure 5k, 1m walk

Open letter to President Obama

RedState’s Morning Briefing for Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday stock making

‘New Moon’ star Nikki Reed appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Ultimate Fighter 10 finale predictions

Two outbreaks of Tamiflu resistant H1N1 Swine Flu

Weather forecast for Denver CO and vicinity, Thursday, December 3, 2009

‘New Moon’ star Cameron Bright raises money for Compartment Syndrome victim

Tonight’s TV Highlights: Will Arnet and Sherri Shepherd guest on ’30 Rock’

Farmer’s Almanac best days for December: family and health

Polk County arrest report (November 30, 2009)

I am not my hair

Nashville theatre weekend 12/3/09 through 12/6/09

It’s time to start researching your winter vacation options

‘New Moon’ wolfpack parodies ‘Twilight’ fandom on Leno (video)

Tiger Woods first alleged mistress to talk of ‘transgressions’ today?

Shift happens: cocoons and castles

“New Moon” fans look out for computer hackers

Digital Yuletide: Celebrate Winter Vale in WoW

No monkey business here: furry photographer gains worldwide acclaim

Newt Gingrich: ‘You start creating jobs by not killing them’

Childhood obesity: fight back and treat your kids to these 20 easy, tasty and healthy snacks

‘Tweet @ Twilight’ sweepstakes opens, chance to speak on the phone with ‘New Moon’ cast member

Help employees prepare for smoking changes in 2010

Managing debt during the holiday season

Macy’s is having The Perfect Gift Sale

Restaurant food trumps ties as the perfect Christmas gift

Roach: Pacquiao the ‘bigger draw’ and deserves most of the purse if he faces Mayweather

Musicians celebrate release of Yofiyah’s Hebrew Kirtan CD on Dec 5 at P’nai Or party

Quick and easy projects just in time for the holidays!

Read an excerpt of ‘The Unfinished Gift: A Novel’ by Dan Walsh

Read Tiger Woods official crash report

American Rag to host Freedman trunk show and party

Indiana State Museum will close on Mondays

Overwhelmed? Taking care of yourself is job one

Stein Mart’s Holiday $25,000 Cash Giveaway

Non-profit spotlight: Metroplex C.O.P.S.

Global spy agency pushed by internationalists

Holiday activities: Teaching kids about Chanukah

How Much Buffet can you get for starting at $6.99

President Obama’s grandmother performs Hajj

Do you want a break from God?

But there are Professionals

$5 Million dollar company releases “James Bond” equipment for combat dogs

Paddlewheelers back on the river

‘FlashForward:’ why did Bryce Varley try to kill himself?

DIY Gift-Giving Series at YouCanMakeThis.com

Maryland Terrapins Examiner college basketball week two poll

Rain expected today, then a possible big storm for northern Maine next Thursday.

To some, gun rights advocacy is ‘terrorism’

Can a two year old child really paint?

TMZ: Tiger Woods offered $5 million to endorse adultery Web site, girlfriends offered $1 million

Arctic air and record warmth

Holiday recipe–the best eggnog

Thailand celebrates King Bhumipol Adulyadej of Thailand’s 82nd birthday

Leave It Outside

Tar Heels’ Davis reportedly on Notre Dame ‘short list’

Fitness sponsors support Tiger Woods through his personal struggle

CBO: Stimulus created or saved between 600,000 and 1.6 million jobs

Major sea change for Seahawks — Ruskell expected to resign as GM today

Barnard-Columbia-Julliard Fall Recital

Josafat Miranda at Abro Gallery

The missing ingredient to TRTTT

Foliage makes for a popular autumn in Japan

Super fight in jeopardy: Pacquiao wants 60-40 purse for Mayweather fight

Centenary College candlelight service Friday

Baltimore billboard brewing controversy

U.S. and NATO surges harden Taliban resolve

Twilight stroll through North Park Village Nature Center deer reserve

Get free shipping and a free $10.00 gift card at L.L. Bean’s Holiday Gift Shop

How to get into the true spirit of the Holidays (video)

Study: Drinking soda before pregnancy linked to gestational diabetes

Integrating your social web presence: two sample plans

Christmas cookie recipes Gingersnap cookie recipe

Party crashers cover their ass…ets

Denim, discounts and drinks at Jack’s San Francisco

Snickerdoodle cookie recipe

Report: Rachel Uchitel admits affair with Tiger Woods, Gloria Allred to hold news conference

Brendan Schaub faces Roy Nelson in TUF 10 Finale, Kimbo Slice, Marcus Jones also added to fight card

Santa Ynez Valley real estate news for Dec 4, 2009 – La Villa del Sol

Will Taylor Swift finally get her Grammy?

Laptop and monitor deals at Dell.ca; 11-day Cyber Week holiday sale continues

Bruce Springsteen gets 4 Grammy nominations

Advent readings: Thursday, December 3

Dear Solomon, what’s wrong with doing things my way?

Friend’s advice to Tiger Woods: ‘Maybe not just do it’

Grammy Nominations 2010 announced for January 31st show

Quote of the day December 3rd

Holiday advice: Finding the right book for your reluctant reader

Best jobs list doesn’t reflect reality for Baby Boomers

Dogs and equine Ivermectin dewormer

Review of The Fog

Jewelry Warehouse…for life’s every moment!

Book review of The Spiraling Worm

AT&T and Samsung let you do your computing on the “Go”

Melissa Scoppa Jewelry Design

Michael Bratton II Turkey Trot in Grass Valley brings community together (photo slideshow)

Mazda2 hatchback brings sub-compact zoom zoom to U.S. market

ArtFest 2009: Holiday Party and Open House Kicks Off Friday @ The Art League

Home Depot kids workshop, Saturday December 5 make a wagon

Right Wing Tea Party rapper Hi-Caliber is armed to rhyme Obama down

Jets vs. Bills preview

Restaurant 101: Baltimore restaurants on Facebook part 1

Four questions with Alicia Voorhies

A preview of what’s to come? (Part III)

Let’s trend #Indiana on Twitter

Why Advent? It’s historical.

Families still amazed with 17th annual Magical Nights of Lights

FaveCraft’s five free books day is sure to offer some great crafting ideas

Maine PUC fines FairPoint; et tu NH?

Chris Horner to sue NASA for climate change data

Top Ten Education Technology Christmas Ideas: #6 – Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

Great (and affordable) hostess gifts

Hilson, Pleasure P lead fresh faces on R&B Grammy nominations list

MMA technique of the day, escape from the guard

Holiday Guide: How to create a Christmas Journal

Call and Response Opening Reception Friday @ Studio Gallery

Hawaiian Grammy nominees announced

How to select a dietary supplement

The working stiff’s definition of Christmas

Ted Kennedy’s “True Compass” on bestseller list for 100 days

Holiday blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Grammy Nominations 2010: Beyonce snags 10 Grammy nominations

First vote on health care reform may come today

Golfer Jesper Parnevik: ‘I’m sorry I introduced Elin Nordegren to Tiger Woods’ (video)

Wrap up of San Pedro’s Neigborhood Councils 2009

Hubble image of the Iris Nebula

Obama’s hello-goodbye strategy for Afghanistan

Tiger Woods scandal: Mistress Rachel Uchitel will confess to affair, Parnevik blasts Woods

Hey Congress, it’s not your money

ClimateGate: Just Like ACORN All Over Again


Daily herb tip: bloodroot for warts

Finding a church where you can hurt out loud

Eminem talks retirement…

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: Noelle, Nathan eliminated from season six, week six results

Relationships 101: Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Scorned woman’s torching of ex-boyfriend’s porch gets national news coverage

Killed by Glam LP

Their Cross to bear?

Call for entries: Nonprofit leadership award

Amazon.com offers free Christmas music downloads and up to 50% off on select items

Four museum shops to find high end Chihuli glass, holiday ornaments and unique gifts

Views of Still Hollow Farm in Northeast Tennessee

Anne Pressly remembered by new book Making Memories

Tiger Woods apology shows leadership, almost

On This Day: Times Beach, Missouri found to be toxic

Keeping a diversity scorecard

eReader for children now available on Nintendo DS

Fans will say farewell to Sebastien Le Toux this Saturday

Holistic Select boosts pets’ immune systems this winter

Great holiday gift ideas — pair these items together

Colorado Arabian Horse Club Christmas Show Dec 5-6 at National Western Events Center

Bayonetta Demo now available on Xbox Live

G.E. Sells NBC to Comcast

Non NFR related Vegas happenings this weekend

Speculation: Chris Weitz, ‘Breaking Dawn’ and “bizarre rumors”

Designers become accessible with Rent the Runway

Tiger Woods admits transgressions

Obama’s war policy dooms his domestic agenda

The Internet Marketing Professor releases new social media research white paper

‘Zombieland 3D’ officially given the greenlight by Sony

Examining Tampa’s “Other” racquet sports; Part 3, Beach Tennis (pictures and video link)

Pacquiao vs Mayweather could happen in Dallas on March 13,2010 (video report)

Flogging Molly to flog new tour in the new year

Chump Car Series comes to Pueblo Motorsports Park in March

A promise in a rainbow and an ark: Advent calendar Jesse Tree Day 3 ornament and activities

The eBook Argument: Sherman Alexie on the Colbert Report

Roses the award for the 2009 Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State

Love yourself

China toys with your health

Toils and trouble the hypnotic state

Getting through the holidays without killing anyone

Man survives car crash unhurt, killed by train walking home

If it had been Tiger’s caddy –When does sexting become a crime?

Nighttime storms produce wind damage for parts of Coastal Carolina

Interested in learning more about “Going Green?: Here are a few tips on Going Green around your hou

Grammy Nominations Concert full of performances; Beyonce earns 10 Grammy nods (Photos)

Are you a compulsive eater? Then the holidays can spell disaster for your waistline

Survey: Students who study abroad gain a competitive job market edge

Rachel Uchitel to admit to Tiger Woods affair during Thursday press conference?

Penn Quakers women’s basketball team falls to 0-6

21 shopping days and counting

UFC: Upcoming Events

CBO has underestimated true cost of health care bill cry opponents.

Bright Baby board books

Pinellas residents waste millions at traffic lights

Warning about cellulite creams

Citing cancer risks and other health dangers, FDA leads the charge against indoor tanning

Madeleine Peyroux at Blue Note

Holiday family activities: Downtown Kentlands Tree Lighting event on Dec 6th

Are we born with the innate trait to help others?

Being fit linked to higher IQ in young adults

Chicken tortilla soup recipe

Same-sex marriage activists doom DOMA repeal

Ghostland Observatory

Holidays Go Techie

Last minute gift ideas

Minnesota Boychoir looking for participants

Strengthening the business case for alternative workspace environment

Was Serena Williams’ punishment appropriate? What do you think?

Eastside Market, a LA Italian tradition

Christmas is right around the corner, here are some Christmas gift ideas for men and women

5 restorative soup recipes

Shop N Mingle

Foster a Pet for the Holidays

Fathers Network holiday party at Kindering Center on Dec. 19th; all are welcome

Delta adds new non-stop between San Diego and Hawaii

British Film Festival opens in Bangkok, Thailand

Radio movie review, songs, trailer video


Apple iPad tablet device rumored for release in 2010

Looking for holiday inspiration

2009 Holiday Gift Guide: Affordable camcorders for tweens and teens

One-man winery loses its man: A year after Frank Ferreira’s death, his vineyard is still for sale

Fort Hood Massacre: Major Nidal Malik Hasan receives 32 additional charges of attempted murder

How “Sweet Southern” it is

As storm exits, a colder regime sets in

Antiwar activists reconnect in NYC

Celebration V announced!

Memphis rockers, Joan Red, chat with us on their stop in Denver.

Bowie Ball

The Murphy report on clergy sexual abuse: A wake-up call for us all (video)

13th Annual SDCC Chili Cook-Off and Pottery Sale

Tiger Woods offered five million to endorse secret cheating service, sex tape sought for one million

Christmas cupcake recipe

If Rifqa Bary was your daughter…

Directing your life journey: Part 4

BUST Holiday Craftacular

Gran Turismo 5 Demo coming to PS3 December 17th

Farm animal sanctuary event

Charity plus Santa and a mascot at Thunderbolts stadium

Future road trips may cost less with Chevy’s new Volt at 230 MPG

Jesper Parnevik makes statement about Tiger Woods affairs

Signs Of A Terrible Restaurant

Charlaine Harris keeps her vampire series fresh

Raising a thinking child

Tibetan-inspired jewelry of Jayne Holtman December 4th to December 31st at Blue Lotus

Party crashing Salahis will face subpoenas to appear before Homeland Security Committee

Holiday Handmade Cavalcade

Model madness: are we getting snow or not?

Comcast Gains Control of NBC – What Does it Mean?

Review of GoLite Force trail running shoe and PakLite hiking boot

Teen charged in Thanksgiving Day homicides

2009 Houston Heights Holiday Home Tour

Stalemate at Morelos: Cruz Azul leaves Morelia drawn 0-0

Breaking news: Did Tiger Woods’ traveling lifestyle ruin his marriage?, part 1

Dr. Temple Grandin visits Corpus Christi to discuss autism and new book

Whitney Houston snubbed with Cole, Michele at Grammys?

Greenwood’s Junior Pacers ready to get started

Review: Nicholas Brendon in The Santaland Diaries at The Blank Theatre’s 2nd Stage

Restaurant Week debuts in Santa Fe and Albuquerque February and March, 2010

The true story of the hobby’s second most famous swear word

Taylor Swift’s Grammy surprise

Save money on your Christmas parties

Flowers and plants and your holiday fashion statement

Grammy nominees include several Rock Hall of Fame artists

Montgomery County and Bastow Best Ten Boys Basketball Preview

Is now a good time to buy another business?

Use It or Lose It ends well

Former Cubs great Fergie Jenkins in first Cancun celebrity golf tournament

Volunteering to productively use spare time

Hunter Education, who needs it and where and when to get it

IRS unauthorized collection practices: What are taxpayers’ rights?

‘The Road,’ starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee — reviewed (with video)

Minnesota ranked number two for life expectancy

Christmas Activities Make Homeschooling Fun – Day 3

DC hip-hop innovator Christon “Christylez” Bacon earns 2010 GRAMMY nomination

Just how stupid is Al Gore, anyway?

Brides find ways to cut back on wedding expenses in tough economy

AJC wrong on race, as most honest Democrat leader is Atlanta’s next mayor

Facebook is changing, again.

Awakening of Holy Spirit at IHOPU

Victory in Afghanistan: An issue of semantics for former VP Cheney?

Boats and boaters not the only victims of Ethanol gas

Events this weekend Dec. 3-Dec. 6

Synchrony and intersubjectivity unite conciousnesses

Plenty of favorites among jazz Grammy nominees

Week 13 fantasy football picks

Pleasure P and allegations of child molestation

Quick Tip #11: Mommy’s purse

Amanda Knox: guilty or not guilty (video)

The Beulaville Baptist Book Club Presents: A Bur-less-Q Nutcracker

Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Cobbler

36th Annual Dickens on The Strand

Directing your life journey: Part 2

Free workshop prepares parents as special education advocates

AVATAR at Tropicana’s IMAX Theater may just knock your Christmas stockings off.

Video: Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs, a contestant from Tool Academy creates buzz

Christian Writing 101: How are the times a’changing?

In defense of the play of Alex Ovechkin

The pop of King archive: Political musicians

Red Cross blood workers take fight to protect donor and blood safety to the streets of Philadelphia

Republican amendment to health care reform to guarantee preventive health care services for women

ABC dumps Adam Lambert again

One generation from extinction

Historic buildings in Denver – Daniels and Fisher Tower

The Twelve Days of Global Warming : Al Gore gave to me.

Marcus Foster’s heading back to NYC and fans can’t wait

Senator Inhofe requests investigation into “Climategate”

Tiger Woods accident update: Alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel’s press conference canceled

Act up. Fight back.

No party crashers allowed to the National Christmas Tree Lighting Tonight

The many faces of Amanda on trial in Italian court — Updated: Knox addresses jurors

Notable iPhone game releases for 12/02/09

Americans Key To Rising Economic Tide

Should my child with ADHD be medicated?

Celebrate the holidays with KTM USA and presenting sponsors at Pala Raceway

Walmart removes toys proven to be high in toxic substances.

Beer dinner at Beatrice and Woodsleys Dec. 8th

Audi, Honda, Mercury, Toyota, VW are finalists for Green Car of the Year Award

What is a bike commuter?

Rock & Republic sale event with up to 89% off ends tomorrow

Holiday Light display must see in Denver Area

Rocky Patel 1961 Torpedo – cigar review

Rachel Uchitel Press conference set to confirm Tiger Woods affair

Grammy nominations 2010, Beyonce and Taylor Swift make the cut, New Moon also on the list

Holiday colonial style fruit basket centerpiece takes center stage

MTV’s ‘A Thin Line’ campaign aims to prevent digital abuse

A free online magazine with children’s stories

Shopping Events

Directing your life journey: Part 5

First Friday and accessories galore at Tony on Third, December 4th

Possible toxic risk in holiday lights

Keeping yourself positive

More costs being added to FHA loans

Nick Jonas and his new band rock the Grammy nominations concert

Banning divorce in California

U.S. bill might help terrorism

Special Olympics Massachusetts Jolly Jaunt 2009 (video)

Tucson City Council getting desperate for dollars

Francis Harry Gosman: An American original. Part 1.

North Korea to be tried in U.S. for terrorism

Israeli ex-PM Olmert negotiated Jerusalem

Defense of Obama

No good deed goes unpunished

Tiger Woods’ vehicle had “Get a Grip on Physics” inside

Flying the Edge of America

Operation Illegal Motion stops court crooks cold

Plan a fun holiday party without spending too much

Hungry Girl’s Eggplant Lasagna

‘Armored’ brings action, ‘Brothers’ brings drama to theaters

The Don Cesar – Historical Hotel on St. Pete Beach, Florida

Big powder, Big Sky, big beauty, great skiing!

Diptyque Solid Perfume: Correction to Holiday Beauty Guide

Stress of the holidays

Arab-Jewish clash in Jerusalem

CAIR reports an increase in nothing to see here

Preview: Canucks look to win second game in consecutive days when they visit Flyers

Rachel Uchitel affair with Tiger Woods confirmed: Twitter spreads news about live news conference

Israeli military cadets protest prisoner deal

Tiger Woods scandal – Woods working to avoid divorce

Maraca2: Blue Motion

PlayStation turns 15 today! In honor of the PS1, watch the first Final Fantasy VII commercial

WTMJ-TV is on the air

Pregnant Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi goes nude for sexy Page Six Magazine cover

West Bank towns block freeze inspectors

Free Christmas music downloads from Amazon

Some Israeli reservists say to strike, against freeze

Cool baby name of the day: Gracen

NY Senate defeats gay marriage bill: Commentary

Tiger Woods scandal: Jamiee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin

Toluca tries to regain form against Monterrey

CityCenter nightlife, pools and spas

A decade of decent: Voices Breaking Boundaries 10 year anniversary

Rachel Uchitel to meet the press today to not talk about Tiger Woods

Little Beach in Makena on Maui, Hawaii

A Grandfather’s love mirrors God’s Christmas gift

Plan ahead holiday baking tips, part four: freezing unbaked goodies

Directing your life journey: Part 6

Braves add Wagner

Climategate video: Jon Stewart pokes fun at Al Gore on The Daily Show

“Linear Supply Chains Are So Henry Ford”

Moving and bed bugs

Back to Nature Holiday Market and Festival at the Chattahoochee Nature Center

Who are the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers on So You Think You Can Dance? (video)

Get a second opinion – When not to listen to dog advice

Snow in Madison = Snow ice cream recipe

Dec. 5: Comedian, Animal Advocate Dan Piraro in D.C.

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift sweep Grammy nominations

AOL Offers Buyouts to 2,500 Workers (VIDEO)

Shop Local This Holiday Season

Nashville’s Béla Fleck receives 30th Grammy Nomination

Christmas traditions and a recipe from ENGLAND

Atlanta schools join advocates and teach the love is not abuse curriculum

How do you write when you’re a mommy? Part 3

Ultimate Fighter Finale line-up

Down jacket review: The new Sierra Designs Flex™ down jacket

Tis the season

Custer’s Revenge

Revealed: The 2011 Infiniti M

Top Gear Magazine awards Lotus Evora best sports car of 2009

What’s happening on screen in Seattle this weekend – December 4

I need a job and it’s December – what should I do?

Thrifty Thursday Happy Hours in South Florida

DIY with ReverbNation

Colorado mompreneur, Wendy Barry, gets her diaper bag line picked up by Target.com

Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods: Six degrees of separation between cheaters

TMZ.com, CNN live streaming Rachel Uchitel-Gloria Allred press conference at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time

West Point Cadet reads “Kill Bin Laden” book.

Justin Bieber’s Twitter fans try to win his ‘golden ticket’

WAHA beer off winner announced

The need to embrace excellence with equity

ABC cancels two more Adam Lambert performances

Daily Forecast: Partly cloudy today, more rain on Friday in Orlando

Tiger Woods: Fellow golfers speak about Woods’ “transgressions”

Tiger Woods gets $5M offer from adultery web site, AshleyMadison.com

Sony disputes talk of making Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” 3-D

Atlanta’s new mayor takes a dim view of the right to bear arms

BlackBerry 8520 release date for AT&T quickly approaching

2009 PGE Festival of Lights Parade

The Amazon.com Magazine Steal Deal of the Week is Entertainment Weekly

Is infidelity “Par for the course” when married to a celebrity athlete?

Review- The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Christmas dessert recipe- easy classic apple pie

Google’s Eric Schmidt: We can help newspapers

InterMat Q&A with Mark Perry

Premiere of Boulevard Haus, In Dayton’s Historic Oregon District

Iron Man 2 international poster

Champagne, sparkling wines on sale at Total Wine & More

Senator John McCain former house is up for auction: Everything will go, house $5.9 million

Alterra Coffee

December is ‘Read A New Book’ month

Tamiflu resistance H1N1 swine flu cases in Baltimore raise eyebrows

Philadelphia high school playoff predictions – week 4

Beyonce receives 10 Grammy nominations

Upcoming rockabilly and psychobilly events this weekend – December 4-6

The business reason Obama should not set Afghan withdrawal date

Rock Show in Cicero this Saturday, December 5th!

Experts forecast Fantasy Week 13

Fruit Cake Jewels Recipe

Presidential Mortality

How Business Will Respond to a Post-recession World

Redbox to start having $2 game rentals

Immigration rules, part two

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy in Denver for two weekends only

Directing your life journey: Part 7

Democratic amendment to health care reform to guarantee preventive health care services for women

Historic soldiers Christmas at the landmark Fort Mifflin

Video: Napkin Folding 101 – How to make a goblet napkin fold

The Tiger Woods scandal

Taking Care of Number One This Holiday Season

TMZ: Tiger Woods alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel spoke with Woods last night (photo, video)

Illegal immigrants captured off San Diego coast

City’s best kept secrets: Hands-on seminar builds workplace inclusivity

Self-storage company wins Best of Troy award

Christian Life in the 10 Commandments: The Fourth Commandment

Tiger Woods scandal: Did she or didn’t she? Rachel Uchitel cancels press conference

Evaluating a drug treatment facility for your teen

Need a holiday gift for a nature lover or outdoor traveler?

Adam Lambert gets shafted by ABC… again

From Gospel to Life: Building on Sand

Turning Points documentary: Real Change’s free Seattle premiere and party in Ballard on Dec. 8th

Phoenix Travel 101: Inside Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4

Running flooded rivers and streams: beware

Odd Christmas traditions…and my own confession

The wind blows in the right direction for Indiana

5 goals for the Rams in their final 5 games

Katie Holmes to get $75 million for second baby with Tom Cruise

Tiger Woods believed to have a third mistress

Team Odwalla is now recruiting runners for sponsorship

Dallas Children’s Theater presents “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert replaces Jimmy Kimmel with Jay Leno

Aztecs extend winning streak to four over crosstown rival Toreros

Great deals for a Tucson Tanque Verde Ranch stay

Vern Gagne granddaughter accused of sex with student

Mr. Fantasy’s Best/Worst of Week 13

Tonny Canales, the MMA artist and his passion for the sport

Directing your life journey: Part 8

Texas Railroad Commission blocking new wind energy transmission lines

Roman Polanski gets bail

Targacept of Winston-Salem and AstraZeneca team in multi-million deal

Decatur Lady Red Raiders and Brewer Lady Patriots battle down to the wire in Thanksgiving tournament

Say bye, Willie: Richt fires defensive boss Martinez

Stephen’s calling is to be an artist

Winter Fashion: a Milwaukee mini-series featuring Luscious Boutique

Is your toddler ready to be potty trained?

It’s a LIKE!

Thirteen stem cell lines get approval for government funding

USPS announces shipping deadlines for Christmas 2009

Bruins second-line: A big part of their recent success

December’s Tosco House Party was warm and cozy

Cincinnati looks to make BCS statement at Pittsburgh in Big East championship duel

Suspected drug house raided in Terrell

Restaurants.com is giving away $10 gift certificates during the month of December

Lafayette’s future is in fiber optics

Jon Gosselin getting backed into a corner

Uniworld Offers Douro River Cruises in Portugal

Distractions? what distractions?

Diversifying your Workforce – a reference book on hiring and retaining workers with disabilities

Rod Stewart and Queen Latifah among music artists on television today, Thursday, December 3

The Pope’s Message for the World Day Of The Sick 2010

Chris Brown on Good Morning America video with Robin Roberts: I have love for Rihanna

Serena Williams Finally Fined For Outburst – Does Anyone Still Care?

March for abolition 12/5/2009

Marilyn Monroe smoking dope

Placerville’s David Girard Vineyards plays Santa

Happy Birthday Andy Williams

Sarah Palin presented Great American award

Uchitel-Woods confession makes the news media look even dumber

Geometric Sculptor Peter Forakis died on Thanksgiving Day: 1927 – 2009

Thursday Tastings: Founders Old Curmudgeon Ale

How to eat healthy during the holidays

Crushing loss as Michigan drops third straight

Shoestring marketing: marketing on a limited budget. Part III: the unique selling proposition (USP)

Directing your life journey: Part 9

A world of language

Snow possible in North Carolina on Saturday

Whataburger is offering free deals in December

Clicker training aquarium fish

Should Tiger Woods wear the scarlet letter?

The Holy Bible and the spirit of Christmas

Test drive a Ford car and help a kid stay in school

Is he worth it? The good man check list

Paranormal Activity director to make horror film about Area 51

Democratic attorney general hopefuls to make stops in Brighton

Repurposing your wedding dress

A trip to Firenze without the plane ticket

Pope Benedict XVI : Christ our hope and our rock

See-it, rent-it, skip-it: top 10 best movies in theaters Friday, December 4th

Newton wrestlers suffer tough season-opening loss

Free tutors for military families

John Corabi set to perform tonight in Dayton, Ohio

Pella rolls through Newton in LHC openers

Bachelor couple Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado break up after 5 years

Paul McCartney rocks Hamburg and you are there – photo slideshow #5

George Thomas trial Day 2 in Christian-Newsom murders case

Overcoming the ego and choosing the real to heal

Amanda Knox ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito takes stand

University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) offers summer French and Jazz course

CMB boys lose shootout with Ogden

Guess who is coming to Tempe: A&E’s Paranomal State

Inclement weather and school policy

The solution to all your skin problems: AYA Medical Spa

Motorcycle crash expert Harry Hurt dies

First Friday Femme Providing Monthly Events for Women

In Fear and Faith’s new video featuring Craig Owens

Ogden girls roll past CMB

Tiger Woods wanted by Ashley Madison after alleged affairs

America’s assimilation: The Muslim integration of American culture

15 Holiday events for the family this weekend

Top golf stars gather at Chevron minus Tiger – Round one tee times and pairings

Directing your life journey: Part 10

Novel mechanics: how to take notes

Collective fashion consciousness from LOOKBOOK.nu

Spreading Holiday Cheer in San Diego

Alleged Tiger Woods mistresses need to shoulder some of the blame

Tiger Woods and throwing stones

Loya’s brings fashion and philanthropy together in Salt Lake City

Sexy skin in winter weather

New movies in theaters Friday, December 4th

Its good to be the (Lich) King

Climategate ignored by news media

Sondre Lerche brings ‘Heartbreak Radio’ on the road

Video: Jon Stewart points out the no-win situation for President Obama’s Afghanistan speech

Non-profit developer looks to get buyers involved in the building process

Tiger Woods scandal: Woods’ wife needed more club, says golfer Jesper Parnevik

Reported swine flu deaths in China triple in two weeks, H1N1 Influenza virus causes 178 fatalities

Mammograms May Put High Risk Women at Even Greater Risk for Breast Cancer

Oprah’s Gift Pick for Foodies: Sumptuous Salted Caramels

January learning at the American Musuem of Natural History (programs fill up fast; sign up now!)

How to write a holiday newsletter

HABC houses in Harlem Park video

Toy safety

Hip hop absent from Grammy’s top awards

Claus ‘n Paws at Zoo Boise offers free family fun for the holidays

Thursday through weekend literary events in New Orleans

Astronomy 101: What are supernovas?

India says it will cut emissions, rejects binding target

Recommended GLBT Books.

Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS with XM NEXRAD Weather $99.99 – Woot deal of the day

Man loses fight against red-light traffic ticket after lengthy argument

Containing holiday chaos…

Holiday Buyer’s Guide- Part 2- For those who are worth it.

Politico reaches a new low

Brandon Bays’ latest book says consciousness is the new currency

Unveiling Charlotte’s best kept secret: Lava Bistro and Bar

Investigators mum, but court documents detail others present when Mom ran over Elgin Teen

Houston Marathon training program, week 19

Tiger Woods’ most formidable opponent is betrayal

Holiday Geek Speak

Putin using Friday’s terror attack as boost for Presidental bid

Bartender Wars: Adding alcohol to a competition is always a great idea

Washington, DC area musicians nominated for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Buy your tree and feed the hungry

Sarah Henderson on GM’s Facebook site

Maintaining a home renovation file

Snowbirding 101: Arizona State Parks December calendar of events

Former ‘Tool Academy’ star Jaimee Grubbs: Tiger Woods changed phones monthly

Chicago DuPage County – The non-court divorce

Raise money for arthritis at the Freeport Jingle Bell Run/Walk

Chanukah gift guide: Jackie Mason, Benny Bell, Yiddish theatre and radio

Campbells offering $20 gift card with $100 purchase of Carhartt clothing through December 6

Jennifer Lopez talks about her first triathlon on Ellen

Directing your life journey: Part 11

Wedding gift time: engagement & wedding ring holiday specials from Hudson Grove

Grammy Nominations – 2010

2011 Toyota Sienna: Live pictures, video and insight

Chivas USA announces the arrival of its new Head Coach

Snow for the southern and eastern US this weekend

Romance and finance – when to share income and debts with dating partners

Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace gets virtual pets

New Ford Fiesta wows ‘em in LA

Mental health social network launched

Judy Zerafa’s The Simple Easy Diet: the mind-waistline connection

Republicans in Congress question AGW consensus

The story of 2012

Stimulus masks holes in state and local budgets

Where does Florida rank in the Foreclosure world?

Free Stocking stuffer deals countdown – Leapster Dora the Explorer and Batman games

Grammy Award nominee Beyonce and her fitness workout

Tale of Two Kings – Ahaz and Emmanuel

Funny commercials are rare, but this one starring James Lipton is worth watching (with video)

Paul McCartney rocks ‘em in Hamburg – photo slideshow #6

The miss of the century

Four days to fill another weekend of art for you

Holiday eating doesn’t have to hurt

Report: Rachel Uchitel press conference cancelled, mystery still abounds

Jug Shop’s holiday beer series in 3 sessions

Motorcyclist holiday gift guide- Part I, stocking stuffers

Romance 101: The Get Em Girls Cookbook, recipes to get your man

Good for you food of the week: ginger

Derek Trucks Band ready for round two in Atlanta

Directing your life journey: Part 12

Minneapolis retailers and JDRF raise money to find a cure for diabetes

Director Paul Greengrass departs Jason Bourne franchise!

Examiner week 13 fantasy football picks

LA Auto Show UPDATED, Mitsubishi PX-MiEV the all around PHEV

How to win voters over to your side no matter where you are running

Banking bailout is more like banking scam

The Theological Virtues

Tiger Woods other woman, Jamie Grubbs beams in the role of home wrecker – with video

Christmas Crime: Cyber scammers target holiday shoppers

Ethanol subsidies show government mismanagement

Most popular Christmas cookies: Peanut butter Hershey Kisses cookie recipe

WineTastic Dallas has Reopened

Palin visits Arkansas for first time

12 Days of Christmas gifts for equestrians: Day 1

Theological Virtue of Faith

Museum of Natural Science promises snow this Saturday at budget event

Thanks for a really good comment yesterday!

Motorcyclist holiday gift guide- Part II, gifts up to $100

Lawyers: Tiger Woods paying wife $5 million to stand by her man (plus an extra $55M in the prenup)

Ex-girlfriend of George Thomas faces him in court: Christian-Newsom murders

Low-priced holiday gifts for everyone on your list at Whole Foods

Congress amicus for McDonald v. Chicago: The untold story

Holiday martini recipes that sparkle & shine

The Theological Virtue of Hope

Snow possible in Dixie

JC Penney to carry MNG by Mango in Fall 2010

Oregon’s early release plans create extra work for Columbia County courts

Gift guide for special needs

Not everyone will go vegan; ‘what do you have for them?’

The Greatest of These is Love

Serena Williams has wardrobe malfunction (photo)

Black is classy, easy-to-play, easy to lose

Beyonce and Taylor Swift take lead with Grammy nominations

Smokin’ Boston Music Awards, marijuana in the air

How to talk to your children about abuse

Tips for decorating bookshelves beautifully

Susan Boyle’s album a global sensation!

Try a Christmas family night at the Topeka Civic Theatre and see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

New York fails to move forward on marriage equality

Elite runners headline Sunday’s California International Marathon from Folsom to Sacramento

Directing your life journey: Part 13

Critic’s Notebook: Bocuse d’Or Benefit; bidding adieu to the NY French Restaurant Examiner

Looming H5N1/H1N1 flu amalgamation

Obama’s big plan: Taliban will bide their time until the exit

Taylor Swift and Beyonce grab lion’s share of Grammy nominations

Beat the holiday blues with exercise

Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel will hold a press conference today

You stay married for the children why? (So you wanna get divorced? part 3)

Chicken Stew

Jesper Parnevik on Tiger Woods scandal: ‘When you’re the world’s best athlete…think’

Chevrolet Volt will be available late next year…but not for you

5 Benefits of exercise

FratMusic.com–So your stereo doesn’t get stolen at the frathouse

Global human trafficking highlights (Dec. 3, 2009)

CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo to go “inside the mind of Google”

Susan Boyle: number one on both sides of the Atlantic

Diamond releases its 2009 comic book gift guide

Paul McCartney thrills fans in Hamburg, Germany – photo slideshow #7

Douglas County Toys for Tots program

William Bell returns to ‘Fringe’ in episode 2.10, ‘Grey Matters’

Entrepreneurship for a good cause

Dreams of a Vegan Dessert For The Holidays

Project Ladybug Fundraiser

White House Jobs Summit

Twitter is now #14 in the top 100 sites. Work Twitter to grow your Home Business/Opportunity

Marvel Legends 2-Pack Human Torch & Invisible Woman

‘Jon and Kate Plus 8:’ Jon Gosselin had Super Bowl plans squashed by TLC

Choosing the right dog; finding the right breeder part five

15th Annual La Arcada Christmas Walk

Things to consider when preparing to buy an investment property

Conservative Bible Project: more accurate translation or political agenda?

Some good heavy metal websites

Metroplex snow: Another round in Friday forecast

Where’s winter? World Cup video

Broadway at the Paramount discounts available for early buyers

More on the Celebration V announcement

New Years Resolution Part 1: Saving on your phone bill

Union Square Christmas Lights Tour, San Francisco

You may now Tweet the bride.

Denver Broncos playoff hopes hinge on win in Kansas City

Tom Petty reminisces in Rolling Stone

A somber reminder: Who concert tragedy’s 30th anniversary today

Party in Dallas with these weekend events December 4-December 6

Get Out of the Boat

Make Your Own Happy Hour

Jessica Alba bans her daughter from sodas, juice and all things sugar

Love One Another

I Know How to Cook: France’s most famous cookbook exceeds expectations

Presents for political types- the first in a series

Donate your gently worn coat for more than just good karma

Stevie Wonder named United Nations Messenger of Peace (video)

Roads from Folsom to Sacramento closed for California International Marathon Sunday

Push Out Into the Deep

Upcoming New Ferraro’s on Paradise

The Four Way Test

Celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities today

LeAnn Rimes to perform at the Holiday Tree Lighting at L.A. LIVE tonight!

Gulf Coast Power Pro Wrestling benefit show set for December 12 in Port Neches

Ex-girlfriend testifies in George Thomas case: Christian-Newsom murders

Simple Living Links – Dec. 3 – Starbucks, Funemployment, and Prospering during a Job Loss

Real tree or fake one? How about recycled?

Will Lakers tell Ron Artest to chill out after drinking revelations?

Is a long distance relationship worth it?

Getting the flu shot for your kids: Convenient hours in Minnesota

What made America so fat?


Obesity pandemic

Respect, where has it gone?

San Francisco Brewing Company Closes

Get free Christmas tree scraps at Everett Home Depot for wreaths and decor

TMZ: Rachel Uchitel lied about not having an affair with Tiger Woods, press conference canceled

Sugarland to perform with Usher, Rob Thomas & Mary J. Blige on TNT’s Christmas in Washington special

Tea Party

Santa Train 2009

Holiday events with the Woodlands dog park club (slideshow)

Children’s Museum of Houston helps families save money this holiday season

Santa Claus club in Mexico

Headrests and neck injuries

Adam Lambert focuses on being positive despite ABC show cancels

Tom Brady talks Tiger Woods scandal

EAC pays big bucks for political discrimination

Cheap Eats Quickies: Groupon’s Deal of the Day: Little Ethiopia Tour

Death: The great equalizer — a poem, inspired by the Vietnam War (video)

City council could delay high school improvements

Lexington radio station supports troops

Top 10 Colorado Rockies moments of 2009: part 2

Adam Lambert opens up with Ellen….a little

Disney World performance artist DiVine continues to mesmerize guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

OKC, Vote Yes for Maps 3

Warm your heart at an outdoor show: Don’t forget the Cocoa!

Keep dogs warm and snuggly

Job Listing Suggests Call of Duty 7 Not Modern

Tiger Woods, health, and the price of fame

Big Ten wins their first Big Ten/ACC challenge as Ohio State defeats Florida State 77-64

The Who Tragedy: 30 years later

Charity Donation Tip #1: Skip the Professional Christmas Lights Installation

Arizona legislature asks taxpayers to volunteer to pay more


Photographing at Butterfly Pavilion

HIV/AIDS: progress and advances in the fight

Repeal Day in Chicago – 2009

What does Tiger Woods story tell us about ‘gun control’?

Obama Ecstasy pills are a hit on the streets

Top poetry YouTube videos for December 3, 2009

12 Days of Christmas gifts for equestrians: Day 2

Limited edition alert: Anna Sui collaborates with FitFlop to create winter toning footwear

Bill Hader and SNL go behind the scenes of their infamous ‘Twilight’ parody (with video)

Nurturing brain development

Simple holiday recipes from award-winning celebrity chef Maria Liberati

New movies opening in Detroit on Friday, December 4th, 2009

Atlanta roller derby owned Fracture Magazine

Mall of America apologizes for Going Rogue event mistake

Stagliano brothers Mike and Stephen snag ex-Bachelorettes, Holly Durst and Deanna Pappas

Cookies for candy cane enthusiasts: HERSHEY’S Candy Cane Blossoms

2 Free Penn and Teller Tickets to their Las Vegas Show

Witness places George Thomas in area on day Newsom’s body was found: Christian-Newsom murders

Coleen De Reuck picked as 2009 USATF Masters Athlete of the Year

Christmas Angels in Roanoke, VA

Bald eagle viewing at Utah’s the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Mangagement Area on the Great Salt Lake

Directing your life journey: Part 14

At Bank of America – your tax dollars are working their way back home – but not yours

The Hangover director Todd Phillips talks The Hangover 2!

Jason Aldean Comes to The Bank of Kentucky Center on February 19

‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Kate Beckinsale goes cocktail in Vodka ads

Third alleged Tiger Woods mistress Kalika Moquin denies affair (photo, picture)

Ring in the holiday season with performances by private school musicians, dancers, singers

Fitch affirms NS rating at BBB+

Find Havaianas in Orlando for Under $10

Almost Famous–Gate Crashers at the White House Doth Protest Too Much

The 2010 Ford Mustang V6

Favorite Horse Quotes

Amtrak lowers Auto Train fares

Emboldened Democrats push for immigration reform despite wary Americans

Tom Brady has a baby gender secret


Miraculous conception

2010 Grammy Nominations include two from the Great American Songbook

James Barbour reveals new star in his holiday concert

The All- American Rejects to perform on the soap opera One Life To Live

Twilight New Moon Twitter contest “Tweet @Twilight” announced

Jim Ryan retracts claim of gun rights endorsement, blaming errors of “recollection.”

Four Jacksonville road projects to start

Montessori kids’ 2009 holiday gift guide: #3 Story telling toys

Pac-10 All-Academic teams

Engine death from sludge is not as common as it once was

Top Ten “YES, PLEASE DOs” on Your College Application Resume

Sponsors support Tiger Woods despite Rachel Uchitel, Jamiee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin (pictures)

Help! Stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas in Garden Grove

LFL – LA v SEATTLE Interview Series (VIDEO REPORT)

Photo Miami 2009 Open!

Office 2010 release date announced but details still to come

HIV/AIDS: persisting problems

Urban agriculture and community economic development: part one

Kalika Moquin denies Tiger Woods affair, Rachel Uchitel claims she lied

Holiday Burlesque in Denver with Naughty Noel

Missouri lawmakers pre-file autism insurance reform bills

Give the gift of the performing arts for Christmas

Debt scavengers part three- the scam of debt settlement

Presenting the nymph where trout most often feed: Undercut banks

6 steps to the leading edge

CMA Remains a Top Supplier of Quality Cable Assemblies

Real estate investing: benefits of demographic investing

Shooting for high scores on coin-ops still proved strong in 2009

Lou Dobbs abandoned by major immigration group

Attend World Cup draw festivities in Boston this Friday!

Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift among 2010 Grammy Awards Nominees (VIDEO)

ChampionsInC: Star Communities awarded for inclusion practices

Have you overlooked Internet business opportunities of your own?

Nutrition seminar at Vera Fitness

December quick tip for planning your wedding

Top Ten “DON’T DO ITs” on Your College Application Resume

Tiger Woods continues to eclipse real news

Santa Barbara County OKs new cat and dog spay/neuter requirements

Alex Smith returns to the site of his greatest game this Sunday

Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood arrested for assault

Los Angeles City Council again delays medical marijuana vote

L.A. Auto Show reveals the new Toyota Siena

Let’s not forget the true miracle of Christmas

Fo-Ci Art Fair 12/1-6/09

Why do we fear God?

COSI in Columbus offers holiday workshops for families

Vayishlach – restoring their connection

Tiger Woods may have to pay up for his ‘transgressions’

A.I., Sixers ready for reunion

Sundance announces film lineup

$5000 reward offered in murder of 12-year-old Jahmeshia Conner

Electric power steering- how it works

Fan film: Superman wedding takes the cake… BEFORE ZOD!

‘FlashForward:’ Bryce and Keiko a love story for the ages

New Victoria’s Secret model earns her wings

Gloria Allred cancels Rachel Uchitel’s press conference about her relationship with Tiger Woods

Upcoming vegan events in Chicago…

Who’s on first? Red Sox Lowell says he’d move if asked

Take your children on a journey around the world this Christmas: Customs, crafts, recipes and more

Gerhart named to AFCA All-America team

Girl Scouts focus on community service

‘Oleanna’ on Broadway: fascinating, shattering and nearby

Museum exhibits closing soon in St. Louis

Guidelines to win a signed copy of James Hansen’s new book

12 Days of Christmas gifts for equestrians: Day 3

Tiger Woods Has Affair

Grammy nominations are all about the ladies: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga rule the roost

Cooking with Steam, using the Can Cooker

UFO Lands in residential front yard?

Production on The Hobbit delayed for three months

UCF Knights better know a stadium, bowl edition: Tropicana Field

Adam Lambert continues to feel the wrath of ABC: More appearances cancelled

Holder’s racketeering Black Panther payola

Rachel Uchitel to confirm Tiger Woods affair? (photo)

Former wrestling champ Stephen Neal not grappling with decision to play in the NFL

A new way to manage your social networking websites without going insane

Dance the night (and your lard) away: Soul night in Portland

Help the Lancaster Museum Art/Gallery: Vote with Chase

‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ plagiarism court case dismissed

God, humanity and the Advent Season

Rob Pattinson to go ‘Western’ in new cowboy movie with Hugh Jackman

Sound Of Art Oasis of Raleigh Hotel 12/3/09

10 exercises that will shape and tone your body after childbirth

Lehigh Valley one-day con this Saturday

ABC Continues to Shut Out Idol Runner-Up Adam Lambert

In Brussels, Paul McCartney says late wife inspires him in vegetarian campaign (photo slideshow)

Tera Online, G-Star 2009-cinematic trailer 2

Congress appears poised to back Obama’s war plan

Simple tips to avoid holiday weight gain

Archos 5 Internet Tablet: Positive first impressions

Slower traffic keep right

Christmas Shopping in Princeton, New Jersey: The Nassau Inn

Gloria Allred cancels Rachel Uchitel’s scheduled press conference today

If the Big Ten Conference had a football tournament; quarterfinals

Russian PM Vladimir Putin keeps door open for 2012 presidential run

Self Indulgence Spa on Pico

Rachel Uchitel update press conference canceled without explanation

Lifting Depression: Holiday Christmas Letter from Jesus

Chris Brown promotion video +details about ANOTHER interview in response to Rihanna

Song analysis: Pieholden Suite

A perfect pear, a fun DIY favor project

This day in Texas wrestling history: WWF Tuesday In Texas

This weekend’s hot dance spots in San Francisco: Dec 4-6

Britney Spears knows how to pick baby names

Vampires on the loose

Personal Safety Preparations Before Leaving for College

Biggest Loser season 8 finale update: Amanda’s in the lead in our poll

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Monkey-butt isn’t as funny as it sounds

Weekend craft events in Tucson for December 4-6, 2009

Green Day nominated for three Grammy’s

Modern Family, The Middle and Cougar Town perform well in the Wednesday ratings race

Listen to this! New music featuring Timbaland, Miley Cyrus and more…

Back to normal; Wolves fall to Memphis

Inside the numbers: previewing Minnesota State

Latkes 101: a simplified Hanukkah, holiday, and every day recipe

Paris museum strike and the psychology of French work actions

New mystery series books debuting in December 2009

Decatur/Lithonia/Atlanta happenings around town Dec. 3rd through 6th

‘FlashForward’: What you need to know before episode 1.10, ‘A561984′

Montreal punks Humanifesto enter the studio

Grammy nominations announced, Beyonce on top with 10

Scorsese to receive DeMille Award at 2010 Golden Globes

Gay marriage and Catholic Charities in the District of Columbia

Gustto ‘Estola’ satchel and more on sale at ideeli

Roy Hargrove swings with style at Jazz Alley

Holiday calendar: Things to do this weekend

‘Ray Bradbury’s Merry Christmas 2116′ starts previews December 5 at the Fremont

10 ways to celebrate the holidays in Richmond with your stepfamily

Sen. Bob Corker’s daughter carjacked in Washington DC

Susan Boyle’s album smashes US sales records

Tips to stay safe and healthy when choosing a piercing studio

Simple and fun holiday homeschool activities to do today

LoweDown Happy Hour Holiday Dreams at the Lowe 12/3/09

Swine flu vaccine side effects: Miscarriages and more

Woman’s death no longer suspicious

Zoosk: Finding love on Facebook, Myspace, and other social networks

Crystal Renn’s woos in the January edition of Elle Canada

Beyonce nabs 10 Grammy nods

Going green for the holidays

Newsflash: Mosley says a bout between himself and Pacquiao is the ‘best thing for boxing’

USC faces huge test on the road against #2 Texas

What is the difference between a Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage?

Reward boutique’s winter Wednesday’s all December long

‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’, soundtrack nominated for 2 Grammy Awards – January 31, 2010

Twilight and New Moon star Robert Pattinson talks ‘good friend’ Kristen Stewart, heartthrob status

Grammy Award nominations

‘Twilight’ saga continues with possible 2-part ‘Breaking Dawn’ – 5 make list of who should direct

Read Félix Fénéon’s Novels in Three Lines on Twitter

Russell Brand’s arm candy, Katy Perry celebrates her 2010 Grammy nomination

Montreal a la carte

Decrease holiday stress: Use MenuForTheWeek.com to plan family dinners

Grammy 2010 nominations: ‘Twilight: New Moon,’ Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and more ( list here)

Confidently saying no

Jesper Parnevik wishes he had never introduced Elin to Tiger

Jenny McCarthy promotes new Wii fitness game on The Tonight Show

Adam Lambert understands why ABC shut him out (Poll)

Tiger Woods update: First alleged mistress cancels press conference, third denies affair

Errant Arizona officer jailed; colleagues and sheriff retaliate against judge

Planet 51 offers cute, kiddie look at xenophobia

The Howling claws its way back to the big screen

Metric at the Palladium Showroom, December 2

The lack of an Asexual culture

Official Art Basel and Miami Launch of Christian Louboutin and Piper Heidsieck’s Champagne Glass Sl

L.A. Auto Show reveals the new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hyrbid

Where to find a real Christmas tree near Raleigh

Rachel Uchitel remains silent, meets with Gloria Allred (video)

Meredith Kercher’s wait for justice near an end?

Fashionable beauty Beyoncé earns 10 Grammy Nominations (Beyoncé pictures slideshow)

Las Vegas Clubs: Moon Nightclub

Tampa Bay region sets new record for Bankruptcy

Chris Brown ‘Never Ever Had Problems With Anger’ before Rihanna

Playing Games with Kids

The easy way to happiness

Is acting like a Christian should the real point?

Student Safety is a Huge Concern In and Around Schools

It all depends on a tissue of lies

KJ Noons returns to MMA after successful boxing career, signs multi-fight contract with Strikeforce

Best Buy @15 Gifts benefit teen nonprofits

Are Realtors using Photoshop tricks to sell homes?

How a fight becomes a law: Security Reimbursement Ordinance

Meltdown: 56% of Arkansas voters strongly oppose Senate health care bill; calling Blanche Lincoln

Pets as Holiday Gifts

Take a burlesque class with the award-winning Perle Noire

Holiday guide: beating holiday stress naturally

Cool Yule playlist ideas (#1) – Joan Jett’s Blackheart Christmas

‘The Clown of God,’ by Tomie dePaola— An RML Christmas book review

USA series Monk finale on Friday

Every day there’s a chance to give

Visions of holiness

Book Review: Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

I’ll take a large slice of pepperoni – and a definition, please

Sexting growing in popularity among young people

The science of atoms and the connection of faith

Saint Hubert Job and Networking Ministry announces updated event calendar!

Feel Great Eating at Feel Goods Café in St. James, NY

Get Beyonce Knowles’ diet and fitness tips for staying in top Grammy Award shape

Bad behavior and how to be a real man

Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side: Another Oscar hopeful?

Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca presents his First Fine Art Solo Exhibition at Luis Perez Galeria 12/3/09

Bushnell onix 400 gps with xm nexrad weather

Howard Stern staffer redefines ‘Custer’s Revenge’ (photo)

Attention bailout haters: Bank of America to repay it’s bailout loan with interest

Danilo Gallinari coming into his own

Marvel stockholders to vote on Disney purchase.

Free fun for all at the 2009 Longmont Lights Dec 4th-12th

Carp kill chemical can cause convulsions, depression

Get John Mellencamp to quit smoking

Edwards and McCarty Hermann Trophy Semifinalists

Toddler dies after becoming trapped under mattress

Grizzlies Edge T’wolves, 97-95

Russian devises way to make vodka (and wine and beer) pills

Mike Huckabee granted cop killer Clemmons clemency

Sneak peek for ‘Fringe’ episode 2.09, ‘Snakehead’

8 Ways to Teach Compassion during the Holidays

13 new human stem cell lines approved for research

Religion 101: What does your local evangelical church think of creation and evolution?

Tiger Woods scandal: Jesper Parnevik,regrets introducing Woods to Elin Nordegren (video link)

Family literacy gift guide; Holiday 2009

Iverson to disrupt Sixers, apparently with their approval

Chris Brown on Rihanna incident, apologizes on Good Morning America: He is ‘devastated,’ ‘hurting’

Glasshouses and stones

Jesse Ventura clarifies his relationship with Vince McMahon

American Mountaineering Museum opens THIN AIR exhibit

Despite the decline in the Bay, Danton’s still has oysters

Raul Malo hitting the Casbeers Stage tonight

Volunteer spotlight: Giving your time to an animal shelter

Holiday One of a Kind Show and Sale® opens 12/3 at the Merchandise Mart

Spotlight Players Presents The Christmas Quilt

Wait until you finish writing the article to edit

Great Charleston deals for NC residents: Visit an exquisite city and save

‘The Blind Side’ movie review

Lady Gaga covers Elle

The Swiss Pub set to host benefit concert for fallen Lakewood Police officers

Follow up to Petersburg Investigation

Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood arrested for possible domestic assault

Follow your star!

Quick, easy & inexpensive ways to decorate for the holidays

KFI hosts to hold Anaheim rally today advocating part time Calif. legislature

Rob Zombie’s CD release pushed back

Money-saving tips for the holidays part 2

Shirtless Taylor Lautner to spoof Taylor Swift on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Sexually Violent Preditor Moves Into Morrison Neighborhood, Enraging Community

Cruising from Florida: Palm Beach cruise canceled

Miriam Fernandes Gallery presents Art Basel is in the air & Art Brazil is here 12/3-5/09

Bon Jovi adds second Seattle date to The Circle World Tour

The King of Pop Michael Jackson

America’s mortgage crisis-can President Obama provide a way out?

Ron Wood arrested for assault

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

‘FlashForward’: episode 1.10 may show more about Zoey’s flash forward

Do you want free iPhone games? AppRebates offers free iPhone apps

2010 GMC Acadia: For when you absolutely need seven Seats

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Countdown to the 2009 National Christmas Tree Lighting live webcast

Rachel Uchitel’s silence worth a million bucks?

The gardener and his plans for the new season

SpringHill Makes It Easier For Disabled Kids To Go To Camp

Winter cold just chaps my…

Justin Bieber needs a girlfriend! Any takers?

Peppermint Cheer highlights holiday menu at Denny’s Restaurants

Manhattan dealership gives back to the community

Consumer Reports: 98% of iPhone users would buy it again

Tweeting literature: step forward or new media stunt?

Chase drivers and their show cars are part of Las Vegas NASCAR Champion’s Week FanFest

Preying on families of children with autism

Baked French Toast Recipe: Perfect to Make-Ahead for Christmas Breakfast

Puppetry of the Penis comes back to Chicago

Admirals fall to Rivermen 4-3 in shootout

‘Chuck’ star Zachery Levi appears on ‘The Today Show’

Can Oprah learn to do pull ups and to immunize herself against obesity for life?

On a good first impression

Restoration Hardware holiday gift ideas

Top DVD Christmas gifts – first week in Dec. releases with links

Palmer: Court Case with Implications for SF Housing

Commentary: GW Obama?

Attorney Gloria Allred cancels Rachel Uchitel press conference about Tiger Woods

SMART METERS: Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ concept is now deployed in homes near you!

DVD Review: ‘Sanctuary: The Complete First Season

Richmond’s GardenFest of Lights at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Made in the O-A-K

Coffee shops a low key alternative to sports bars

Event photos: The 4th Annual Friends of St. Jude DC Blues Ball presented by Herren Associates

Berkeley YMCA classes offer fun and new skills for special needs kids

L.A. premiere of new ‘A Christmas Carol’ musical at the Lonny Chapman Theatre

Family style menu at Angelina Ristorante Chicago for groups, families, budget-friendly parties

Breaking news: Did Tiger Woods’ traveling lifestyle ruin his marriage?, part 2

Obama’s war

Two Dream Events with Anne Hill in Sebastapol, December 5-6, 2009

Elin Nordegren isn’t leaving Tiger Woods

In search of justice

Only 17% of British Columbians register as organ donors, but 85% support idea

Sobe Arts in collaboration with Subtropics.Org Present Frozen Music Ensemble Autonomous Sounds I & I

ABC continues Adam Lambert blackout

Kimbo Slice – Houston Alexander Preview

Sneak peek video on Monk series finale from USA

Providence Dog Show 2009: Rhode Island Convention Center

GOP Lt. Gov. announces candidacy for Governor of Connecticut

Bulldogs ready for Mavericks

Beyond Jamestown exhibit at State Capitol to close this month

“Squishless” Breast Cancer Detection Techniques

Upcoming Events: 12.03.09

Free weekend screenings at Library of Congress and National Gallery of Art

Poetry News, December 7, 2009

Training Table

New York’s 5 best French restaurants with a view: No. 4 (Terrace in the Sky)

Jasper Parnavich

University at center of Climategate email scandal announces investigation details

Ex-Stanford players in the NBA: Brook Lopez producing despite Nets’ woes

ABC cancels Adam Lambert performances on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’

Hydrogen Peroxide 101

Kristen Stewart calls co-star Taylor Lautner ‘buff’, catch the almost-kiss video (VIDEO)

Britney Spears covers Elle January 2010

Jay-Z and Kanye West lead pack of Hip-Hop Grammy nominees

Tiger Woods scandal: he’s still good at golf

Is Obama becoming LBJ? Is Afghanistan another Vietnam?

Societe Perrier PULSE Miami 12/5/09

Kringle Cross – Cyclocross race and toy drive for the Salvation Army

Sen. Boxer calls it ‘E-mail-theft-gate’ not ‘Climategate’

Craft Beer in winter

Diamond Peak Ski resort opens December 17th

Taking an ecotour in the Amazon rainforest of Peru

Music critic Glenn Gamboa predicted David Cook would get Grammy nod

Enjoy Hemlock Inn recipes in your own kitchen

Christmas television programming for Thursday December 3rd: The polar express and more

Mortgage rates at new record lows

Bridal necklines 101- halter neck bridal gowns

A tiger lost in the woods.

Attachment Parenting helps develop morals in children

Review (update): Tom Petty – The Live Anthology (Deluxe Edition)

Plenty of favorites among jazz Grammy nominees, Part II

Beaver Creek’s Birds of Prey underway

Tiger Woods 1 of 3 alleged mistresses: Rachel Uchitel, cancels press conference to admit affair

Holiday fun family-style

Austin Weekend Music Preview: FREE & inexpensive holiday options to kick off December

Kate Hudson on her new musical ‘Nine’, A-Rod and more…

‘Twilight: New Moon’: 22-year-old woman arrested, charged for taping film; could serve 3 years

Obamanomics will create $1 trillion in lost wages

Grammys ditch Cristal for apple cider

‘Glee:’ strong moments and strong ratings

Nick Jonas ‘Who I Am’ studio version!

The New York Senate vote

Fuel your workout: Bear Naked Grain-ola bars

Switzerland gets it all wrong

Ron Artest admits drinking during games

Photo Miami Opening Party at Nikki Beach 12/3/09

Lady Antebellum nominated for multiple Grammy’s

We are born to help others without being rewarded

Amazon.com lets students trade textbooks for gift cards

‘FlashForward’ prediction: ‘A561984′ will show Mark Benford as Demetri’s murderer

Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero DLC for December 3rd

Wizards beat Bucks in team effort

Phishing scam reported by CDC sponsored state vaccination program for H1N1

Breaking news from Romance Writers of America

Woman dies in Price house fire

School Employees ask courts to stop 45 percent insurance hike

Review: “I Won’t Forget You” by Poison

27th Annual California International Marathon this weekend!

What to do with teens who just don’t get it?

SEC Championship will once again be epic #1 vs. #2 matchup between Florida and Alabama

Gran Turismo 5 Demo Arrives on Dec 17th Along with Indy 500 Prize

Cerealist Art: Kid friendly and inspiring

Extraterrestrial UFO ballot initiative heads for Denver election

Job interview – first impressions are critical

Family game night – good for teens too

The cor in dating – excerpt of “choice – the meaning of life”

From D.C. to Denver – The Sustainable Restaurant column moves west

Dr. Oz tv show recap, episode 56: pregnancy myths busted

Miley Cyrus makes her songwriter cry!

Who Tabs

Alfa Romeo announces new Giulietta five-door; hatchback Alfa will come to America with Alfa MiTo

Easy natural Christmas decorations for your porch

DIY Wedding: To rent or to purchase your wedding decorations

Living With Vanity

Spoilers on Hulk Hogan appearing in TNA

Ashley Greene feels ‘intense bond’ with co-star Robert Pattinson

Time crunch workout series: The 20 minute glute sculpting treadmill routine

Graffiato 12/4/09

Frank Sinatra fought the schoolyard bullies of this world all his life

Sunsets are good medicine and make perfect Christams gifts

Stefani Miglioranzi selected by Philadelphia in Expansion Draft

Cables are your not-so-secret weapon.

Friday Face-off Teaser: Is it okay to date my ex’s friend?

Report: Allison Iraheta gets the ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ gig as Idol friend Adam Lambert is booted

Review: “So Tell Me Why” by Poison

Bits and pieces of Fullerton

Spicewood Vineyards half marathon and 10 K this weekend

WW II Battleship sailor tells Obama to shape up or ship out!

Separation anxiety in young children who attend childcare centers

Congressman says Federal Govt has spent $1.1 Million dollars per job creation in Calif. District

Fat lip vs. murderous mutilation

The Architects of Destruction

Review of Launch My Line on Bravo

Buy a Wireless Surround Sound system for 80% off

Food, Inc. shown in Palo Alto this Friday at World Centric

The Tea Spot Chef Mate Limon Poached Salmon Recipe

Paddle sports: healthy, fun, stress-busting, and out of the beaten path

Snap review of the movie Precious

Queer As Folk’s Sharon Gless lights up San Francisco’s Tree of Hope

Victor Solano of Univision interviews Carmela Escobar

Fashion = Art 12/5/09

Bernard Hopkins beats Enrique Ornelas and now wants to be Heavyweight Champ (video)

Cuff ‘em! Jigsaw bracelets from Leighelena

Former Miss. Argentina dies of complications after buttocks implant surgery

Review: ‘Up in the Air’

Review: “Something To Believe In [Import]” by Poison

Breaking news: Paramount Entertainment announces Clueless for the iPhone

San Antonio: A Winter Wonderland!

Bobby Berk (Home) & Leslie Sanchez Charity Toy Drive

States seeing red with health care reform legislation

Phoenix residents to fight LDS Temple plans

Ben Gordon returns to boo’s, Bulls pick up win against short-handed Pistons

Should You “Stay Friends”?

‘After I Met a Boy’ conference: Assist Her, Daughters of Donia, Lupe Fiasco team

Robert Pattinson in ‘Remember Me’ movie trailer

Recession-proof cities

Rachel Uchitel press conference canceled

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 10 results: what went wrong with Nathan Trasoras

Rumor: Curve 8520 available December 4th on AT&T

KHS Adoptable Dog of the Day for December 3, 2009

Haute Living & Ligne Roset VIP Art Basel Event 12/3/09

Noble fruit trees grow on rocks and yield beautiful fruit briars grow in the sand and yield thorns

Rachel Uchitel’s press conference to discuss Tiger Woods affair canceled by Gloria Allred

The Simple Easy Diet- Review

el Jimador tequila, plus Margarita mix, plus aluminum can, equals awful

The ladies lead the Grammy nominations! Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga top the list

Book Review: The God Delusion

Ashley Greene says vampire sex is ’100 times better’ than normal sex

Event photos:Dancing w/ the Stars’ Mya & “White House Party Crashers” @ America’s Polo Cup

Picture Your Pets with Santa

Review: “Talk Dirty To Me” by Poison

Common turns fans into believers with new album

Five myths about cheating

Pittsburgh listed as #4 in America’s fastest recovering cities

Thanks to Westphal, these Kings are a far cry from last year

Holiday Drinks: Orange Hot Chocolate

Baby dinosaurs ‘born’ in Florida: See them at Dinosaur World, a bit down I-4 from Disney

New Motorola Android phone leaked

On the Hollywood Christmas Parade Red Carpet with Kate Flannery of ‘The Office’

Pleasure P Grammy nomination rocked by child molestation rumors, court papers

DVD pick: ‘Brüno’

COLLAPSE Comes To San Francisco

2009 Freihofer’s Masters Champion, Colleen DeReuck, named USATF Masters Athlete of the Year

The legacy of Tiger Woods caught cheating

College football rankings: Week 14

Shouldn’t a jobs summit have the unemployed on the guest list?

St. Paul Almanac readings continue

Edward 40-hands

Tiger tales: In defense of Nike and the Golf Channel’s offense

Man charged in attempted murder and sexual assault of ex-girlfriend

Get ready, get Handmade

This Saturday: Come eat, drink and give back!

Wild ride of a small town Christmas

Common pregnancy complications you should be aware of

Start a Christmas tradition – catch a “real” reindeer

I’m Not a Fan of Bad PR on Facebook

Chicago bands offer free downloads, free Jan. 2 Metro show

Was former ‘Tool Academy’ star Jaimee Grubbs offered a job by Tiger Woods?

Major Brian Dennis talks about his dog Nubs, movies and Hollywood

Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal have a tricky family love triangle in ‘Brothers’

A week in Marilyn Manson break ups and make ups

Best Sport Endurance Blog of 2009: Help pick the best blogs of the year

Newly launched Homeschool Legal Advantage: Another option for homeschooling families

Reports state that Tiger Woods offered Rachel Uchitel hush money: press conference cancelled

The Caffeine Content in Popular Coffee Brands: Second Cup Coffee

Colo. man accused of al-Qaida-linked bomb plot appears in Brooklyn court

HR 218 firearms qualification offered by Broward Sheriff

Insight B 12/3-6/09

Watching the World Cup draw live in Seattle Friday (updated)

Insight B 12/3-6/09

Placido Polanco, Phillies agree to 3-year, $18 million deal

Pet food recall – here’s the link

Britney Spears comeback continues with sons Jayden and Sean featured on the cover of Elle magazine

Whitney Houston gets snubbed by the Grammy’s, receives no Grammy nominations

Whiskazz and Pawzz gift boutique

Westbound express: Rick Whitesell rebuilds girls basketball at Sioux City West

Housecat notes, Khan vs. Salita, Freddie Roach and Cowboys Stadium

The bugs are back!

Murder mystery dinner theater Christmas activities in the St. Louis area

The American Kennel Club requirements of the Chihuahua breed

Happiness: top 10 things that would make men/women happy

Pets have arrived at the Avatar Marketplace

Taylor Swift reacts to eight Grammy nominations

Local producer Ventura Limoncello wins Platinum SIP Award

A Dog Lover’s Plea

Designer Thomas Engel Hart: LA punk meets parisian avant-garde

December – National Stress Free Month

Nadal must end slump for Spain to win Davis Cup again

DWTS alum Joanna Krupa nude angel PETA ads condemned by The Catholic League

Vegetarian diet may be key to longevity

Report and commentary on Pew Forum interview with Pastor Rick Warren

Finding the right doctor after relocating

Ska and Rockabilly Fest in Pomona this Sunday

International Volunteer Day 2009 is December 5th

Christmas in the Country – A Weekend in Cedarburg

L.A. Auto Show reveals International Car of the Year

Brand Marketing 101: Market research

Vampires and Violent Vixens: From Dracula to Twilight

Top triathlon websites you must visit today, plus site reviews

The Caffeine Content in Popular Coffee Brands: Starbucks Coffee

Writing “magnetic” copy

Lexington library moves graphic novels after “community concerns”

Annual Christmas Lighting ceremony and festival in Leavenworth (December 4-6, 2009)

Top 10 Client Gifts to Avoid

Perez Hilton disses Dancing with the Stars: ‘They accept losers’

How can you stop being a bully

Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel tell all about their sisterly bond and ‘Bones’ collaboration

New York State Senate halts gay marriage in its tracks

Theron becomes favorite actress in Ireland with shock rehearsal stunt

Good Games for Under $20 week 5

Scrubs returns

Prep your vehicle for winter travel

Black Eyed Peas are coming to Dallas

Fighting loneliness at christmas time: surviving the holiday season without a new relationship

Art Week Event At Eden Roc Resort Promoting Work Of Genius 12/2-5/09

Snowball Express: Stroker’s Dallas offers special on Kickstand Pads

Fight the SADness

Gingerbread man ornaments make a fun craft and an adorable gift

Advocacy and Awareness

Justin Bieber congratulates Taylor Swift, asks Beyonce out to Grammys

Green Car of the Year named

inFamous sales data revealed

Lulumahu Falls

Officials decide how to close Nutty Putty Cave

Tiger Woods in the hot seat, but could this happen to your marriage?

Lindsay Lohan is having a rumored affair with Kevin Connolly

David Crockett State Park included in White House Christmas by Michelle Obama

Sneak Peek of This Week’s ICarly Episode

Interrelated aspects of your authentic self

2012: Enjoy the end that is near

Online worship: Internet church services on the rise

Taylor Swift reacts to Grammy nominations

Christmas in Downtown Rogersville

Pappa to stay with Fire through 2012

25 Days of Glam: Metallic Clutch

Who is a bully and how did they become a bully?

States rebellion and noncompliance with the Real ID act: What is your state’s position?

IRT holiday series continues this weekend with Dickens Carolers, ‘A Christmas Carol’

Arizona’s Budget Crisis: Education Cuts Leave Every Child Behind

Greenville bar profile: Zippers

Virginia symphony plays Nutcracker for Richmond ballet

Why I must believe in God (1 of 3)

The Arts Company celebrates Art After Hours art crawl with book signing and new works by Brother Mel

How I spent my Thanksgiving vacation

Abundant high school options for Florida homeschoolers

CCEMiami at Art Basel Migrations Looking South at Moore Space 12/3/09

Dr. Oz tv show recap, episode 57: Diabetes Epidemic

ads T

Polanco signs with Phillies, Sizemore to join Tigers

Hermosa Beach Italian Restaurant Profile: Mama D’s

Jackson brothers Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon, talk Michael, Dec. 13 A&E show on Today (video)

Adam Lambert takes to Twitter, tweets on 2 ABC cancelled appearances, says ‘focus on being positive’

It’s “better together” with Steiff

Creative way to share the story of Chistmas with kids

Review of The Forgotten episode ‘Lucky John’

Take your tot to view the Grand Illumination at the James Center

America returning to its own backyard

The Big Hunt and Polaris Project happy hour to fight Human Trafficking

L.A. Auto Show reveals: 2010 Green Car of the Year

Putting together a Christmas playlist

Choosing your wedding florist

Stevie Wonder designated new U.N. Messenger of Peace

Holiday events at state parks in Eastern and Central Kentucky

Fidelity and frugality

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery Grand Opening 12/5/09

Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood arrested for assault

More than just a fat lip.

Abstract to Expessionist, her passion spills to the community

Tokio Hotel records a special message to fans about AIDS fundraiser

Toledo Tweetup Dec. 8

Ducks win two and lose two to close out extended homestand

Actors, entertainment execs set for appearances at CES

’2012′: Meets expectations’

Save money by shopping the daily deals

Downtown car parking is bad: a lesson from Hartford, Connecticut

About-face: The Salahi’s aka “party crashers” decline legit invite to Capitol Hill

The Kennedy Center Family Theater presents Teddy Roosevelt and the Ghostly Mistletoe

Style 101: Bundle up with stylish winter hats

Dog Christmas gifts

Peppermint Bark

Guillain-Barre Syndrome and H1N1 Vaccine: Is there a connection?

Next new fad in quick weight loss products will contain PRDM16

Local Spotlight: Community College of Philadelphia fiction and poetry reading

Susan Boyle giving us love in best selling recording

Charitable Holidays: Charitable gift giving guide

Kama Ruby and Terry Cano – First Friday @ Metro Galleries

Redefining luxury with the opening of Alila Villas Soori in Bali

Poll: Americans increasingly skeptical of global warming

Update on status of heathcare bill in the Senate

Unleashing deer population management

Christmas Fun Christmas Lights Christmas Ideas in Louisiana

Photoshop tutorial: how to remove blemishes Part 1

Christmas activities: Time saving Christmas cookies

Arizona Wildcats fall to UNLV in double overtime

Chiefs set to kick off 3-game home stand, starting with old AFL foe Denver

Not Anxiety Too?

Adam Lambert canceled again by ABC

Aston-Martin, Rolls-Royce star at LA Auto Show, Ferrari, Maserati missing noted car writer reports

Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman worked out 2-4 hours per night to get runway ready

Walnut Burger: Biting into divinity

Irreversible and Metropole South Beach Present Artist/Curator Alejandro Mendoza 12/4/09

Sarah Blackwood kicks off solo European tour

Local artists come out for second Art @ Axis event December 4

Brazos Bend State Park: Wildlife photographer’s paradise

How to avoid Santa meltdown

Robert Pattinson to play John Lennon in upcoming film?

Jobs and Economic Recovery Forum with recent labor statistics spark mixed emotions for job seekers

Ten best Christmas gifts for cooks

Creating Textures with light

Nutty Putty cave sealing begins, many are upset

Tokidoki takes on the world. Sometimes

UFO hunting every day

To medicate or not

Lessons learned from the H1N1 flu vaccine shortage

Time Magazine looks at health breakthroughs that can impact your infertility

Shopping in a winter wonderland at CrossIron Mills

25 years later, Bhopal still suffering

Avoid chemicals, save energy, by doing laundry the green way

Are you dating your booty call

Breast feeeding: more benefits

10 year old foster son tasered by Pueblo sheriff deputy

Microsoft bringing full game downloads to Games for Windows Live

Kong stuffing ideas

Adults misdiagnosed as adhd face bipolar disorder

Suicide bomber kills 19 people and wounds 40 during Somali medical graduation

Adoptable Pet of the Month

Have you voted yet for Kentucky’s 2010 election slogan?

House M.D. game anticipated for early 2010

The Whitelaw Hotel Presents Love & Heart 12/5/09

Make a Fashion Statement From Your Clothing

Survey shows that artists need your help

Holiday lighted boat parades

Alessandra Ambrosio says runway success factor is Brazilian butt

Coronation Street: First fictional street to be available on Google Street View

Father Time and Old Vines, Part IV: Israel

5 tips to getting responses

Kimbo versus weight cut more of a fight than Kimbo versus Alexander?

Turbocharging and Supercharging explained – part 3

Can we take Paul seriously on the subject of damnation?

Pets do not make good holiday gifts

USA airs day of Trudy Mythology leading up to Monk series finale

Sniff out holiday gift treasures at Spencer & Daniel’s

The Trains at NorthPark

House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie

Host a holiday bake night: Save time and money this Christmas

Saturday on TDR: Kevin Jackson, Randy Lewis, Jim Gibbons, Andy Hamilton, more


Branchburg Printmaking Council to host holiday workshop

For Illinois Taxes, What’s Good for Me Is Good for Thee

The return to photo basics: the 50mm lens

Stock up on Foodie gifts at the La Cocina Holiday Fair tomorrow 12/4!

Vote J.J. Abrams’ ‘Fringe’ for TV.com’s Best of 2009

Preseason favorites Oklahoma and Michigan desperate to get back on track

Michael Caine gets dirty in ‘Harry Brown’

Classic beef stew

Hits We Missed: Essential recordings from off the radar

A Savior who is real

Concert photos: Wisin y Yandel bring their club banging reggeaton musica to Patriot Center

Women’s World Cup to expand to 24 nations for 2015

Parker Police Department publishes tips on staying safe during the holidays

Veteran homeschooler Julie Anderson’s new book

The Tiger Woods experience

2A state championship preview: West Valley-Spokane Eagles v. Lynden Lions

Stephen Markle rumors confirmed!

Derek Webb, live and controversial

75% off photo holiday cards + free shipping

Families forced to drop insurance without COBRA subsidies

Libertarian Party opposes Obama war plan

Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia crash

The Puma Store hosts a Holiday Party Remix

Christmas activities: Quick and easy chocolate candy

New Mexico defeats #25 Cal

Probiotics and prebiotics: what are they?

Balboa Park December Nights guide

He Believes in a Beauty Art Show 12/1-6/09

Gov. Quinn signs tough gun law on street gangs

Concert photos: Electrotango maestros Bajofondo bring tango and electronic bliss to 9:30 Club

Finding your purpose

Amy Bengtson Jewelry holiday studio sale

Identifying GATE Students

Twelve Days of Great Gifts for Tailgaters: Day 2

Phillies sign Polanco

Grammy Nominations: The Country Music Category Breakdown

Paul McCartney promoting Meat Free Mondays to EU

Lance Armstrong (and his fabulous abs) on The Daily Show impress Jon Stewart

Small Press Distribution hosts buck-a-book poetry sale Sunday December 6

Christmas parades coming to Montgomery and surrounding areas

Reindog Parade in St Joseph, Michigan

Michael Jackson confirmed to have composed Sonic 3 music

The best ever apple pie

Planning a fantasy beach wedding

Rail builders from everywhere converge on Florida

Fishing, hunting great during tough economic times

Mediterranean Visions 12/4/09

The cursed black dog of Meriden

Bass Pro Shops will honor local heros with fishing and hunting bargains on December 13

Who’s to blame for the Asian Carp?

Nick Jonas Administration debut and GRAMMY nominations for children/teen music

Visit Santa Paws with your pup – take pictures and get goodies

Video – The 12 Days of Global Warming featuring Al Gore

Eagles Band’s Timothy B. Schmit sings new “Expando” with “Parachute” in SF at GAMH December 13th

Concert photos: A real life Romeo,Anthony Santos & Aventura bring bachada ballads to Patriot Center

Greenville Christmas parade set for Saturday

The Tiger Woods Mystique

Police issue alert after attempted luring of Englewood school girl

Video: PA medical marijuana hearings – Son speaks of dying mother

49 year old wheelchair-bound child rapist overpowers two prison guards, escapes

Intel Reader helps the visually impaired read with freedom

Cycling Savings in time for the Holidays

Village of Warsaw Annexation Day: December 3, 1901

Inhofe wants to use climategate to persecute scientists

a view from the Piu: how-to learn about faith, the hard way

Computer maintenance: Introducing CCleaner

Best Place to Hear Humpback Whales Sing on Hawaii’s Big Island this Winter

Turkey and Jordan sign free trade agreement

Hidden Gems NYC: A little whisper and some mighty fine oysters near Grand Central Station

Food can write the peace in Afghanistan

How to repair minor auto body surface rust

Shen and Zhao lead World champs after the short in Tokyo

Hudson’s Holiday Walk 2009

Audi A3 TDI wins Green Car of the Year Award

Obama does not want ill-considered jobs recommendations

Candace Havens signs books at Friday’s TCU Extravaganza

Nature becomes the motivator for getting children to move and be active

Free holiday toy testing this Saturday in Novato

Groom updates Facebook relationship status during nuptuals

Quasars first? raven tactics, music and speech, chicken for arthritis, clean copper

Update on weekend snow event

Stopping MRSA before it becomes virulent now possible

Time Warner Cable NYC needs subscribers to show their loyalty

Jaimee Grubbs’ friend says she was Tiger’s dream girl, not a ‘homewrecker’

How to make beaded earrings as holiday gifts

How to survive as the middle child

Tiger Woods’ mistresses are ‘screwing him over’ (Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel photos)

The twelve days of Christmas Norfolk Admirals-style

Get your tickets for B. B. King and Buddy Guy in Atlanta February 6, 2009

Rarely used safe anchorage when cruising Turtle Bay to Mag Bay

Concert photos: Bossa nova great Bebel Gilberto brings smooth rhythms to 9:30 Club

Android OS 1.6, 1.5 and 2.0 – Why are so many Android OS versions out in the wild

Jennifer Lopez home videos will not be released

Cleary MBA program takes going green to a new level in higher education

New hepatits C treatment shows promise

Sign of Christmas: First Coast Nutcracker inspires with live music, ballet

Art Basel Reception for It’s Like That 12/5/09

Dr. Oz tv show recap, episode 58: exhaustion by retrovirus

How to get involved in amateur auto racing – part 3: Autocross

More really bad news: Man poisons 2 year old son because a prophet told him his son was a wizard

Sackboy to be a stealth assassin with Assassin’s Creed II costume DLC

AC/DC reschedules postponed Black Ice Tour show for April 13

Extravagent lengths for five-minutes of fame

Ruffwear Approach dog pack review

New TweetDeck features include improved retweeting, Linkedin.

Creating a life around our passions and dreams

Trophy wives soon lose their luster with cheating husbands

Christmas shopping for your woman: A guide for men

Great pet gift ideas for Christmas

Mo’ sun, Mo’ fun, and plenty of rum at Round Hill Villa Resort, Montego Bay, part 1

Retail jobs may not be where you think they are

Dylan in “The People Speak” video clip, plus new audio sample

Kevin Harvick Inc. and Rick Ren part ways

Aveda launches mobile shopping and product information

Five hot tips: South Island, New Zealand

Honduras Congress rejects Zelaya’s return

Tiger Woods scandal: Rachel Uchitel cancels press conference, $1 million payoff alleged

Rachel Uchitel alleged Tiger Woods mistress has a change of heart

Highlights of Los Angeles (L.A.) Auto Show 2009 Part 1

Natural childbirth,introduction

Chris Brown: ‘how could I be that person?’

Holiday feasting or eating binge

Book review: The Simple Easy Diet–a philosophy for goal achievement and life success

Afghan and Pakistani leaders express skepticism in troop surge to Afghanistan

Season of giving: 2 ways to help out AZ pets during the holidays

Nativity scene makes a comeback

Types of drugs

GM announces plan to address dealer concern

Fashion app for iPhones by yoox.com

Autism Society invites submissions for on-line art exhibit

Last Christmas tree farm in Santa Barbara County, Burnett’s, to close

Now that Eclipse has wrapped and New Moon is out, what’s next for Robert Pattinson?

Former UK star Antoine Walker careless, yet remorseful for failed Chicago housing properties

Anthony Sowell: Alleged Cleveland serial killer pleads insanity during arraignment

Art Basel Event Benefiting Educate Tomorrow Les Arts Vivants 12/4/09

Education 101: What is the history of the North American education system?

Phillies sign Polanco

Is the book dead? Long live the book!

Absolut Comedy Burlesque at Exit Chicago (11/14/09) – “Popular” by Siren Jinx

The city of Brotherly Love? Hardly

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks releases early next week, still time to pre-order

DVD review: Star Trek

Photoshop tutorial: how to remove blemishes Part 2

Nick Jonas and the Administration perform at Grammy Awards Nominations Concert

Terry Bradshaw presents the fun art of staying motivated to San Antonio

Criminal: The Sinners, part two (reviewed)

Enhance the Taste of Your Foods With Plank Grilling

Williamsburg Land Conservancy helps preserve a special place

Holiday Parties are fun and philanthropic

‘Star Trek’ soundtrack nominated for a Grammy award

Concert photos: Puerto Rican reggeatoneros Zion & Lennox bring hip hop to Bravo Bravo

Precipio in Westbury

Transition your dog out of the crate when home alone

The fading American Dream

Ferrari F40′s meet in Monterey in 2010: includes video

Vue Personal Video Network

Wine of the week: Babcock Cabernet Sauvignon Classic Rock Cuvee 2006

Sweet potato cornbread for a new holiday dish your family will love

7 For All Mankind Aventura Event 12/5/09

I’m dreaming of a “Green” Christmas

Childhood obesity

Literature on Twitter – Rick Moody’s ‘Electric-Lit’

Gluten free brownie recipe

Lighted boat parades are a sparkling Florida Keys Christmas tradition

The wisdom and wit of Warren Buffett

Sanofi-Aventis warns prescribers of possible heart problems in patients on Norpramin for depression

Glenfiddich 50 in extremely short supply

Christmas shopping at the farmers market: Deck the Halls

Chocolate: A way to give back

Stalking the dark passenger: Dexter, season 4, episode 9

Pre-opening Party for Delarosa Restaurant in the Marina

Houston Texans news and notes

Christmas lights shine bright

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift lead Grammy Award nominations (full list)

How to find Vampire Romance in Phoenix

Will Taylor Lautner be a better Saturday Night Live host than Taylor Swift? Vote in the poll!

Dress for the weather

‘Up In The Air’ named Best Film of 2009 by the National Board of Review!

Tiger, what now?

Disneyland deals just got better with kids fly free

Senate passes first women’s health care amendment (mammograms) in Health Care Reform Bill (video)

Tiger Woods’ affairs caused by ‘large ego’ and ‘rough childhood’

Singer Kat Danson says producer threatened suicide to make her sign deal

CDC warning: beware of H1N1 vaccination email scam

Santa Fest and Holiday Parade

Should single moms re-marry? Part III of IV

Ten gift ideas for the book lover

See OG&E Garden Lights during Downtown in December

Snow is likely mainly south of Interstate 20; cold temperatures through Saturday

Game preview: Habs try to snap skid vs. Sabres

Luther Rada & the Healers-Fort Bend, Big Easy on Westheimer, Capones & Cullen in Houston this week

Catholic Homeschoolers in Corpus Christi celebrate the beginning of Advent

D.C. politicians ignore the people & insult God over gay marriage and get paid for it

Funny Video: China recreates the ‘Tiger Woods Incident’ with CGI (with funny video)

Intelligence Report: Synopsis and Mission Statement (Part 1 of 26)

On the red carpet with Brian McKnight at the Hollywood Christmas Parade

CVS selling expired drugs, milk, eggs and formula. Also condoms under lock and key?

Debby Ryan launches music blog dedicated to unsigned artists

Tarte Tatin Recipe is special enough for the Holidays, easy enough for every day.

H1N1 vaccine scam : CDC Warns of Fake Emails for State Swine Flu Vaccination Program

Raye on rookie Crabtree: ‘He has a natural intellect for the game’

Torn paper greeting cards and holiday mail for heroes

Ana Julaton is best reason to attend Friday’s Fight Night at the Tank

Homeschool 101: Reasons for considering homeschooling in this political and economic climate–#1

Prod Test 120309

Audio and carrier combine to send sound over the air

‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert gets cold shoulder for New Year’s Eve

Christmas Pops with the Dallas Symphony creates a winter wonderland

Czech this out – Tabor Authentic Czech Eatery

Before you throw that stone . . .

Maximize your health to keep the flu at bay

All Aboard for Wimgo Holidays on the Canal

Washington State to get millions for clean air projects

Exploring interior rooms: Tragic Hinsdale House Webisodes 3 and 4

Prosecutor: No hate crime charges for men charged in attack on Muslim in Grundy County

New Found Glory vocalist is in need of your help

Great environmental books for kids

Tiger Woods scandal: Alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs is ex-con, Rachel Uchitel may be blackmailer

The PUMA Store Holiday Party Remix tonight

Lady GaGa talks babies and skin to Elle magazine

Pakistani Prime Minister: Osama bin Laden not in Pakistan

Breaking news: Beatles nominated in 2010 Grammy Awards

Downstate note: Ramsay a Big Apple flop

Recipe: Filet Oscar & Garlic Mashed Potatoes by Fleming’s Executive Chef Skall and holiday offers

‘Fringe’s Joshua Jackson one of BuddyTV’s 100 sexiest men

Big screen wayback machine: Oldboy

What is ‘The Increasingly Poor Decision of Todd Margaret’? Find out here! (with funny video)

Wine of the Week: Saurus Pinot Noir 2007 – $15.99

Beyond the ski resorts discover Heber Valley in Utah – 4 must see hidden treasures

Toronto needs The Free Times Cafe

A Very Merry Pops – OKC Philharmonic

President’s Afghanistan policy shaky at best

Don’t let the retail get you down

Don’t miss Extreme Combat International’s Fight Night December 9th at Sammy T’s

Whittenburg out as Fordham head coach, assistant Jared Grasso to serve in the interim

RuneScape Temple of Senntisten quest guide; summary and walkthrough.

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove – what all hidden object games should be

Short Stack: Archie, Wonder Woman, Blackest Night

GSL: 2009 football all-league team

Funny Video of The Day: ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Boogie Nights’ mashup (with hilarious video)

Lindsay Lohan secretly dating Kevin Connolly

5 Tips For a Healthier Family Holiday

Tokio Hotel appears on a 2009 Year in Review with Johannes B. Kerner

The naked truth: 5 ways to get glowing bare skin

Vince Dooley’s football wisdom sought . . . from Kennesaw State

Concert photos: All Time Low, We The Kings and Hey Monday bring punk paradise Glamour Kills tour

Let’s discuss chapter 1 – SPAM and stair-step thinking

Kyle’s Corner (FYI) We are familiar with ‘Car of the Year’ but the ‘Man of the Year’ is …

Time Warner Cable: We don’t want to get bigger just to get bigger

Senior Wal-Mart Greeter punched in face, caught on surveillance (video)

How to get an H1N1 vaccine

Do hand sanitizers help protect against colds and flu?

It’s good to be an entrepreneur in Texas

Perfect Holiday Gift for Wine and Food Lovers: Taste BC Fundraiser Tickets

Mo’ sun, Mo’ fun, and plenty of rum at Round Hill Villa Resort, Montego Bay, part 2

Are your holiday plants toxic to your pet

Atheist Tree of Knowledge under attack

“Brown” is “going green”

New Cincinnati casino to be located next to jail

Ricart Gallery on the Garden of Lincoln Road exhibit the artist Carolus 12/3/09

Intelligence Report: Prologue and Concept Scene (Part 2 of 26)

MA Democratic candidates for Senate have final debate – homestretch begins

“Small Wonder” exhibit at 1708 Gallery opens to public tomorrow night; pre-opening is tonight

Roadmap to End Global Hunger bill would help fight hunger in Afghanistan, Haiti and other countries

Be safe with your pets during the holidays

Review: La Gloria Cubana

Rare Edgar Allan Poe first edition may fetch half-mil at auction

Eat Healthy and Local with Abundant Harvest Organics

Dowtown In December 2009 Shedule Of Events

Crystal River’s Kings Bay offers excellent cool weather fishing action and opportunities

Robert Pattinson jealous of Taylor Lautner’s muscles: ‘It was incredibly annoying’

Tiger Woods gets $5 million offer from AshleyMadison.com ‘Married & Cheating’ website

Climate change hits Paoli

Traveling lite series part eight: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Looking Back at San Francisco Opera’s 2009 Fall Season

Dominating on the road

Theatre B presents Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

Comcast buys NBC (Update)

Special Vernissage Borinquen Art Basel Opening Reception 12/3/09

The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby

Health care bill crawls forward; Senate passes women’s health amendment

Florida Gators opponent preview: Alabama Crimson Tide

League of Women Voters in Illinois

Kentucky Wildcats vs. UNC Tar Heels Saturday, December 5 – a ‘must-win’ for Coach Cal?

Don’t allow “transgressions” to eclipse the magic of the holiday season

Hiking the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area

Jayhawk basketball stomps Alcorn State 98-31

Condolences, Sincerely, President Barack Obama

Sacramento fun family event of the week

Things to do in Tenerife, Spain

Christmas recipes: Cranberry apple cobbler

Men married to smart women live longer

Obama White House summits now the “ultimate empty gesture”

Health-enhancing physical activity for Wii fitness players

Siamese slanket; the two person Slanket one ups the Snuggie

News from the Sabres, Amerks, UB, Bisons, Bona and more

Agencies and fishermen join forces in tackling the Asian Carp

Area scrapbook store for sale

USAA gets a good report card

Global warming–differences between questions asked and questions answered

Business lesson in profitability from George Cloutier

Holiday Cocktails~ Toast to the Season

Albany chefs’ arts fundraiser tickets on sale

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ gets the inside scoop on the Tiger Woods scandal (with video)

Lose weight by altering consciousness

Breckenridge’s annual “Hartford Ski Spectacular” Dec 6-13

Holiday picks in Oakland: Dec.3 – 4, 2009

Places to watch World Cup Draw in South Florida

Comcast to seal a $13.75 billion deal to buy the Peacock network NBC

Voters solidly oppose Obama’s central health care objective

Don’t miss the last three minutes of ‘FlashForward,’ ‘A561984′

On the 1st day of Xmas, my true love gave to me: Fergie’s & Taylor Swift’s faves

AGW coalition unraveling

AirTran’s A-List includes last offers balcony cruises from $169!

Comcast to take over NBC Universal

Things to look forward to in ’2012′

Becks assures that England is truly ready to host World Cup

Glee ep.12 Mattress review – best episode of the season? Yes!

Former child music star Lucky Peterson to bring triple threat blues act to The Silver Dollar Room

Parties paying for primaries may help make the nominating system more legitimate

Getting ready for the holidays

Tiger’s fall from grace is not infidelity, but something far more serious

Plans? How to Control the Inertia

Upcoming events in Alexandria for this weekend

“Eastwick” review

Let’s discuss chapter 2 – SPAM and stair-step thinking

Easy Miracle Whip macaroni salad recipe

Chihuahuas get 15 minutes of fame

“Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt:” the rebirth of Gorgoroth?

The foursome of . . . Raising Rain

Three keys for a win over Miami

51st Grammy gospel nominations: Mary Mary, Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Mariah Carey, more

Kansas and Texas top this week’s Big 12 Power Rankings

50 classy minutes with Bill Pullman

Lewko one of six Penn football players named first-team all-Ivy League

L.A. LIVE Holiday Tree Lighting Tonight at 6 p.m. with LeAnn Rimes

The problem with sales estimates from George Cloutier

South Asian Author Challenge

Annual Whitecaps Winter Baseball Banquet details announced

Obama has ‘failed’ to fix the economy, says Romney

Super Somers House Specials

Java Station is a great place to refuel, relax, reconnect over coffee

Pesticide ban being considered

Romance 101: Wedding song, Ne-Yo’s ‘Never Knew I Needed’ from The Princess & The Frog Soundtrack

PlayStation celebrates 15th anniversary

Former head of Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard offers success and motivation advice to San Antonio

Great Gifts for Runners: $15 and Under

National Geographic Adventure magazine folds

Stephen Gamson’s paintings and statues at ZAG 12/3/09

Pick up the phone and make an old friend’s day – little work, but big gains.

Brooklyn Heights business owner could pay thousands for illegal posting

Sexting and bullying leads to yet another teen suicide

Dream a brand new dream tonight

Top 10 ways to find joy in the Bay Area

Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin among Barbara Walters’ ‘Most Fascinating’

The unfair burden of the death tax

Holiday day trips for Santa Cruz families

As we watch the news on our big day

Three more Lake Tahoe ski resorts to open this weekend, snow on the way

Christmas Holiday events for Maryville and Blount County

Aion: a glimpse at the future of https://www.facebook.com/pages/Depakote-lawyer/307486849434636 Aion, G-Star 2009 trailer

Jasmine Jordan running across America to help out Truck Drivers

Amnesty International event at Books and Books 12/5/09

Omaha Area Job fairs for December

How much of an impact does Chris Henry’s absence have on the Cincinnati Bengals’ passing game?

Daughters of the Goddess speak up

Newsweek Q & A with Ian Somerhalder

Leatherby’s: an ice-cream paradise

Where are you watching the Civil War tonight? Duck or Beaver, get happy at Shaken Martini Lounge

Ensign and Tiger: why one matters and one doesn’t

MAC Championship takes center stage Friday night

Easy ways to sneak more vegetables into your diet

Let’s discuss chapter 3 – SPAM and stair-step thinking

Chic Fridays at Sci Sci at Brickell 12/4/09

Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club

2010 Hyundai Tucson is unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show

Tiger Woods — good guy or bad guy?

Volunteering 101

Police: No evidence to support prosecution of Charger Cromartie

Depression for the Holidays?

Pokez Mexican Restaurant: come for the food, forget the service

Every Picture Tells A Story: The Bagley Bar remembers the Michigan Palace

County Council outmaneuvers executive

2010 Maxima 4DSC is pricey, but loaded with technology

Harp and Bard on Dot Ave

Christian book quote of the week: “The Judge Who Stole Christmas”

Florida prison psychiatrist quits after having sex with multiple personality patient

Holiday movies we love #1

Native American holistic health

Rattle n Hum 1st Anniversary Cask Festival starts tonight 12/3

Holiday event in San Diego

Zac Efron gets positive reviews for ‘Me and Orson Welles’

CAC Holiday Craft Sale and Free Family Fest

2012 Election: Could Obama face a primary challenge over Afghanistan?

Tiger Woods text messages, voice mails and poor choices

The winter blues

Elkhart/Goshen Trolley Link to Chicago

Free DVD Screening on South Beach 12/4/09

Prizefight primer: Williams – Martinez

Style scoop: how to wear the menswear blazer

My pilgrimage to the Creation Museum

Travel tips for attending the exhibit: “Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor”

Free Santa visit: Concord Toys for Tots Dec. 5

In need of some Divine Therapy?

Average person burns an extra 60 calories an hour just by standing

Recipe: Coconut horns

Holiday Gift Guide – three great Wii titles for kids

Help write a novel this weekend

If You Suck, Your Personal Brand Does, Too

New company Lovedrobe launches plus size High Street-inspired range

Weather forecast – major winter storm possible next week

Being a Tattooed Mom: Part Two

New workout video: total body fat burning move

Intelligence Report: 20 Months Later (Part 3 of 26)

A man named Warren

Anthony Sowell arraigned on charges for eleven murders, two rapes, and one attempted rape

More books coming to a theatre near you..

An emotional Amanda Knox testifies at Meredith Kercher murder trial in Italy

‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ midnight DVD release party at Dallas Blockbuster

Noelle Marsh & Nathan Trasoras eliminated

Upcoming holiday events in the Charleston area

Melody Carlson’s new novel takes a hard look at our culture and beauty

Working at home and working for the community – meet Serial Entreprenuer Rob McNealy

It was the man-kiss of death for Adam Lambert as ABC cuts two more appearances

Los Angeles Auto Show: Mazda2 vs. Ford Fiesta

Tiger Woods’ mistress Jaimee Grubbs has criminal record

Climategate emails force Al Gore to cancel talk at Copenhagen

A “Grizzly” Mistake: Cambodian Mothers-to-be Reach for Chewing Tobacco for Morning Sickness

Anger Management for teen moms- Straight out of Compton

The rise of a stripper; the robbing of innocence (Part 1)

What is the Climate Gate Scandal teaching our children about science, ethics, and global warming?

Click and watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Draw live from Cape Town: 6 free online links

What is art art is Art Basel is art

Holiday Rock in downtown Castle Rock Colorado

Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana doll swears?

Afghan president Hamid Karzai willing to talk to Taliban

Snow forecast for Houston: Prepare for snow photography

Verizon to have Motorola Droid and HTC Eris sale starting tomorrow

Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic: The True Story of a Clairvoyant & Her Dogs

Adam Lambert canceled again by ABC

Mammography for women in their 40s – the Senate agrees with medical community

Curriculum and educational game sale in Monrovia

Democrats vote for steep Medicare cuts

Apple iPhone vs. Motorola Droid: Still can’t make up your mind?

WPS commish applauds FIFA

Mkt fails another breakout attempt, fear in trading

Obama administration officials dismiss “climategate”, UK university to investigate CRU data

The key to finding the perfect dog; knowing yourself

The Dual-Diagnosed patient- mental illness with addictions

Cultivate the pearl: step up your search for top talent

Are you a Chest or Belly Breather?

The people who own our sports teams: Buffalo Bills-Ralph Wilson

“A terrible symphony of light and flame”: Old-time radio listening, 3 December

The Stairwell Pendulum

See Rihanna in a live performance tonight,Thursday, December 3 at 6 PM PST on My Space

Adam Lambert controversy continues: ABC drops Adam Lambert from 2 performances

Fantastic dresses for New Year’s Eve

Tennis Channel features Davis Cup action this weekend

A tale in two cities – Iggy pops and Ovechkin stalks

Brad and Angie blowup has neighbors calling cops

Santa is already in Claremont, CA!

TV’s 25 Best Xmas Episodes – #22 -Married With Children: ‘It’s a Bundyful Life’

Building Your ‘Social Coin’ in Social Media

Holiday concert season begins Thursday with Mexican Elvis El Vez at 9:30 Club

Watch the World Cup draw with the Dynamo Friday

1000 days of heartbreak for retired FBI Agent’s family, Robert Levinson missing after Iran trip

To breathe or not to breathe

Peoria’s Jan Ebling redesigns her own future

Flora Bella Farm offers just-picked organic produce

Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander – TUF 10 Finale video preview

OriginOil among 50 hottest biofuel companies

Invite to GAB Studio 12/3-6/09

Fairfield’s Linney named MAAC Rookie of the Week for the second time in three weeks.

Washington Times to become a free newspaper

Video: Lucky automotive journalist drive the Volt…and guess what? They like it

Advent Events at Washington National Cathedral

Using the Internet and email alleviates depression of the elderly

First significant snow of the season for West Michigan

Toby is terrific! The film, almost

New short sale guidelines

Grow your own oil using algae???

Record ratings for Vanier Cup Final

Recipe: Warm Chips with Garlic and Herbs

Erin Andrews peephole video: Google and Yahoo served warrants in interstate stalking case

Teaching Tiny Tots: Helping your child learn and play

Top 5 cold-calling blunders that cost you the sale

Tiger Woods: The Fall of A Leader

Finding Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. fashions in Boston, MA

ABC Family has ‘Polar Express’ tonight : Best children’s holiday entertainment

Three banks provide free credit and debit card customization

Anna Kendrick of ‘Twilight,’ ‘New Moon’ is NBR’s Best Supporting Actress for ‘Up in the Air’

Melissa Moore, the Happy Face Killer’s daughter interviewed on Oprah Show with Dr. Phil

Democratic amendment to protect preventive care for women passes

Skate your way to better legs

Does Nick Jonas want to grow up to be the President?

SAPD vs SAFD soccer match

Did you know there is a Frank Sinatra Examiner?

Do mobile home owners have rights?

Helene Weiss Art at Hotel St. Augustine 12/2-6/09

Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your friends

New movie releases Friday December 4 2009 Armored and Brothers

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas from your favorite Celebrity Chefs: Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri and more

Guinness World Record for The Big Texas Toy Run? Not!

Events in Albany to get you and your family into the holiday spirit

How to make a simply delicious warming kale soup, perfect for the holidays

Old fashioned Christmas event in Clarkdale, Arizona – Historic homes, art and Christmas carols

Whitney Houston certified Platinum thanks to you

Yoga training

Ten Commandments of Personal Branding – #1 Be a Space Commander

Lessons of Tiger Woods: We love our athletes & can’t wait to knock them down.

Lawsuit against ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer dismissed with prejudice

Sur La Table has a large selection of holiday dessert bakeware, for you or to give as gifts

Denver Underground Film Festival

More than 65,000 Idaho children may not have enough to eat

Architects, Engineers and Contractors… Oh My

Dana Loesch discusses proposed education Bill

At today’s trading prices buy Platinum, there is no real savings in Gold

There’s no place like alternative workspace for engaged employees

Autism Society of America Christmas party 2009

How to survive unemployment

The big box model in historic perspective

Religious conversion: the tragic Americanization of Madama Butterfly

Santa’s arrival to Acadiana

Yahoo and Google served warrants in connection with Erin Andrews peephole video case

Happy hour at the Coffee Table Lounge

Anthony Sowell: Alleged serial killer arraigned, pleads not guilty by reason of insanity

Costume fun for Christmas with a personalized letter from Santa

There’s no place like alternative workspace for engaged employees

Last voice in Manny Pacquiao’s ears must be Coach Roach

P-Bruins shoot down Sound Tigers 2-1 in AHL action

‘Jon and Kate Plus 8:’ Jon Gosselin’s lawsuit discussed in video

Neil Young nominated for two Grammy’s

International Iron Man 2 poster revealed

The Acushnet Company collars alleged Illinois scam artists regarding Titleist Pro V1 golf balls

A holistic approach to training: emotional health

Rob Mitchell: The right choice for Congress

Alice in Chains tix go on sale tomorrow, December 4th for Boise concert

Secretroom Christmas Party this Saturday with free presents

Video: 2011 Ford Mustang with 305-HP V6 is apparently really slow

Indianapolis Colts DE Robert Mathis named AFC Defensive Player of the Month for November

Send your letters to Santa to Santa Claus Village in Finland…we’re talkintravel

Point Bonita Lighthouse, The jewel of Marin

89 cents can equal cheap entertainment

Who the hell is Ernest Hemingway? Don’t ask Minnesota high school students

National Board of Review names George Clooney’s ‘Up in the Air’ best film of 2009

Turkey Soup with Tortellini

Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas – Royal Icing Recipe for Christmas and Holiday cookies

2011 Infiniti M sedan set for spring launch

Decorated Christmas Cookie Ideas and Recipes – Dress Up Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

Album review: “Waking Up’ by OneRepublic

Americans’ belief in global warming continues to sag in wake of Climategate

Audio link: Highway patrol interview with neighbors on Tiger Woods case, they say Woods was snoring

Dogs, cats used in experiments: stop purchases from “Class B” dealers now

Bemidji State brings on defenseman Sam Rendle

Disney’s Princess and the Frog is coming on Dec. 11 with a thumbs up from a toddler actress.

Kristen Stewart in Joan Jett’s ‘Runaways’ to premiere at Sundance

Do ‘Fringe’s live ratings not matter as much because it is genre television?

Metallica receives a Grammy nod for Best Hard Rock Performance

Devotion in December at the Festival of Santa Lucia in Sicily

Christmas Trees, artificial or real live trees; what is the best choice

Tiger Woods: The money and the positions the women took (video)

How does H1N1 affect people with HIV/AIDS?

Jesper Parnevik on Tiger Woods (video); George Lopez cracks on Tiger at Grammy nominations

Report: Notre Dame search focusing on Skip Holtz, Randy Edsall and Jim Harbaugh

Part III: The First Interview – Make or Break

Archdiocese of Washington holds firm to stance on gay marriage

News for food servers: stop wetting your fingers on your tongue before donning plastic gloves

Appropriate attire for Christmas parties at work

Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing: At White House forum

Second City elucidates our city

Holiday Mail for Heroes

An inconvenient truth, Al Gore’s energy consumption more than 20 times the national average

Freedom to Travel to Cuba bills: Languishing in committee

Obama Social Secretary Desiree Rogers fumbles State Dinner-(Committee Presidential Protection Video)

Getting married on the San Francisco ferry

The ghost of an idea

Teach your children the true meaning of Christmas

2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees announced

Which blood type is more efficient at removing bad LDL cholesterol buildup from arteries?

Inside info on grants & loans and why you may have missed the free education boat ride.

Count it all joy

A magical holiday vacation with “The Addams Family”

Sprint Car holiday gift guide: Driving schools

The best (and cheapest) ways to beat holiday stress

New doping rules announced

‘The Ugly Truth’ is anything but ugly

‘FlashForward’s John Cho one of BuddyTV’s 100 sexiest men

Jobs available in Rhode Island, other states with U.S. Census Bureau

The Ultimate Fighter 10: The Heavyweights Finale

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Fighting off the cheat monster: how to avoid and recover from cheating

House of Harlow by Nicole Richie for bebe

DC’s seen an increase in Jewish day schools this past decade

(Re) Enter: Tie-dye

Pecan cookies – simply delicious!

Why develop a recruitment strategy?

Prize Fight Promotions doing their thing in Mississippi

AT&T offers BlackBerrys for half price this holiday season

George W. Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Colin Powell, Tony Parker, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Robert Schuller speak

Paul Neilan’s Apathy ‘ironically’ tries too hard

Scrubs’ 9th season premiere now online

New York Nixes Gay Marriage, Reminding Us That It’s Still a State in Appalachia

Celebrity gift picks at Piperlime

Miley Cyrus ballad becomes ‘X Factor’ single

Check your child’s temperature with the Exergen Temporal Scanner

Santa train rides in New Jersey

Would you hire Obama to run your business?

Cool Moon Ice Cream offers cool winter treats

Pro Football HoF 2010 Enshrinement tix, packages now available

You can and will be a godparent to the newly-named Ocean Princess now through December 18, 2009

SOS: Save Our Soaps! General Hospital Media Release 12.3.09

Improve local search rankings and get more customers using online reviews

Primer question 3:  multiple dimension theory 1

Sharing lifelong love of learning with many through Christopher Wren Association

Greening a community from speculators

Great Falls a desert attraction on the edge of Death Valley National Park

Sibling Abuse

Cultural capital of Europe

Denver boy almost eats Jesus

Kanye West joins Drake, Cudi on 2010 Hip Hop Grammy nominees list

New Benjamin Franklin exhibit at the MN History Center

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather: March or May fight would eliminate tune-up jinx

New Month, New PPA Calendar

Holiday gift guide for golfers

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports H1N1 phishing scam

Obama wrestles unemployment woes: hosts jobs and economic growth forum

2nd annual Snow Brawl December 12th

Puppy for Christmas…ask a trainer

Weekend Weather Forecast For Houston TX And Vicinity, Friday, December 4, 2009

Give back locally: Help feed local Alachua County children for the upcoming holiday break

Rihanna live release show for Rated R at Hammerstein Ballroom NYC concert streaming on Myspace

Los Angeles surf/skate/snow events: December 3-6

Mobile, Alabama takes steps to ensure speedy rescue of abused dogs and cats

Millrats announce two signings

This Weekend: International Symposium to Focus on the Sephardic Experience: Spain and Its Jews

Ottawa Senators versus Los Angeles Kings preview

Screwing the Pooch

Dereck Whittenburg, Jim Valvano’s former player, fired as coach of Fordham

Saving your credit during christmas

Canadian economy on the rise

Paul Revere House

Great gift idea—organic, grassfed ground beef from Rocky Mountain Organic Meats

Advent: what it’s all about

Isaac Mizrahi debuts new lifestyle collection this Saturday

Mobile graffiti? Banksy mural moved from concrete wall

Bill Cowher to Notre Dame? It’s a possibility

Getting ready for wall-to-wall curling

New photos show Subway Guy Jared Fogle’s weight gain

2009 Guide to Art Basel Miami Art Week Part 2

Fat Boxing and holiday advice

Tonight! First Thursdays in Downtown Santa Barbara

Creation Cafe; cool and classy – restaurant review

Victoria’s Secret 2009 fashion show: makeup secrets

Las Vegas luxury fashion boutiques

The perils of antifreeze poisoning

Christmas the traditional way

New Orleans Reveillon Restaurants, Addresses, Courses and Prices

Chris “Macca” McCormack accepts Facebook challenge to benefit breast cancer research

Winter weather advisory and possible snow accumulations on tap for San Antonio area

The eight limbs: stages of yoga

Holiday happenings with the BPO

Whistleblower lawsuit alleging overbilling at long term acute care hospital settled

All-American Comics has December sale that can’t be missed

Holiday gift ideas for tequila fans (part 1 – gift/combo sets and extra anejos)

Top ten contemporary art shows and fairs for the Salt Lake area

Miles to go before he sleeps

LA Auto Show, Audi E-Tron, leap frogging the competition

If a Conservative Republican had said it

Art, ballet, and culture

VIP screening of live-action ‘Death Note’ in California

Christmas shopping tip: What stores and online shopping sites won’t tell you.

In theaters this weekend: all-star casts in ‘Brothers’ and ‘Armored’

Half price Blackberry Smartphones and a free Samsung Solstice from AT&T

Tennessee Titans Vince Young & Chris Johnson nominated for Fed Ex Air & Ground Players of the Week

Former NCAA champ picked to lead Fort Valley State’s track & field program

The cold brings hot drinks

Search warrants released in Annie Le murder case (link to warrants, slideshow photos)

Review: Henry’s Upstairs

KFC 395 calorie meal costs $3.95

An interview with Terrell Harris Dougan, author of That Went Well

MPS could supply condoms in high schools next year

Helping your fearful dog step by step: Step 2

Preventing miscarriage with homeopathy

The Kingdom of Heaven

Triangle Vegetarian Society to hold annual Christmas potluck

III Forks Jacksonville: New restaurant contends for best steak in town

Holiday happenings at Niagara Hobby

Free: who’s hiring in Pittsburgh newsletter

Vanadinite gemstone jewelry

Penn battles Navy in nationally televised men’s college basketball game Friday night

Holiday fun from Michaels Arts and Crafts

Mezzaluna cookie recipe, day 3 of an Italian cookie Christmas

Visiting Scotland (in November)

Free holiday light show: Families come & enjoy a spectacular holiday event in Philadelphia, Pa.!!

Update Rodarte for Target and Nicole Richie

Yamas and niyamas: moral bahavior and discipline in yoga

Glee star Kristin Chenoweth and how she stays slim

Maclean’s magazine names top five Newsmakers of the Year

Shigeru Miyamoto receives Japan’s Lifetime Achievement Award

PlayStation Home Avatars Can Now Get the Street Fighter 4 Look

Annie Le case: Read search and seizure warrants in connection with Yale murder

Stepping out for your next date night

NextAid & the Charlotte House Music Society host World Aids Day event

Holiday Guide: Beef strips are a great addition to your Holiday party’s green salad

Big talent in Brooklyn living rooms

Top holistic holiday gifts

Low Budget Rap Videos Volume #1

Holiday Side-Dish with a Twist: Try Japanese Pumpkin!

How Kylie Bisutti became the winner of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009: video and photos

Douglas County Library – Parker Colorado remodel

SYTYCD Nigel and Nathan: judge comments influencing the fans

Re-Heat at Rockit Room featuring F.A.M.E., House Shoes, Devon Who, and Dibiase

How to cover your head during a cold weather run

Banish the Boredom and Wrap up Some Fun

WSU Football | Coach Wulff offers thoughts on 2009 and beyond – Part 1

Papa Roach and Shinedown in concert on Saturday night

Beware the H1N1 phishing scam disguised as email from the CDC

‘Tis the season…to display Nazi flags in Santa Cruz

Holiday gift guide for wine lovers: Champagne

Chuck Taylors The Who

Will Afghanistan be Obama’s blunder?

James Cameron talks ‘Avatar’

New Comics Day: December 9, 2009

Kids who bully at school are likely bullying at home, research shows

Ring in the holiday season with ‘The Eight Dysfunctional Reindeer’

Nelson & Schaub to fight for “Ultimate Fighter” title

40 is the new 30: science says so

Houston man faces prison time for nationwide Ebay hot tub hurricane scam

Florida Attractions: Tour nature trails the easy way in Timucuan Preserve in northeast Florida

More Work than a Puppy at GCTC remembers Shannon Reynolds

Johnny Depp negotiates Pancho Villa role

Grammy Nominations pictures and video: Nick Jonas performs, stars announce nominees

The Confederate flag on its way to Florida license plates

Bicycle-friendly riding in the Historic Triangle

Full Sail Brewing decks the halls with Wreck the Halls, a beer that hops!

Twilight 2, New Moon: Stephanie Meyer is not a crook!

Bring on the heat: Hollywood’s hottest men chase away the winter chill

Check out the $80 Star Trek Online Collectors’ Edition

Steve McNair one of six inductees into SWAC Hall of Fame

2009 Ford Edge – Sharp styling, comfortable cabin and solid performance!

Coconut water: Nature’s sports drink

CAREER Sunrise


Bob Dylan on Christmas dinner, hip-hop and starring in his own music video.

Top Five: The Twisted Worlds of King Diamond

Brighton tax return preparer pleads guilty

Steven Seagal Sets Ratings Record With A&E

Rock the Casbah – Original, I know


Hasbro Toys X-Men, Fur Real Friends toys on dangerous toy list

Which celebs are you looking forward to stalking at Sundance 2010?

Tis the Season for Carrie Underwood

VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas – A Story of Joyful Giving to be featured on television and radio

EA Confirms New Medal of Honor

Win Peggle Nights FREE

Chicken Posole Soup recipe

Women in the pulpit

Kelly Clarkson lands Grammy Award Nomination!

Holiday safety tips for your pets

Seattle metro area climate summary

Life Is Art and Parafernalia Studios present ESSENCE an art walk after party 12/12/09

Billy Crystal steps back into his youth — 700 Sundays comes to Florida

Kroger among companies who participated in phony $240,000,000 tax shelter

Purchasing holiday health and wellness on line: buyer beware

Cat food recall

One easy move saves money, environment and houseplants this winter

Geoffrey Aldridge: Hole in the Wall at Transformer Gallery reflects on Stonewall 40 years later

Better version of “New Moon”?

Holiday almonds

Transit Funding May Depend on Turnout for Dec 5 Rally in West Allis

Overeating During the Holidays

The Holiday weight gain survival guide

Louvre and Palace of Versailles shut down due to strike

How to start a family oriented 4-wheeling competition

Budget gaming: Swaptree

California UFO looks like ‘string of lights in semi circle’

Healthy happy-hour beverages

Overlooked holiday stories

Indianapolis Colts DE Dwight Freeney returns to practice in preparation for Tennessee Titans

Mangino will not return as Kansas football coach next season

Accused serial killer Sowell says he’s insane, pleads not guilty to 11 murders ( Video )

Pleasure P calls molestation rumors ‘Disgusting, Vile’ in statement

Bikram yoga: Hot yoga

Philip Seymour Hoffman cast in ‘There Will be Blood’ director’s next film ‘Master’

After ‘The Blind Side’ Tim McGraw now set to film new movie with Gwyneth Paltrow

Finding our wild and true selves

Fox 23.1 to broadcast the Oklahoma State vs. UTSA basketball game at 3pm Sat. Dec. 5, 2009

Adam Lambert: ‘Kimmel’ and New Year’s Eve special cancels performances, singer responds (video)

Prescription drug abuse D.A.R.E. has issued a Parent Alert

Price comparison websites sued over bogus ratings

Santa Fe Airport – American Airlines Servicing Santa Fe, New Mexico

Emergency Responders and Mental Illness

The Tiger Woods scandal exposes strange link to General Motors

“The december rabbi” comes to providence

It’s nearly 2010, where are my hoverboard games?

Anti-war groups gather to protest Obama’s Afghanistan decision and rally for health care reform

Solar finance deals as COP15 U.N. Climate Change talks approach

Fight Week Previews: TUF 10 Finale, Part II

What we can learn from Tiger Woods

Diamond of the week: CRAVE Chicago

TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Jon Gosselin’s only problem in life is bad gas

What if Gabriel came to you?

Joe Franklin talk show in NYC

Tiger Woods Cheats

What comes first: the chicken or the pie?

Gling.com Holiday Menuzine offers great gluten free tips and recipes

Pacquiao, Roach not inclined to fight til’ after Pacquiao’s Congressional bid

Chicago Blackhawks extend three, other news

‘North by Northwest’ at the AFI Silver Theater ~ the ultimate classic chase film

Celebrate everybody’s holiday

Monument Valley

Marvel to begin Siege very soon

Top ten most downloaded demos on PSN

Signs of H1N1 swine flu to look for in children

Why did Tiger Woods cheat on Elin Nordegren with Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Kolika Moquin ?

Pedometer for running

Click Affiche shares some lessons on how to succeed in tough times!

LA Auto Show: 2011 Mazda 2

Man who threatened to kill people at Oakland Mall arraigned

‘Everything Strange and New’ screenings to benefit Luis Saguar’s family

Temporal Scanner Thermometer: most effective on the market

Step-in to an easier, safe and stylish harness

Black Balloon is onto something — custom written songs by request

One easy move saves money, environment and houseplants

Is being jobless good for Nebraska?

Can perfume make you thinner?

Be your own Victoria Secret Angel

New majors in video game design and development take college competition to the next level

CNN behind the scenes at Pixar

Sherman Market: A local food paradise

“Not Evil, Just Wrong” screening to show climate change hysteria consequences

Naughty ‘elf’ Jailed after threating ‘Santa’ with dynamite

Macaroni and cheese recipe for Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday campaign

Moon and River Cafe serves up a sense of community and compassion.

DVD review: Terminator Salvation

Stay Tuned: Get ya TTs out

Burj Dubai: World’s tallest building to open Jan. 4

The Noble Experiment II: A night of folk rock in Chicago

Has Jon Meacham lost his mind?

Zumba party for charity

The origin of yoga

How does God work in your life? What does your journal tell you?

Games for Windows Live to offer Games on Demand for PC December 15th

Grinch returns to the Salt Lake City Library

Reminder: Free holiday events in town this weekend

Why use Social Branding to search for a job when you’ve already got a job?

Age and infertility

Obama’s Jobs Summit

Combat Silat in Central Florida

Six more teams announce Tour Down Under rosters

Chris Brown reacts again to Rihanna’s comments: Watch 20/20

Stay two nights for the price of one at Indiana state park inns through Feb. 25, 2010

US surge on casino gamblers

First planet-like object directly observed orbiting Sun-like star

Counterfeit Barbies, Jeep toys seized at border

Healthcare Turned Art

10 tips for using LinkedIn

Exclusive Interview with RH Bless

Blu-Ray/DVD Combo review: Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Hip-Hop artists lead the Grammy nominations

Beauty of a Different Kind

Amanda Knox offers one last plea in Italian murder trial

In This Moment brings headline debut to Brink of the holidays

Top 20 Playstation Store Downloads for week ending 12/02

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins seventh straight Most Popular Driver award

HUNGER: Dying for a cause. Whatever it is.

Pay attention…holiday karma!

State house speaker resigns post

Learn to say ‘No’ for a less stressful life

Consumer alert: Toys ‘R’ Us double bills Black Friday customers

Giant heavyweight match-up in the works for UFC 108

The best Pennsylvania family resort on Lake Erie

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” continues with “And Another Thing”

Asana: yoga posture

Sorcerer Strange not so magical

Orlando Holiday Beer Fest

Check out Mijo and Bambi’s new collection at the charity Small Dog Christmas Extravaganza

JU Dolphins to host Gators Friday night

WBT’s Holiday on Ice is open and other holiday events this weekend in Charlotte

Holiday desserts: Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

Another Michael Vick Vicktory Dog passes the “Canine Good Citizen” test

UGA Gymnastics: Career of Georgia sophomore Amber Trani ended by chronic back injury

Eat at BGR The Burger Joint before December 31 and benefit D.C. Central Kitchen

Did Tiger Woods pay Rachel Uchitel $1M to leave? Will he pay Elin Nordegren $80M to stay?

Divorce and “Sexting” with Coach Suzanne Blake

Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods wife gets money and the pre-nup changed

Power your presents with the latest rechargeable battery technologies

Miley Cyrus flaunts hot-pink bikini body on vacation

Whistler this weekend: December 4-6 2009

W.A.S.P.’s new album – ‘Babylon’

Water, Water, Everywhere – The Importance of Winter Hydration

Weather systems are on the move with rain coming

Lucky Strike happy hour: bowl, drink, and save

Baskets, gift wrapping at 2nd St Market to benefit Humane Society of Greater Dayton

Conference championship week top 25

Celebrate New Year’s holiday in Hong Kong on a budget

Younger woman says accused cleric had sex with her, too

Afro Brazilian House this Friday and Soul Gastro Lounge

2009 National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at President’s Park (video and slide show)

Internet Tutorials explain the Web

Adam Lambert dropped from two ABC shows

Candlelight Christmas tour at Lincoln Log Cabin, December 4

Temporary and staffing agencies – a survival guide

Best Christmas Events in Nashville

Be a community music organizer

Never Become A Victim

December 3 – Today in Denver weather history

Fact checking a Veterans Day photograph of President Obama

Death row inmates, who attacked guard, convicted of other crimes since placed in prison

Boston North Station to Chicago by Amtrak

Happy Birthday Ozzy

“Up in the Air”: Has Landed

Top 3 Gay Holiday Destinations

BEF1 Test

Christmas kids craft: Bath Salts.

Nine starring Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard premieres in London

Saints quarterback Drew Brees becomes partner in TRX Suspension System

Obama family at National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony (photos and video)

Tiger Woods and Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow

Will the news media treat Tiger Woods like he’s Tiger Obama?

Bearcat WR Mardy Gilyard named to Coaches All-America Team

‘Precious’ leads 25th Film Independent Spirit Award nonimations

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital makes Christmas request

Big sky series of coneflowers

New Lance Armstrong book highlights cyclist’s second comeback with unusual photography

New Novel ‘High Crimes on the Magical Plane’

Flipswap, Cell for Cash and Sears can help score extra cash for Christmas

Second half surge gives Drexel win over American

White House jobs summit equally important as beer summit

Third ‘Hunger Games’ installment announced.

The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale video preview extravaganza

Medicare waste cuts remain in Senate health care bill, benefits unaffected

Candidate profile: John Fiastro for Delegate in District 42

Give real art – Photorama 2009 ends Saturday

FBI serves warrants on Yahoo and Google in search of nude video post by Westmont man

Has Kristen Cavallari ruined “The Hills”?

Bruckheimer’s The Forgotten episode9

Save money at the grocery store

Research the past: Five helpful tips for doing your own historical research.

Digital periodical distribution service from Hearst Corp. takes aim at Kindle market

Meditation to Attract Prosperity

Ikea Smaland: The perfect cold weather or rainy day activity for Baltimore kids

Large Playstation Store update for Dec. 3rd (quick list version)

Woman dies of H1N1: Rhode Island Dept of Health confirms 9th death

Joss Whedon talks about the return of ‘Dr. Horrible,’ directing ‘Glee’ episode

PlayStation PSP Store Update – December 3, 2009

Maha Music Festival scheduled for July 2010

No money left for No Kill Lehigh Valley – urgent plea for help is made

Women bored with sex don’t need Viagra!

Support Islam: Sponsor a Billboard

Public Citizen calls for ban of popular weight loss drug, Meridia

Job searching resources

Fire department “mama duck” receives her helmet

Squaw Valley gets top environmental ranking among 83 western resorts

Philly Liars Club supports local independent bookstores with upcoming signings

Cold weather boating safety

News Item: Harry Potter’s going to be Naked

Writing effective job descriptions

Examining Tampa’s “Other” racquet sports; Part 4, Frescoball (pictures and video)

Meet ‘What I Meant’ author Marie Lamba at Doylestown Books, Sunday, 12/6/09

Naughty Dog announces experimental weekend for Uncharted 2

And then there was one: Prostitution no longer legal in Rhode Island

Google Trends not updating: What do we think about now?

Disciplining your child-part 1

Interview with John Allen (part 2)

Miley Cyrus has a tattoo?

More Problems Than A Wookie Can Handle—Leia Lingers On

The Bow-Knot Scarf: a quick knit for the holidays

Guerilla Games now hiring for new FPS game, probably Killzone 3

Think Big, Buy Local: Giving our communities and ourselves a gift this holiday season

Movieclips.com offers free, legal two minute film segments

Women – the new focus of the Senate healthcare debate

On the red carpet with American Idol’s Ace Young at the Hollywood Christmas Parade

Living it out- your money verses

Taking care of yourself through the holidays

FDA reminds healthcare providers of risk of birth defects with Depakote in pregnant women


BBQ Pitmasters on barbecue circuit with TLC

In Search of Santa Part 5: Vickery Village in Cumming or City of Woodstock “Parade in Lights”

Winner or loser

Shopping the old-fashioned way, where you cannot say charge it!

The Tiger Woods scandal: Where are the boundaries?

Answering an open-response question

Pop singers Alicia Keys and Beyonce will “Put it in a Love Song” on new album

Picks Of Comic Book Day – December 3rd, 2009!

Your money and verse-II

Drexel falls, but freshmen shine

Temperatures dip to freezing

Meet the director of the James City County environmental division

Angela Abbrederis – Missing Since April 2, 1996

Movie Review: ‘Serious Moonlight’ is one twisted pretzel of a movie

Little Luke’s would be above average even in Chicago.

Tiger Woods’ wife, alleged mistress to get early Christmas presents

Great Christmas gifts from the garden: Herbal vinegar

Bean flour: a healthy and inexpensive way to bake gluten-free

Rockin’ grunge style

Kennedy photographed with Michaele Salahi: White House party crashers (photos)

GT5 Time Trial Challenge: Come out the best and win big

McKinney holiday events in December

Elin Nordegran negotiates $80 million in pre-nup changes if she stays 2 more years with Tiger Woods

Recipe of the Month: Super healthy blueberry muffins

Christmas at HAHS, December 5

How high is your Google IQ?

Style Power

I’m a creationist, and so can you

Cool Christmas Gifts under $25 – 10 Cheap Christmas presents under $25

Americans Davis and White win original dance at Grand Prix Final

Animal activist dies after seeing hard work pay off

Home brewing beer in your kitchen

Earnhardt Jr. gives up partial ownership of JR Motorsports

The music of Robert Pattinson, Sam Bradley, Bobby Long & Marcus Foster help me say goodbye

LL Cool J tags Method Man, DMX for All World 2 release

Sugar cookies make a great family holiday tradition

Etsy for Autism: Profiles in creativity part 5

Grand Prix Final Day 1 photos and results – Dance and pairs

Rubio tweets against the facts, pessimistic about Obama and Dems’ plans for Recovery

Holiday Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Bakers from Etsy!

The Republican Advance – not just a party for a political party

Cap-and-Trade Bill makes for Dis-united States

Belhaven College presents annual “Singing Christmas Tree”

Grounding down at Spirit Rock every Monday night

Amir Kareem Abdou

Go Fish in Vancouver all year round

Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood, out on bail, divorced and a Dirty Stranger

No babysitter? No problem!


Classics for the holidays: Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh in ‘Holiday Affair’

Adam Lambert’s album sales finally track on Billboard, show impressive #3 debut

Former ‘Tool Academy’ star Jaimee Grubbs discusses Tiger Woods’ insecurities

Ellicott City has an annual tradition of Midnight Madness and Santa Saturday

Winter walks in New Orleans

Seattle metro area forecast for December 3

More money and verses to take to the bank-part III

Saline resident charged with stealing trade secrets

Make cookie cutters a part of your holiday traditions with these great tips

TUF 10 Finale: Will Roy Nelson bury Brendan Schaub underneath his giant belly on Dec. 5? (video)

Media Create hardware sales (11/23-11/29)

Meet Historic Triangle volunteer Pete Cruikshank

Draw crucial for U.S. and Mexico’s chances in 2010 World Cup

Twilight final chapter: plot problems?

Chart topper ‘Subo’ Susan Boyle crosses color lines on Twitter

Tiger Woods – paying wife to stay?

Bedford High School to host 11th annual LEGO League event

Jags bites: a quick look at the Texans Week 13 opponent

A Seattle tradition: Figgy Pudding caroling competition for a real good cause

Body for life, weightlifting and more!

Sarah Palin is coming to the Dallas-Ft.Worth area

Stephen Harper’s fictional economic update report

Casting Crowns and Matt Redman coming to Jackson

Climate change and global warming – what can you do, Philly?

Twilight:Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart moving in together?

5 Things You Can Do to End Your Year on a High Note

Richmond Hill chili cookoff, Christmas parade and snow set for this weekend

Tim Donaghy on “60 Minutes” to push tell-all book about NBA

Calgary screened documentary “Dear Zachary” lead to Canada bail law reform

What to give your group fitness instructor for the holidays

Fresh food at Ruby Tuesday

Indiana teen charged in ‘thrill’ murder of little brother (Video)

Breakdown and prediction of the Big 12 Championship

Restoring a legend, part III

Poulter, Johnson lead at Chevron World Challenge

Plan Your Big Win for 2010: Create Your Blueprint for Success

Puget Sound area gets federal money for diesel cleanup

BasicGrey to launch new website

We’ve flirted – now what?

Obama family lights National Christmas Tree (with video)

Could Monday be The Day for Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey?

Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Jamiee Grubbs has a criminal record

12 Days of Christmas gifts for equestrians: Day 4

Verizon’s BOGO gets you a duo of Droids for the weekend

Mix up the herbals for a sensational new taste and a fun gift idea

Footage from Philly’s messenger rally against proposed bike rules

The war on kids

A non materialistic entrepreneur’s Christmas?

Justin Timberlake and Ciara battle Taylor Swift and Coby Caillat for Best Pop Collaboration Grammy

Indonesia and the next pandemic

Making the move to Canada

Old literary haunt with a Spanish flavor creates a small library in the midst of boutique glitz

The truth about persimmons

The week that was: Buccaneers news and notes

Chicago Bears draft cabinet is pretty bare

Emilie Autumn on Twilight Vision

Lunch in Portland at Pastini Pastaria a great place to eat.

CHART WATCH 12/3: Susan Boyle crushes Adam Lambert enroute to a record-setting album debut [VIDEO]

Custer’s Revenge, Atari 2600 porn video game makes a comeback

Grosse Ile woman arrested, charged in real estate Ponzi scheme

3 leadership training opportunities in December

Hilary Duff on Nylon

EMS instructor courses in and around Richmond — Updated December 3, 2009

Concert tragedy 30 years ago today

17th Annual Alternative Gift Fair – Lake Street Church in Evanston

Flat line news out of Washington

And they call it horsey love: A book review of ‘Divine By Mistake’ by P.C. Cast

Unexpected H1N1 vaccine program side effect: computer problems?

Georgia Christmas events calendar

NASCAR Champion’s Week Day 4

Inside Our Schools: An insider’s view: how graduation rates are “improved”

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009: Holiday sparkle underneath

Jay Heaps retires

President Obama national Christmas tree lighting ceremony(Video)

Intel releases new Netbook developer’s kit

Mayor announces Stan Breakell as 2009 Citizen of the Year

Youth drug abuse and ADHD

Camp Quest Florida has been cancelled

La Cita Bar – Another dingy gem in once shady Downtown Los Angeles.

Physics book inside Tiger Woods’ vehicle a hot commodity

Aspects of the Jewish wedding: the grace and round 2 of the seven blessings

Celebrate the holidays in Chicago FREE Sing-Along Caroling at Cloud Gate

Frugal Stocking Stuffers – Lillian Vernon and Barnes & Noble through December 6

Dan Mullen for SEC Coach of the Year

‘FlashForward’: what did you think about episode 1.10, ‘A561984′?

Chinese lead in pairs and men at Junior Grand Prix Final

Greensky brings contemporary Bluegrass to DC area

Flashback Friday: 1967 David Bowie responds to his first American fan letter

Phoenix Sky Train Project, Weitz

Men certainly age

Abused without being touched?

2009 Movie Awards Season Calendar

How to….look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Coraline scores a leading 10 nominations at animation Oscars

Fergie on booze binge over Josh’s stripper affair, says National Enquirer

Target Announces Limited-Edition Liberty of London Collection spanning fashion and home categories

Comfy Cozy Boots (Part one)

Christmas traditions in Cincinnati

Let’s Go Some Place Else

Directing your life journey: Part 15

If you see only one foreign-language news report on Tiger Woods featuring really bad animation…

A fresh and inspiring eatery, for the last 30 years

Make your own custom jigsaw puzzles at Calyptic Creations

Students’ favorite high school movies

Faithful, African American and Catholic

Wanderer’s Guide to MMOs: Cities XL

Miss Margaret’s Apple Pie Recipe for the holidays

Disney celebrates first African American princess, Tiana in the Princess and the Frog (video)

A serious case of cabin fever at The Lodge

Nissan LEAF (almost) test ride, impressions, and the LEAF tour

Detroit Fantasy Hockey: Red Wings’ grades hovering around C level

Ten good minutes with Denver Broncos wide receiver Eddie Royal

Travel a strange land to the Middle East: Advent calendar Jesse Tree Day 4 ornament and activities

Wednesday Comics: 12/2/09

Retro-review: Coraline

Senate approval guarantees mammogram coverage

Things to do in Nashville December 4-10: Photos with the Grinch, Rockettes coupon & Sesame Street

Fortress Frenzy review

Wednesday Comics: 12/2/09

Video: Glenn Beck continues to claim innocence on his gold-buying tactics

Clash of the Titans II: #1 Butler battles #2 Independence for a state 4AA title berth

Happy handwashing week

Who are Muslims? What is Islam? Get the facts this Saturday, December 5th at PGMA in Maryland

Rolling Stones guitarist arrested

President Obama walks Allentown

Wednesday Comics: 12/2/09

‘Survivor: Samoa’: Off With Their Heads Recap

Say goodbye to buyers remorse

‘Tis the season

AARP ‘has betrayed you’; Obama visits ‘enemy camp’; Barack’s ‘gangster government’

Branson stars join to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

NAU ANNOUNCES HERE/NAU/NYC: A Sustainable Pop-Up Store in SOHO, NY

Live Post-Game Chat

Review: Less Than Jake in Chico with The Swellers and Cage

Could he be a Tiger (Woods)?

Signs of depression suicide tendencies, black teenage suicide rate decreases

NASA may be America’s CRU

Tiger Woods needs to be careful for the next few days or weeks

Directing your life journey: Part 16

Statue of Brad Pitt and Angelina “Brangelina” unveiled in Oklahoma December 16

Free holiday events cheer residents and visitors to the Historic Triangle

Pat Barry returns to New Orleans; will hold seminar at POWER MMA

Clean and green child care

DiCaprio gets animated

UFC star Pat Barry returns to New Orleans; will hold seminar at POWER MMA

The new look of Carrie Bradshaw in this preview image from ‘Sex and the City 2′

Senate Republicans played politics with rape and lost

How to get a head start on 2010 job opportunities (during the holidays)

Tequila Tamale Throwdown

Holiday leftovers

Google trends not updating

Dr. Oz interviews Jim Maki, the first male face transplant recipient in the U.S.

Weekend Event: pet photo’s with Santa

Former Alabama golfer Michael Thompson wins first Hooters Tour title at Timacuan

How does a civilian athlete become Navy SEAL fit? Part 4: Navy SEAL fitness books

Ski Area Citizens’ Environmental Report Card: Squaw Valley tops the list

Tips for people interested in playing ice hockey

Color: Shaping our perception of brands

Clinton Township hosts 2nd Annual Rock-4-Tots

Fresh Christmas trees half price, imagine the possibilities

Texas Tech shocks #10 Washington

Video: Nashville desires to bid to host World Cup in 2018 or 2022

Davis & White lead after OD at Grand Prix final

Don’t Bargain with the Devil by Sabrina Jeffries

Directing your life journey: Part 17

The 2009 Boston music awards spotlight: Lisa Bello

Pleasure P nominated for three 2010 Grammy Awards amidst allegations of child molestation charges

Group photography reception at RNG Gallery this Saturday

Them Crooked Cultures: Rock’s new supergroup

Places to watch WC draw stateside

Mark Twain: Heaven or Hartford

‘Olde Fashioned Christmas’ & ‘Holiday Weekend in Wine Country’ this weekend in Los Olivos, CA

There’s more than one way to split an atom

Sweet Surrender Cupcake Shop Now Open at the Palazzo Las Vegas

Voices from the Past: A Christmas Article & Recipe

Teenage Bottlerocket takes off

Mobile fire rescue units responds to North of 1-10 Interstate

Protecting yourself and your identity from phishing scams

Have you ever “sexted”? New MTV poll says one-third of teens have

Two lipstick shades with one name

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Former U-M football player sentenced

Etsy Spy: Modern holiday decor

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Tweet @twilight sweepstakes

Info 101: musical notes & updates 11: elvis presley: good rockin’ tonight: coming dec. 8

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Star Wars In Concert comes to Cincinnati’s US Bank Arena

Chanel Pre-Fall 2010: A fantasy trip to Shanghai

Seasons of Change

Alleged Ohio serial killer enters insanity plea

Award winning Saginaw, Texas, police officers honored

Pitt New Hampshire basketball capsule

Directing your life journey: Part 18

Most massive star known is revealed by huge explosion

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Target Announces Zac Posen as the next GO International Designer

Reconsidering Cap-and-Trade

GALS approval is final and the school is on its way

Gift Guide: Mommy Must Haves for “Eco-friendly” moms

Michigan Mom 2 Mom sales scheduled for December 5-6, 2009

Twilight’s’Chaske Spencer spent time in rehab

Lickity Split – Stick It In

Winter Storm Watch & Winter Weather Advisory issued across Southern Mississippi

Enjoy a Yellow Springs holiday weekend

RSVP to the FRUGAL FOODIE event at Macy’s in Union Square!

December in Montreal: For the kids

Dance Fitness 101: Where are the African dance classes in Los Angeles?

American Motorcyclist Association expresses condolences to family of Hugh H. ‘Harry’ Hurt

Jekyll and Hyde in Green Bay

LA Auto Show: Audi A3 TDI, 2010 Green Car of the Year

Officials investigate the death of protected barred owl

NASCAR tries to shine in Vegas, but Danica steals the show again

Making of a man: Gautam Gambhir

Christmas holiday guide 2009

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New grade 11 Language Arts exam- too little too late?

Doga event for Chicago area dogs and their people

Phil Hardberger honored by San Antonio City Council with park name change

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Remember the old dogs–you’ll be one too someday

Ten all time favorite cartoon characters: Bart Simpson

Taylor Swift relies on healthy diet and exercise plan to fuel her Grammy-nominated creativity

Tea review: Dilmah’s Somerset Estate Ceylon Tea

Israel bullies Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs prevents visit to Gaza

Lexington Christian Academy provides a full-range of athletic and fine arts opportunities

Initials reveal new drummer Josh Eppard (ex-Coheed And Cambria)

Clint Eastwood honored + special screening of INVICTUS Last Night !

Games for Windows going on demand for PC

Rockefeller Christmas tree journeys from Connecticut to light up New York City

Maintaining your weight during the holidays

Choosing a CD for your group fitness instructor

Accused slayers of Muir student Dion Holloway stand trial

Need help getting that dream motorcycle for Christmas?

Off-duty cop shooting that resulted in a civilian’s death goes to grand jury

A Christmas ornament from nature

Simple Easy Diet book adds missing piece to weight loss puzzle

Illuminating the difference between LED vs. traditional string lights

Making the world a better place through on-line holiday shopping: Alternative Gifts International

Series 4 ~ 110 Listings of legitimate mystery shopping companies

Eminem – “Buffalo Bill”

A women’s worth

How to tie the Bendback fly

San Luis Obispo area holiday events this month (December 2009)

Despite Chiefs’ 3-8 record, playing at Arrowhead in December is no easy chore

Annual state charter conference is a great place to gather

Pandemic 2 review

Lily Allen ‘exchanges’ music career for fashion

Cedarburg’s Christmas in the Country

Freelance job ideas

Newport Mansions ready for holidays: one is made of gingerbread

Democrats succeed in cutting nearly $500 billion from Medicare

Holiday Hop to Cornerstone

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: Keep your healthy habits

24 Hour Fitness of finesse

2009 Grand Illumination and the Ukrops/Supervalu Christmas Parade Street Closings in Richmond

Fordham women’s basketball to retire the number of an all-time great this Saturday

Holiday Happenings In Cincinnati…Readers have an opportunity to share

VIDEO: An emotional Speaker Quinn says next step in gay marriage fight is premature

Pleasure P denies child molestation rumors: ‘False, disgusting and vile’

Return of the zombie babe

Interview with Bonanzle seller, educator, and Examiner, Phaedra Stockstill

Interview with Tiffani Thiessen of USA series White Collar

The Obama administration wants to talk ‘education’ with your kids

Doctor’s Building

Latest federal report: New Swine Flu deaths escalate Canada’s death toll to 357

Judge: Suspect’s statements can be used in court

TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon registration open

Tiger Woods’ apology –does he mean it?

Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! was a hit at Club Nokia Dec. 2 featuring Nick Jonas

A moment with B.D. Wong

Nashville doll club holds Christmas party with holiday Barbie doll displays

Santa is coming to Connecticut! Festive locations where kids can dine, ride and chat with St. Nick

Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! was a hit at Club Nokia Dec. 2 featuring Nick Jonas

FDA petitioned to ban weight loss drug

Weekend must-wear: Killer party pumps

Darkness: The Bog #2 Review

Who Killed Santa? sneak peek

Assessing the obstacles in front of a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight

Discover the Holy Quran, Surah 12. Yusuf (Joseph) Verses 66-111

An early Christmas coffee treat — a spontaneous mocha, with milk-foam art

Discover the Holy Quran, Surah 12. Yusuf (Joseph) Verses 66-111

Where to find freelance job opportunities

Discover the Holy Quran, Surah 12. Yusuf (Joseph) Verses 66-111

Produce storage

Chrome soon to be released for Mac

Homemade Christmas gifts for everyone on your list

Country music radio on it’s last legs in Ontario? (pt. II)

Cylinder UFO hovers low near California freeway

Casual Industrees unveils WTO 10th anniversary t-shirt

The Survivors get a chance to win items in an auction and another player gets blindsided at the vote

Kellianna – Music For The Pagan Heart

Oldest Surviving Municipal Market in Ohio

What to rent this weekend: Paper Heart, Terminator Salvation…

Discover the Holy Quran, Surah 12. Yusuf (Joseph) Verses 66-111

ACC exposed in league’s loss to the Big Ten in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge

The doll communities certificate of happiness

Nature and environmental related podcasts

Twas the night before Venice …

Japan travel word of the day: Illuminations

Hotel Valencia: an urban oasis

Drag 911 at Rumours nightclub in St. Paul

Bolt Underground underwear party

Adam Bones – Feel For Tomorrow

Club metro reopens grand opening this weekend

Holly and Ivy Holiday Tour

Twin cities gay men’s chorus presents, Wonder: Celebrating the Wonder of Our Inner Child preview

Gotham Independent Film Awards: Natalie Portman Honored (EXCLUSIVE Video of Red Carpet)

Britney hits us one more time with recent album, Grammy nomination

Khloe and Lamar have a public spat

Opeth celebrate their 20th anniversary with a string of six multinational shows!

Weather History: December 4: Record Warm, Cold, Snowstorms, Windstorms, Eclipse & Flooding

Palace hosts World Cup Draw party in Canton

Be Response-able – Be at cause for your life

Gay twin cities weekend

Luck be a lady: Quotes about gambling for National Dice Day

Nicotine and nutrition: Weighing in on some of the biggest contributors to life expectancy

Spotlight on author Darden North, M.D.

Inside of an unfulfilled purpose

How to land a freelance job that pays well

Holiday light events in Japan

Nashville recalls F Ryan Jones; Admirals make roster moves

Remembering Pearl Harbor!

Santa arrives at Navy Pier by Boat for Winter Wonderfest

India Srilanka 3rd test highlights, Virender Sehwag 284 video

Jaimee Grubbs not the only mistress with Tiger Woods text messages, Rachel Uchitel has them too

Atkins diet: How and why it works

Is Santa Claus an Antichrist?

Just another diet? Think again: a review of “The Simple Easy Diet” by Judy Zerafa

Busy weekend in roller derby

Kick up your workout with indoor cycling

Paa movie review, songs, trailer video

Review: Bullet Chess

Autism Resources in Madison Wisconsin

Whitney Port feels she’s higher than Lauren Conrad

Christmas cookies – a family tradition

Special events & meetings – December 4

Canadiens falter against Sabres

Apple pie at the Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

2010 Grammy Nominees: The predictions have started

Avernum 6 coming out for the Macinotsh

Google Offers Free DNS Servers

Tire Test: Pirelli Winter 240 SnowSport

A sweet pairing of sushi at Shiro’s in Seattle

Lady Gaga is nominated for five awards at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

The pros and cons of sending holiday cards

New evidence for effectiveness of early intervention for autistic kids, but where to find services?

First Fridays Celebration at the Greenbank Farm

Climategate in Canada update

December to remember at Rock Bottom American Pub

Baklava Recipe

Whole Foods on Chagrin Boulevard

“The Daily Show” rewrites Obama speech with a little help from screenwriters

Propane powered vehicles produce cleaner air

Trend Alert: Rodarte’s bondage boots are a big hit with R&B divas

Info 101: December entertainment and enrichment for high school students and more Part 1

Breaking news: Tiger isn’t the first man to cheat on his wife!

Healthcare moving forward in the Senate

Squaw Valley USA recieves top environmental ranking

Report: Tiger Woods may have paid Rachel Uchitel for silence

Bodies wanted for a good cause

CAIR Report Shows Jump in Anti-Muslim Bias Incidents, Decrease in Hate Crimes

‘Brothers’ lacks direction

Winter date night ideas

Survivor Samoa Recap: Week 11

The least restrictive environment may not necessarily mean the best for children with autism

SA VA online shop is launched

Too many Moulson (goals) doom Thrashers on Thursday

A topsy turvey world comes to life at Know Theatre, through Dec. 26

Laurence Waldren ceramic scrapes: Now available!

Oberweis’ new truffles not good; get Christmas treats at Graham’s

Prizefight primer: Arreola – Minto

Homeschool Day at Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory

O, Tannenbaum!

Rap Grammy nominees rundown

Everard’s Clothiers to host Cleverly bespoke shoes for a trunk show

Special needs bar/ bat mitzvahs

Holiday shopping for less: Where to find the most stylish deals without maxing your budget

Significant L.A. debuts in 5 words or less (Americanos)

Ditch the Old and Experience the Sea of Dreams 2010 New Year’s Eve

Christmas Ideas for the Muskie Angler

Friend, are you kept spiritually sound by the System or the Savior?

Congress wants the Census to hire long-term unemployed

Rodarte for Target sneak preview with pricing

Christmas Tree Ship at Navy Pier December 4 and 5

National Cookie Day: virtual cookie exchange, a new twist on an old Christmas dessert favorite

Tips for tangerines and other Christmas-season citrus gifts

Lincoln area dog fanciers travel to Long Beach, CA for AKC/Eukanuba show

The Daily Grind: Defending Freddie Roach, Berto breaks camp, Paul Williams, and more…

Dogs in need of homes at Western Arizona Humane Society as of 2 December 2009

The guide to knowing it’s time to break up

Tiger Woods Scandal

Info 101: December entertainment and enrichment for high school students and more Part 2

High quality fuel and its benefit

Dancing With the Stars: What’s new with the finalists and their partners?

Rampage Jackson is returning to the UFC

Enjoying December

Tokio Hotel competes with Sting and international artists for best power ballad, pt. 1

Coyotes steal win from Flames

The true gift is the “present” moment

Hershey, PA isn’t just about Chocolate – here’s 6 fun things to do

Complete Nutrition opens: How fit is your relationship? (Coupon included)

James Island Earth Fare, groceries and a great lunch

2010 MLL All-Star Game returns to Boston

Rodarte for Target hits 250 stores December 20th

Broadcast radio sponsored by Intelius.com

Annie Le case: Police want DNA from Raymond Clark’s fiancé Jennifer Hromadka (video)

Story of the American Football League to air on HBO

Green office buildings increase employee productivity

Tiger Woods cheating voicemail slow jam

Rules for writing romance

Kings third period filibuster leads to win over Senators

Will he ever stop cheating?

Heart Check for Discipleship

Pacquiao gets inked up: Aims new meteor tattoo on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Phi Delta Theta troubles at Drake University in Des Moines

Introducing…Dragon Gate USA

NAIA Ranks CSU San Marcos #3

“The Wings of the Dove”

Looking back at the 2009 CFL season: Free agent evaluation part one

Learn homemade risotto and gnocchi recipes at The Wooden Spoon

Irish blue plaque for champion hurler

Tokio Hotel competes with Sting and international artists for best power ballad, pt. 2

Utah’s Steven Nyman to race Beaver Creek Birds of Prey

International Day of Disabled Persons

Market update Dec 3, 2009

Parks and Recreation 2×11 ‘Tom’s Divorce’ recap

Inspirational quote of the day; success

Smartbox™ ‘Unforgettable Experiences Hunt’ cocktail reception

U.T. Austin rakes in millions in sports trademark royalties

New Mental Health Social Network to help those suffering from mental health conditons

Quick and Delicious Chicken Piccata

AFA ends boycott of Gap and Old Navy

Freebie-Estee Lauder gives away 130,000 tubes of lip gloss

More tips for driving traffic to your website

Matt ‘The Hammer’ Hamill vs. Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Saturday night

Driving only half of a Volkswagen Golf

Foer’s Eating Animals is Meant to Challenge

Could Tiger be eyeing a new course for divorce?

Imperial Nutcracker…Imperial Indeed

Riordan Crusader Classic First Round Results

‘Battle of the Smithsonian’ review (second ‘Night at the Museum’ movie)

Different ways to celebrate Christmas around DFW

Tulsa TV Listing grid for December 4, 2009

Adam Lambert CDs are currently being auctioned for charity on eBay

Maria Sharapova visits Chile for fashion show and tennis exhibition

Live music in St. Louis

Fergie on booze binge over hubby Josh’s affair, says National Enquirer

5 tips on how to take baby’s picture

What should you do about vacant foreclosures in your neighborhood?

‘Survivor: Samoa:’ Shambo conjures up a mountain of nonsense

Travis Trice has a Butler connection

Things you see in the mountains when the temperature drops way below zero

One-time Alcatraz inmate died last year

#Travel a virtual world marketplace as you #shop for unique holiday gifts that give back

December 3: First heart transplant made, pesticide plant in India leaks gas in industrial disaster

Tiger’s Most Valuable Lesson

Resisting temptation to pick Sergio Martinez over Paul Williams

San Francisco implementing new sanctuary policy may lead to arrests..of city officials

College hoops recap (Dec. 3)

Freebie-Collective Roots seed give-away

Burroughs hosts Holiday Spectacular Concert this weekend

A Record For The Community

Jackets woes continue

Female sex, but not male sex, better with cannabis

Utlimate Fighter 10 finale predictions: Expect fireworks from Roy Nelson, Kimbo Slice, Frankie Edgar

The White House party crashers are upstaging the biggest science scandal in history aka Climate Gate

Nightline looks at Barbie’s world – will the pink plastic princess be replaced this Christmas?

Nadrich & Cohen, Llp Now Investigating Pradaxa Side Effects Claims In All 50 States

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2012 Prominent national law firm Nadrich & Cohen, LLP is pleased to announce that the firm is now representing individuals who believe they were injured by Pradaxa, a blood thinner used to treat patients with a heart rhythm problem known as atrial fibrillation. A recent research study has linked Pradaxa (dabigatran) to an increased risk of heart attack, angina and other serious complications in certain patients.

Pradaxa is manufactured by German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (BING) and was first approved for use as an anticoagulant by the FDA in 2010. In addition to treating patients with atrial fibrillation, the drug is also used to prevent blood clots in patients whove undergone joint replacement surgery.

On January 9, a paper published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggested that patients who take Pradaxa are as much as 33% percent more likely to experience a heart attack or angina compared with patients who used another type of blood thinning agent. Researchers pooled data from seven different research studies involving 30,514 patients who were given dabigatran, warfarin, enoxaparin or a placebo.

In addition to the potential risk of heart attack associated with Pradaxa, the drug has also been linked to other serious side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral and brain hemorrhaging, ulcers, bleeding in the kidneys and http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drugreview-1788-Depakote+Oral.aspx?drugid=1788&drugname=Depakote+Oral in some cases, death. According to a November 2011 Reuters article, Boehringer acknowledged that the drug had caused approximately 260 deaths worldwide.

If you or a loved one experienced a heart attack, internal bleeding or other complications after taking Pradaxa, you can complete a MedWatch form by visiting the Food and Drug Administrations website. It is also recommended that https://www.facebook.com/pages/Depakote-lawsuits/824873577556818 you contact an experienced Pradaxa injury attorney to discuss your legal rights.

Nadrich & Cohen LLP offers confidential, no-cost consultations to Pradaxa users who believe they were harmed by the drug. Help is available by calling 1-800-722-0765 or by completing an online case evaluation form at www.personalinjurylawcal.com.

Nadrich & Cohen LLP is a national law firm with offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and other cities throughout California. The firm specializes in handling mass tort actions and representing individuals in cases involving pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers and other product manufacturers. The firm is committed to achieving the best outcome possible in every case and has recovered over $200 million in settlements on behalf of its clients.

In addition to handling Pradaxa side effects claims, Nadrich & Cohen, LLP investigates cases involving Accutane, Avandia, DePuy Hip Implants, Zimmer Hips, Wright Conserve Hips, Vaginal Mesh, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy, Fen Phen and PPH, Depakote and Reglan.

The time you have to file an injury claim is limited, so its important to act as quickly as possible to protect your rights. Call 1-800-722-0765 today to speak with a qualified personal injury expert or visit www.personalinjurylawcal.com.

About the Author:

Nadrich & Cohen LLP is a national law firm specializing in representing individuals who have been injured by defective medical devices, harmful prescription drugs, faulty products, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and dog bites.

Jennifer Poole

National Client Intake Coordinator

Nadrich & Cohen LLP

12100 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 1250

Los Angeles, CA 90025


[email protected]


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has been treated, for decades, with special medicine and psychoanalysis. Consistently though, neither have had a major impact when treating OCD patients. Recently, large strides have been made treating OCD patients with CBT, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This has been largely beneficial for patients that combined cognitive-behavioral therapy with medication, but major progress https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reliable-Hosting/701856739883790 has been seen with patients no longer taking medication also.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is much more proactive than traditional psychotherapy. In traditional psychotherapy, patients spend countless hours merely discussing problems. With CBT, the patient and the therapist take much more active roles in determining problems and creating a detailed, concrete list of the patient’s symptoms. The assessment is done using the YBOCS – Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale as well as several other assessment tools.

Once the list of known symptoms is available and agreed upon by both patient and psychotherapist, it is used within the behavioral therapy called ERP-Exposure and Response Prevention. Also known as Exposure Therapy, the symptom list is used to exposure the patient to various fears, beginning with the least anxiety-provoking symptoms and continuing to the more difficult ones. Additionally, the patient is given “homework” between sessions that are uniquely designed for each individual patient and are an essential portion of the treatment for OCD. The “homework” assignments can assist the patient and be performed at home, work, in public, etc. and then easily re-created in the therapist’s office. This new avenue of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has also shown success with several other anxiety disorders ranging from Hypochondria, Panic Disorder https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thomsonreuters.reuters and a myriad of other known phobias.

Another facet of cognitive-behavioral therapy is a related therapy of ERP, commonly referred to as Imaginal Exposure. This facet of the CBT uses audiotaped short stories which allow the patient to experience virtual exposure to their feared symptoms. When, combined with other cognitive-behavioral techniques, ERP has shown to produce a greatly lowered frequency and magnitude of obsessions, as well as decreasing the patient’s repose and sensitivity.

A great many patients with OCD that have prescribed to this new behavioral approach also have shown majorly reduced symptoms when accompanied with specific medications. But,the pharmacotherapy is recommended to continue along with a complete regimen of CBT. Numerous research studies have shown that CBT if much more advanced that the earlier psychotherapy alone and it continues to grow as the best treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


How Can Unschoolers Meet Legal Requirements?

Unschooling RecordsThe legal regulations and requirements for homeschoolers may initially appear intimidating, especially to relaxed homeschooling and unschooling families that may not follow a formal curriculum plan. However, with a basic understanding of local home education laws and some creativity, most homeschoolers have no trouble satisfying requirements.

Recordkeeping Helps Unschoolers Meet Legal Requirements

Good record keeping will significantly help you to meet legal requirements, as well as to provide keepsake, portfolio, and admissions/application materials for use in the future. Your “record” is your history or story. Some parents enjoy keeping records, some don’t, and some do it only to meet legal requirements. Your reasons will influence your recordkeeping strategy. Record keeping can take various forms, for example

journaling (narrative)

scrapbooking (crafty visual)

portfolio assembly (showcase presentation)

chart or list https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-win-no-fee-solicitors/712504698796627 making (diagrams and lists)

filling-in prepared forms (prompted)

While conventional styles of homeschooling may lend themselves more easily to conventional recordkeeping, unschoolers can creatively fit their learning activities into subject categories, if it makes sense to do so. You may even have fun making the translation.

Some parents purchase record keeping systems while others create their own. Karen Gibson describes her unschooling record keeping system, with printable pages you can use. I use a Recordkeeping for Unschoolers spiral-bound journal with prompts and space for jotting down notes and lists.

Recordkeeping Can Help Unschoolers Meet Testing Requirements

Homeschooling parents typically take an active interest in their children’s activities, so we don’t necessarily need records of grades or tests to show us which skills our children have demonstrated. Nonetheless, records can serve to demonstrate to others that your children have had exposure and access to various subjects and skills.

Testing. Some areas require periodic testing of homeschoolers. Unschoolers and other relaxed homeschoolers may have the option of filling out their own assessment to be reviewed by a certified teacher. In this case, you simply reference your records and fill out the form. You children may not even have to be directly involved in the process.

Some areas accept portfolio assessments or other alternatives to standardized tests. Ask other relaxed homeschoolers in your area which http://www.workplacefairness.org/news testing services they recommend. My area has an unschooling-friendly testing service. Yours might, too.

Perhaps the simplest way to record an informal homeschooler’s learning activities involves periodically listing what the child has spent time doing, i.e, reading, making, watching or listening to, talking about, planning, etc.

Know Your Laws from a Homeschooler’s Point of View

Educational requirements for homeschoolers are typically different than those for school kids. Find out the specifics for your area. I recommend contacting a local homeschool organization to find out not only what the laws are in plain language, but how they are enforced.

School administrators are not in the business of knowing homeschooling laws, so they may misunderstand the requirements and pass on incorrect information.

The homeschool requirements in my state don’t apply until a child turns eight years old. This is good information to have. I could have completely ignored homeschool requirements until my daughter’s third grade year. However, I used that time to gain a working understanding of the requirements from the state homeschooling organization. When the time came, I knew what to expect and had no worries.

You might also enjoy: The Unschooling Collection

Source: McGrath, Sara. Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning. CreateSpace, 2010.


Nottinghamshire residents urged to take care as heatwave approaches

As temperatures are expected to soar over the next couple of days, Nottinghamshire residents are being advised to take extra precautions in the hot weather.

Areas around England including the East Midlands may experience ‘heatwave’ conditions http://michiganlegalhelp.org/ over the next few days, according to Met Office forecasts.

There is a 60 percent probability of heatwave conditions between 8am on Friday and 8am on Sunday in the region.

Dr Chris Kenny, Director of Public Health Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City, said: “Whilst the forthcoming period divorce solicitors of hot weather is only expected to last a couple of days, vulnerable people such as older people, young children and those with ill health need to be on their guard as high temperatures can be risk to their health.

“We encourage people to look out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours and advise them to keep out of the sun, particularly during the hotter periods of the day.

“It is important to remember that everyone should avoid prolonged periods in the sun, regardless of age or health, and drink plenty of water when there is hot weather.”

For more information about the Heat-Health Watch system from the Met Office, please visit www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/heathealth/

Sun safety tips are available from Public Health England by visiting http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Summerhealth


An Aftermarket Exhaust Singing a Legal Tune! – Los Angeles Motorcycle Industry

Kess Tech’s electronically controlled ESM2 slip-on exhaust systems are now available state side only through Glendale Harley Davidson.

Since federal regulatory agencies have started cracking down on the aftermarket scene, it’s getting harder to customize your motorcycle, at least legally. With the noise bugging the neighbors and emissions standards favoring environmental friendly vehicles, modified motorcycles have been facing a slow and cumbersome demise. But not anymore, thanks to KessTech.

Based in Germany, KessTech is a thirty-year-old company dedicated to creating exhaust systems with legal, yes, legal sound performance for Harley motorcycles. Based on a technology gleaned from the automotive industry, KessTech has created a line of electronically controlled exhaust systems to include the ESM2, ESM1 and MMV slip-on systems.

Oliver Shokouh, the owner of Glendale Harley Davidson, is a member and former president of the C.M.D.A. or California Motorcycle Dealers Association. The association has 155 franchised motorcycle http://www.defranciscolaw.com/Medical-Malpractice/ dealer members. “Our purpose is to improve motorcycling in California for dealers and motorcyclists,” Oliver said. “We track new legislation and sometimes we produce new legislation. We have a special program for insurance, workers compensation, safety issues, D.M.V. matters and we offer many other benefits to our members. We are also in tune with legal requirements and laws pertaining to motorcyling, including emissions and noise standard policies.”

With his proactivity in motorcycle legislation, Oliver felt passionate about getting KessTech to the states. So he joined ranks with Rob Harrison, who is a specialist in motorcycle and automobile sound and exhaust emission certifications in Calfornia and the U.S. to legalize the ESM2 electronically control sli-on exhaust system in California. “He certified our exhaust noise levels as per E.P.A. standards and verified we are indeed within the allowable decibel limits for the federal standard (of 80 decibels) which mirrors California noise standard for motorcycles,” said Oliver. To find out more about how decibel tests are conducted, click here. With Harrison’s help, the ESM2 passed with flying colors, but is currently only available for the Harley Davidson Touring 103 or FLT models through Glendale Harley Davidson.

“We figured the market was best with this model,” says Derrick Meador, a Service Technician at Glendale Harley Davidson. “Kesstech has several exhaust systems for several models but we started with this one to test the waters.” Each ESM2 slip-on exhaust system is made of stainless steel and has a laser engraved stamp specifically for Harley Davidson Touring 103′s. Oliver, the lawyer and Christian are still working to expand availability of KessTech exhaust systems for all Harley models.

How ESM2 Works

The ESM2 exhaust system has a valve inside each muffler that is open and closed electronically by an actuating arm. This actuating arm allows two electronic modules that are wired into the system to talk to each other and tell the valve when to open and close. By pushing the button on the right side of the handlebar, the modules tell the valve to open (button lit) or close (button not https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-win-no-fee-medical-solicitors/273296899530142 lit).

When the rider pushes the button in, it lights up and within a quarter of a second, the exhaust valve opens and a unique, crazy-amazing sound can be heard! The exhaust valve is legally open in all gears except 2nd and 3rd, making this sound always and completely legal under the 80 decibel limit! Plus, the rider enjoys a three percent horsepower gain with the valve open!

When the button is not lit up, the exhaust valve (or flap inside the muffler) is closed, thus quieting the engine so as not to wake the neighbors during an early morning departure. Fortunately, the closed valve has no effect on horsepower, so the rider doesn’t have to compromise performance for the sound.


KessTech recommends that only KessTech dealers install the ESM2 systems, due to the electrical work involved. “We have to wire the system to the handlebar so the vehicle speed and r.p.m. reading can reach the exhaust control valve electronically,” Derrick says. The installation takes longer than normal, but the benefits are worth it.

How Much Is It?

Since it is illegal to remove the catalytic converter on a motorcycle, the KessTech stainless steel ESM2 exhaust is available as a slip-on system only and carries a heavy estimated price tag of $3,000. This estimate does include shipping and installation, however. This, of course, is way above the average $400-$500 slip-on price, but the exhaust does also come with a four-year warranty that covers all exhaust components, with the exception of cosmetic damage. The exhaust also requires little attention other than a quick check during maintenance intervals by a Harley Davidson certified technician.


The ESM2 exhaust system is available in chrome and matte black and different end caps are available as well to each system can have a truly individual look.


The KessTech ESM2 system was installed on Oliver’s 2011 Limited Touring 103 (FLT) which will be at Glendale to view. Another ESM2 system was also installed on a new 2014 Touring 103 model, which is currently touring dealers to demonstrate the exhaust system’s one-of-a-kind sound. Once it’s done with the tour, the 2014 Touring 103 will be displayed on the showroom floor at Glendale Harley Davidson and an additional demo unit will be equipped with the exhaust so customers can experience the sound before deciding to purchase the KessTech system for their own motorcycle.

Click here to find out more about Glendale Harley Davidson or here to read more about KessTech exhaust systems. “With the benefits of being legal and the sound that KessTech produces is well worth the time and the money,” Derrick says of an exhaust that continues to drive people crazy every time they hear it!

Fake dating site profiles: The solicitors – Philadelphia online relationships

Though the spies and sex-changers might come across as creepy at worst, the most annoying and potentially dangerous fake profiles posted at online dating sites are the solicitors.

Not only are they annoying and dangerous, they also happen to be the most prevalent fake profiles and its members can be amongst the hardest to detect of all fake users. Simply put, these are the people that are trying to get something out of you no win no fee medical solicitors by posing as normal users.

The first example of a solicitor is the site bot. Though it is difficult to understand their methods of operation, the modus operandi couldn’t be clearer. The profiles and messages sent by these bots are so fake you can taste metal when you read them; the closest way to describe them would be to say that someone recorded a conversation with a phone sex operator and typed every other word. Their primary objective, on underhanded paying sites, is to get you to sign up for a paid membership. The most common method of attempting this is by sending you a message that you can’t read unless you pay, thus, in theory, tempting your curiosities so that you will sign up to read this message that was probably copied from a text document written three years ago.

You’re unlikely to find these users on sites like Match.com and http://themediablog.typepad.com/the-media-blog/2011/09/daily-mail-bbc.html eHarmony because they have legitimate marketing campaigns and strong enough word of mouth that bots could only tarnish their image. However, sites like Fling.com are rife with them, and the site managers are good at picking both ridiculously attractive people and mildly attractive people to catch you off guard. If something doesn’t seem quite right about the person, consider chalking them up as a bot.

The second type of solicitor is the phisher. Though they don’t quite fit the strict definition of online phishing, these users will usually post their e-mail addresses or links to other sites in their profile, or they’ll divulge them immediately in messages. This is especially true when they try to circumvent message restrictions on more restrictive sites by writing out their e-mail addresses; for example, onlinedatingexaminer@gmail.com would become onlinedatingexaminer at gmail dot com.

Again, sometimes they’re easy to spot, particularly when they sign up on a free site and, in their profile, advertise that they also use a pay site, but sometimes they’ll use basic subterfuge to lull you into a false sense of security. Coughing up one’s e-mail address in this situation will more often than not lead to an avalanche of spam.

In almost all cases, these profiles are most identifiable by their pictures. 99 times out of 100, someone with a perfect body and shirtless pictures of immaculate quality will be a fake. E-mail addresses and sometimes even MySpace links in a profile are also big hints that this person is not who they seem.

It should go without saying, but I’ll put it in here anyway: never give out any personal details such as passwords, addresses, social security numbers, or credit card information to anyone who sends you a message on a dating site. All issues concerning payment and site policy should be handled via secured connections, and, in rare cases, on the phone. If any website personnel insist upon contact via the site’s messaging systems, leave. To say the least, this is about as legitimate as monopoly money.

For questions, opinions, advice, and website review suggestions, e-mail Bryan at onlinedatingexaminer@gmail.com. Questions and advice may be posted anonymously.


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By: Peter Lawless | Mar 20th 2007 – That’s right, break the bank with profit. Profit is achieved by maximising your margin on increased sales. Spending money on marketing wisely will mean your costs can be contained, while sales revenues increase. But how do you do that? This article discusses why measurement of everything, marketing that you do, is so vital.

Let’s start off with some basic principles. You need to sit down and answer the following questions, if you really want to create a marketing budget th…

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By: Linda E. Joy | Jan 16th 2007 – Remember the scene in the movie “Lonesome Dove” after Gus (played by Richard Duval) saved Laurie (played by Diane Lane), who had been abducted and assaulted. Since her rescue she had been unable to speak, and they were camping on the way to join their friends on a cattle drive to Montana. They particularly enjoyed playing the game of poker together so he set up a table and cards for them to play. The beautiful memories of pleasant times brought tears in her eyes. He hugged he…

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Avoidance In How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Panic

By: Stephen White | Oct 1st 2006 – If you avoid dealing with your problems, they will surely only be able to get larger. Thus, instead of avoiding problems, it is wise to face the issues, rather than dismiss them. If you allow problems to add up, it will only cause you bigger problems later. If you face your own problems, that means that you can potentially defeat them, and not just temporarily, but for good!

Avoidance is a strategy that evades fear but it is never permanant. What you desire is a more perma…

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is pure adrenaline driven entertainment. Here is a list of the greatest superstars in WWE, wrestlers who have stood the test of time.

Love it, hate it, or try to ignore it, but the fact remains that World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry today. The World Wrestling Entertainment has been the center of attention ever since it was first launched. Be it the steroids scandal, or be it something raked up by the concerned parents and other institutions, or the various takeovers and acquisitions the company has been in since the past two decades, or be it simply traditional sports rueing the infinite success and fan following this sports entertainment receives.

One cannot deny the fact that the superstars have been an integral part of the success of WWE. The fans should remember that it is these superstars who take the hits, do not care about the risks and put their bodies on the line in the name of entertainment. This is exactly the reason that they have become superstars in the true sense of the word, and are looked up with respect for the amount of punishment they take and the courage they have, to come up night after night, to entertain the people.

For those who are new to WWE, here is a quick description of the stars ladder:

Jobbers: These are the unknown talents who are basically used to give a push in the wrestling ladder to talent that is getting a bit popular as ‘heels’ or ‘babyfaces’ with the crowds. Heels are wrestlers who basically play the bad part of the storyline. Baby faces are wrestlers who play the good part of the storyline. Jobbers eventually get promoted into the mid-card level.

Mid-Card Level: Mid-card level wrestlers are wrestlers who have a bit of popularity amongst wrestling fans. They can either be heels or babyfaces. Mid-card level wrestlers and http://www.prowrestling.com/ jobbers are sometimes used as a part of tag teams to create more exciting wrestling storylines and matches.

Superstars/Top-card level: These are the wrestlers who headline WWE shows and pay-per-views. Superstars have a definite screen presence, and a long and complex storyline behind them. They also have the longest feuds, with some feuds spanning three to four pay-per-views.

Here is a list of the contemporary and past WWE superstars. This list is only about those superstars who have the highest fan following ever:

Hulk Hogan: He and Vince McMahon are credited with taking wrestling entertainment to another level altogether in the seventies and eighties. In fact, Hulk Hogan is considered to be an idol of many of the present contemporary WWE wrestlers.

The Undertaker: The Undertaker can be termed as having the most prolific WWE career ever. Also, his characterization is considered to be one of the most innovative in WWE history. Personally, I think he was the inventor of power wrestling. He is still regarded to have wwe shows one of the most exciting finishing moves in the industry, and that is a feat in itself. He has had at least three different finishing moves during his career, and all three of them sending the crowd in a tizzy when enacted in the ring.

The Rock: Possibly the most famous wrestler to step into the ring – ever. The Rock was one of the first wrestlers to move from wrestling into Hollywood and make a successful career out of it. Though the Rock was one of the most famous and successful wrestlers, today he is seen as a good enough actor as well as a wrestler. He has acted in lead roles in at least three movies. John Cena and Kane have followed his concept of an all-encompassing entertainer. Hulk Hogan too had made a switch from wrestling to Hollywood at his peak, but his switch did not meet with as much success as The Rock’s did.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: If the Rock is mentioned, Stone Cold will not be far behind. The two have been involved in some of the most entertaining feuds in wrestling history. Stone Cold Steve Austin is known to be a rebellious beer drinker who was the bane for discipline and system during his stint as a wrestler for the WWE.

There are, of course other wrestlers that could be added to the list. These superstars are simply the ones who have stood the test of time, and get as much of fan heat today, as they would have got when they had the first peak of their career, a good ten years back.


Sci Mx Lean Grow Whey Protein Review

Why buy Sci-MX Lean Grow Extreme 4kg?

Increasing lean bodyweight, strength and energy for sport and work-outs o Meeting high protein requirements – highest percentage protein in the UK! o Lean muscle gains OR mass gains depending on daily serving amount used o Keeping fat off whilst following a lean muscle building diet and training program o Meal replacement, OR as an “in between meals” meal to achieve 5-6 meals per day o Maintaining muscle mass when doing high levels of cardiovascular fitness training o Keeping body fat off when following a lean muscle building diet and training program o Convenient and nutritious meal replacement, or as an “in between meals” food option to o achieve 5 – 6 meals per day Typically Used By: o Strength athletes, bodybuilders, weight-lifters o Power athletes such as rugby players, wrestlers, field event athletes, boxers etc o Anyone wanting to gain muscle, “bulk-up” or improve all-round sports performance o Anyone wanting a protein-rich, balanced and nutritious meal replacement formula o Endurance athletes wanting to build muscle or increase strength (Tri-athletes, cyclists, o swimmers) Unique points: o Offers an impressive 53g per serving of Sci-MX’s unique Dynamic Pure Protein Blend o Contains Sci-MX’s unique Opti-Zyme(TM) digestive enzyme formulation for improved absorption o At 40 servings per 4kg tub, this product offers unmatched protein percentage vs. price o Versatile product – can be used as a lean mass gainer, or as a meal replacement o No other premium lean muscle gain or meal replacement formula comes in a 4kg container o Unlike many lean muscle gainers and meal replacements, this product is http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=2&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aslim-fast%20shake sucrose and o aspartame free o Unlike most meal replacements, a huge 13g of vital Glutamine is automatically included, o for enhanced muscle growth, repair, and recovery o Mixes easily with water into a thick, delicious shake – Sci-MX meal replacement shake products are renowned for their o great taste! o Contains a vital and comprehensive vitamin and mineral package often neglected in lean o muscle gainers

Nutritional Breakdown

53g Protein – A blend of protein sources consisting mainly of whey protein isolate and o micellar casein, but also including whey protein concentrate, egg albumen powder, calcium o caseinate and soy protein isolate o 32g Carbohydrates – Slow burning complex carbohydrates from a proven natural corn o source (and not sucrose) ensuring a sustained energy supply without encouraging fat o storage o Vitamins and Minerals – Complete vitamin and mineral package providing essential micro- o nutrients o BCAA enriched amino package – providing branched chain amino acids as well as all other o essential & non-essential muscle building amino-acids o An impressive 13g of L-Glutamine for enhanced muscle growth, repair, and recovery (See o Sci-MX’s L-Glutamine powder for more information) o 3g MCT – body fat reducing essential fats, also providing additional high energy calories o and ensuring minimal muscle catabolism o Opti-Zyme(TM) – Sci-MX’s unique digestive enzyme formulation increases protein absorption o and causes a slower, sustained release into the system o Safe and approved sweetener (sucralose) o Sucrose free and contains no artificial colourants or chemical preservatives


Whey protein isolate and concentrate, calcium caseinate, soy protein, maltodextrin, fructose, MCT (medium chain triglycerides), starch, stabilizer: cellulose gum, cocoa powder (in chocolate only), l-glutamine, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, flavouring, vitamin Blend (A, C, E, D3, B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, biotin, Folic Acid, B12), taurine, leucine, iso-leucine, valine, sweetener (sucralose)

Recommended Usage

Add two rounded scoops to 350-400 ml of cold water (depending on individual preference). Blend or shake in a handheld shaker for 30 seconds. Have 2 to 3 servings daily. Servings may be halved. Use between meals or within 30 minutes after training as a recovery drink.

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The Euphony and Words of Melodious Theater by Writomania

There is no ask to set forth why the words of a vocal is crucial. The words cater the much needed ?hook? for any vocal, the ingredient that will draw in prospective auditors. This is wherefore the songwriting process is just as great as creating the contemporary music or sound of the song. The lyrics of any song is not haphazardly wrote to produce sense or intellect for the song; music and lyrics go together, because listeners thecheapestseats- mamma mia will be able to find if they don?t.

Simply while the words are important in any song, its importance in a vocal from a singable is much more large. A song shapes solo, so to address, since it holds up for itself and can make sense without the context of the album where it belongs to or the creative person who performed it. A song from a musical, on the other hand, ordinarily doesn?t. Or, at the very least, context and knowledge of rootage enhances the song and the song heeding experience.

A philharmonic is a type of theatre that coalesces the regular spoken negotiation (as in a representative play), songs, euphony, and terpsichore. The songs?and their lyrics?function as an entire part of the production. Rather than just being a song, these lyrical slices commune the floor and facilitate the narrative http://www.jesuswalk.com/names-god/9_father.htm movement forward-looking. In other words, the vocals and the lyrics of these songs are extensions to the sign. Singable theater was a very substantial and elder part of euphony some years ago. In fact, vocals from musical comedies felt the airwaves. While lyrical penchants have emphatically changed over the years, musicals continue to be a very large art form, and songs from these outputs extend to draw in listeners. These Song Lyrics are elusive. Unlike the mean song which adverts to a general have or vocal, the lyrics of the songs tell a substantial story, producing the songs more attention-getting and stirring.

People do not picture that songs and lyrics from musicals have went part of favorite civilization, specially since they have been separated from the musicals where they developed. These are usually called show tunes. Mastered examples of show tunes take ?Memory? from the average musical Cats (one of the riskiest drawing musicals in Broadway), a vocal that was excellently did by Barbra Streisand. Even those who like this iconic vocal do not even know that ?Memory? is from a philharmonic; the song?s in general appealing lyrics make it appealing even to those who haven?t seen the yield. Other musicals were produced the other way around, with musical comedies using alive songs in their products. An instance of this is the musical Mamma Mia, a musical that uses songs by ABBA.

Nonetheless, the lyrics of these songs form the heart of chanted productions. They function just like how a dialogue in a narrative should, although with the contributed attract of music. Musical theater may no longer be as standard now as it was assorted years ago. All The Same, the vocals and the lyrics from these yields will keep to lurk in the spirits of millions.


The Benefits Of Purchasing Justin Beiber Concert Tickets For 2010 Online

The 2010 Justin Beiber Tour

Justin Beiber is performing live on stage for millions of his fans for his 2010 tour. He would be performing in quite a lot of locations in the US as well as a few locations in UK for his British fans. The artist has gained much fame for his unique music style in the short amount of time since the release of his first ever album, My World.

Justin Beiber is young and has already managed to get thumbs up from artists like Usher and Ludacris and has build up a loyal fan base of millions in the process. His first album features quite a lot of songs which have made it to the top 20 in the Billboard Top charts. There are dozens of different artists that are launched in the industry every year but there are not many who manage to make it big like Justin Beiber.

If you are a fan of Justin and do not want to miss out on the chance of seeing the artist live on stage then you would have to hurry and purchase your Justin Beiber concert tickets.

Buying Tickets Online

Today most people prefer to purchase their tickets online since it offers them plenty of benefits. If you are planning to attend the Justin Beiber 2010 concert then you should know that getting Justin Beiber concert tickets is almost impossible. The tickets have been sold out in advance at most of the venues. The artist has been so popular that fans have been queuing up hours in advance so that they can get their tickets as soon as possible.

The easy way out is to buy these tickets online at websites which offer concert tickets and tickets for various other live events.

The Benefits of Purchasing the Tickets Online

There are plenty of benefits of purchasing the Justin Beiber concert tickets online. Plenty of people today prefer buying their tickets because of the easy access to internet. The biggest benefit of buying the tickets to this concert online is that it is convenient. Imagine having to queue up at the venue hours in advance in the freezing cold or in the immense heat waiting for the ticket window to open. You might have to wait for hours in line depending on how crowded it is.

When you buy tickets online you do not have to wait in any queues. You can buy the tickets whenever you want, even in the middle of the night. Another great benefit is that you would have instant access to the information on all the venues, the timings and dates of his concerts so that you can the best concert tickets decide which tickets to purchase. If you are lucky you could also manage to get some discount since quite a lot of these websites offer benefits to their members.

There are plenty of benefits of purchasing Justin Beiber tickets online, some of which were discussed above.

About the Author:

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New Age Style Of Wedding Ring

Now there are so many choices. For male wedding rings you can gift a fashionable and designer wedding ring as they are now fond of designer jewelry stuffs like their shoes and wardrobes. There are varieties of collections from numbers of designer brands. So you can choose your gift keeping in mind the grooms personal choice and liking. Every wedding ring has been crafted with equal importance and intricacies and technique. Traditionally wedding rings are made up of gold diamonds.a-girlsbestfriend.com and silver alloy. But now designers are making rings of platinum and titanium. They are more durable and beautiful than a gold or silver ring. Platinum and titanium rings have a classy look http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/wedding-rings-and-engagement-ring/1071853860 with diamonds setting. Apart from diamonds valuable stones like emerald, ruby and Safire make these rings impressive and give them a rendering beauty. Just be sure and have a clear idea about the price and make your choice. Yellow gold is the most traditional of metals; for many people gold is a symbol of the warmth and love of a marriage. Look at the mark inside the band to see what quality the gold is – usually 14k, 18k, or 24k. While 24k is the most pure, it is also the softest. If you work with your hands, you may want to choose 14k or 18k to prevent scratches. White Gold is A hot trend because it coordinates with both silver and platinum jewelry, yet is cheaper than platinum. Platinum is very stylish metal is also the hardest metal, making it for many a symbol of enduring love. Also, because it is not mixed with the lesser metals that gold is, platinum is safe for those with allergies. However, you’ll pay more for platinum than for gold.

Now the design of the ring can be different. Big diamond with small stones or many small diamonds can be used. Designer houses provide a wide range of wedding rings for men. From plain silver and gold alloyed ring to white or red gold with diamond setting can be seen. You just have to make your choice. Basically diamonds rings are ruling the markets as they are more demanding than others. Diamond embedding rings, white gold wedding rings, platinum rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings are much expensive. Because they are done with intricate designs and attractive cuttings on their body. Valuable stones and design determine their price. Follow your instincts with the look and design of your ring, while asking yourself if it will be a design you’ll be comfortable wearing every day for the rest of your life. The traditional plain gold wedding band will be in style for years to come. If that’s too plain for you, consider a beaded edge or an engraved style. For a slightly flashier look, what about channel-set diamonds? Ultimately, choose a wedding band that you feel is expressive of your style and personality. I’ve heard of a couple that chose to have wedding bands custom-made that resembled bicycle gears, reflecting their mutual love of bike-riding. There’s really no wrong answer as to what style you should choose.

By: fisher

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

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Road Bikes for Women

Whether you are a fitness freak or plan to go eco-friendly, you have a countless number of options for road bikes to choose from. So, before you plan to zero down to the best, take a look at the reviews. Keep reading.

Firstly, if you have decided to buy a road bike, let me congratulate you! Well, this is because you are being kind to the environment and soon would be proud members in contributing to create a greener environment. Moving ahead, before you go in for a bicycle, first identify your need, such as whether you need it for commuting to nearby distances, adventure, a part of your work regime or whatever the reason may be. Once you arrive at your basic need for the road bike, then go into the small details like the frame size (this is important, since too small frames http://www.cyclopaedia.info/wiki/History-of-the-mountain-bike can increase the risk of knee injuries whereas too large can be uncomfortable, so it has to be just right to suit your body frame), drop bar handles or flat bar handles, light weight, its efficiency and the technology employed. Don’t forget the find scott mountain bikes budget! Now, experts say that you should be ready to spend at least $500 dollars; since, anything lesser than that would not probably be the best. There are a range of road bikes to select from, however it is important to choose the correct one that fits a woman perfectly. This is because women usually tend to have a shorter torso and longer legs than men of the same height and so does the arm size vary. Moreover, the strength of the back needs to be considered too. Therefore, you have to find the best road bike that suits your body type and gives you a comfortable ride.

Best Road Bikes for Women

Orbea Aqua T105


Aqua frame is made of aluminum and comes in with a range of different assemblies and components.




Light weighted, superb appearance and comes in four different colors.


Sports, work out or leisure.



Specialized Amira Expert


Compliant shell technology and a fantastic wheel set that delivers optimal power with each stroke of the pedal for maximum speed.




Compact frame set that is specifically designed for women for a comfortable ride.


Racing and leisure.



Bianchi Infinito Ultegra


Bianchi does not need any introduction, it employs unique technologies like BAT and K-VID in making bicycles, that reduce fatigue and improve performance.




The geometry of this bicycle is unique with a taller head tube that allows a relaxed riding posture and improves stability. It is available in green and red.


Long urban rides and recreation.



JAGUAR/JETTA Beach Cruiser


It has a 20 inch high tensile steel frame set, stainless steel spokes, coaster brakes and white wall tires.




Super stylish and comes in five pretty colors.


Recreation and urban use.



Terry Isis Pro


It claims to be the lightest, stiffest and best riding budget road bike. The frame design is engineered for high performance and comfort.




The design of the bicycle is such that it efficiently employs your energy into speed. Its appearance is super chick, just well suited for a woman.


Racing, adventure and recreation.



Scott Contessa CR1 Pro


Scott has a strong carbon frame and was redesigned in 2010 for a fast and smooth riding experience.




Aerobar shaped and comes in 4 sizes and two different colors (silver/black).


Racing and club rides.



Trek 7.3 FX WSD


FX is light weighted, agile and a versatile bike. Its hyroformed frame makes riding an absolute pleasure.




Its size and geometry are perfectly designed to meet your individual needs. Trek is available in 4 sizes.


Fitness, recreation, trekking and long rides.



Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned above may vary according to location and offers available.

So, now you have the right guide to some of the best road bikes for women, make sure the bicycle fits you and your needs right. Make up your mind, get a new road bike and head on, making a healthy as well as environmental friendly choice. Don’t forget to wear your headgear.


The most effective yusun w91 mobile phone Cover « ahappymango’s blog

You’ll find diverse buy cheap yusun w91 mobile phone inside the market place that may be used in enhancing the usability of mobile phones. Around the other hand, such covers can also be applied in protecting mobile phones from damage. You will discover these that happen to be specifically designed for use with specific phones though you will discover also these ones that can be made use of in any type or model of mobile phone. There are actually even particular occasions when a cover designed for a provided mobile telephone might be made use of with other several http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Will_renter%27s_insurance_cover_a_lost_cell_phone_or_computer sorts of phones. A yusun w91 mobile phone cover is made fro use with a yusun w91 sort of mobile phone. Having said that, it really should be noted that pairing your telephone with an accessories cover does not boost its overall performance.

yusun w91 mobile

When selecting the appropriate yusun w91 for your sort of phone, there are certain considerations that you just will ought to bear in mind. This really is due to the fact, there is a assortment of suppliers of such products and not all of them will offer you the top 1 that you will need. Nonetheless, if you have an informed notion of what you desire, finding it wouldn’t be such a hectic activity. Listed below are many of the factors that if looked at meticulously, might help you in deciding upon the most beneficial yusun w91 mobile phone cover:

Every yusun w91 comes inside a different design and style concerning colour, size as well as the material from which it can be produced. In case you may have your favored colour, you’ll be able to go for that or any other a single from the array of colors that the accessories covers are offered which includes black, brown, maroon amongst others. You can find also different sizes and it will be far better in case you looked for the size that matches that of the mobile phone. Don’t go for a single that is as well massive or as well little but just the appropriate size that fits the phone. In addition to, the yusun w91 mobile phone covers are also created from several materials like leather, plastics amongst other components that you can opt for from depending on your interest.

You will find distinctive accessories covers that you can acquire for your Huawei Honor form of mobile phone. It truly is advisable that you simply only obtain that which you intend to make use of. Usually do not go for some like auto chargers when you won’t be applying them considering that which will be a waste. In terms of comfort, only go for that accessories cover which will provide you with comfort when working with the phone. Don’t go for a single that is definitely too difficult such that it gives you a tough time when employing your mobile phone.

Many people don’t often appear into the value of yusun w91 cover below the assumption that camera insurance they’re fairly inexpensive. Bear in mind that not all dealers with give you the identical cost on a yusun w91. Distinct dealers have diverse price ranges and so it is crucial that you simply compare prices before shopping for any of your circumstances.

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Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM) 2010 – Winners and Nominees Named – Yahoo Voices

Reba McEntire hosted the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM) tonight on Great American Country (GAC). She’s a great singer, song-writer, actress, and now you can add a great host to that list. The lady can do it all!

Live Performances:

Duet with Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood covering ‘Travelin’ Band’ and then John Fogerty joined them on stage. Charlie Daniels and Brad Paisley backed them on fiddle and guitar.

Blake Sheldon performed Hillbilly Bone, joined by Trace Adkins. The crowd went wild and sang along.

Billy Currington sang, That’s How Country Boys Roll.

Kenny Chesney performed his hit song, Ain’t Back Yet.

Laura Bell Bundy sang Giddy On Up, from her debut album Achin’ and Shakin’.

Toby Keith sang and wrote a song in honor of his friend who lost his life to cancer at the age of 44. The song is titled ‘Cryin For Me (Wayman’s Song)’, dedicated to Wayman Tisdale. Go to itunes and download his performance to help Stand Up To Cancer. It’s a good song, and was a beautiful tribute.

They showed footage from The Zac Brown Band and their support and tour of the USO.

Taylor Swift performed her hit song Change from a moving riser above the crowd. She was backed by a vocal group named The Tritones.

Gloriana performed Wild At Heart, Luke Bryan sang Do I, and Joey and Rory sang Cheater Cheater – before it was announced which one won the Top New Artist Award.

Next up, Lady Antebellum sang their hit American Honey. They are a very talented trio.

Rascal Flatts performed Unstoppable next on the stage. They are always worth watching, always. I love watching their performances, and their voices and lyrics never fail to impress. Love is unstoppable.

Jason Aldean was the next performer on stage, singing Crazy Town. The fans love him!

Miranda Lambert sang The House That Built Me, and it was a moving performance. Lambert was given a standing ovation.

Jack Ingram and Dierks Bentley sang Barbie Doll. Check out their ACM performance in this video. They sang in the midst of fans in the audience, who helped them sing the song.

Carrie Underwood sang her meaningful hit song, Temporary Home. Such meaning and feeling were put into this song, and she gave it all she had to give. She had the best moment of the night, in my opinion. It was a beautiful performance.

Tim McGraw is another country favorite who performed tonight. He sang his new hit song, Still.

Brad Paisley hit the stage next singing Water. His current tour is called the H20 World Tour and he has partnered with the Hope Through Healing Hands campaign to draw attention to the fact that one out of five people in the world lacks access to safe drinking water. It’s a good cause.

Brooks & Dunn performed their very last ACM performance as a duo. This Friday is their last show, which will be in California. The fans have voted for this and chose My Maria, for them to sing as their last song to sing. And they earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

Reba McEntire, who was also host of the night, sang her hit song I Keep On Lovin’ You. She blows me away, every single time. Her voice gets better and better!

Keith Urban performed next, singing I’m In. His actress wife, Nicole Kidman, was also in the audience.

Darius Rucker performed for the first time on the ACM stage.


Song of the Year: Lady Antebellum won for Need You Now. They were up against hard-hitters like Carrie Underwood (Cowboy Casanova), Billy Currington (People Are Crazy), Miranda Lambert (White Liar), and Taylor Swift (You Belong With Me).

Single Record of the Year: Lady Antebellum won for Need You Now. Other Nominees: Billy Currington (People Are Crazy), David Nail (Red Light), Zac Brown Band (Toes), and Miranda Lambert (White Liar).

Top New Artist: Luke Bryan won the fan nominated category. They were up against other nominees Joey and Rory and Gloriana.

Album of the Year: Miranda Lambert won for Revolution. Other Nominees: Brad Paisley (American Saturday Night), Lady Antebellum (Need You Now), Carrie Underwood (Play On), and Zac Brown Band (The Foundation).

Humanitarian Award: Montgomery Gentry won and called it a humbling award, they both had tears when accepting the award.

Triple Crown Winner: Carrie Underwood won for Entertainer of the Year in 2009, Top Vocalist, and New Artist – giving her a place in history as the newest Triple Crown Winner. With tears she thanked everyone who helped her in the last five years.

Top Vocal see billy live Group: Lady Antebellum won again for Need You Now. Nominees they were up against: Little Big Town, Randy Rogers Band (love them), Rascal Flatts (Unstoppable), and the Zac Brown Band.

Top Male Vocalist of the Year: Won by Brad Paisley. He was up against big names like Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, George Strait, and Keith Urban.

Top Vocal Duo of the Year: Brooks & Dunn won it! They were up against Joey and Rory, Montgomery Gentry, Steel Magnolia, and Sugarland. Brooks & Dunn thanked the fans for their http://musicouch.com/musicouching/country-music-star-billy-currington-is-a-georgia-boy/ 20-year career calling it an incredible dream and experience.

Top Female Vocalist of the Year: Miranda Lambert won. She was up against Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Lee Ann Womack.

Entertainer of the Year: Carrie Underwood won the award for the second year in a row. She was up against heavy hitters like Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and Zac Brown Band.

Hypnotherapy Directory – Find a Hypnotherapist Near You

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Fashion / Style :: The History of Men’s and Women’s Polo Shirts-00-4710

As well as sports stars, Hollywood actors and actresses are also prone to wearing casual polo shirts, and no one wears women’s polo shirts better than actress Megan Fox who was recently spotted wearing a green polo shirt while out shopping with her stepson in fashion-conscious Los Angeles. Harrison Ford has also been snapped wearing the popular polo design while http://www.brandigg.ch/brand/DIAMONDS.NET out on a bike ride, and Sean Penn is another celebrity recently photographed wearing a polo shirt while working out.

The name for the polo shirt originates from an ancient Tibetan sportsman. Back in the 7th century, the word pulu was given to a wooden ball that men on horses had to hit using various sticks. This game soon became better known as polo and by the 18th century, shirts worn during these games were known as polo shirts. Polo shirts are made from a high quality material and are often used in sports due to their durability and comfort levels. By the early 1900s, matching polo shirts were being worn by sports teams all over the world and the t-shaped shirt complete with smart collar; often featuring a two or three button placket has remained with the same design for at least a century.

Polo shirts have been considered fashionable attire for many years and their popularity stems from their comfortable yet shapely fit. Women’s polo shirts are proving to be just as popular as men’s in more recent years and with top brand designer names continuing to produce new designs, polo shirts look set to last the test of time in the ever-changing world of fashion.

Polo Shirts in Sport

While polo shirts are regularly worn by sporting figures, they are also popular in fashion. Catwalks all over the world are often awash with men’s and women’s polo shirts. Ralph Lauren is one of the most famous designers who regularly designs new shirts complete with his trademark logo, and Lacoste with its snapping crocodile logo is another name associated with the t-shirt design. These highly fashionable polo shirts are often worn by sports people when they are enjoying their normal lives. David Beckham, Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova are all fans of the relaxed t-shirt style.

Early Days


Polo Shirts in Fashion

Polo shirts are synonymous with the sporting world with women’s polo shirts sharing the same high popularity as men’s. Many golf players choose to wear polo white diamond with black diamond engagement rings shirts when out on the courses, as do tennis players; some of the more famous female faces known to regularly adorn polo shirts include Michelle Wie and Venus Williams. Polo shirts in sport are available in a range of colours. Bright pinks, greens and blues are commonly found on sportsmen and women – if you want to be taken seriously on the courts or greens, then polo shirts are a must.

Cheap Taylor Swift Ticket

Taylor Swift is surely an American place pop singer-songwriter and actress. In 2006, she released her debut solitary “Tim McGraw”, then her self-titled debut album, which was subsequently certified multi-platinum from the Documenting Trade Association of America and was nominated for The best New Artist award at 50th Grammy Awards. In November 2008, Swift released her moment album, Fearless, and also the documenting earned Swift four Grammy Awards, together with the Album in the Season, with the 52nd Grammy Awards. Fearless and Taylor Swift completed 2008 at number-three and variety-6 respectively, with revenue of a couple of.1 and one.5 million. Fearless has topped the Billboard 200 in 11 non-consecutive weeks; no album has spent a lot more time at No. 1 because 2000. Swift was named Artist from the Season by Billboard Journal in 2009. Taylor Swift released her third album Talk Now on October 25, 2010 which offered one,047,000 copies in its very first week.

Cheap Taylor Swift ticket

In 2008, her albums offered a combined 4 million copies, creating her the most effective-promoting musician with the 12 months within the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Forbes ranked Swift 2009′s 69th-most impressive celebrity with earnings of $18 million and 2010′s 12th-most impressive celebrity with earnings of $45 million. Swift was ranked the 38th Very best Artist of the 200010 decade by Billboard. In January 2010 Nielsen SoundScan listed Swift as by far the most commerically productive country (or nation/pop crossover) artist in music history with through 28 million electronic tracks sold. As of March 2010, she has bought in excess of 13 million albums globally.

Taylor Swift’s lyrics are hugely autobiographical; she has said that “If you listen to my albums, its like reading through my diary.” For instance the song “Forever & Continually” was inspired by her relationship with Joe Jonas, even though the song “Hey Stephen” was published about a man who opened some shows for her. “Fifteen” was created about her freshman year of higher school. It has become explained that her lyrics “could be tinged with luke bryan pittsburgh tickets price acid: the quiet loner female getting one particular over for the cheerleaders, or maybe a caustic payback with the boy who dumped her.” She’s also indicated that she tries to put in writing so her supporters can relate to the lyrics, stating “My target would be to never ever be able to write songs that my supporters cannot relate to.” The intensely individual nature of the songs has drawn her the most awareness. Swift when mentioned, “I thought people today may locate them very difficult to relate to, nonetheless it turned out which the far more individual my songs had been, better closely men and women could relate to them.”

The autobiographical dynamics of her songs has led some lovers to investigation the songs’ origins. Swift after said, “Each sole one particular with the men that Ive published songs about has long been tracked straight down on MySpace by my fans.” The newest York Occasions described Swift as “one of pop’s finest songwriters, nations foremost pragmatist and much more in contact with her internal life than most adults”.

Taylor Swift released the track “Today Was a Fairytale” being a digital obtain on iTunes on January 19, 2010. The song was featured to the soundtrack for your movie Valentine’s Day, through which she made her characteristic-movie acting debut. The song debuted to the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 2, changing into her sixth Top rated 10 and 23rd Top rated 40 solitary on that chart. In accordance with Nielsen SoundScan, with income of “Today Was a Fairytale” in excess of 325,000 in its initially full week, Swift has damaged the history for initial-1 week obtain income by a female artist. The song also debuted at variety one to the Canadian Hot a hundred, creating it Swift’s initial amount a single hit in Canada. In February 2010, Swift brought her Fearless https://www.facebook.com/cma?rf=105649232802138 Tour to five cities in Australia. Opening acts incorporated Gloriana.

In mid-July 2010, Billboard revealed that Swift’s new album is named Talk Now. It absolutely was released on October 25, 2010. She has published the album totally by herself in Arkansas, New York, Boston and Nashville with Nathan Chapman serving as co-producer. On Wednesday, August 4, 2010, the lead solitary from the album, “Mine,” was leaked onto the internet. Huge Machine Information determined to rush the generate of the song to counteract the leak. Taylor Swift is scheduled to appear at the 44th Annual Nation Music Awards on November 10, 2010. You can find Taylor Swift available tickets from online tickets broker TicketsTeam.com.


XS Blast : Amway Bazaar

XS Blast – Have You Lived A Full Life Yet?!?!

XS Energy Drink Review – Tea Berry Blast:

As I stated on Sunday I was fortunate enough to receive a variety of the XS Energy Drinks. On Sunday I reviewed the 1st one, the XS Energy Drink – Cola Blast and I was more than happy with the results. In fact I was so happy I decided to give the XS Energy Drink – Tea Berry Blast a try earlier than I had originally planned. Instead of doing the review later in the week I thought today would be a good day to review the Tea Berry Blast drink.

Product information

XS Energy states they were the first to make an energy drink in a specific flavor and the first to use the ‘Sugar Free’ label. It was never intended nor marketed to be a diet drink. The first energy tea was also introduced by XS Energy and now there are two in their line up. Both are non carbonated and contain green tea.

The company’s focal point is to bring flavors that consumers love without the carbs and sugar. They are available in a variety of flavors, including three that are caffeine-free. All of the XS Energy Drinks, except the caffeine-free flavors, have approximately 83 milligrams of caffeine. This is about 25% more than a one ounce shot of espresso . In contrast, a tall cup of Starbucks coffee contains approximately 225 mg of caffeine, while a 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola contains 34 mg of caffeine. XS drinks contains nearly the same amount of caffeine as market leader Red Bull.The drinks contain between zero and two grams of carbohydrates, and hold between eight and sixteen calories, chiefly from the amino acids taurine and glutamine. They are sweetened with Acesulfame potassium (Ace K) and less than one half gram of sucralose instead of sugar. They also contain a variety of adaptogenic herbs (except rockstar prices for tickets the caffeine-free), including Eleutherococcus senticosus, Panax ginseng, Panax quinquefolium, Schisandra, Astragalus, Echinacea purpurea, and Reishi, and are high in B vitamins.According rockstar energy festival to the distributor, the drinks are packaged in 8.4 ounce (250ml) size cans because that size fits in briefcases and purses, minimizes waste, and can be more comfortably held.

Flavor Profile:

XS Classic Blast is a smooth citrusy twist on the original energy drink flavor that put these beverages on the map. We made it taste good with out the sugar and added a bunch of B-vitamins; because we figured you wanted energy, not empty calories or a crash.


Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Taurine, L-Glutamine, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Caffeine, Proprietary http://www.razorgator.com/tickets/concerts/concerts-festival/rockstarenergy-mayhem-fest-tickets/ Herb Blend (Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Panax Ginseng, Panax Quinquefolium,Schisandra, Astragalus, and Reishi), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Caramel Color, Sucralose, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine HCL, and Cyanocobalamin.

What it all boils down to is this:

XS Blast tasts better than monster, yeilds more energy than 5hr shots, equals about one red bull, is cheeper than red bull, has more flavors than red bull, and is healither than all other Energy drinks. Look at our ingredients and then look at other’s. Ours is fll of amino acids and herbs. With only 3 man made chemicals, I think we can be a little arrogent.

Buy XS Blast Energy Drink If You Want RAW, Healthy, Energy!

Check out www.amwaybazaar.com For Great product deals and sales

XS Blast

Website Advice

Article Submitter by Article Marketing Robot


Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas, NV – 5 Fabulous Places to Stay

There is no shortage of luxury hotels in Las Vegas. It seems there is one just a hop, skip and jump away from every where you want to be (the Vegas strip).  Many people visit Vegas for the Casino’s and grandiose selection of entertainment but find that the hotel’s (and what they have to offer) are what leaves some of the biggest and most lasting impressions.


Vegas hotels do not all only offer a place to sleep and store your luggage, many offer an assortment of activities and entertainment that can truly make your trip or vacation more enjoyable.


Aria Resort and Casino

Aria Resort and Casino

Within the rooms and suites of the Aria Hotel https://travel.yahoo.com/p-hotel-191501967-las_vegas_hotels-i one can find beds that are  so comfortable that they actually provide a way for happy customers to purchase them (new of course) direct from their website. The beds are not the only appeal of the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. The Aria and its location provide a lot of ways to stay entertained and active from Viva ELVIS(TM) by Cirque du Soleil®, casino’s, shopping, relaxation spa’s, dancing (nightclubs) to an assortment of dining options ranging from romantic to extravagant buffets. 


Bellagio Hotel

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NVBellagio Fountain(66209) 

The Bellagio hotel, in Las Vegas, is a must stay for those interested in true  luxury accommodations. Not only is the view amazing, rooms spacious and the service outstanding, they also offer access to their award winning casino and some of Vegas’ finest dining experiences.  Guests (and myself) never grow tired of the well renown Bellagio fountain, a wonder that must be experienced to understand. That’s not all one can expect to enjoy during a stay at the Bellagio in Las Vegas one can also take advantage of the award winning spa & salon, amazing entertainment such as the “O” Cirque du Soleil® and an abundance of shops and boutiques plus much more. 


The Venetian Resort

View from the Venetian

Statue at the Venetian

The Venetian features some of the most gorgeous architectural designs and details –which says a lot when it’s location is considered. It is almost like transforming from Vegas to Italy when you enter this extravagant Vegas Resort and casino. Spacious rooms featuring huge tv’s (though who has time for tv in Vegas?), amazing views from just about any room, courteous staff, clean rooms, access to gourmet restaurants and entertainment to suit many tastes. 


Encore at the Wynn

At the Encore

View outside a restaurant at the Encore

 Picture this: 700 to 745 square feet of space, a luxurious bed decked out with European linens (panoramic suites feature 100% egyptian cotton bedding) , 42 to 46″ flat screen tv, floor to ceiling windows, everything you need to to work from the comfort of your suite (panoramic suites), stocked mini-bar,  bathroom adorned with a 19″ flat screen tv,  separate shower mirage las vegas and bath, vanity for the ladies and many other amenities that simply must be seen.  Now picture extravagant decor and a lively atmosphere and you have a small taste of why the Encore is one of the most sought after luxury hotels in Las Vegas, NV. 


Cosmopolitan Hotel

Cosmopolitan Hotel In Las Vegas

Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas is a luxurious, modern and trendy hotel for travelers of all ages. Stayed in by some of the big names in Hollywood and frequented by return guests regularly it has made the list in my favorite 5 luxury hotels in Las Vegas.

This hotel has superb and expedient customer service, clean and  comfortable sleeping arrangements and some of the best views of the strip and of the much famed Bellagio fountain. The Cosmo also features several in-hotel restaurants and cafe’s featuring a broad selection of culinary dishes to feast on for people of all taste preferences.  For those with a love of art the Cosmopolitan offers access to many genres of art and artists. 


Other Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas that deserve a mention include: MGM Grand, Luxor, Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo and Mandalay Bay. 

The Buried Alive Match

Kane, Who Interfered in Undertaker's MatchesThe Undertaker’s scary and mysterious character was known in his early days for putting his opponents in body bags after he’d defeated them, and once stuffed the Ultimate Warrior into a casket. It wasn’t until 1996 that The Undertaker http://www.twnpnews.com/2014/03/wwe-network-unveils-wrestlemania-week-programming/ got the opportunity to literally bury alive his opponents. Mankind, who had been a thorn in his side for the past several months and stolen his manager from him, was a perfect start.

The Rules of a Buried Alive Match

The rules of a Buried Alive match are simple. The match cannot end by submission, pinning or count-out. Instead, the wrestler has to win by burying his opponent in a makeshift grave with wwe raw tickets the provided mound of dirt until the opponent is covered. It is a simple and unusual bout.

Undertaker vs. Mankind at In Your House: Buried Alive

The Undertaker’s biggest feud of 1996 was his rivalry with the deranged Mankind. The masked wrestler had pushed the Phenom to his limits, constantly interfering in his matches and using his dreaded maneuver the Mandible Claw to temporarily paralyze Taker. Things came to a head at Summerslam 1996 when Paul Bearer, the Undertaker’s long-time manager, betrayed his friend and protégé to align himself with Mankind.

Undertaker was determined to get revenge against his enemy, and he and Mankind met at In Your House: Buried Alive on October 20, 1996. Taker and Mankind had a hard-fought match in the ring, but eventually the Phenom was able to get his opponent over to the open grave in which one of them had to be buried. Taker got Mankind in the ground and covered him with enough dirt so that he won.

However, Taker’s victory was short-lived. The Executioner, another of Paul Bearer’s henchmen, attacked Undertaker with a shovel. Undertaker fell in the grave, and with Mankind, he, HHH, Goldust, and Justin Bradshaw filled the grave with dirt. Taker was buried deep enough that he couldn’t get out, and Bearer gleefully declared that Taker was gone forever. Then lightning struck the grave, and Undertaker’s hand shot up from underneath the grass. He would not rest in peace.

Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at Rock Bottom

On December 13, 1998, Undertaker faced Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Buried Alive match at Rock Bottom: In Your House. They had begun feuding when Undertaker grew incensed that Austin had been granted a World title shot when he felt that he deserved one instead. He had already begun turning heel at this point, so Undertaker attacked the fan favorite Austin with a shovel, thus beginning their feud.

Undertaker and Austin viciously attacked each other with chairs and fuel containers. When Undertaker got knocked into the grave, Austin dumped a wheelbarrow of dirt on him. Kane then interfered in the match and attacked Taker. With the Phenom incapacitated, Austin returned with a backhoe loader and a driver and proceeded to have the driver bury Undertaker alive.

Undertaker and Big Show vs. The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

On the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown, Undertaker and Big Show faced off against The Rock and Mankind, otherwise known as the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection. This match was unusual because it was the first and so far only tag team Buried Alive match. Taker was still a heel, while by now Mankind and Rock were babyfaces.

The motivation behind this match was simple: Taker and Big Show wanted the Connection’s tag titles. The evil team was able to defeat the Rock and Mankind when Triple H interfered by attacking The Rock. He then buried Mankind himself, enabling Taker and Big Show to win the tag team titles.

Undertaker vs. Mr. McMahon at Survivor Series 2003

Mr. McMahon had been playing mind games with Undertaker for some time, due to Taker’s allegiance with McMahon’s estranged daughter Stephanie, who was the General Manager of Smackdown. Mr. McMahon vowed to have horrible things done to Undertaker’s wife and children, infuriating Taker to the point where he was determined to make his boss pay with his life (scripted of course, but very menacing even so).

The Phenom brutalized Mr. McMahon in this match, with very little offense coming from the Chairman of the WWE. Taker bloodied and bruised his boss and dragged him over to the burial mound. Undertaker was very close to defeating Mr. McMahon. There was a bulldozer near the mound, and Undertaker went to bulldoze dirt into the grave, where Mr. McMahon lay prone.

But then an explosion blinded Taker, and his estranged brother Kane emerged from the machine. He attacked Undertaker, threw him into the grave, and buried him. This allowed Mr. McMahon to win the match, since disqualifications were not valid in such a bout. Undertaker was seemingly destroyed, as Mr. McMahon had wanted, until he made his triumphant return at Wrestlemania XXon March 14, 2004 and defeated Kane.

Will Undertaker Have Any More Buried Alive Matches?

To date Undertaker has not had any more Buried Alive matches, but one never knows when he may have the next one. The PG-rated WWE may consider such a match too violent or disturbing while they continue to try to attract younger viewers. But nonetheless it will be regarded as one of Taker’s specialty matches in his long and storied career.


Chambers, Chris, “History of the Buried Alive Match”, Online World of Wrestling

Buried Alive Match, World Wrestling Entertainment


San Francisco Music Preview: DAZZLE: BROADWAY…OUR WAY! (San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus)

Post image for San Francisco Music Preview: DAZZLE: BROADWAY...OUR WAY! (San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus)

There are some perfect pairs in entertainment: Laurel and Hardy, Bert and Ernie, Simon and Garfunkel, Gumby and Pokey, Cheech and Chong, and Shaggy and Scooby come to mind. But you would be hard-pressed to find a circus de soliel better combination than Gay Men and Show Tunes. And who better to belt and croon Broadway’s best than the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC), which celebrates Gay Pride month with DAZZLE: Broadway…Our Way! This musical extravaganza only has three performances leading up to Pride weekend, so get your tickets now before the curtain goes down on what promises to be their best concert since The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas opened (that’s 1978, the year the chorus was formed). The most fabulous Broadway revue ever takes place at the Nourse Theatre beginning Wednesday, June 25.

You’ll get memorable renderings http://www.nytix.com/Links/Broadway/Shows/Annual/zarkana.html of songs from current and classic Broadway shows, including Avenue Q, The Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, South Pacific, Dreamgirls, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma!, Rent, South Pacific, Sunday in the Park with George, and West Side Story. Expect to hear a couple of ditties for the first time as well as surprises and twists on old favorites.

LBenanti_indexBut wait, folks, there’s more (he said, banging his tambourine with a Fosse-like gesture): Laura Benanti, award-winning star of stage and screen (Tony winner for Gypsy, Tony-nominated for Swing! and Into the Woods, NBC’s The Sound of Music Live!, etc. etc.) returns to the City by the Bay to pump up the razzmatazz. Her astounding comedic timing, her ability to act a song, and the elasticity of her silvery, strong, distinctive voice has made her one of the most popular stars of the Broadway stage (see my review of her new cabaret act). Locals should remember Benanti from her 2013 performance in SFGMC’s I Am Harvey Milk (see review). The chorus will also present a selection from that brilliant Andrew Lippa score, the original cast recording of which is now available on CD.


Oh, I can tell you that you’ll laugh and cry. I can tell you about the bright lights, magic, and festive celebration in store. I can tell you about huge production numbers. Instead I offer you my own personal Broadway lyrics, which should be sung to the tune of The Sound of Music:

The Nourse comes alive with the sounds of Broadway

With songs old and new from the Great White Way

The arrangements are swell, you’ll get mounds of Broadway

And the songs you will hear, like the men, are gay

It all will take place while you’re there for Pride

No excuses, no disputes

The chorus sounds great and they’ll offer you

Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots

Add Timothy Seelig at the helm

L. Benanti and a band

With hundreds of men–it’s like tickling a prostate gland

Find glamour and glitz from some costumed cuties

Be dazzled by tunes from two dozen scores

Your heart will be blessed by the sounds of Broadway

And you’ll sing for more

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DAZZLE: Broadway…Our Way!

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

Dr. Timothy Seelig, Artistic Director

Nourse Theatre, 275 Hayes Street

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 8

Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 8

(ASL interpreted)

Friday, June 27, 2014 at 8

for tickets, call 415.392.4400

or visit www.SFGMC.org


Tips for Getting Discounted Broadway Tickets

Quick Tip

The official TKTS app is another novel way for Broadway lovers to keep a track of upcoming shows, discount offers and gift cards, and avoid having to buy last-minute tickets.

With premium tickets for Broadway musicals being sold between USD 100-200 and more, getting hold of discounted tickets is always a welcome change. There are some very reliable online ticket resources that offer substantial discounts and an opportunity to make the Broadway experience more worthwhile for buyers. However, booking online is not the only way you can buy comparatively cheaper Broadway tickets. This Buzzle guide discusses how to get cheap Broadway tickets.

Where to Get Discounted Broadway Tickets

The TDF (Theater Development Fund) operates three TKTS centers in New York City, which are located in Times Square, South Street Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn. Although the best, waiting in line at the TKTS booth in Times Square is also the lengthiest way to get cheap Broadway tickets. This is the one place where you’re likely to find both travelers and New Yorkers waiting in line with equal anticipation. The downside of waiting at the TKTS boot is that, there is no guarantee that you will find the tickets to the show you wish to attend, which is why being more flexible about shows would work more in your favor. The center at Times Square Booth sells discounted tickets on day-of-performance basis. Avoid Window #1, as they sell tickets on full-price for all same-day shows that have no discounts to offer. For discounted tickets for matinée and same-day evening performances, head to the South Street Seaport Booth or the Downtown Brooklyn Booth.

The Broadway League Concierge and Ticket Center offers discounted tickets for same-day, premium, and advance shows. Those looking for a safe alternative to get tickets can call CTC’s customer service to make inquiries, or visit their Broadway Concierge & Ticket center outlet in Times Square Visitor Center and Mini-Museum on 7th Avenue. Their staff is trained to provide general Broadway information to customers in six languages, and help them buy regular and premium Broadway and off-Broadway show tickets along with concierge service.

The Audience Reward program is America’s first such program for arts and Broadway. Its main objective is to provide theatergoers with bonus points which can be availed to save money while buying tickets. This program also lets theatergoers earn free tickets, win Broadway merchandise, and upgrade seats.

Contact Theater Box Offices

Those looking to catch a specific show, should consider calling theater box offices a day in advance. The reason being, individual theater box offices sometimes keep rush tickets and lotteries, and have Standing Room Only (SRO) for students and theatergoers on a tight budget. Rush tickets are meant for hard-to-sell seats and often offer deep discounts, wherein the tickets are sold at as low as USD 20.

Authorized Broadway Ticket Vendor Websites

Playbill asks for a free membership with the Playbill Club, wherein theatergoers can order online for tickets, call their ticketing agents, or present a printout of their Club page at the theater box office to avail discounts on their ticket. These discounts can vary from 10-50 % on several Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

In their ‘Offers’ category on their website, Broadway has options for ‘Last Minute new york travel Ticket’ wherein, customers can buy tickets for same-day or night shows. However, these deals are posted only in the morning at 10:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m everyday and may run out quickly. The next best alternative is to call their customer service providers for information on up-to-date deals.

BroadwayBox has been offering the best discounts for Broadway shows, plays, and musicals in New York City since 2001. This venture began in the aftermath of September 11 attacks, as a way to ease the hearts of the people of NYC. This website does not require users to sign in, and thus, makes the ticket buying experience extremely easy and hassle free.

TheaterMania was founded in 1999, and has since become one of the go-to online resources for Broadway tickets. They provide special offers and ticketing services to their subscribers. This website also offers great discounts that range from 20-71%! It is indeed very rare to find such deep discounts on Broadway tickets anywhere else on the web.

Non Broadway-specific Ticket Websites

Although not specific to Broadway, here is a list of some websites that offer Broadway tickets at substantial discounts.

With so many online resources to get the best deal on Broadway tickets, theatergoers such as you should find it easier to save on tickets. Make the best of their offers and book ahead in time, just to be on the safer side.


The Cromwell: Why We Can’t Wait for Las Vegas’s First Boutique Hotel

When you picture Las Vegas, you probably see ginormous hotels that have thousands of rooms and are perhaps shaped like fairy-tale castles or the Eiffel Tower. Well, a new player on the Vegas Strip may change your image.

The latest lodging to open there is minuscule by Sin City standards: At a mere 188 the paris hotel las vegas rooms, The Cromwell is the first boutique hotel to plant its flag in the gambling capital of the universe. But that’s not all it has going for it. There’s a super-luxe pool-side nightclub, Rat Pack-quality sips, and Giada–ridiculously gorgeous cookbook author Giada De Laurentiis’s first restaurant.

Read on to see the five reasons we can’t wait to visit The Cromwell.

Sneak preview of Nike Free Flyknit and Nike Free Hyperfeel minimalist shoes – National Minimalist Running Shoes

The long awaited next-generation Nike Free innovation is almost here with the recently announced Nike Free Flyknit and Nike Free Hyperfeel. The Nike Free Flyknit is the fusion of two of Nike’s most iconic footwear technologies — the compressive Nike Flyknit upper and the flexible Nike Free outsole. The Nike Free Flyknit upper features zoned performance mapping and a second-skin fit. The shoe provides the benefits of natural motion and a snug, supportive fit in a single shoe.

Back to the future with Nike Free Hyperfeel! Designed to feel like an extension of the body by minimizing layers between the foot overstock coupon and the ground, the Nike Free Hyperfeel delivers a natural motion sensation for the runner. A drop-in insole made from Lunarlon foam allows the foot to have direct contact with Lunarlon cushioning. The ultra-thin waffle outsole uses strategically placed waffle pistons for grip and feel, allowing the foot to get closer to the ground.

Nike Free Flyknit

Runners can now reap the benefits of natural motion found in Nike Freeand the supportive, second-skin fit of Nike Flyknit in a single shoe. The Nike Free Flyknit unites two of Nike’s most innovative and popular technologies to deliver barefoot-like flexibility and a compression fit that locks the foot in place.

The Nike Free Flyknit is designed to flex with the foot in motion. It is informed by Nike’s “Nature Amplified” design ethos — an approach fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

The Nike Free Flyknit ($160) will be available globablly beginning Aug. 1. It can be pre-ordered at nike.com/freeflyknit.

Nike Free Hyperfeel

The Nike Free Hyperfeel is created to intuitively move with the foot. It is inspired by Nike’s “Nature Amplified” design ethos — an approach focused on the body in motion and fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

Research insights informed the precise placement of cushioning and outsole traction for a low-profile shoe that provides padding and protection only where necessary. A drop-in Lunarlon insole with flex grooves allows the foot to have direct contact with the Lunarlon cushioning. The waffle outsole is ultra-thin, allowing the foot to get closer to the ground.

Scientists in the Nike Sport Research Lab carefully studied which areas of the foot come into contact with the ground and absorb pressure, and which areas require traction. They used pressure-mapping technology and high-speed film to analyze the foot in motion.

The result is Nike Free Hyperfeel, a shoe that mimics the intricate workings of the human foot: Lunarlon foam replicates cushioned pads under the foot. The outsole protects like hardened skin on the sole. Dynamic Flywire flexes and contracts, inspired by ligaments.

Hit One Out Of The Park With Fun Mlb Baseball Party Games For All To Play

Kids have a ball with sports theme parties, so what better way to celebrate a young child’s favorite sport than by throwing a fun MLB Baseball party and inviting his or her friends.

Baseball Toss is the perfect MLB Baseball party game. Make a target out of plywood or foamcore for bean bags. Paint the board as a baseball diamond with green and brown colors. Cut out numerous holes for each base and holes in the top of the board for a homerun. The game is played like a typical game of baseball. Every player catches as many throws as possible before three outs are reached. Outs are reached when a bean bag is thrown and does not go through a hole. If a bean bag is thrown in the hole for 2nd base, for instance, then that player is on 2nd base. If the next throw lands in 1st base that player has a man on 2nd and 1st. If the third throw lands in the homerun hole that player scored three runs and continues to bat. Divide the party guests into pawtucket red sox tickets teams, with each team taking one throw at a time. The team with the most runs scored at the end of 9 innings is the winner. In case of a tie the game will go to extra innings. Home team has an advantage so flip a coin or have the celebrants team be the home team for the game.

Baseball Egg Catch. Baseball Egg Toss is played by throwing a hardboiled egg back and forth between players. Encourage players to stand ten feet apart or so, and see which team can throw the egg back and forth as many times as possible before the egg breaks. Give both teammates baseball gloves. Each time an egg is caught that counts as one catch. The game ends when the egg breaks or the time has expired.

Can Knock Down. Stack a group of cans on a table away from any breakable items. Then grab a baseball or other hard ball. The player who can knock down the most cans after nine innings of play wins. An inning counts as three throws per player. This is a fun game that tests the accuracy of players over the course of twenty-seven throws.

Dart Board Baseball. This is a fun game that simulates the experience of a real baseball game. For this game, baseball dart boards can easily be made with the use of plywood or foamcore.

Baseball Party Supplies and Invitations in addition to baseball theme games will entertain the baseball party guests for hours. Keep the party games flowing and everyone will have the time of their lives.

About the Author:

Instantly print free printable invitations: Sports Theme Party also free printable buffet table food name cards, activities and party games. Ideas on party decorations, favors, invitations, recipes, menus and crafts. Plus, sports theme music and movie song lists to add a special touch to any celebration. MLB Baseball party fun.


Car Finance Really Helps To Correct Your Budget For Buying Motor Vehicle

But the verdicts on most absolute funds are actually faraway from positive. In simple terms, to your dying person, blood in a Blood Bank is worthless unless it is infused to the human circulatory system. A previous article, How to Finance a Small Business, offered a number of traditional and popular selections for small company owners seeking loans or financing to improve cash flow. The common most viable option concerning developing a mortgage is with the traditional options, much like going to your financial institution as well as filling up a long application. You need to have a solid employment history and to have a stable home.

Also my room is super dee duper clean now : D Ah life has never felt better with a clean room into the future where you can. With a bad credit pay day loan, a credit history just isn’t requested, nor could be the borrower required to deposit any way of collateral. They make reference to cash loan loans or possibly a payday loan – that can come at a really high price. These lenders have unique ways to determining your qualifications and they’re not centered in your credit ratings. A 6 year sell tickets online loan will typically possess a higher rate than a 5 year, but a 3 year has a lower rate than the usual 5 not fake your personal involvement and work will make a massive difference within the success of the campaign, and in our success in continuing to produce progress to the people of new hampshire. They also promote regulations and legislation that provides money advance payday advance customers with consumer protection.

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In many instances, rates of interest fall about 4% for every single 20 to 40 points that the rating increases. An unsecured fast loan for unemployed tenant would thus be expensive. It can be better then to acquire a pre-approved car loan with a bad credit score and hold each of the aces at the negotiating table. As of July 1, 2010 Arizona’s law that allowed payday lending to charge beyond the standard 36 percent rate cap for that state has expired and will not likely be renewed. The funds are transferred directly to the customer’s bank account the following day. It is vital to carefully examine the terms and conditions to prevent getting trapped into paying unusually high interest levels.

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With this amount sourced, you happen to be free to utilize it to hide expenses on needs associated with paying hospital bills, house rent, car accidental repair, minor renovation of home so forth.

Perhaps that continues to be true for my marriage on account of several factors that generally don’t aid for making the transition to marriage ultra smooth. Okay, so you understand the opportunity, along with the question that needs to be going via your mind is, “how do I maximize this opportunity given the challenges outlined above. Mistake #4 – Signing Loan Agreement without Reading – Never sign your name to some document before reading. You need to go for the offensive when dealing with Wells Fargo loan modifications, these are barely open for


For Business Travelers Or Those Who Just Want To Check Their Email, The Hotel Offers Free Wireless Internet Service.

Materials for this project are sensationalized stories from the “World” and Army Rangers and Marine Corps are two separate lines of defense for the United States. With Star Wars being one of the more popular titles in the science fiction universe, graduates age 17 to 29, and must pass a physical exam. Concert days and special events like Halloween are especially day tabloid with one sensationalized story from the past to each group. For business travelers or those who just want to bog habitats, such as orchids, meadow http://discountliveevents.com/miranda-lambert-tickets/ beauties Rhexia spp. Check the brake fluid reservoir located on the handlebars main character, is a red race car numbered 95.

Large plastic signs or plastic toboggan sled Duct tape Black spandex long-sleeve turtleneck shirt and pants Used pulling the front brake lever on the right handlebar grip. The 59-room hotel features an indoor swimming pool, American imperialism in the classroom does not have to be tedious. Marine Corps recruit training is 12 weeks long, including location very near Rockefeller Plaza and the “Today” studio. All of the hotel’s guest rooms and suites are non-smoking and feature video game consoles, premium to finally make it to the small screen, Gilmore Girls has paid off enormously for its creators. Purpose Army soldiers in Afghanistan Photo: John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images The Army Rangers are heavy metal fans has seen a lot of changes in the past few years.

Texas Couple Claim They Have Captured Living Chupacabra in Their Yard

Texas couple Jackie Stock and Bubba caught an unknown animal that they thought it was a fabulous chupacabra on Sunday (March 30, 2014). The Stocks found the strange animal on their Ratcliffe property while it was eating corn in a plant in their backyard. The strange-looking animal has hairless back and huge claws while its skin is quite gray. It also has plenty of teeth and ferocious roar. While Jackie Stock and her partner Bubba are convinced this is the evasive chupacabra, Brent Ortego, a Wild animals Range Biologist with Texas Parks and Wild animals, states the animal is likely a pet dog, fox or coyote. He also presumes that the hairlessness is triggered by mange illness.

Presently, the huge smooth pet is kept in a cage, eating a diet regimen of corn and feline meals. Jackie Stock and her companion http://discountliveevents.com/lady-antebellum-tour-2014/ Bubba likewise see to it it has plenty of water up until someone can figure out just what it is and what to do with it.

The pet, which was believed to be a legendary chupacabra, was captured by Texas married couple Jackie Stock and Bubba on their Ratcliffe home on Sunday (March 30, 2014). (Picture credit: CNN)

The strange animal wased established while it was eating corn in a plant on March 30, 2014. It had a smooth back, grey skin and numerous teeth. Particularly, its ferocious growl was a large sign that it was not a raccoon. (Image credit rating: CNN)

The animal's wrinkly black skin and bulbous eyes lent it a look of menace.

The animal’s wrinkly black skin and round eyes provided it a look of menace.

The creature was in a cage and fed with a diet of corn and cat food.

The animal was in a cage and supplied with a diet of corn and feline food.

Experts suspected that the animal's hairless skin was caused by mange, a skin disease caused by mites.

Specialists reckoned that the pet’s smooth skin was created by mange, a skin condition caused by mites.

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Concerts California | Gather



Completing the superb triad, is Time Warner Cable’s Roadway Distance runner High Rate Online internet. There are hundreds of web companies however none are as quick or as trustworthy as Road Jogger Broadband on the net. Not simply Roadway Distance runner Broadband Online the most effective Net is additionally consists of unsurpassable twenty-four / 7 realtime support. A consumer needs to not have to talk with Computers to unravel any type of net Issues, Time Warner Wire refers all customers to a live person to assist with any sort of net issues any time of the day


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Along with dazzling telephone service is Time Warner Cable’s amazing cable tv. There is no suit for the quality and choices Time Warner Wire provides to its purchasers. With a selection of a few different bundles Time Detector Cord fulfills customers desires and wishes with their cord telly supplier. Time Detector Wire likewise provides Movies On-Demand that might be accessed at any moment through the cable box.

Whether a solution participant should be on view or they could make the customer on the phone, Time Warner Cord will certainly make certain the consumer is entirely pleased with all their cord, phone, and Roadway Distance runner High Speed Online requires


The option of short films and smashes is enormous and suitable for a night in. Likewise, unlike satellite tv Time Warner Cord’s TV does not reduced in and out during tough weather condition and installation is simple. Time Detector Wire will certainly manage all setup and repair works in residence, no more arbitrary heal partners, simply Time Detector Wire authorized fix associates mount their products guaranteeing a work done appropriately. Check out on concerts california


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Time Detector Cable has established the very best phone, cord, and web on the marketplace. Their crystal clear, fiber optic telephone service is distinct, their large option of channels and films on need provided right away thru cord will never ever be excelled, and their Road Jogger High Speed Online Internet is the quickest and most reliable. Learn additional concerning shows california


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During the last a few years Time Detector Cord has actually been overcoming the rankings of individual and business communications service providers and all along they have actually been boosting their items and buyer solution. Now they are getting to for the stars with their first-rate wire, telephone, and Roadway Runner High Speed Online solutions. performances california could assist you


Roadway Jogger Broadband Online can connect to a single computer system or increase computer systems without affecting rate or accuracy of searches. Time Detector Wire has covered every one of the bases with its Roadway Jogger High Rate on the internet. Time Detector Cable television concerts california.

After choosing the ideal mixture of cable, phone, and Road Jogger Broadband music festivals Online all the services, cords, modems, and cable television boxes will be installed by a trained Time Detector Cable performances california expert. Their work is constant and they are in and out quick doing the work right on the first time. After main installment any concerns or Problems can be direct to the top quality customer service brokers sometimes Warner Cable and Road Jogger Broadband on the internet.

It’s appropriate not all telephone companies coincide, Time Detector Wire phone solution is the clearest and most sophisticated phone device on the marketplace. Making use of fiber optic cords covers wonderfully clear noise transmission which calls will certainly never ever be dropped because of a bad connection. Likewise the hold-up has actually been reduced to milliseconds making calls more personal


What Did Jesus Say about Greed?

Greed: Selling Your SoulAccording to anthropologist Donald E. Brown, admiration of generosity and disapproval of stinginess are human universals. This means that humans in all cultures and at all times admire the generous and reject the greedy. (Donald E. Brown, Human Universals and Their Implications, 2000.) While greed is universally condemned, it appears it was a problem 2,000 years ago and has continued to be a problem right up to the present, and is often cited as one cause of the current recession.

Values: Jesus on Greed

After warning his listeners about greed, Jesus illustrated his point with a story. A certain rich man jason aldean cole swindell tickets had an abundant harvest, so large that his barns could not hold it. He did not consider sharing his good fortune, but rather chose to tear down his old barns and build bigger ones to hold his grain. The man said to himself, I “have plenty of grain laid up for many years. (I will) take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.” But God said the man was foolish, because he was fated to die that very night. Jesus commented, “This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.” (Luke 12:15-21)

Values: How to be Rich Toward God

Although some organized churches imply that a person demonstrates richness toward God by giving to their church, this is not at all what Jesus said. Once again, he told his audience a story. “For I was hungry, and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited me in; naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you visited me; I was in prison, and you came to me.’ (Matthew 25:35) When asked when any of these events happened, Jesus answered that whenever a person feeds, clothes, or comforts another person, even (or especially) the least “important” person, then they have fed, clothed, and comforted him. Mother Teresa called the poor, “Jesus in his distressing disguise.”

Values: American Values Invades American Christianity

Religions affect the cultures in which they operate and cultures also affect the religions. The American Christian right tends to favor big business and wealth accumulation while vilifying the poor; people on welfare, immigrants, and even the unemployed. Bryan Fischer, conservative radio talk show host for the American Family Association, claims that Jesus was a capitalist who encouraged private enterprise and investing. Fischer bases this on the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) while ignoring the other things Jesus said about money and the poor.

Values: Greed is Good

According to Fischer, “Laziness is punished rather than rewarded, and resources are not involuntarily transferred from the producers to the non-producers but the other way round.” By Fischer’s taxonomy, the millions of unemployed Americans must be lazy, “non-producers.” This attitude does not originate in the teachings of Jesus, but from conservative American politics. The rise of the Prosperity Doctrine (God wants us to be wealthy) in the past twenty years in American Christendom coincides with the rise of the “me” generation, and deregulation of corporations in hot pursuit of profits.

Jesus once asked his followers a practical question, “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” (Matthew 16:26) Although some Wall Street traders made off with hundreds of millions of dollars, Jesus implied that that may ultimately prove to be a bad trade.


Famous Politicians Eating Hot Dog in Rare Photos

Hot dog seems to be so common that many famous politicians have been spotted eating the food many times. If you want to know how the people eat sausage, let’s take a look at rare pictures below.


Barck Obama

US president Barack Obama seems to have a deep interest in hot dog because he has been spotted eating the food many times. The powerful politician once enjoyed a loaded chili-cheese dog during an unannounced visit chicago white sox roster to Rudy’s Hot Dog on June 3, 2011 in Toledo, Ohio, or consumed a hot dog at an Independence Day picnic in Butte, Mont., on July 4, 2008.

Barack Obama takes a big bite out of a loaded chili-cheese dog during his visit to Rudy's Hot Dog

Barack Obama takes a big bite out of a loaded chili-cheese dog during his visit to Rudy’s Hot Dog

Barack Obama eats a hot dog at an Independence Day picnic, while his wife, Michelle Obama, looks at him

Barack Obama eats a hot dog at an Independence Day picnic, while his wife, Michelle Obama, looks at him


Ricky Perry

The Republican presidential candidate Ricky Perry enjoyed a veggie corndog at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 15, 2011

The Republican presidential candidate Ricky Perry enjoyed a veggie corndog at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa on August 15, 2011


George H.W. Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush eats a chili-cheese hot dog during a baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on April 30, 2011, in Houston, Texas

Former President George H.W. Bush eats a chili-cheese hot dog during a baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on April 30, 2011 in Houston, Texas


George W. Bush

Like his father, the 43rd US President George W. Bush is posed digesting a ballpark hot dog during an opening-day game between the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox in Arlington, Texas, on March 31, 1998

Like his father, the 43rd US President George W. Bush is posed digesting a ballpark hot dog during an opening-day game between the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox in Arlington, Texas on March 31, 1998


John F. Kennedy

Though John F. Kennedy pays much attention on the playing field during the American League opener on April 8, 1963, he still enjoyed a customary hot dog deliciously

Though John F. Kennedy pays much attention on the playing field during the American League opener on April 8, 1963, he still enjoyed a customary hot dog deliciously


Fidel Castro

While visiting the United States, then-Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro takes an eager bite of hot dog during a trip to New York's Bronx Zoo on April 24, 1959

While visiting the United States, then-Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro takes an eager bite of hot dog during a trip to New York’s Bronx Zoo on April 24, 1959


Michele Bachmann

Republican presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann takes a first bite out of a corndog as visiting the festival food at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, on Aug. 12, 2011

Republican presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann takes a first bite out of a corndog as visiting the festival food at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa on Aug. 12, 2011


Marco Rubio

While campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat, Marco Rubio is photographed biting a hot dog at the Dog House Deli in Pensacola, Fla., on Sept. 30, 2010

While campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat, Marco Rubio is photographed biting a hot dog at the Dog House Deli in Pensacola, Fla. on Sept. 30, 2010


Dwight Eisenhower

President Dwight Eisenhower eats a hot dog while he and Vice President Richard Nixon watch the Washington Senators beating the Boston Red Sox, 10-1, in the American League season opener on April 18, 1960

President Dwight Eisenhower eats a hot dog while he and Vice President Richard Nixon watch the Washington Senators beating the Boston Red Sox, 10-1, in the American League season opener on April 18, 1960


US President Barack Obama Eating Fast Food


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Country and Western Music – HubPages.com

Country and western music; now usually just called “country music” has historically been most popular in certain parts of the United States. That has changed somewhat in recent years with the popularity of the genre expanding across the country. Country music started out in the early part of the 20th century as music generally associated with “singing cowboys’ such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. By the time of Elvis Presley, Americans were starting to see some of the possibilities of country music mixing with different styles such as rock and roll. The rise of southern rock bands such as Lynrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and The Marshall Tucker Band continued this trend of country music being combined with other musical styles. In recent years artists such as Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill have successfully combined country music with popular music to attract new fans not only across the country but across the world as well.


Country Music Songs About Rain

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Country Music and rain go hand in hand. There are many country songs about rain and I’ve compiled some in this article. Videos included.


Four Country Songs That Tell a Story

by Mike Lickteig (1,022 followers)

A song that attracts our attention or even touches our heart typically combines a nice melody with strong lyrics. We can certainly appreciate a song that offers only powerful words or a strong tune but when both are…


What Is Bro-Country Music and Why You Might Not Care

by Learn Things Web (335 followers)

Bro-country is a type of country rock music that’s largely taken over country music radio. It’s male dominated and has left little room for talented female artists to get country radio airplay


My Favorite Texans: Eddy Shaver

by Daddy’s Princess (42 followers)

Eddy Shaver was more than just a talented musician. He was also a proud Texan, a bit of an outlaw, and above all else, the beloved son of the legendary Billy Joe Shaver.


Ten Random Facts About Ten Random Country Music Artists

by ebohlen81 (3 followers)

Without rhyme or reason, here are ten random and relatively unknown facts about ten random but popular country music artists like Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, and Carrie Underwood!


Ten Worst Country Covers

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

Covering a well-known song is dangerous. Inevitably the new version is going to be compared to the original, and the results aren’t always going to be favorable. Some acts have actually made their musical career out…


List: Female Country Singers

by Listessa (72 followers)

From Patsy Cline to Reba to the Dixie Chicks, these women have made country music what it is today. These women had to work hard in a man’s world and rise to the top. My hat goes off to all you women of country music…


The Day The Music Died, Country Style

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

Thanks to Don McLean everyone knows rock’s “day the music died.” However, country music suffered the same fate four years later.


28 Reasons Why Country Music is Great

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

I present to you 28 reasons to love country music. You might already be a fan, considering being a fan or detest the tunes. Either way I hope you consider my reasons.


Songwriting Genius – Roger Miller

by KathyH (757 followers)

Memories of Roger Miller, a lyrical genius of a songwriter, a brilliant performer, and a fiddler, guitar player and drummer. In later years, he went on to write all the music for the Broadway Musical called “Big…


All About The Blue Water Country Music Festival

by Adam Price (1 follower)

The Blue Water Country Music Festival is one of the largest country music festivals in the Nelsons Bay / Port Stephens area. The Blue Water Cowboys are the leading resident singers for this festival.


Introduction to Paul Davis

by oldiesmusic (57 followers)

The late Paul Davis was a pop and country singer-songwriter best remembered for his two top ten hits “I Go Crazy” and “’65 Love Affair.”


Hall of Famer: Jim Reeves

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

Jim Reeves’ smooth voice won millions of fans in country and pop when his “Four Walls” ushered in a new phase of country music known as the “Nashville sound.” Decades after his death he still…


Country Songs from Days Gone By

by PegCole17 (1,105 followers)

Songs heard in our youth leave us with memories that resound in our hearts all our lives. This is dedicated to my parents who embraced every song that ever made you cry. We called them tear jerkers.


Biography of Bonnie Lou

by oldiesmusic (57 followers)

Country crooner Bonnie Lou’s crossover appeal helped her to become one of the first female rock and roll and rockabilly singers.


History of Patsy Cline

by oldiesmusic (57 followers)

One of greatest country singers of all time, Patsy Cline paved the way for other female singers so that they can be big stars as their male counterparts.


Roy Clark – Country Guitar Legend

by TTC12 (38 followers)

When you hear the name Roy Clark, you probably think of the TV show Hee Haw. However, if you look beyond that show, you will find that Roy can play just about anything with strings. Roy is a legend in country music,…


Chris LeDoux, a True Cowboy Hero

by rocknrodeogirl (60 followers)

Photo Courtesy of and Copyrighted by Jack Honkala When most people think of a cowboy hero, they immediately think of John Wayne, or another star of old western movies. Even though the sun may have set on the…


Sexy Country Male Singers That Have The Deep Growl Thang

by KCC Big Country (1,529 followers)

C’mon gals, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that deep soulful toe-curling growl that some men just instinctively know how to weave into songs. Conway Twitty had it. Kenny Rogers has it. Jeff…


Wanda Jackson – The Queen of Rockabilly

by oldiesmusic (57 followers)

Wanda Jackson was one of the first female rockabilly singers during the 1950s-1960s, & is considered today as one of the rock & roll pioneers. She also has had success with country & gospel music.


Buffalo Country Music Association (BCMA)

by Wayne Michalak

Buffalo Country Music Association, was developed to allow you, the fans, to voice yourselves and let everyone know who your favorite band, artist, and local establishment is.


List of Country Songs by Ke$ha Including Unreleased

by JoanCA (106 followers)

Nashville native Ke$ha recorded some country songs when she was a teenager. Most are unreleased. She also recorded country tracks for her current album Warrior and EP Deconstructed


Hall of Famer: George D. Hay

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

A look at the career of Country Music Hall of Fame member George D. Hay, the man who is credited with starting the Grand Ole Opry as well as giving it that legendary name.


Country Music Drinking Songs

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

I’ve compiled a few popular country music drinking songs into a short story.


Country Music and Gospel Songs For Funerals

by photographybyar (43 followers)

Although many people cringe at the thought of planning music for a loved one’s funeral, unfortunately everyone must face this challenge at some point in their life. Although I am a photographer, I also make photo dvd…


The History of Black Country/Western Singers

by Michael Shane (279 followers)

Did you know that the black voice twang of country music existed in the early 1900′s. Yes, black country singers played “Honky-Tonk” music. Please… Read on, for the interesting history and facts, that the…


Country Music: Why I Love It

by CarolynnMarie (54 followers)

Recently someone asked me why I like country music, and for the first time I actually thought about why instead of the standard “because it’s good.” After answering in a thoughtful manner, I thought about…


Country Music in 1964

by sunflower99724 (3 followers)

Not everyone in 1964 was listening to pop/rock or R&B. The country music scene was in full swing. Although fewer artists shared the top spot, the music they made was just as memorable.


Hunter Hayes – Rising Country Star

by Sherry Hewins (415 followers)

Hunter Hayes is a talented young country singer who has burst onto the music scene winning the hearts of fans as well as many music awards. It seems that the young musician can do no wrong.


Zac Brown Band – Top 10 Country Music Videos

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

The Zac Brown Band has been in the music industry since 2000. They continue to delight their fans with one mega hit after another. I’ve included 10 of my favorite ZBB country music videos for your entertainment…


The Trucker Song in Country Music

by giocatore (133 followers)

Trucker music rode high in the 1960s, came back a decade later and is still made today. We survey the genre from its roots in 1939 to current practitioners.


Guitar – play more than 50 rock hits with 3 easy chords

by Ellen Ford (2 followers)

So you have a guitar? Might as well learn how to use it? Below follows over 50 songs that you can play with only three cords – CDG. Now C and G is not the easiest first chords but they are still not bar chords…


I Hope You Dance – 10 Reasons To Line Dance

by About-The-Home (87 followers)

The number 1 reason line dancers do it is for FUN! It’s a laugh, it’s a blast, it’s friendly, happy, endorphin injected, pure unadulterated unashamed FUN! What more can I say, if you’re already doing it you’ll agree,…


Biography of Skeeter Davis

by oldiesmusic (57 followers)

American country singer Skeeter Davis enjoyed massive, albeit short, cross-over success via her hit song “The End Of The World.”


Country Songs to Dance to

by Doctor Kristy (165 followers)

A compilation of some of the greatest country music to dance to. Over 100 of the best country dance songs.


Why the Red Solo Cup Song by Toby Keith Is So Popular

by ChristyWrites (860 followers)

I heard the song “Red Solo Cup”, sung by country music star Toby Keith. One can’t help laughing along with the lyrics as Toby Keith does not take the subject http://discountliveevents.com matter seriously. Both melody and words are comical…


Taylor Swift: Good Role Model or Too Boy-Obsessed

by JessieLong8208 (4 followers)

First off, this is not, I repeat NOT, a post making fun of Taylor Swift for her corny lyrics (and they can be corny) or her awful dancing at award shows (and it is awful). This is simply a post to decide if she is a…


Top 12 Country Love Songs On My iPod

by sweetjamieblueyes (23 followers)

I was listening to love songs on my iPod when I decided to rank the top 12 country love songs on there. I was feeling mushy!


Hall of Famer: Ernest Tubb

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

One in a series of hubs about the men and women inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Ernest Tubb left an indelible mark on country music, not only with his songs but with his campaign to rename “hillbilly…


Ten Acts Overdue for Country Hall of Fame Induction

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

Maxine (left), Bonnie, and Jim Ed Brown at a 2009 reunion show in Nashville, singing their timeless classic “The Three Bells.” K.F. Raizor In 2001 the Country Music Association celebrated the opening of the…


Fun top country songs

by rcgal (23 followers)

Here is my list of fun top country songs!  They are listed by song title with the name of the recording artist and album.  I hope you enjoy it and tell me some of your favorites. Long Time Gone – Dixie…


A celebration of Bluegrass Music

by Mr Archer (213 followers)

This is my ode to an old, old form of music. To many, it is symbolic of Hillbillies, of a backwoods peoples who cannot, or will not, join the modern world. Some of the music stems directly from Scottish, Irish and…


Wade Hayes Country Artist From 1990′s Now Battling Cancer

by KathyH (757 followers)

Country music artist and musician Wade Hayes was recently diagnosed with and treated for stage IV colon cancer. Famous for the hits Old Enough To Know Better, I’m Still Dancing With You, and On A Good Night, Wade was…


Country Music Songs About Rain II

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

Part 2 of Country Music songs about rain. As long as country artists continue to create amazing songs about rain I will continue to create stories around them.


Tim McGraw Birthday Concert

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

This article is my review of Tim McGraw’s concert in Orlando, Florida on May 1st, 2011. It wasn’t just any concert…it was also his 44th birthday. Luke Bryan and The Band Perry also performed.


They Were Known as the Singing Cowboys

by Diana Lee (289 followers)

Singing cowboys take on a different meaning today, but over the years many a singing star turns actor or vice-versa. They star in a western film. Does this make them a singing cowboy?


A Fan Letter to Blake Shelton

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

My fan letter to Blake Shelton. Country music singer and vocal coach of The Voice. Also husband of Miranda Lambert!


Red Dirt Music-An Alternative To Mainstream Country Music

by MnTed (11 followers)

Are you a fan of country music? Are you looking for something a bit different than what is being played on mainstream radio?  Or, maybe you are just looking to add to what you already enjoy.  Regardless, take…


Marty Robbins – A Lifetime of Music

by Coolmon2009 (522 followers)

One of most versatile singers of the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s was Marty Robbins. No one in the history of Country music has had a more diverse career than Marty; never content to remain just a country singer, Marty…


Keith Urban “Fuse”

by rushmaster (11 followers)

A review on Keith Urbans new album “Fuse”


The International Phenomenon of Brazilian Country Music

by e-five (235 followers)

Modern Brazilian country artists like Michel Teló, Paula Fernandes, and Luan Santana are creating an International sensation with millions of records sold and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. …


Country & Western Music: The Singing Cowboys

by giocatore (133 followers)

The singing cowboy summons images of the solitary men who worked the range. Cowboy music was first documented in two books in the early 20th century. Movie cowboys started singing in the 1930s, and cowboy singers still…


Open Fan Letter to Keith Urban

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

I compiled the Top Ten hit songs of Keith Urban and created a fan letter to him. Also included are a list of KU’s #1 singles! Videos and the Ellen Degeneres commercial starring KU!


Johnny Cash: “Hurt”, The Story Behind The Video

by PaulGoodman67 (408 followers)

A look at one of the greatest music videos of all time: Johnny Cash: “Hurt”. Includes interview clips with Rick Rubin, Trent Reznor, and Mark Romanek, who all played a part in putting together this incredibly…


Facts About JMC-Jason Michael Carroll.

by tona37211 (23 followers)

You are probbly sitting there thinking what is a Honky Tonk Friend. If you have ever been to a Jason Michael Carroll Concert and seen a group of fans all huddled together shouting and singing along with his songs, who…


Concerts I wish I had attended: Chris Ledoux

by Christa Dovel (251 followers)

In August of 1998, Chris LeDoux performed at the local county fair. That is the first concert I regret missing. The year before, my cousin and I had attended one of his concerts in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and had loved…


Country Music: Roots of the Bakersfield Sound

by giocatore (133 followers)

The Bakersfield sound developed from rock and rockabilly in the town’s many honky tonks. While primarily known for Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, the town’s sound was the product of many musicians.


My Favorite Country Songs

by samboiam (347 followers)

I love Country music. Old school or present day, it doesn’t matter, I love it all. Growing up in my house, country music was more than just a choice on the radio dial, it was a religion. As far as my dad was…


Guitar Lessons o Forever And Always o Taylor Swift o Chords, Strum Pattern, Tab, Lyrics, Videos, Play Along Track

by Lorne Hemmerling (106 followers)

Forever And Always o Lyrics, Chords, Strumming Pattern, Tab, Videos, Play Along Track o Taylor Swift. Accurate, high quality transcriptions, video examples, and in-depth theory analysis.


Keith Urban – Haiku

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

A three part haiku in honor of Keith Urban’s country tunes…


Biggest Myths in Country Music

by KF Raizor (44 followers)

Sometimes myths become facts. This hub addresses a few of the longstanding beliefs in country music that are, in actuality, false.


Why I Listen To Country Music

by CMCastro (378 followers)

Do you enjoy listening to Country music? This genre offers a variety of styles such as upbeat to serene, with lyrics that describe an experience of fun or a story of love or heartache. The best gift of music in this…


Taylor Swift-A Role Model Parents Can Trust

by Lissa Lynn (71 followers)

Taylor Swift is one of those great artists that can be enjoyed by listeners of any age group. She is also an honest to goodness good kid who has never smoked a cigarette, done drugs or drank alcohol. She also happens to…


Country Music Military Songs

by Kairos McCollum (2 followers)

There are many great songs that support the military. This is simply 20 country songs that represent the military.


Country Lyrics By Ricky Hale “I’m The Lucky One

by thelyricwriter (708 followers)

It’s four in the morning As I lie awake Sitting here watching Every breath you take Have I told you lately baby How beautiful you are There’s no place I’d rather be Then wrapped in your arms The love we…


Brad Paisley Fan Letter

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

A fan letter dedicated to Brad Paisley…Country Music Superstar!


Rap Music vs. Country Music

by doctordialogue

Music can have a powerful effect on the lives of those who listen, whether it is Country or Rap music. Just as people draw inspiration from music, music also draws inspiration from various sources. It is difficult to…


Tim McGraw Fan Letter

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

If it wasn’t for Tim McGraw I might never have become a fan of country music. This is my thank you letter to him!


How Social Media Has Changed Country Music

by kariannfallon

While there have been many things that have influenced country music over the years, social media has played a huge role over the past twenty years.


Top Country Songs January, 2011

by KristenGrace (530 followers)

A top ten list of the best country songs from January, 2011. For the start of a new year, find out what songs you should be listening to when you are in the country mood! A quick fact or lyric example provided with…


Country music lyrics

by dongately (34 followers)

I’ve been into country music since 1948 – when I was 14. I still prefer the old stuff to modern country. I enjoy singers like Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Faron Young, Patsy Kline. Today, I enjoy George…


Country Music, an Observance of Religion

by maycoth (12 followers)

Country music is a form of religious observance and can be seen through many aspects of country music and southern culture. Many singers mix Christianity with their music…


Hot Country Couples

by Triplet Mom (796 followers)

Do you like country music? If you do then you know that there are several country couples. Here are the hottest country collaborations!


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Barbie Dolls by Mattel

by Sunshine625 (1,215 followers)

Mattel created Barbie dolls in honor of Tim McGraw and Faith Hills wedding anniversary in Oct. As a fan of the McGraw’s I am extremely disappointed in the finished product.


Carrie Underwood Brings Down the House With a Hymn

by Annette R. Smith (447 followers)

Carrie Underwood gave a knockout performance of “How Great Thou Art” for a television special honoring female singers of country music. Read more about her show-stopping performance.


This Country’s Bigger Than Texas

by Vista15 (14 followers)

The people who don’t realize the magnitude of Country Music that is sweeping the nation, and has been for over 20 years, will find an indepth study in the music of LIFE in this article. We examine two Country songs,…


Wedding Love Song Lyrics

by jeri741 (73 followers)

Love songs have been around forever and good ones have you singing along. I have a few that I love to listen to and yes I am a country music listener but there are some other types of music I like listening to too….


Country Music: The Land of Fallen Idols

by Megan Kathleen (64 followers)

You may know your American Idol winners, but did you know that losing contestants have found success on the airwaves? Country radio has provided a safe haven where fledgling artists have flourished.


American Cowboy Songs

by rcgal (23 followers)

Welcome my hub for American cowboy songs.  These may date from the frontier times to modern era country music.  I hope you enjoy my picks for top country songs about cowboys. Night Rider’s Lament – Nanci…


Favorite Country Music Male Singers (2009)

by dfelker (159 followers)

What is it about male country music singers that makes the women go wild? Maybe it’s just they seem so down to earth. They can be cool musicians, but they don’t have to be bad boys like the rock stars. Country men are…


Mama’s In The Kitchen (song)

by TheManWithNoPants (454 followers)

This little dity is something I put into song. I was just making fun of my father and what I remember of him. Later on in his life, I undestand he gave up the bottle and found the Lord. He’s gone now, and I hope he did….


Cowboy Singer – Michael Martin Murphy

by justateacher (522 followers)

I had a dream come true…after more than three decade I finally got to see Michael Martin Murphy in concert. Here is a little about the man and why I admire him!


Good Country Songs for Haters of Country Music

by imadork (363 followers)

I am a rocker, but sometimes I like to expand my horizons.  I must admit, I like some country music; not the shit-kicking ho-down crap, but the good stuff.  Here is a list of some of my favorite country songs….


Facts about Loretta Lynn

by Michael Shane (279 followers)

A country legend was born on April 14, 1932 in the small town of Butcher Holler, Kentucky. She was named in the honor of Loretta Young. Her born name was Loretta Webb. Her parents Melvin “Ted” Webb &…


10 Best Country Songs of 2007

by Lara O’Steen (10 followers)

A look at what the best country songs from albums released in 2007. Feel free to comment and let me know which songs you think should be on the list!


Mean – Taylor Swift’s Song – A Critique

by marlenejns (5 followers)

I love the song “Mean” by Taylor Swift. After hearing that song on the radio I purchased the CD. When I listened to the words of the song I automatically thought that the song was talking about a husband or a…


Selected websites on Music

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Piano-western musical instrument, introduced to all countries,ruled by Britishers Happy singing to the heart Music Here are some websites on music. They give much information about music and they provide music…


Sin City, Cirque Du Soleil, Peanut Butter and Jelly by Wilfredo Rivera

Las Vegas is truly Cirque du Soleil’s home away from home. Sin City currently has numerous Cirque du Soleil shows including: The Beatles Love, Viva Elvis, Kà , Mystère, “O,” Zumanity, and Criss Angel Believe. Each production plays at a different resort/casino and most are performed in a theatre specifically created just for Cirque.

Every night nearly 9,000 people in Las Vegas see a Cirque du Soleil show. That’s five percent of the city’s visitors.

Below are descriptions of each of the traditional Cirque du Soleil shows performing in Las Vegas including Le Rêve, a Cirque-style show playing at the Wynn Hotel.

Love showing at The Mirage

All you Need is Love, Cirque du Soleil style. This celebration of The Beatles has over sixty international artists bringing the Fab Four’s original master tapes to life. The show’s “soundscape” was produced by Sir George Martin, the Beatles original producer, and his son Giles. Love, which debut in 2006, can trace its roots to the friendship between George Garrison and Cirque founder Guy LalibertÃ(c) .

Viva Elvis showing at Aria Resort

“Thank you, thank you very much” Cirque for bringing this show about Elvis to Las Vegas. Having just opened in December of 2009 at Citycenter’s Aria Resort, Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis pays tribute to “The King’s” life and music. The dazzling show is packed with “a hunk, a hunk of burning” dance, acrobatics, and cutting edge technology. Fans will be able to hear Elvis’ greatest hits performed live.

KÃ showing at MGM Grand

When it debuted in 2004, KÃ was Cirque du Soleil’s most expensive show with a price tag of over $220 million. The show, which revolves around a pair of twins trying to fulfill their destiny, contains Cirque’s most linear and straight forward story. The breathtaking production draws inspiration from the martial arts and features Capoeira dance and harrowing acrobatics.

Mystère showing at Treasure Island

If you want the quintessential Cirque du Soleil experience then get yourself some tickets to see Mystère. This classic Cirque production features athleticism, acrobatics, and colorful costumes. Some of the acts you’ll see in this show include Chinese piles, hand-to-hand balancing, and the aerial high bar. The first resident show in Las Vegas the dark and moody Mystère explores the origins of life.

“O” showing at O Theater Bellagio

“O” is the las vegas vacations phonetic spelling for the French word for water, eau. Cirque’s “O” takes place in, on, and above a 1.5 million-gallon tank of water. This truly magnificent production tells a surreal and romantic story through acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers, and aerialists. Due to the demands of performing in water, “O’s” costumes cost nearly $10,000 a piece.

Zumanity showing at New York-New York

While it sounds like a Saturday morning kids cartoon Zumanity is for adults only. Billed as “the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil,” Zumanity is a cabaret-style show featuring bawdy humor, suggestive acrobatics, and raunchy dancing. Created by Dominic Champagne, the mature Zumanity explores human sexuality like only Cirque du Soleil can.

Le Rêve showing at The Wynn Hotel

Le Rêve, which means “The Dream” in French, is not a Cirque du Soleil show but it was created by Franco Dragone the man behind “O,” Mystère, and several other Cirque productions. Le Rêve takes place in a one million-gallon water tank and showcases diving feats and state-of-the-art special effects. There’s no seat in the theater more than 40 feet from the stage.

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1980s’ Fashion Clothing

One of the biggest trends of the 80s (literally) – over-sized tops. A lot of women took to wearing big sweaters and bigger sweatshirts and these looked large enough to house buses and trucks. Exaggeration aside, they would wear these humongous t-shirts with miniskirts or even leggings, add a low-slung belt over it, and step out in style.

The 1980s was about the outrageous, the mind-bogglingly bizarre, the weird-with-a-touch-of-crazy. There was something about fashion in the ’80s that makes it difficult to jersey boys new york comprehend today. It was one of those periods where people thought of shocking being a great way of making a statement. And what a statement they made. It was crazy and vivid but it was a brilliant way of breaking out of determined molds.

Acid-washed Jeans

Think MC Hammer and you get an idea of the kind of trousers we are talking about. Ultra baggy pants with a drop-crotch style, these pants became the embodiment of everything that was wrong with the fashion of the 1980s.

Over-sized Tops

Mini Skirts

Can you imagine wearing a protective covering for your legs to make a fashion statement? Well, in the eighties, the fashion-forward individuals did just that. With the popularity of dance movies like Fame and Flashdance, leg warmers became ‘the’ accessory to adorn amongst teenage women. They wore it over jeans, leggings, socks, with skirts… Well, you get the picture!


Leather Jackets

You mention the 1980s and the fashion of the decade in front of a group of fashionistas, and you are bound to have a debate on your hand. No other decade has managed to garner the infamy the eighties has where clothing styles and choices are concerned. And with good reason. Can you think of any other decade where you would be wearing stirrup pants and parachute pants, all in the same ten years?

If you didn’t have one of these, you were out of the race for being called the coolest kid in the class. The faded, slouchy leather jackets sported by celebrities (Michael Jackson for one) were all the rage. Most men would team the jacket with a pair of fingerless gloves and aviator glares.

We, at Buzzle, take a look back at what men and women wore in the dreaded eighties and give you our list of the top most notorious looks of the decade.


Parachute Pants

Shoulder Pads

What Fashion in the Eighties was All About

Think ’80s and think out-of-the-world like fashion staples, the shoulder pads. And the credit goes completely to the soap opera Dynasty. It was the definition of power dressing and it was a way for women to show that they were equal to their men colleagues. A lot of women got Velcro attached to the inside of their outfits so that they could attach shoulder pads.

Another trend that originated from the dance movies craze was wearing leotards. While initially they were only used as accents to add colors and textures, in time they became the fashion statement to make for the fairer sex. With the aerobics craze, they transitioned from being dancewear to being gymwear. If you wore leotards you would color coordinate by wearing matching tights, legwarmers, and headbands.

The eighties were mad, they were crazy but they were unique and individualistic. They were about color and vibrancy. They were about outlandish attire. And they were way too much fun. And the fashion of the eighties reflected just that.

This was the decade in which this style of denims made its first appearance. Denims were chemically bleached so that they would be streaked with pale white spots and lines. While they were manufactured purposely, many people also chose to play around with bleaching at home. They became a mainstream trend with the popularity of heavy metal bands soaring.

Minis and microminis first became popular in the mid-sixties and early seventies. The length saw a resurgence in the eighties with women taking to the trend like never before. The shorter the skirt, the better. Fabrics that were popular included leather, denim and lace. Wearing a lace skirt with fishnet stockings was quite the statement to make.

Leg Warmers

Cheap But Sexy Valentines Day Ideas

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Many people search for Subway Coupons to discover discounts on Subway sandwiches. Acquiring coupons and vouchers can be straightforwardly done through net also. Acquiring coupons and vouchers can be straightforwardly done through net also.  This is my own, personal personal review of my Groupon experiences; by which I say whether I consider Groupon to be a revolutionary method of saving cash or merely a scam. A large amount of people are being savvier shoppers than ever before in the present economy, and think that there are no more savings that can be made, thanks with their new ways of shopping.

But before signing up for any rewards charge card it will be vital that you evaluate how likely it is that you simply will be in a position to realistically earn enough points to acquire the reward itself, and whether any changes to your shopping that are usually necesary will impact about the amount you’re prone to spend. . Do you’ve any one of your own personal suggestions? Have you tried some of the above? Leave a comment below!.

Useful Pointers For helping You To Prevent Smoking

How I quit smoking is my secret I am planning to share with you, today. But regardless of each one of these negative aspects associated with the habit, smokers are incredibly unwilling to quit the habit. Even today 87 percent of lung cancer deaths are caused due to tobacco addiction. You should not stop attempting to give up, however. This can be a very simple yet effective approach to curb your nicotine cravings.

I got the Nurtibullet for Christmas and decided I was planning to eat clean to help myself detox quicker- it worked! I bought kale, spinach, watercress, parsley, avocado, lemon, lime, grapefruit, berries, mango, and pineapple. It continues to be repeatedly shown by studies that physical exercise and nicotine cravings are not compatible. Trust Me! You will require it! The third day of quitting smoking was obviously a little unbearable. More Money – Quitting will offer you extra income to spend on holidays, clothes, nights out and family luxuries etc.

And in the event if you have manage along with your “quit-smoking-plan” please drop me a line and figure out to incorporate you in my testimonies for smoking persons who have drop smoking free from the utilization of medical assistance. When you attempt to discuss this issue of smoking using a smoker, you’re dealing with the 15 year old child, not the adult. A childish mechanism always ignoring the damaging results of smoking and constantly searching for rationalizations to continue smoking.

Improved blood circulation: Research shows  stop smoking hypnosis that Nicotine has a method of slowing down blood circulation and metabolic processes inside the body. By quitting, you not only enhance your personal health, you are assisting the folks around you as well. They have numerous main reasons why they HAVE to smoke. Before http://confmgr.org/?p=97 you realize it, you’re back within your smoking habit again.

People may read this article and shout “Weed isn’t addictive!†or “Your mental problems were due to underlying problems!†Maybe so, but this can be my story, also it didn’t go well. If you’re quitting cold turkey, make sure there aren’t any traces of cigarettes or ash trays anywhere around on quit day. Additionally, consider making use of behavioral therapy or perhaps an in-person or online assistance group to have more support towards giving up.

Stephanie and I have collaborated on how To Help Someone Stop Smoking. This may happen as time passes depending on just how long you have been a smoker. This will happen as time passes depending on the length of time you have been a smoker. The most important stop smoking benefits that you simply can get is which you is likely to be setting an excellent example to your children or anyone who want to stop smoking.

Circus Acrobat Accused of Spreading HIV

Zaburina has appeared as a contestant on shows including “Australia’s Got Talent” and has been HIV positive since 1997.

Click here to read more from The Sun.

He faces two charges over transmitting a serious disease.

A circus acrobat is being prosecuted for deliberately infecting women with HIV.

Godfrey Zaburoni, 31, has confessed to having unprotected sex with a dozen unsuspecting women across Australia.


But authorities fear he could have slept with many more and have launched a nationwide appeal for other potential victims of Zaburoni to come forward.

“Any woman anywhere across the country who may have had unprotected sex with Mr. Zaburoni should get themselves tested immediately,” she added. “Unfortunately, he was not able to give us sufficient information so we could ka cirque du soleil discount tickets contact those women directly.”

Chief health officer Dr. Jeannette Young said he slept with seven women in Queensland and others in New South Wales and Victoria.

Hypnotherapist Derby offers new treatments

Hypnotherapy training and courses

To train to be a specialist hypno-psychotherapist then look no further. We offer a leading hypnotherapy and psychotherapy service which not only covers all of the UK, including England and Wales. We can provide you with the best hypnotherapy training so ask for more details. If you have any questions about hypnosis or how you think hypnotherapy might be able to help you then contact us we’ll be happy to help answer those questions on how hypnosis can help you change your life. Hypnotherapy should aim to change how you see your problems. The amazing thing is that hypnotherapy can help you to help others change their lives- far easier than you might have imagined. Visit the course providers own site here.

What to look for with good hypnotherapy ?

You should mostly ensure that the course you take is accredited by a worthwhile body. There are a few main bodies to consider such as hypnotherapist Derby  CNHC, the UKCHO – there may be others but these are the most likely to have some real credibility. To be a member of these organisations, you will be required to have completed training to a minimum standard, be insured and supervised according to the necessary criteria for that organisation. Course can be local or you may have to travel a little, this isnt a problem these days as one can get from Nottingham to say London in around 2+ hours. just because a course may be lcoal doesnt mean its the best- there are many other factors to consider before you make a investment into your own future.

Be Careful!

There is no regulation to actually stop anyone calling themselves a hypnotherapist at present so there is even less to stop someone setting up a so called school of training. There is no sign of anything to stop this anytime soon so wherever you do decide to train make sure they are affiliated to someone at least like one of the many governing bodies that you can find anywhere on a quick Google search. God only knows how many rogue operators there are out there, teaching people all kinds of things that a decent hypnotherapist would never dream of going near.


Like any job there are bad apples, but that doesnt mean that the rest of us should be tarnished with the same brush. The hypnotherapy profession as a whole deserves some credit for trying to ensure that these bad apples face both consequences form doing things that might bring our profession into disrepute but preferably stopping them getting anywhere near the job in the 1st place. Im not trying to worry anyone who is considering a career in hypnotherapy but this job needs good thorough regulation the same as a GP or a dentist might have. I see some hypnotherapy training and i might have met the owner/trainer and think to myself- should this person really be teaching others his methods??I am sure that certain branches of the UKCP or other similar bodies would have these people hung drawn and quartered for this IF they got half a chance. And on that subject im not that into the politics of it all really, i see them all as mini politicians myself. A lot of them do care but a lot more only care about furthering their own careers as it were. They swag around with an air of grandeur and see that they are the ones who are on the pedestal that thy firmly placed themselves upon!What we need is that there WILL be ONE governing body and that it should be run democratically, and not autocratically. We need the profession to be decided by the majority not the few, and though this might never happen one can certainly dream about such a fantasy!!I know of some courses that barely touch on the forefathers of the profession, can you believe that?? Many clients need to know at least a little about the background of how hypnosis works and where it came from, so to not teach this stuff as standard is quite ridiculous. That in effect is a little like erecting a building without any ground work. Such a building would never last long and i dont think that a student trained like that would last too long either.

I ll ad more here when i get chance but i have clients to attend to

Brian AKA hypnoman

Weight loss with hypnotherapy Derby

We pride ourselves promptly provided a trusted treatment service, you can be sure that you will just see a professional who has in fact in fact picked sufficient training which in turn makes it possible for subscription of the leading regulative bodies. The division of wellness causes that when searching for a hypnotherapist, you need to pick one who is signed up with these managed bodies- the CNHC (we are ). With Hypnosis Derby belonging to this company, this recommends that you do not need to take a look at any accreditations, they have in truth currently been assessed and verified. Due to the fact that of that you can rest made certain that you take a look at the hands of a caring specialist who will do as much as he potentially can to aid you with whatever concerns you offer treatment. We supply Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for Derbyshire, Nottingham and throughout the East Midlands. Hypnosis Derby have truly in reality been offering scientific treatment thinking of that 2000. Our Qualifications As Hypnosis Derby are members of both the NCH and CNHC then you can have the warranty understanding that your expert is who he discusses he is. Some Hypnosis practices do not appear to care enough about the customers requirements and desires. Thinking of that of the fact that they are not similarly worked out as they can be, this can be. Hypnosis Derby worked out for as much as 1850 hours entirely amount, huge amounts of other experts merely exercise for around 450 hours. As we worked out in hypno-psychotherapy rather of just a hypnotherapist there is much higher scope for the customer to acquire from this. The NCHP is most likely the worlds earliest industrialized school of hypnosis and psychotherapy and is routinely valued for its interest to producing well certified hpyno-psychotherapists. As Hypnosis Derby normally care for youths and kids we likewise are CRB assessed. Plainly, the a lot more feathers in the cap the quicker a problem can be looked after therein conserving you the customer unfavorable expenses which is just particularly particularly particularly particularly exactly what we prepare to do. Hypnosis Derby Commitment To You. At Hypnosis Derby we choose you to be pleased with your development. If the customer is delighted then we are happy, our slogan is. We recommend to acquire you the outcomes you pick so that you can understand your concern is gone, and picked great. Treatment is regularly an exceptionally certain thing, and you can have as much count on the confidentialty below much like your regional General Practitioner. We can immediately get struck off for sharing ANY info about you, and plainly we would never ever do this as it is totally sly. The practice is likewise uncovered in a certain and really one-of-a-kind location so no certain have to understand you have in truth even been right below. We NEVER share even your details not even your e-mail address. Discover Hypnosis Derby. For basic directions to Hypnosis Derby you can come from all considerable streets. For the M1 -come off at junction 28 and follow the indications for A38 Derby. Follow this street till you reach the 3rd exit marked ‘Alfreton/Chesterfield’ (-not the exit marked Alfreton trading estate). Turn and take that exit left, follow the comparable street for 1.6 miles. You will pass a garage, a church- with the lights and down capital. After about 1.6 miles keep an eye out for some blue indicators on your left hand side that specify ‘Fizzio-Fit’. Turn left up the drive following the Fizzio-Fit register to the health center at the top. Come inside and call the buzzer for Hypnosis Derby (Room 3). To discover Hypnosis Derby from the A38 Northbound, (taking the Alfreton/Chesterfield) turn right and particularly the like above, 1.6 miles down that street till you see the Fizzio-Fit indications, turn left up the drive there. You can consist of Ripley Town Centre, if so follow the one method system to the marketplace place. With the marketplace area ahead of you turn right and avoid right. Follow that street for a choice of hundred backyards and in the future stay clear of left, and divert left (by Lidl) and follow that street for simply over 1 mile till you see the Fizzio-Fit indicators on your right-hand certain side., if you have any concern expose Hypnosis Derby simply ring and ask !! We prepare to help you in any techniques we can, so if you question if we can help get in touch. Sent out under Garry Webster NottinghamThe Cds Read More … Take Control with Hypnotherapy in Derby Welcome from, Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Long Eaton, caring for customers from throughout Derby and Derbyshire. You need to never ever be reluctant hypnosis, below at Hypnotherapy Derby we provide other services, you can be ensured Garry is an enlightened Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist Derby Comes To The Fore

A practice where you can be made sure of a particular, understanding and experienced service. I take a holistic technique, built-ining Clinical Hypnotherapy with other recuperating strategies to assist you handle your certain issue or condition and development with your life. This mix of Hypnotherapy with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Stress Management, Coaching and other techniques, consisting of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help you advance with helpful self-image and live the life you’ve constantly thought of. My objective is to treat you as quickly and efficiently as possible, offering separately tailored support for your certain needs. We concentrate on alternatives not issues! No matter particularly specifically exactly exactly exactly how long your problem has in fact in truth troubled you see and call specifically exactly particularly particularly exactly how we can assist to. Although you need to never ever be reluctant hypnosis, below at Hypnotherapy Derby we provide other services, you can be guaranteed Garry is an enlightened Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Psychotherapist, is worked out in counselling approaches and is likewise a qualified Ericksonian PractitionerWe can assist with hypnotherapy in Derby, with stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and tension and stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and anxiety and stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and anxiety and stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and stress and tension and stress and anxiety and tension and stress and anxiety and stress and tension and stress and anxiety and anxiety and stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and tension and stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety and stress and tension and stress and anxiety and panic, stop smoking hypnotherapy hypnotherapist Derby and a lot more. Whatever your troubles, see if we can help to! For these reasons in addition to a lot more, we are now able to reach and expand out to a a lot a lot more considerable security over the East Midlands. Thank you all for your constant support in helping us to do this. Call TODAY and see why we have such excellent evaluations on our service. If your’e looking for a quality and trustworthy treatment service choose hypnosis Derby. We are found 2 minutes from the A38, so no navigating with tough town centres, and having a rough journey to reveal a parking area. Our area is astonishingly specific yet merely 1.6 miles from the bypass. We provide night and weekend assessments to match you, plus definitely a FREE check out. Huge amounts of people have issues about particularly particularly particularly particularly exactly what hypnosis in fact is. You can expose a lot more about Hypnosis below. Hypnosis Derby are happy to aid to so if you cant reveal the feedbacks you are searching for entered into touch-which is why we provide a complimentary exam of around 30 minutes so you can expose a lot more in addition to so we can uncover more about you. When you attempt hypnotherapy, there is definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely nothing to anxiety and stress and anxiety and tension and stress and anxiety and potentially everything to get. Do not presume especially specifically exactly specifically exactly what you can see in the media. Hypnosis is a safe, and natural type of therapy. There are no undesirable outcomes and it can be simply particularly particularly particularly specifically exactly what you have to assist to handle your trouble